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    Jeannie Herer <> Jan 17 10:13PM -0800  

    "With that in mind, what are the actual symptoms of withdrawal from
    cannabis? Some of its terrible symptoms include anxiety, insomnia, lack
    of appetite and weight loss.
    With people reportedly having slept for only four hours in three
    days, what makes the symptoms of cannabis withdrawal hard is that it
    takes up to a month to pass. Imagine not having to sleep or eat well for
    that long a period.
    But with the study on Sativex on its way, Professor Copeland said to ABC News that
    she believes it will help people manage withdrawals better and will set
    cannabis users on the path to long-term abstinence."


  Jan 19 04:58PM -0500  

    Marinol is also used to treat cannabis dependence….


    "Dr. David Bearman" <> Jan 19 06:51PM -0500  

    I'm not sure where this information on so called cannabis withdrawal comes from. It's true that there is such a thing BUT such so-called withdrawal symptoms are mild and not experienced by most cannabis consummers who stop using cannabis.
    The best study on this issue was done by Dr. Reese Jones an avid opponent of both social and medicinal use of cannabis. He recruited several heavy marijuabna smokers for his study. They agreed to stay in Sab francisco General Hospital for a month > While there they received 200 mg of Marinol(THC) per day . at the end of 30 days the Marinol was abruptly stopped. The study subjects did indeed report some anxiety and sleep problems but these lasted more like two or three days rather than the month that has been cited.
    Since these were self selected heavy marijuana users it is quite possible that most ,if not all, were self medicating for such conditions as anxiety, depression and insomnia and that when their medication(ie THC) was removed that their pre-treatment symptoms returned. The withdrawal. symptoms of cannabis are not even experienced by a lot of cannabis consumers and are widely described as being less severe than withdrawal from coffee.
    David Bearman


    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <> Jan 19 12:17AM -0800  

    sf chroncile just posted story also longbeach telegram. In which city
    attny estimates fourteen mos to get a decision. So am I understanding
    correctly that now becuase of re hearing citys will not able to ban?
    And permit process will be able to un freeze or does dethawing start
    about a year from now

    Shona Gochenaur
    Executive Director
    Axis of Love SF


    Hal Muskat <> Jan 19 11:15AM -0800  

    RIVERSIDE: California Supreme Court to review city's pot dispensary ban
    A lower court's ruling upholding Riverside's ban has been used as
    precedent for other cities to control medical marijuana
    The California Supreme Court will review Riverside's ban on marijuana
    The California Supreme Court will review a city of Riverside medical
    marijuana case in which a lower court ruled that cities and counties
    have the right to ban dispensaries.
    Local governments throughout the state have used that decision, issued
    in November by the Fourth District Court of Appeal, to shut down medical
    marijuana clinics within their boundaries.
    That court ruled that nothing in the state's1996 Compassionate Use Act
    (Prop. 215) or the state Legislature's Medical Marijuana Program, which
    outlines usage, pre-empts cities from banning the facilities.
    The Riverside ruling was one of four medical marijuana cases the State
    Supreme Court voted to accept Wednesday. In hearing the cases, the court
    will try to tackle federal and state issues regarding medical marijuana
    and the dispensaries that sell it, and also address more fundamental
    questions of local control.
    The court voted 7-0 to hear the Riverside case.
    The justices also will hear an unpublished ruling on Upland's dispensary
    ban, which closely followed the language of the Riverside ruling; a Long
    Beach case that addresses the illegality of marijuana under federal law
    and whether that preempts local officials from regulating dispensaries;
    and a Dana Point case that looks into who has standing to challenge
    local ordinances regulating dispensaries.
    "It was only a matter of time before the California Supreme Court would
    take on the issue, and the time is now," said Jeffrey V. Dunn, an
    Irvine-based attorney with Best Best & Krieger who represents Riverside
    in the case. "Federal pre-emption, state law pre-emption and standing
    — in one day the Supreme Court has decided to review this law in a
    comprehensive fashion."
    Riverside City Attorney Greg Priamos said he believed the court
    recognized the importance of the cases and wants to clarify the law.
    "We remain cautiously optimistic that the Supreme Court will uphold the
    city and county land use authority; that cities and boards of
    supervisors have the right to establish land-use policies, and the
    city's right is not preempted by state law," Priamos said.
    J. David Nick, the attorney representing dispensary owners in Riverside,
    said a unanimous vote to hear a case is rare. He also noted that the
    court took the case even though there are no conflicting appellate
    decisions on the issue regarding the Riverside case.
    "That is an indication the court has a deep concern over decisions made
    by the appellate court," Nick said. "You could change the object to
    bananas, and we would still be arguing the same ideals. It is a very
    clear rule that the California Supreme Court has established: Local
    governments cannot ban through any device what state law makes legal."
    But Dunn said that also goes the other way.
    "The state cannot pre-empt local government authority," he said.
    Attorney Roger Jon Diamond, who represented dispensary owner G3 Holistic
    in the Upland case, said he believes the lower court overreached in
    allowing cities and counties to enact an outright ban on clinics.
    Diamond says local governments have the right to regulate location,
    hours and facades of the dispensaries through zoning laws, "but it seems
    like the whole Inland Empire is up in arms over medical marijuana. I
    believe a total ban has taken the place of zoning," Diamond said in a
    telephone interview from his Santa Monica offices.
    The Long Beach case does not involve a ban. That city agreed to allow
    medical marijuana dispensaries under a permitting process.
    A dispensary claimed the permit rules were too stringent. But an
    appellate court overturned the Long Beach plan. It cited marijuana's
    illegality under federal law, and said that pre-empted city officials
    from making any rules about its sale.
    The Dana Point case looks at who has standing to challenge local medical
    marijuana regulations — does it have to be an owner, or can it be a
    dispensary user?
    The court in its decision to take the cases did not set a briefing
    schedule for attorneys; that will be the next step in the case.


    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <> Jan 18 11:33PM -0800  

    In an email exchange today with sf planning dept regarding frozen
    permit process and supreme court his last email to me was that he had
    just been alerted that the supreme court has decided to reveiw the
    pack case. Has anyone heard anything else? How will this impact bans
    and frozen permit process ? Whats the timeline?


    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <> Jan 18 04:24PM -0800  

    CArol pls incld for taskforce . others pls get word out
    The federal assault on medical marijuana is escalating with raids
    in Costa Mesa and San Diego. Lawsuits against property owners have
    been filed in several districts of the state. Mendocino County's
    outdoor licensed garden program has also been shut down by federal
    threats. The Obama administration has now closed more dispensaries
    than all its predecessors put together. Complaints should be lodged
    to the White House Hotline at(phone#-removed) and the Dept of Justice at
    – D. Gieringer, Cal NORML
    > was operating earlier in the day.
    > ,_._,___

    Shona Gochenaur
    Executive Director
    Axis of Love SF


    "Don Duncan" <> Jan 18 11:11AM -0800  

    Some members of the Los Angeles City Council are trying to ban medical
    cannabis patients' cooperatives and collectives. Americans for Safe Access
    (ASA) needs your help right now to stop them! There are five things you can
    do to help stop the ban and protect safe access for patients:

    1. Send an email [ ]to
    the members of the Los Angeles City Council right now telling them not to
    ban medical cannabis cooperatives and collectives in the city. We have
    already generated over 20,000 emails. Keep them coming!

    2. Attend the LA-ASA meeting on Saturday to get the latest news and work
    with others to stop the ban. We will also be discussing the Medical
    Marijuana Control, Regulation, and Taxation Act [ ], a voter initiative that will
    protect safe access statewide. The LA-ASA meeting is on Saturday, January
    21, at 1:00 PM. The meeting will be in the Community Room (#152) at the West
    Hollywood Gateway Mall located at 7100 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood,
    CA 90046. There is a paid parking lot at the mall. Enter through the double
    glass doors between Jersey Mike's and Rockin' Sushi.

    3. Make plans to attend the City Planning Commission meeting in Van Nuys
    on Thursday, January 26. The Commission must discuss the proposed ban before
    the full City Council votes. The meeting starts at 8:30 AM, but I will send
    you a time for our item closer to the meeting. The City Planning Commission
    meets in the Van Nuys City Council Chamber (2nd Floor) at 14410 Sylvan
    Street, Van Nuys, CA 91401.

    4. Call and/or visit your representative on the City Council before the
    end of the month. Calls and visits from constituents matter the most, so
    look up your representative using the "Neighborhood Resources [ ]" search box on the city's web site. Call your
    representative and/or pay a visit to his or her office downtown or in the
    field. Use ASA's Online Training Center [ ] for tips on talking
    with elected officials. Attend LA-ASA's meeting on Saturday for detailed
    instructions on citizen advocacy.

    5. Join ASA or make a special donation today [ ]. We need your support to have
    the resources we need to fight battles like this. Your generous contribution
    right now means we can pay for administrative support, media work, printing,
    and more. Please help at this strategic moment.

    Please share this email with your friends and loved ones who support medical
    cannabis. I look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

    Thank you,

    Don Duncan
    California Director



    Don Duncan, California Director
    Americans for Safe Access (ASA)


    Americans for Safe Access is the nation's largest organization of patients,
    medical professionals, scientists and concerned citizens promoting safe and
    legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research.
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