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    Mickey Martin <> Mar 28 12:43PM -0700  

    Apathy will be the end of us…if division doesn’t kill us first; and I am a fuck-up.
    Posted by Mickey Martin on March 28th, 2012
    As I sit back and watch the events of the great medical cannabis crackdown of 2011-2012 play out, I am truly amazed at the level of apathy in our community.
    apathy n. Lack of interest or concern, especially regarding matters of general importance or appeal; indifference.
    That is where we are at in our struggle to overcome the boogie man of prohibition. Not everyone is apathetic; those who have been attacked by the failed policies of our government have awoken, and very much paying attention now. But MANY are still on the sidelines, circling their wagons, and praying that the heavy hand of Uncle Sam does not come down on them next. Instead of attacking this issue at its core, there are a lot of people simply scrambling to hold their ground and hoping to fly under the radar. This is not the answer. If we allow the Feds to use letters and sporadic enforcement to cripple some, decimate others, and scare the shit out of everyone else, we lose. There is no other way around that. The divide and conquer strategy seems to be working, and what we see as a result is a very fractured and confused effort to respond to these attacks.
    Our left hand does not only not know what the right hand is doing, but seemingly could give a shit at times. Folks in this city are not coordinating with folks in these other cities. Advocacy groups have taken limited and targeted responses to specific situation, but there is little real statewide coordination happening to get everyone on the same page. What is really sad is that with 750,00-1 million patients estimated in CA alone, we cannot get over 2-300 people out to any action (and that is being generous, really). WTF? What is it going to take to get 1,000- 10,000 angry cannabis consumers off the couch and into the streets? Where is the outrage, as our community loses access, resources, and thousands of good paying jobs? It does not make sense to me that there is such a lack of focus and commitment happening. The indifference of it is straight up embarrassing. No wonder the letters keep coming….the US Attorneys saw the paltry response and
    decided that the opposition was not enough to cease their bullshit. Because we have not really made a loud enough protest, have not been able to muster the political support needed, and have not created the necessary uncomfortable tension for the opposition, we can be sure that the onslaught will quietly continue to massacre our industry over the coming months.
    Maybe we deserve to lose everything and see the industry turned over to the few who want to play the game and let the government continue its lies about the dangers of cannabis and why it needs to be severely limited in our society. I mean, if we cannot get people to come to the table, develop cohesive and sound strategies, and put their money where their outrage is then maybe we deserve to return the the closet and be treated like outcasts and criminals for our cannabis use. It is like everybody believes that somebody else will do the hard work, put up the funding, and make the difference we need to see our cause move forward. Instead we see ourselves rapidly losing ground that we have worked so hard to gain. We see dozens of dispensaries being closed, hundreds of growers being shut down, and thousands of patients left out in the cold….yet many of us choose to ignore the writing on the wall and hope that if we hunker down, quit advertising,
    remain silent, and try to not stand out, that somehow we will be spared the wrath. You are fooling yourself.
    I have been criticized in the past for my willingness to be critical of some in our community. It seems like maybe, just maybe, I have finally achieved the goal of talking enough shit to get everyone at least a little pissed at me. GOOD! I hope that maybe, in the midst of all that anger and confusion, that there is some real uncomfortable tension being created. I hope that people can look to my criticisms as fuel to make them work harder, do better, and to give more back to the battle we have on our hands. I am more than happy to take the heat for questioning some of the most beloved in this industry, if the end result is a more focused and motivated army fighting for cannabis freedom. Know that I did not create the division or the chaos in this community; but if my writing about these divisions and the characters that make up this movement create that necessary tension that can hopefully result in a better effort to fight these assholes, then good.
    People can be upset and question my motives all they want if it makes them get to work on REAL reform and activism.
    My criticisms of people and their public activities is not personal. There is not a person in this community that I could not work with if everyone dropped the ego-driven need to be recognized, and put their energy and resources into finding common goals and objectives to work on together. We need to overcome our differences by focusing on places where we share common ground. I think most people want cannabis prohibition to end. We may differ on ideas and opinions on how to achieve that goal; but I think if we all agreed to look past the petty bullshit, overcome our animosities and issues with one another, and develop ideas and strategies we CAN agree on, we could likely win this war. We need leaders willing to be open to all cannabis users and the industry, as it is; not necessarily how we want it to be. The division can be overcome with openness and honesty. I am the first to admit my fair share of mistakes in this debacle. I have often allowed my
    personal dislike for certain people to inhibit my ability to work together or to be as involved as I should be in certain respects of the industry. I have made my fair share of mistakes in the industry (see Reefer’s Peanut Butter Cups). I have often been overly critical of some, in an effort to shed light on the bigger pictures that our community faces. My intolerance and lack of filter have gotten in the way of progress at times. What I am saying is that I can admit that I am also a fuck-up in an industry of fuck-ups. Maybe it is time we all just admitted we were fuck-ups and not perfect and agree to get past that shit in an effort to advance the cause of cannabis freedom.
    So say it out loud in a mirror once or twice to get comfortable…”I am a fuck-up, but I really want weed to be legal.”
    That was not so hard, now was it? Now that we have overcome the myth that some of us are better than others and that this cannabis use or business model or reform campaign is better than the others (they are not), maybe we can start new. What they are is different. They are just different ways of living one’s life and going about your business. Lord knows I do not agree with a lot of people in this industry for one reason or another on this issue or that issue, but I respect their right to exist. More so, I certainly do not think they deserve to go to prison for a safe, enjoyable and helpful plant. While many people’s choices are not ones I would make for myself, and may not always be the best for our collective movement IMO, that is just my opinion. I must move past trying to teach old dogs (and hard-headed young bucks) some new tricks. My opinion doesn’t mean shit in the larger picture of cannabis freedom. Most of America could give a shit what
    some bat-shit crazy activist weedhead medical patient business consultant thinks anyways. We all must learn to remove ourselves from that set in stone, too big to overcome, can’t get past it mentality, and just let everyone be their own fuck up, as long as they can work hard and help with the major objective of cannabis freedom.
    That is what we want. Cannabis Freedom. The right to be a regular part of our society that does not have to worry about going to jail, or having their kids taken, or being fired, or being looked down upon for our choice to use cannabis. We want a world where weed is a boring and natural part of the landscape and where nobody’s life is ruined for this plant. That is not too much to ask. Where a lot of things have gone awry in this movement are where we have seen certain organizations, groups, and individuals lay claim to this territory, or that product, or this rhetoric. It is tired and stale. If we are to grow as a movement we (myself included) need to get over our petty differences, hurt feelings, and the stupid idea that there is one right or wrong way to skin this cat. When we can learn to respect one another’s differences and get past the aspects of their journey we do not care for, we will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel get
    brighter and brighter. Until then we may see an industry overcome by darkness.
    We owe it to ourselves to get of of our lazy asses, put our money and resources on the line, and form a powerful singular message that can penetrate the Deathstar that is our government right now and make them realize that we can no longer keep cannabis illegal because it is ruining our society. We must defend medical rights, and promote the rights of individuals to use cannabis for spiritual, intelectual, and even recreational enhancement. Weed makes my life better. That is the bottom line for me. I want weed to be not such a big fucking deal. I want for cops to stop fucking with potheads. I want potheads to quit acting like criminals. I want criminals to find some other shit to do than fuck with weed any more. I want weed to grow everywhere…..
    I can visualize that moment, but I do not see it happening soon if we cannot overcome the apathy and claim responsibility for this cause; and when we can put aside what makes us different and focus on what makes us great. Let us work towards that. I am open to suggestions on what I can do to help start that process.
    Mickey Martin
    T-Comp Consulting Director
    ***The views expressed in this communication are not necessarily the views of T-Comp Consulting, Tainted Compassion, Cannabis Warrior any other group I am affiliated with.***




    Dave Hodges <> Mar 29 03:12PM -0700  

    It appears the Discovery Channel Canceled Weed Wars! When I first saw
    the title, I thought Steve had come to his senses and realized how
    much damage he/weed wars has done to the entire movement… that is
    not the case. Read for yourself:

    To all of our Esteemed Patients,
    We want to take this opportunity to inform everyone of the Discovery
    Channel decision regarding the future of our groundbreaking television
    program, “Weed Wars.” But first, we must take a moment to offer our
    personal thanks to everyone who played instrumental roles in this
    process and to honor the accomplishments of our efforts.
    To our patients: We feel such honor in our hearts to be able to stand
    next to you in this struggle to free cannabis and tell our story in
    “Weed Wars.” You all made sacrifices during the filming of this series
    by tolerating cameras in your place of wellness. Many of you shared
    your personal stories about medical cannabis with the world. The
    courage you exhibited with this storytelling cannot be measured by
    ratings or expressed with words. You are the true stars of “Weed Wars”
    and you lit up the world with hope. You gave people a living example
    of change they can believe in. You have planted the seed of truth
    about medical cannabis to thousands of Americans. This seed will take
    bloom in hundreds of different ways by patient activists who have been
    inspired by “Weed Wars.” Our movement will grow stronger as a result
    of your stories being told to America. The contribution of “Weed Wars”
    to the advancement of safe access to medical cannabis will be felt for
    Perhaps the most important acknowledgement we have to offer is to all
    of our managers and staff. You let the world know medical cannabis
    collectives can be more professionally run than many mainstream
    businesses. Many of you also shared very intimate details of your
    lives with the world. You put your best foot forward in the way you
    represented our company and our brand. And you did all of this without
    big money from Hollywood or any other materialistic advantage. You did
    this because you wanted to represent our movement and share your
    knowledge of this miraculous plant. You are the true heroes of “Weed
    Wars.” We could not be more proud of a group of people than we are of
    all of you. Your work has been seen by millions of people all over the
    world. You have set a glowing example to many future generations of
    medical cannabis activists and business people. It is not often that a
    group of people can look back in time and say, “We made history,” but
    this group can. No one can ever take that away from you.
    We must also express heartfelt thanks to Braverman Productions for
    their outstanding work as filmmakers of “Weed Wars.” Not many of you
    will ever know all the battles Chuck and Alex Braverman fought on
    behalf of our collective and patients. They brought so much passion,
    wisdom and integrity to this process. They have an amazing team of
    photographers, editors, sound designers and storytellers. To be able
    to work with that kind of talent is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
    We will always be grateful for their efforts.
    For the first time on a major television network, medical cannabis
    collectives were shown from the patient point-of-view rather than the
    law enforcement point-of-view. Never before had America been exposed
    to our side of the story or heard the sound of our voices. “Weed Wars”
    has forever changed that as sites like YouTube will continue to show
    the world for years to come. In addition, “Weed Wars” received rave
    reviews from almost every major media outlet in the country, including
    local publications like the San Francisco Chronicle, the East Bay
    Express, and the San Jose Mercury News. The program is currently being
    aired in Holland and Denmark, and will be seen in most of Europe and
    Latin America.
    All the accomplishments of “Weed Wars” won’t be fully realized for
    another generation, as all the people who saw the program move through
    the world and activate themselves with the cannabis plant. We are
    certain that 10 and 20 years from now people will stop us on the
    street and mention how “Weed Wars” changed their lives.
    Nothing would please us more than to be able to continue with future
    episodes of “Weed Wars.” Unfortunately the Discovery Channel has made
    a much different decision and will no longer continue with future
    episodes. We do not know why, nor do we understand why, they made that
    – Stephen DeAngelo, Executive Director & Andrew DeAngelo, General Manager



    "andrew garret" <> Mar 28 12:57PM -0700  

    Jonathan, the shown document (from the national archives) was in reply to
    a doctor trying to figure out where he could buy it. In addition, UNDER
    the Marihuana Tax Act, all doctors, pharmacies etc., that sold or
    prescribed Medical Cannabis — HAD TO REGISTER and pay the tax.
    We have raw figures that show that Doctors and Drugstores were doing so.
    Example, the last drugstore in New Orleans that sold Cannabis medicines
    STOPPED doing so in 1962 (again as per national archives documents) etc.
    So we can prove that it was being used.
    — MORE, the 1949 documents (specifically mentioning Abbott Lab's as a
    supplier) show that doctors were still making use of it at that time.
    However, in terms of Lloyds Brothers (Cannabis Tincture – 1941 is what can
    be proven).
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  Mar 28 01:36PM -0400  

    Wasn't Adams the first person to elucidate the structure of CBD?


    "andrew garret" <> Mar 28 01:04PM -0700  

    Does anyone live in California — Anywhere near a major library.
    Putting together a website on the Eureka Ca. Axe Murderer, but am having
    trouble obtaining an actual copy of an old article.
    San Francisco Examiner
    Nov 7, 1933 pg 4
    “Slashed Budgets Halt narcotic enforcement Officers’ Drive on Evil”
    Dope Officials Helpless to Curb Marihuana Use.
    If anyone has time time, please do help out (this museum likes to document
    everything). We need someone who can physically walk into a library and
    make a scan of the article for us.
    antique andy
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    "Don Duncan" <> Mar 29 09:14AM -0700  

    —–Original Message—–
    Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2012 9:03 AM
    Dear Don,
    Do you wish that medical cannabis was already rescheduled and the federal government would back down? Well so do we, and Americans for Safe Access (ASA) wants you on the team to make it happen – the *Legal Support Team*. As the nation's leading medical cannabis patients' advocacy organization, we have been fighting for patients' rights in courtrooms for nearly a decade. And winning!
    ASAʼs Chief Counsel Joe Elford has victoriously taken on the California Highway Patrol, the California Department of Motor Vehicles, plus cities and counties across the state in cases that have set important precedents on state pre-emption, return of property and other patients' rights issues. He even successfully compelled the federal government to answer a cannabis rescheduling petition that was stalled for nine years.
    Now we need your help to win two landmark lawsuits in federal court. One will stop federal interference and intimidation in medical cannabis states, and the other will force medical cannabis off of the federal list of drugs with no accepted medical use. Will you join a select group of ASA members, the Legal Support Team, who pledge to donate $100 per month for 18 months to fund this important legal work? [ ] Legal Support Team members will be invited to quarterly calls with Chief Counsel Elford to get updates on these cases, receive legal briefs the day they are filed, and be listed on ASAʼs website and publications (if you wish) as a member of the legal support team.
    We need your help right now. The work has already begun. Fighting for medical cannabis in federal court is a long and expensive struggle. ASA needs the support of our constituency to keep moving forward and to finally prevail. The budget for these two cases alone – including briefs, hearings, soliciting, amicus briefs, research, and press – will be well over $300,000. Will you join the Legal Support Team today [ ]?
    Please read more [ ] about our groundbreaking lawsuits to end federal interference under the Tenth Amendment and to force the rescheduling of medical cannabis under federal law on our web site. As a Legal Support Team member, you will have a front row seat as these two exciting case move forward. And you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are making it possible.
    Thank you in advance for your generosity,
    Steph Sherer
    Executive Director
    P.S. – ASA provides free legal support and training to thousands of patients each year. Your contribution of any size [ ] helps us keep that going!
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March 29, 2012 – Digest for – 2 Messages in 1 Topic

    PeaceLove <> Mar 27 10:38PM -0700  

    That letter certainly shows that, officially, at least, the government in
    1941 acknowledged a right of sale for cannabis.
    I don't think it proves anyone was actually selling cannabis. Indeed, the
    letter only indicates that Lloyds was one of four establishments registered
    to sell cannabis. The very next paragraph lists a whole convoluted process
    whereby the potential customer (a drugstore?) and the prescribing physician
    have to "apply to register." The potential customer also had to get a
    separate form from his district IRS office.
    How comfortable would you be with going through that intimidating process
    in order to sell a controlled substance? Was it actually designed to bypass
    Constitutional questions while still preventing anyone from legally getting
    medicinal cannabis?
    The whole thing reeks of the *Brazil*-like bureaucracy faced by cannabis
    researchers today.
    PeaceLove, Jonathan



March 28, 2012 – Digest for – 4 Messages in 2 Topics



    CSPARC Sacramento <> Mar 27 08:54AM -0700  

    Greetings all,
    A major donor has agreed to match any funds we bring in between now and
    April 1st. Can you give a few bucks to maximize our impact and make sure we
    have the resources to pay our signature gatherers? The Patients Access to
    Regulated Medical Cannabis Act of 2012 will be one of the biggest victories
    for our community this election season, but we need all the help we can get
    to make it happen. Please support this effort by donating what you can for
    patient access. This measure will restore patient rights to cultivate their
    medicine in Sacramento, and also establish a registration system for over
    20 dispensaries there. It is a most important effort and a symbolic victory
    for medical cannabis in the Capital County of the Nation's largest state.
    This will have a major impact around the state and let officials and law
    enforcement know that our community will use the political process to
    defend patient and provider rights.
    To donate visit here<>
    :; or email us
    back to make other arrangements.
    You can also support the cause and have a great time by purchasing tickets
    to our CSPARC BBQ Bonanza and Good Times
    Fundraise<>r by
    going here:; or
    contact us directly to make other arrangements. Several organizations are
    buying 10 packs for a discount for their staff and/or special
    patients/clients to go. It will be a great time with lots of freebies for
    those in attendance. Get your tickets today!
    Thanks for your help. We really do need the help of the community to make
    this thing happen, so please get off the sidelines and donate a couple of
    bucks to the cause. In November, you will be able to say that you helped to
    advance the cause of patient access to personal choice medicines. Donate
    today and DOUBLE THAT
    Each $1 raised = 1 signature. Until April 1st, your $1= 2 signatures, so
    help us out if you can.
    Kindest Regards,

    The Committee for Safe Patient Access to Regulated Cannabis
    Sacramento, CA and
    Find Us on FB Here<>
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    meaning of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. Section
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    the information contained in or attached to this transmission is STRICTLY


March 27, 2012 – Digest for – 12 Messages in 10 Topics

    "Bill McPike" <> Mar 26 05:54PM -0700  

    Everyone, enclosed is a document — from the national archives in College
    park MD.
    This proves that Lloyd brothers was selling Cannabis tinctures in 1941. This
    Questions as to who grew it, transported it (US MAIL?) and will help in our
    Please feel free to forward this to anyone you wish.
    —————————- Original Message —————————-
    Sure, pass it along.
    How this is supposed to work is by submitting cannabis drugs on
    The market at that time, compounds, patents, production & sales
    records, etc., the FDA then reviews & verifies the info.
    The FDA claims the Petition is substantial so the Agency needs
    more time to study and verify the info.
    We had prior submissions rejected for poor qualify copies, an old
    Date on our petition, and lame excuses. So this has been in a 2 year
    Process. In another submission, the FDA claimed that No label
    could be changed, thus a modern label would disqualify it.
    I hope its running out of these lame excuses.
    Sent: Saturday, March 24, 2012 9:42 PM
    This is amazing! I assume we can repost & tweet this letter?


    Dan Rush <> Mar 26 05:27PM -0700  

    Hello sisters and brothers,
    A note on the union and our intentions/policy about patients growing at home and caregivers that personally/cooperatively cultivate for a few patients…
    We would like people to know/understand that our intentions for "registration/regulation an statewide Bureau are directed at "COMMERCIAL MEDICAL CANNABIS". What that means is cannabis that is produced and dispensed for and through dispensaries, commercially.
    It is our Policy in UFCW's national medical cannabis and hemp Division (and our Locals' division's), NOT to interfere with Prop 215 individual and or personal caregivers.  In fact, we SUPPORT HOME AND DIRECT CAREGIVER models… 
    Our intentions for the INDUSTRY overall is directed at commercial dispensing and production, laboratory-testing services/standards, labeling, employment in the industry, etc… If you are a patient and or personal/community cultivator, cultivating at home (safely and responsibly-with adequate power and disposal), WE ARE FOR YOUR RIGHT AND ABILITY to continue and to THRIVE-as well…
    We are the United Food and COMMERCIAL Workers Union.  We are focused on COMMERCIAL production for Human Consumption.  We also support (non-commercial) sustainable farming and dairy at home…
    Thanks Dan


    Kl G <> Mar 26 06:08AM -0700  

    Hope you get this on time,sorry I didn't inform you about my trip in Spain for a program, I'm presently in Madrid and am having some difficulties here because. we misplaced our Bags and cell phone on our way back to the hotel we lodge in after we went for sight seeing. The Bags contained all the valuables we had. Now, our passport is in custody of the hotel management pending when we make payment.
    I am sorry if I am inconveniencing you, but I have only very few people to run to now. I will be indeed very grateful if I can get a loan of  $1,500  from you. this will enable me sort our hotel bills and get my sorry self back home. I will really appreciate whatever you can afford in assisting me with. I promise to refund it in full as soon as I return. let me know if you can be of any assistance. Please, let me know soonest. Thanks so much.
    Best Regards


    Dave Hodges <> Mar 26 09:48AM -0700  

    Please ignore this message. The email account been hacked. This is a standard email
    Best Regards,
    Dave Hodges





    CSPARC Sacramento <> Mar 26 07:59AM -0700  

    We are reaching out to you in need of your support to ensure the Patients
    Access to Regulated Medical Cannabis Act <>
    for the November ballot. This effort will establish 22 registered
    dispensaries and return patients' and collective's right to cultivate
    there. It is a most important battle and the biggest victory the medical
    cannabis community can have in the fall. Sacramento County will be a
    symbolic victory as the State's Capital. A victory here is hear loud and
    clear by lawmakers across the state. If we can qualify this for the ballot,
    it will surely pass. It is a revenue positive measure that will increase
    public safety and ensure the community is protected. Visit <> for the initiative info.
    We need to gather between 80-100,000 signatures. We have an army of roughly
    50+ volunteers doing what they can, but the reality is that we need to pay
    professionals to do the job right if we want to be successful. We are
    looking to pay for 80,000 signatures, and supplement that with our
    volunteer effort. It will be an uphill battle, which is why we need your
    kind and generous support.
    Well, I am glad you asked. Every dollar you can donate to the cause will go
    directly towards one signature. We have pros on the streets now and have
    commitments for the first 30,000 signatures. Can you help us reach our goal
    of 80,000 by donating what you can to this effort?
    In December, the Sac Board of Supervisors enacted a draconian zoning
    ordinance that outlawed any and all land use involving medical
    Your donation will go to repeal that ban and return patient access to
    cannabis to tens of thousands of patients there. This is a chance to use
    your resources to directly affect the lives of many who now are outlaws for
    growing their own medicine and have had over 100 dispensaries shut down in
    the past 8 months. It has been literal devastation of a booming economy,
    and your donation can go towards returning dozens of good paying jobs in
    the industry.
    *How to donate <>:
    – Attached is a
    and our fundraising appeal. Just print it out, and drop it in the mail to
    pay by check or credit card.
    – You can also
    online by going
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    – Freebies for our guests. Donate products or schwag for our attendees.
    You can get your name out and our folks get cool stuff.
    – Ask about vending.
    – Get your vendors and patients to come to the event. It is gonna be a
    – Send people to our fundraiser webpage:
    *Help Us Get the Word Out:*
    – Use your email lists, social networks, and contacts to get the word
    out. We need volunteers to help in any way they can. Some local collectives
    are sponsoring their patients with medicine gift certificates for their
    work. Can you help us get people to volunteer? Below are some messages to
    put out for us that would help drive people to volunteer or donate to the
    cause. This would be very cool of you to help us out with.
    *Facebook/Google Fundraising Message (copy and paste):*
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    The biggest medical cannabis campaign in Cali is happening in Sac County.
    Do you got $5 on it? Donate! $1=1 signature.
    *Twitter Volunteer Message:*
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    CSPARC* <!/search/%23CSPARC><>
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    Anything you can do to help us change the course of history and find
    victory in the fall is most appreciated and we thank you in advance for
    your dedication and support.
    Kind Regards,

    The Committee for Safe Patient Access to Regulated Cannabis
    Sacramento, CA and
    Find Us on FB Here<>
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    meaning of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. Section
    2510, and its disclosure is strictly limited to the recipient intended by
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    contain confidential information and work product. If you are not the
    intended recipient, any disclosure, copying, distribution or use of any of
    the information contained in or attached to this transmission is STRICTLY


    "Bill McPike" <> Mar 25 11:21AM -0700  

    Sure, pass it along.

    How this is supposed to work is by submitting cannabis drugs on
    The market at that time, compounds, patents, production & sales
    records, etc., the FDA then reviews & verifies the info.

    The FDA claims the Petition is substantial so the Agency needs
    more time to study and verify the info.

    We had prior submissions rejected for poor qualify copies, an old
    Date on our petition, and lame excuses. So this has been in a 2 year
    Process. In another submission, the FDA claimed that No label
    could be changed, thus a modern label would disqualify it.

    I hope its running out of these lame excuses.


    Sent: Saturday, March 24, 2012 9:42 PM


    This is amazing! I assume we can repost & tweet this letter?



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    -A.J.P. Taylor, historian (1906-1990)
    On Sat, Mar 24, 2012 at 10:10 AM, Bill McPike <> wrote:


    Copy of DHHS response letter to our petition to determine Cannabis is a grandfathered drug,
    And therefore exempt as a product marketed before June 25, 1938.

    DHHS letter:

    “The FDA has been unable to reach a decision on your petition Because it raises significant
    issues requiring extensive review and analysis by Agency officials.

    This interim response is provided by FDA regulations on a citizen petition (21 CFR 10.30€(2)).”


    LANNYSWERDLOW <> Mar 25 12:35PM -0700  

    Here is what Gustavo de Greiff, former Attorney General of Columbia wrote about Jeffrey Dhywood’s new book, World War D – The case against prohibitionism. “I find that Mr. Dhywood has written one of the best and most comprehensive books on the drug problem that I have read. He builds a strong case for legalization and regulation with a very convincing argumentation; I subscribe to it entirely.”
    Mr. Dhywood is our first guest on the Monday, March 26 radio show Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense. Besides talking about his book, Mr. Dhywood will provide information on the upcoming conferences featuring the leaders of many Latin American countries discussing how to end the drug war. This upcoming conference will be the first time that these leaders will actually be discussing legalization. If you haven’t heard about this, be sure and listen in – Latin America has suffered too long at the hands of the U.S.A. War on Drugs and now they want to end it.
    Our second guest is Liz McDuffee, director of the Medical Cannabis Caregivers Directory and Training Program ( – a nonprofit Association founded in 2006 for the purpose of providing education, training and resources that support an informed and compliant implementation of California’s Medical Marijuana Program (MMP).
    In July 2011, the State of California Department of Social Services (DSS) approved the MCC Training Program as a Continuing Education Vendor. The program “California’s Medical Marijuana Program (MMP) and How It Relates to Adult Residential Facility (ARF) Access” allows health care professionals to receive CEUs (Continuing Educational Units) needed for renewing their licenses. This is the first time an ongoing program relating to medical marijuana has been accepted for CEUs.
    Hear from Liz about this program and what it is accomplishing and how you can enroll in it.
    Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense is broadcast every Monday at 6 p.m. so tune in this Monday, March 26 to hear author Jeffrey Dhywood and medical marijuana educator Liz McDuffee on IE Talk Radio KCAA 1050AM and simulcast at It can be heard everywhere, so spread the word.


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    PeaceLove <> Mar 24 09:42PM -0700  

    This is amazing! I assume we can repost & tweet this letter?
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    *There is nothing more agreeable in life than to make peace with the
    Establishment – and nothing more corrupting. *
    *-A.J.P. Taylor, historian (1906-1990)*


    "Dr. Brazil" <> Mar 24 04:49PM -0700  

    Save Cannabis Crew,
     This is an email from one of our patients … He is an older Gentleman, that we know, & seriously needs some help..
      I'm NOT an attorney… BUT,  If he could get sentenced reduced, we could take donations here at club & get him on leg bracelet at least to care for his family & stock [animals]  .. or Any idea you guys can help with..
     It has been a long ordeal for him, & personally I think he's ready to flip a cork [go under medical style= stroke or heart attack] the pressure has been on for too long … when he came to the club yesterday- I was extremely worried for him..  
     Dr Tammy –
    —– Sent: Saturday, March 24, 2012 3:44 PM
      To get you some information right away, I'm sending you the comment that the probation officer reqested that I make about my case.  She recommended that I do 65 days,  but after the judge saw my comment she plans to give me 365 days.  This judge dixon has run my case for a couple of years; she and the prosecutor have collaborated / maneuvered to deny my use of california law for medical marijuana.  For F I V E and a quarter fkn years they have run this case on me.  At trial,  mr conrad gave his $2000, 20 minute expertise and then he left, only to make room for the presecution's three days of  federal defintion of marijuana and federal laws – repeating the same facts over and over ( in this state case ).  Of course, my court appointed asstorney had nothing to say when I banged him in the elbow about them doing this ! ! !  He just let them go on and on for three days about the 50+ of leaf being credible as evidence; about the 'potential of
    vegetative plants' as being evidence.  The judge admonisthed me several times in the case to let my attorney do his fkn job and to shut up.
      I cite a case here that the same judge ruled on.  It's just a pretty blatant exibition of what MONEY can do! Katrina Howard ( a Mt. Shasta councilwoman and owner of a motel in town ) was sentenced to five years But ultimately served 1 year with a bracelet @ $12.50/day and that was it.  They also want me to pay for all my 4 court appointed asshole attorneys > $44,000!  Because I only have social security of $564/mo, they don't seem to want to give me the bracelet.  The judge was going to sentence me on the 23rd of March but put it off because she didn't believe they had busted me finanacially, so she wants me to come back to court to prove that I DON'T have any money.  I have to prove a negative !  I have to prove that they destroyed me financially.
      Should they sentence me, it would be harder on those around me than on me.  i am presently caring for my mother and father; they are 94 + 99.  My wife has breast cancer and is taking medication that makes her sick just so it kills the cancer and hopfully not her.  She cannot handle all the work that I do here.  If I cannot be here to support them and my wife, it is they who would suffer AND THE COURT KNOWS THAT.  I am also still trying to care for the few stock that I have left; it has no commerical value but it is my way of life.
      I've been a medical marijuana patient ever since Dr. Tod Mikuriya gave us our first recommendations in 1996.  What point is it when there is a state law and you cannot use this law?  I have contacted ASA and I have called steph sherer in DC all to NO use.  ASA never had the time to return my call.  I called them when I first got busted five and a quarter years ago, and all they were interested in was to take down the facts of the case to 'add' to their files ! !    Why are we trying to make more fkn laws when the courts DON'T HAVE TO  use the laws that are on the books ? ?      Of what good is ASA if it 'helps' the 'cause' but lets most individuals become victims of the law > ah, so sorry we couldn't help ya <.
      On April 20th they will look at my finances and determine it I get 365 days in custody.  it would be nice to have some court support but the location and timing are such that it is Very difficult for people to 'show up' at 311 4th St, yreka, ca @8:30 on April the 20th.  The  prosecutor, k. andrus, has taken down over 2000 medical marijauna patients in our small county of 35,000.  He has ruined people's lives financially and broken many families in his pursuit of His personal morality.  This all contributes to the general poverty that surrounds us. When he came to office, he increased the sheriff's men by 30%.  The cops in this and every other county are the biggest expense each county has besides the courthouse itself.
    In January of 09 there was an arrest of a Mt Shasta council woman, Katrina Howard.  She was arrested for the sales of 30+ pounds of marijuana to high school kids, minors.  She also had illegal pharmaceuticals and guns.  There was also a video of her consuming pot with the high school kids that she sold pot to.  She was sentenced to five and a half years but was given a suspended sentence; as was her 20 year old accomplice in the bust.  NONE OF THESE PEOPLE SERVED ANY TIME  A T  A L L .  None of these people were involved in medical marijuana, none had doctors recommendations.  This was an outright illegal commercial activity.
      My wife and I were and are medical marijuana patients; we have been since it began in 1996.  What we were doing was in accordance with H+S 11362.775; we were growing our cannabis in-accordance with california state law.  Because this county refuses to follow california law I have been deprived of my legal right to grow my own medicine.  This county has deprived me of adequate legal counsel and has not given me evidence for five years.  At trial, the judge and my inadequately educated counsel allowed the use of the federal definition of marijuana to be used in a state marijuana case.  They illegally allowed evidence in my case and have denied me use of evidence in my case which would show my compliance with california state law.  In attempting to defend myself, I have been illegally incarcerated without counsel by judge dixon three times.  Incarceration without counsel is illegal in California or the United States.  I have suffered an asset
    forfeiture loss of $45,000. this case has run over five years and I have no cash or credit left.  I am over $55,000 in debt to the credit card companies.
      I do not understand the incongruity of this.  Howard sold many times what I had to high school kids for christ sake.  I attempted to follow the law in good faith; Howard did not.
    Ronald Hennig