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    "Bill McPike" <> Apr 29 08:44AM -0700  

    These 6 sheriff offices are ignoring
    State laws & working only on fed laws
    w/the DEA. The goal is to collect $$$s
    from folks who fail to pull their plants
    & who will suffer U.S. forfeiture actions.

    See this latest letter threatening this.

    In the past few years they had Operation
    Trident, which recognized CA MMJ laws.

    My action for preliminary injunction
    Against the Fresno Co ordinance was
    Heard on 4/27, but the Judge delayed
    This until 5/18. The delay was due to a
    Dispute between the county atty &
    The dispensary plaintiff who was
    Consolidated into my action. They
    Argued about the corp status of the
    Business and other bus related issues
    Which do not effect me as an
    Individual grower.

    Bill McPike


    Info from MMMAB <> Apr 29 12:32PM -0700  

    Which 6 Sheriff's offices?
    On Apr 29, 2012, at 8:44 AM, Bill McPike wrote:


    Bud <> Apr 29 05:03PM -0700  

    Fresno, Kern, Kings, Madera, Merced and Tulare. They comprise the Central
    Valley High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA); there are four HIDTAs
    in California.
    HIDTA is a grant program administered by the Office of National Drug Policy
    Control. If you're in a HIDTA zone, the feds have more grant funding and
    resources to target medical cannabis growers and distributors. Which is
    exactly what's happening here in HIDTA-Land.


    "andrew garret" <> Apr 29 12:24PM -0700  

    Now putting together a website on how NIDA prevents Medical Cannabis
    research by simply not giving out permits to do so.
    A couple of years ago, I remember someone at NIDA saying that "No permits
    were issued, because no one had ever asked for them."
    Does anyone have any info on that incident? A name, when it happened,
    Antique Andy
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    Info from MMMAB <> Apr 28 06:07PM -0700  

    Shona, et al,
    The RepealToday website's donation page is:
    Their website main address is
    It seems a certainty that many small contributions to pay for signature gathering is their greatest need. The campaign appears both well organized and credible. And there's no internecine conflict over which initiative to back…
    On Apr 27, 2012, at 11:54 PM, Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur wrote:


    Matthew Abel <> Apr 29 02:45PM -0400  

    Yes, thanks.
    The Michigan Constitutional Amendment initiative for Repeal of Marijuana laws for adults 21 and over is at
    Send money?
    Matthew Abel


    Hal Muskat <> Apr 29 09:35AM -0700  

    From HuffPo this date:
    "While delivering his remarks at the 2012 White House Correspondents'
    Dinner, comedian Jimmy Kimmel addressed the issue of marijuana legalization.
    "What is with the marijuana crackdown? Seriously, what is the concern?
    We will deplete the nation's Funyun supply?" Kimmel said. "Pot smokers
    vote too. Sometimes a week after the election, but they vote."
    Kimmel then posed a challenge to the crowd, which was made up of
    celebrities like Kim Kardashian and George Clooney.
    "I would like everyone in this room to raise your hand if you've never
    smoked pot," Kimmel said.
    Few hands went up.
    Noting the crowd's reaction, Kimmel addressed President Barack Obama
    "Marijuana is something that real people care about," Kimmel said."



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    "Bob Swanson" <> Apr 28 11:47AM -0700  

    Nate Miley's adversary Deputy Probation Officer Tojo Thomas on Marijuana.
    Video attached – Nate <> 's Home Page


    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <> Apr 27 05:39PM -0700  

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    Patient Advocate Update – Spring 2012
    In this edition
    More LA lawsuits
    CA state regulation bills
    “What happened to Topanga Caregivers?”
    To Reschedule or Reclassify
    Help PAN today
    ** LA City Council went into closed session this week to discuss medical
    cannabis related lawsuits. Recently at least six collectives have filed a
    challenge against the City’s Measure M Tax. These collectives argue that
    with state sales tax and requirements under IRS code 280e make it
    impossible to comply with the added 5% LA requirement. PAN spoke before
    LA City Council when they put this measure on the ballot stating that
    charging this tax before putting forth a workable ordinance and issue any
    licenses was taxation without representation. Sometimes it’s taxation
    used to raid you.
    ** Be sure to follow the progress of A.B. 2312 and S.B. 1182, statewide
    bills to regulate collectives on PAN’s blog.
    ** We know the feds want to shut us all down but when local authorities
    are hostile to state law is creates a toxic community. Fear, anger,
    divide, conquer. PAN tries to answer, “What happened to Topanga
    ** In case you missed it when it was first posted, please catch-up with
    this brief position paper.–End-The-State-Federal-Conflict-Over-Medical-Cannabis
    ** PAN NEEDS your support. Some of our most dedicated sponsors have
    fallen on harder times. Whether it’s lawsuits or raids or other related
    emergencies, some of PAN’s heroes are not in the position at this time to
    help as consistently as they have in the past. Please make a
    tax-deductible donation in any amount today at – click the ‘support’ button. Raid
    training, legal support, activist workshops, educational literature and
    more are also available. Your support ensures patients and cultivators
    have a voice in shaping safe, workable laws. Many thanks.
    ** PAN posts headlines and breaking news @PAN4Compassion. Follow us.
    Degé Coutee
    Executive & Program Director
    Patient Advocacy Network
    (323) 334-5282
    PAN is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization

    Shona Gochenaur
    Executive Director
    Axis of Love SF



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    Info from MMMAB <> Apr 27 11:37AM -0700  

    SEND THEM SOME MONEY for the campaign is how you can help – $5 from a large number of people makes a difference. It got OBummer elected, didn't it?
    And send the Michigan Today campaign rollout email to interested friends urging their financial support.


    "Bob Swanson" <> Apr 27 11:09AM -0700  

    Hi Folks,
    Nate Miley is low on funds for his campaign. He needs to raise $25K for a
    mailer. If you can help out please print and fill out the attached form and
    please send what you can. Or go to Nate <>
    's webpage and donate online. Nate is on your side.
    Bob Swanson
    <> Nate Miley – Tax and Regulate
    Marijuana – Measure Z
    <> nate_measure_z.jpg

    Hi Folks,
    Nate Miley has a challenger for his District 4 seat on the Alameda County
    Board of Supervisors. His name is Tojo Thomas and he is a cop.

    I suspect that he is not going to be very good on marijuana issues. Nate
    needs to refill his war chest now, because the election is June 5th.

    Tojo is from South India and I am concerned that he has connections to rich
    "Silicon Valley" Indian engineers. He is captain of a cricket team. Nearly
    all the rich "Silicon Valley" Indian engineers play cricket and want to see
    their fellow countryman in elected office.

    I may be a little paranoid but then of course I am an MMJ patient and I work
    for Nate. I don't want to lose my job.

    As you all know Nate is EXCELLENT on the issue that interests all of us. He
    does not need a fund raiser, he just needs funds.

    Please! contribute as much as you can, soon now!

    Nate needs all of our help. Download the attached remit form and fill it
    out. Send the remit form and the check to the address on the remit form.

    Thanks very much,
    Bob Swanson


    Notable Quotations
    George Washington:
    1st U.S President from 1789 to 1797
    "Make the most of the Indian Hemp Seed"
    (Library of USA Congress 1794 vol. 33 p.270)
    George Washington

    Thomas Jefferson:
    3rd U.S President from 1801 to 1809
    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,
    that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that
    among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. – Declaration of
    Independence, July 4, 1776
    Jefferson comments on
    <> Hemp
    "Hemp. Plough the ground for it early in the fall & very deep. If possible
    plough it again in Feb. before you sow it, which should be in March. A hand
    can tend 3. acres of hemp a year. Tolerable ground yields 500. lb to the
    acre. You may generally count on 100 lb for every foot the hemp is over 4.
    f. high. A hand will break 60. or 70. lb a day, & even to 150. lb. If it is
    to be divided with an overseer, divide it as it is prepared. Seed. To make
    hemp seed, make hills of the form & size of cucumber hills, from 4. to 6. f
    apart, in proportion to the strength of the ground. Pinch about a dozen
    seeds into each hill in different parts of it. When they come up thin them
    to two. As soon as the male plants have shed their farina, cut them up, that
    the whole nourishment may go to the female plants. Every plant thus tended
    will yield a quart of seed. A bushel of good brown seed is enough for an
    acre. "
    – Betts, Edwin M., ed. Thomas Jefferson's Farm Book: With Commentary and
    Relevant Extracts from Other Writings. Princeton: Princeton University
    Press, 1953. Rep. 1976, 1987, 1999.
    .Thomas Jefferson

    Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln:
    16th U.S. President from 1861 to1865
    "Prohibition… goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to
    control mans' appetite through legislation and makes a crime out of things
    that are not even crimes… A prohibition law strikes a blow at the very
    principles upon which our Government was founded"
    (December 1840)

    Jimmy Carter:
    39th U.S President from 1977 to 1981
    "Penalties for the possession of a drug should not be more damaging to an
    individual than the use of the drug itself."
    Jimmy Carter

    Dan Quayle
    Dan Quayle
    44th U.S Vice-President from 1989 to1993
    "Congress should definitely consider decriminalizing possession of
    marijuana… We should concentrate on prosecuting the rapists and burglars
    who are a menace to society."
    U.S. Representative , March 1977

    Jocelyn Elders –
    United States Surgeon General
    Speaking at Western Carolina University in February 2002, former Surgeon
    General Jocelyn Elders said that it is time to decriminalize marijuana. She
    added that marijuana should be "treated like we treat alcohol," and that
    "giving people a criminal record for it" serves no useful purpose.

    George Shultz
    George Shultz:
    President Reagan's Secretary of State from 1982 to 1989
    Thomas W. and Susan B. Ford Distinguished Fellow at the conservative think
    tank, Hoover Institution
    "Legalization would destroy dealer profits and remove their incentive to get
    young people addicted."
    Awards: Medal of Freedom, Seoul Peace Prize, Eisenhower Medal for
    Leadership and, Reagan Distinguished American Award


    PeaceLove <> Apr 26 05:31PM -0700  

    The great Glenn Greenwald has also weighed in:
    PeaceLove, Jonathan
    *There is nothing more agreeable in life than to make peace with the
    Establishment – and nothing more corrupting. *
    *-A.J.P. Taylor, historian (1906-1990)*


    R Givens <> Apr 27 07:23AM -0700  

    >I guess those surgeons just wanted to use the "oil resin"
    >themselves! And the patient should sue!
    >Jackie Gay Wilson
    I agree. It sounds like a first class Anslinger lie.
    I'll ask my doctor about "lung scrapping." I've never heard of such a
    procedure. Even my limited knowledge of anatomy casts considerable
    doubt that such an operation is even possible. The lungs work by
    infusing oxygen directly through the walls of blood vessels and I
    don't see how scrapping is possible.
    Open heart surgery has been done on infants which means "the youngest
    person to survive open heart surgery in California at age 32." is a
    lie. Hence the whole story is bogus.
    Lastly, there are no reports of "lung injury" from cannabis.
    R Givens


    Mickey Martin <> Apr 27 11:03AM -0700  

    We have A LOT of soul searching to do as a movement and as an industry. We are knee deep in the fight of our life and I am amazed at the amount of people I see giving up, giving in, and not willing to stand and fight. It is somewhat disheartening. Thank goodness for the few who I know are in it to win it, and who I can trust will be there fighting with me until the end. As we face the most brutal crackdown on cannabis freedom our industry has ever seen, and are facing attacks from all angles, including landlord terrorism, unfair taxation without representation, and armed gunmen storming the facilities of our patient providers, we must begin to push back with some real authority. Now is not the time to run and hide…it is time to stand and fight. If we do not, we are surely doomed.
    A good example has been my current work to pass an initiative in Sacramento County. We have had a lot of great support from a few real soldiers who believe that we must stand up against the tyranny and lift the ban imposed there to restore patient access to cannabis. But I have been disheartened by the amount of people trapped in their own little world who are to busy trying to save themselves to understand that the fight is bigger than them. How ignorant does a person have to be to understand that the best defense is a great offense. Here we are with a great opportunity to send a clear message that our community will use our civic powers to overcome their intolerance and lack of compassion. You would think that raising funds for an effort that would restore a patients right to grow their own medicine in Sac County, and that clearly defines medical cannabis dispensaries and establishes a sound registration system for them would be EASY. Guess again.
    It has been like raising funds in Vietnam circa 1971. Everyone is scared that armed gunmen are going to kick their door in. People are living in fear that they will be zoned out of existence and most are scrambling to move somewhere. Some of our own have taken to increasing their bottom line as their income goes up substantially with decreased competition, yet they somehow claim to be more poor than ever. Some players have even outright stated, "Why would I want more dispensaries in the county? We are booming right now." Because it is the right thing to do? Because you could open a satellite in the county so your patients there did not have to drive an hour in traffic to get meds? Because most of the patients from the County would like to be able to grow a plant or two without being an outlaw? Those are just my first thoughts….
    But it is like some have just accepted fate and seem to be working on hunkering down, hoping that they are able to hold out and will not be eradicated like those "other guys." Many are in denial and do not understand the concept of how we even got here. This is their first interaction in a hostile environment, as many got in the weed game after the age of Obama and the Ogden memo had begun. Some believe that they are somehow better than the rest. The petty excuses and illogical thinking are frustrating to say the least. It is like talking to a brick wall at times. People are struggling to make sense of it all and instead of taking action and working on efforts that can change the public dialogue, they stand there like a deer in the headlights. If you cats think putting your head down or turning and running will save you I can assure you that you are sadly mistaken.
    But I have also been inspired by the warriors who are willing to stand up and fight. There are some serious battles happening in our community and there ARE people who believe in the future of cannabis and who are willing to do what is necessary to make a stand. We all have our problems, and these days many organizations and cannabis folks are struggling to keep it all together. Yet many have stood up and said "Let's do this." The real soldiers in tis fight understand that the more we try to run and hide the more we will all be picked off one by one. If we do not make a concerted effort to fight for our own cause then who will? So to the folks who have continued to do what is right and just in the face of danger, and who have committed to fighting for cannabis freedom I sincerely thank you. You are the ones who have kept me from entirely losing my mind and throwing caution to the wind. 
    Until we win the war on cannabis freedom it is one foot in front of the other all day long. See you in the trenches.
    Mickey Martin
    T-Comp Consulting Director
    ***The views expressed in this communication are not necessarily the views of T-Comp Consulting, Tainted Compassion, Cannabis Warrior any other group I am affiliated with.***


    "martinvictor" <> Apr 27 10:57AM -0700  

    Temecula, CA – It's always the same with politicians but there are degrees
    of them. Some are stupid and rich, others are arrogant and libertine, but
    those who are smart and arrogant are the real threat. The third category is
    the 'end run' bunch and their plan is always to defraud the general populace
    of power. While all the politicians bear watching, it is this third group
    that you have to study or wake up one day to a freeway going through your
    yard. It is also this third group that the 0ne Percent call homies because
    the 0ne Percent are 'end run' types. While many in So Cali wonder why Bo is
    cracking down on pot in the state, a move coming soon to Colorado, this
    report will show that Obama is just taking a page from past masters of
    business manipulation.

    For those who question how Barack could be a stoner in college, run on
    promises of leaving MMJ pot legal in states who legislate it, then throw
    those folks under the bus after the election, the answer is historically
    simple. Obama isn't hard-hearted and unsympathetic. He is simply following a
    page from the playbook of Standard Oil and John D. Rockefeller, its founder.
    Or perhaps more closer to home, he is basically doing an Al Capone number on
    the mass population of stoners, laughing up his sleeve at them and figuring
    he still has their vote by saying he may consider some debate on the
    subject. At last count, most if not all of the MMJ talking heads that I know
    were still going to vote for Obama a second time, using the excuse that he
    needs a second term to do anything, blaming the tea party/Republican racism.

    While there is no question that Ron Paul's original 'tea party' organization
    has been outnumbered and hijacked by white racists, male and female, you
    can't blame them for Bo's flip on marijuana. You see Sports Fans, his flip
    is all part of his plan, just like his posturing on the Keystone pipeline,
    getting applause when he vetoed it but leaving the back door open for an
    'end run' to complete the mission. Hopefully those interested in MMJ will
    read this and change their vote to Ron Paul, a doctor, not a lawyer type who
    is used to bloodsucking.

    'The raid on Oaksterdam is part of the federal government's larger effort to
    shutter California's budding medical marijuana industry, which experts
    estimate is worth $1.7 billion annually. As part of this multi-agency
    crackdown, the DEA is raiding medical marijuana providers who are compliant
    with state and local law. In addition, the IRS is taxing providers to death
    by auditing them at an unprecedented rate, as well as enforcing an arcane
    tax policy that prohibits providers from claiming standard business
    deductions available to all other businesses. Even the Bureau of Alcohol,
    Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives has weighed in on the issue,prohibiting
    gun dealers from selling firearms to medical marijuana patients who
    registered their qualified patient status with the state.

    The mere specter of federal enforcement has had a tremendous impact on
    stifling the industry. Landlords and banks have abandoned their
    relationships with medical marijuana providers. Local governments, including
    Mendocino County, have ended their long-standing permit programs. Even the
    City of Oakland, one of the municipalities which pioneered the idea of
    regulating medical marijuana, has slowed down its plan to issue permits for
    industrial sized marijuana grows due to threats of prosecution from United
    States Attorney Melinda Haag.

    Yet, amidst this unprecedented crackdown, the federal government has
    remained surprisingly agnostic to the medical marijuana cultivation going on
    in its own backyard. Three weeks ago, the District of Columbia, issued
    thefirst six permits for large-scale marijuana cultivation projects in the
    nation's capital. The Washington D.C. permit program, which was enacted two
    years ago, provides for up to 10 medical marijuana cultivation centers that
    will supply medical marijuana to five distribution centers where patients
    can buy their medicine. Though it is not receiving the same level of
    attention from the Department of Justice, the Washington D.C. program is
    very similar to the Oakland ordinance that Ms. Haag decried unlawfully
    "authorizes conduct contrary to federal law."'

    It is clear what is driving this disparate enforcement. The critical
    difference between Oakland and Washington could be the role of Congress
    played in passing the law. Under the District of Columbia Home Rule Act,
    Congress is required to review all legislation passed by the Council of the
    District of Columbia before it can become law. In passing and implementing
    the Washington D.C. permit program, the federal government has implicitly
    approved the authorization, regulation, and monies derived from medical
    marijuana to land in D.C.'s coffers demonstrating a notable shift in the
    Legislature's attitude. While the Washington D.C. permits are certainly a
    reason for Obama's local black voters to cheer, at the same time, they also
    make the current crackdown in California all the more confusing to some.

    It is hard to rectify the federal government's manic position on medical
    marijuana. On one hand, the federal government is in the middle of a
    multi-agency crackdown against the entire industry. On the other, Congress
    has outright approved the issuance of permits to cultivate medical marijuana
    in violation of federal law, and the District of Columbia has implemented
    the law without resistance from the Department of Justice. Washington D.C.
    has become the new Chicago Al Capone, ready to supply all the herb that the
    Lanny Swerdlows can smoke and toke. Rockefeller did the same thing with
    building Standard Oil. Now that's change you can count on, if you're dumb

    Going forward, raids on places like Oaksterdam will continue as you must
    eliminate all the competition in order to control the market, and federal
    control of all the 99% is what the game of politics is all about, if you are
    not rich/dumb or a slut. It is unclear for how much longer these policies of
    Obama will be tolerated by the voting public. The raid on Oaksterdam was met
    with a great deal of public resistance, and it is not just providers and
    patients who are upset; public support for marijuana legalization has never
    been higher, especially for medical marijuana. According to a recent Gallup
    poll, at least 50% of Americans now say that marijuana should be legal, and
    70% support the use of marijuana for medical reasons.

    With voter initiatives for legalizing marijuana on the ballot in Colorado
    and Washington State, it appears that an even greater clash between public
    opinion and federal policy is inevitable. It begs the question of for how
    much longer is the public going to tolerate these raids that are contrary to
    the will of the voters and the public's opinion on cannabis. The message
    sent to the American public will be: "do as I say, buy all your weed from
    our speakeasy." Stated another way, it will be business as usual for the
    federal government who appears hell-bent on turning the whole country into
    their fiefdom.

    Write in Ron Paul; and sign the petition to reschedule marijuana
    ot.html> here. Turn the tables on Chicago bankster politics.
    (Story source notes – Aaron Lachant; all emphasis – Ed)
    Posted by <> PT
    Rothschild at
    o-mj.html> 3:36 PM


    "martinvictor" <> Apr 27 11:03AM -0700  

    Temecula, CA – California voters will decide whether to abolish the death
    penalty this November, the Silicon Valley Mercury News reported. A group in
    favor of doing away with the nation’s largest death row gathered more than
    800,000 signatures –- enough to put capital punishment on the ballot. Also
    thanks to your efforts out there, Californians will be voting on the
    labeling of GMO's in November. Wednesday April 25th at 8pm, there will be a
    webinar for the volunteers. There have been people who have been cheering
    the cause behind the scenes and they want to thank the workers. All of the
    volunteers in this effort should click on this link:
    https://www1.gotomeeting.comer/858976576 . Well done folks. Cheers to all.
    Meanwhile for pot smokers in California, there will be NO pot initiative
    this November out of 3 possible measures. What happened?
    For those readers who followed my gonzo reporting from inside Occupy LA, you
    will recall that the forces for the rescinding the state’s death penalty
    were circulating all around the camp collecting signatures. They almost got
    mine until I thought for a moment, “do I want to support some scumbag for
    the rest of his natural life or just for the 20 years it takes for the
    appeal process to run its course?” I told the petitioner that I didn’t agree
    with the petition’s cause because I was a Christian, Presbyterian.

    It should be noted that Islam and Christianity were the two least liked
    organized religions in the camp though 99%of those in camp were spiritual.
    In fact most people that I talked to in depth about anything ‘Christian’
    agreed that the organization had been hijacked long before the deists
    founded our country. The presence of lady tea baggers and lady thumpers just
    emphasized the point since they seemed completely out of touch with the
    campers. The absence of any city councilmen, including the mayor, plus all
    the palace guards, Catholics and Protestants [presumably], really gave the
    place a Pontius Pilate kind of feel, which wasn’t too far off course (see
    at-dinner.html> What Do You Say To A NakedWoman At Dinner?).

    And it wasn’t the fact that I smoked weed, the real scent that you smelled
    rather than urine or feces as was reported in the MSM press including the LA
    Times, but more that I responded with the Chris Bennett explanation.
    [’Religion in the News’, a weekly report and comment on religious trends and
    events being covered by the media gave this item from Asian News
    International January 6, 2003, with the headline: “Jesus Used Cannabis to
    Heal Ailments Study Reveals.”

    A new study of scriptural text has revealed that Jesus and his disciples
    used cannabis to heal sufferings of many during that time. According to a
    report in the Guardian the study suggests that the drug was used to cure
    problems like eye and skin diseases as referred to in the gospels. The
    anointing oil used by Jesus and his disciples contained an ingredient called
    kannabosm which has since been identified as cannabis extract, says an
    article by Chris Bennett in the magazine, High Times entitled: “Was Jesus a
    Stoner?” The incense used by Jesus in ceremonies also contained a cannabis
    extract, suggests Bennett, who quotes scholars to back his claims, the
    report adds.

    ‘There can be little doubt about a role for cannabis in Judaic religion’,
    Carl Rutt Professor of Classical Mythology at Boston University stated.
    Referring to the existence of cannabis in anointing oils used in ceremonies,
    Professor Rutt added, ‘obviously the easy availability and long established
    tradition of cannabis in early Judaism would inevitably included it in the
    Christian mixtures.’ Bennett suggests those anointed with the oils used by
    Jesus were literally drenched in this potent mixture. Although most modern
    people choose to smoke or eat pot, when its active ingredients are
    transferred into an oil-based carrier it can also be absorbed through the

    Quoting the New Testament, Bennett argues that Jesus anointed his disciples
    with the oil and encouraged them to do the same with other followers. This
    could have been responsible for healing eye and skin diseases referred to in
    the gospels. Since cannabis was one of the main ingredients of the ancient
    anointing oil and receiving this oil is what made Jesus ‘the Christ’ and his
    followers ‘Christians’, then persecuting those who use cannabis can be
    considered anti-Christ, Bennett concluded.] The research through my Strong’s
    Concordance has revealed the same conclusion. So if weed was such an
    equalizer, what happened with the pot petitions circulating in camp?

    To see why stoners are left out in the cold, again, let’s take a look at the
    successful label GMO petition, which was also covered here, see recent
    archives. First however, since many otherwise intelligent people, including
    foodies, don’t know just what a GMO is, OMG is what you are going to say
    when you find out.
    GMOs or Genetically Modified Organisms are experimental plants and animals
    that have been genetically engineered in a lab with DNA from other plants,
    animals, bacteria, and viruses. Monsanto (George Soros, Chairman, Soros Fund
    Management for the DPA, Drug Policy Alliance) leads the world in GMO
    products produced for commercial consumption. DPA is one of the chief
    sponsors/backers of RMLW, Regulate Marijuana Like Wine, hint, hint.
    Currently in the US, 86% of corn, 90% of canola, and 93% of soy and cotton
    are GMOs.

    There are two ‘stated’ reasons to play God with our food supply. The first
    reason is to make the plant seed resistant to particular brands of sprayed
    herbicides, like Roundup®, the brand name of a systemic, broad-spectrum
    herbicide produced by the Monsanto. The second reason is to modify plants so
    they contain their ownbuilt-in pesticide, like peas you would raise if you
    only watered them with Raid®. For the real ‘unstated’ reason, please see the
    Georgia Guidestones.

    A study done in Russia showed that insects which ate the GMO pesticide seed
    plants were made sterile in 3generations, a conclusion that led to
    restrictive labeling or outright bans on such products in Britain, Spain,
    France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea,
    Australia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and Mexico. All told, more than 40
    countries are in the no-GMO/label GMOs group because GMOs are not considered
    proven safe. Bills introduced in America and Canada to put a hold on GMOs or
    to label them have not even made it out of committee, thanks due to ‘in the
    pocket’ politicians and the revolving door policy of government regulators
    with industry.

    At Occupy LA as reported here previously, I met John Diaz, the lead
    organizer in the real OC. John’s numbers (names) usually ranked in the top
    gatherers, though his group was bumped every now and then by theTemecula
    gathering group. John shared this knowledge with me when he found out I was
    from T-Town. The off-the-cuff remake made me proud of the valley though I
    knew more about John’s efforts than that of my hometown homies.

    John was relentless in camp and when he left after camp was done [the day
    before 1400 of LA’s finest rolled the place up], he hit the streets running.
    He recruited a number of volunteers to help him, and always, it was never
    about ‘him’ other than to show that he had earned his ‘hash marks’ in the
    fight. Even on the night of the Zanzibar (see recent archive story) he
    recruited a leggy Romanian to get names up in the LA area. John also
    shepherded his volunteer staff in Orange County, filling in when he was
    needed and never complaining. In short, he knew people were ‘human’ but it
    was always the cause that mattered. He was sweating getting the needed names
    but always got feedback to validate his efforts.

    At camp, though the RMLW group had a tent set up along the main walkway
    path, the ‘leaders’ of the pot/MMJ crew stayed aloof, high on the top part
    of the south city hall lawn and always in a hurry too busy to talk to those
    (like me) who weren’t part of their clique, with the one exception being
    Sunshine (recent archives again). The day they were joined by the ‘names’ in
    the California MMJ movement, they all made speeches then passed out small
    sample ½ gram pouches of bunk weed. After that the names left, never to
    return and the MMJ bunch went back to business as usual. In a camp full of
    poly-sci thinkers, that kind of shit doesn’t fly.

    John, quite the opposite, had a spot at the foot of the staircase, right in
    the heart of the commotion, center ring, and was never too busy for anyone.
    There was no clique, in fact, there was only John, and once in camp he never
    left except to see his wife Suzanne in Orange County every night. Since he
    had gone on the road for a month with the Right2Know GMO March, you
    certainly couldn’t fault him for that. Though the effort to reach800,000
    signatures was done by a group of gatherers, it is a tribute to John that
    his petition cause reached its ballot goal. Congratulations to John, his
    group, and their success. Look to the Calendar to plug this cause more
    towards the election.

    (GMO info sources – Organic Consumers Association, Greenpeace, Non-GMO
    Project, and the Grocery Manufacturers’ Association)


    "Mary Jane Borden" <> Apr 26 06:19PM -0400  

    The subject line of this message comes from the title of a recent post on the, which has been getting an extraordinary reception. This article lays out the Ohio Medical Cannabis Amendment very well, particularly its approach toward federal intervention.

    Recall, please, that this proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution accords medical cannabis patients eight rights based on Ohio’s Bill of Rights. The measure was certified in January to collect the 385,000+ signatures necessary to place it on the ballot this fall, understanding that Ohio will be its perennial swing state in this high stakes presidential election. The candidates and the media are already camped out here.
    There also has also been considerable debate about DUID. And yes, the Obama Administration does seem to be stepping up its promotion of drug testing, much to our chagrin. I would like to share the OMCA's DUID language below with you since it is not mentioned in the article.
    “Section 2. Limitations.
    (F) An eligible resident shall not be considered to be under the influence
    of medical Cannabis solely because of the presence of active or inactive
    metabolites of Cannabis in the eligible resident’s urine, blood, tissue,
    hair or skin or as detectable by any other measure of body chemistry. The
    legal definition of impairment as a result of medical Cannabis use and
    applicable testing to determine such impairment shall be based on scientific
    evidence of impairment."
    These and other unique provisions are why bringing attention to the OMCA is so important. The closer we can get it to the ballot, the more coverage we can garner for sensible DUID approaches, not to mention all important rights for medical marijuana patients.
    Finally, yes, money is needed to make this happen. If you fee inspired, the OMCA's contact information is below.
    Mary Jane
    Ohio Medical Cannabis Association
    1021 East Broad Street
    Columbus, OH 43205
    OMCA Ballot Language:
    Phone: (614) 300-0529


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    Sjss <> Apr 26 01:09PM -0700  

    Is this true?
    Sent from my iPhone


    Bong Butch <> Apr 26 02:32PM -0700  

    To the best of my knowledge, the lung is not a sack that you can just reach in and "scrape" oil out… I do believe it is more like a dense sponge, and to "scrape" oil out of a sponge would totally destroy it…. This is just my best hypothesis…


    Mickey Martin <> Apr 26 10:55AM -0700  

    Breaking down Obama’s bullshit response….
    Posted by Mickey Martin on April 26th, 2012
    President Barrack Obama did an interview with Rolling Stone, and he was kind enough to kind of answer a question regarding his administration’s crackdown on medical cannabis dispensaries. The problem is his response is simply bullshit, and he knows it. I understand that there is a big political line to walk on this issue in this Country right now, and that there is an election happening; but at the same time I long for some fucking integrity at any level of Governement anywhere. As I wrote a couple of days ago in my piece entitled “Shut the fuck up, Obama and the rest of you assholes” the best thing the President could do, and should have done from the beginning, is SHUT THE FUCK UP. But instead, Barry wants to dig the hole a little deeper and piss off a few million more people by making circular statements with little real meaning in a weak attempt to appease both sides of the argument. 
    If the President, or one of his staff, or anyone who knows the jay-cat personally is reading this…do me a favor. Tell Obama to “GROW A SACK OF NUTS” already. The Republicans have wiped their ass with his hope and change, and are trying to figure out how to derail his ass come November. The last thing he needs to do is to piss off the rest of us trying to make it seem like he has conservative chops. Either shut the fuck up, or skin that smokewagon. Nobody for a minute believes that deep down in your crusty little heart that you really think cannabis prohibition is working, or that medical marijuana is dangerous. It is just bullshit; and the longer you tow the party line to please your big business donors the more you will surely alienate those who believed you were better than that and worked hard to get you elected. We are not naive enough to fall for the dumb shit twice. The best thing you could have done is just shut the fuck up and passed
    on the question from Rolling Stone…but NOOOOOOO. You had to jump right in feet first and make a comment I can only define as fucking stupid.
    Here is a breakdown of the statement:
    FROM ROLLING STONE article Ready for the Fight by Jann S. Wenner:
    ROLLING STONE: Let me ask you about the War on Drugs. You vowed in 2008, when you were running for election, that you would not “use Justice Department resources to try and circumvent state laws about medical marijuana.” Yet we just ran a story that shows your administration is launching more raids on medical pot than the Bush administration did. What’s up with that?
    First of, let me give kudos to Jann Wenner for asking the question. She used his own words to point out the hypocrisy of his positions, and made him defend his record against Bush. I wish she would have nailed him with a follow up or two because his answer leaves a lot to be desired. Here is the breakdown sentence by sentence to illustrate why Obama is just full of shit on this issue….
    Obama: Here’s what’s up:
    First off, knock off the coy “here’s what’s up” bullshit. What is up is that you continue the failed policies of the past and put poor kids in jail for weed every day just like the assholes before you. I witnessed it myself yesterday in Federal Court in Oakland. A poor kid was looking at 5 years for selling weed. So cut the dumb shit…that is “what’s up.”
    Obama: What I specifically said was that we were not going to prioritize prosecutions of persons who are using medical marijuana.
    Um…no asshole, that is not what you said. In fact, I would beg you to show me where you said that EVER. Below is the video of the interview where he makes the infamous “I will not be using justice department resources to circumvent state law on this issue, simply because I want folks to be investigating violent crimes and potential terrorism. We have got a lot of things for our law enforcement officers to deal with.” Nothing was more starkly clear that this was not happening than the day when 150 Federal officers raided the peaceful cannabis college of Oaksterdam University while across town a violent murder of 7 people at a another college was happening by a person set to terrorize the community. Were these officers focused on who sold him the guns, or how to stop this from happening again? Nope..they were wasting justice department resources circumventing state law and removing plants from an organization that was in full compliance with all
    local and state laws. Way to go asshole.
    Now, granted, the wishy-washy interview from 2008 does also state that he is “not going to be spending a lot of political capital on this issue” and alludes to the fact that he was worried about people “growing their own and setting up little mom and pop shops” but he also states that “there really is no difference between a doctor prescribing that and morphine, or anything else.”
    His reasoning for not wanting to allow for growing your own, or mom and pop shops is because it becomes “fairly hard to regulate at that point.” Yet, many of the organizations he have targeted are some of the most heavily regulated in the State of California and Colorado, and there has been no distinction made. Furthermore, the Justice Department has severely threatened any state that has attempted to implement strict regulations and who have tried top control it properly, “just like morphine or any other drug.” Take New Jersey. for instance….one of the most tightly regulated programs in the Nation, and yet his US Attorneys have threatened to take state employees to jail for implementing the program and have expressed concerns because the law allows for cultivation centers. New Jersey’s program is likely more strict than any FDA regulations for medicine, yet there is no distinction made. You could say the same about Colorado’s model, and
    Arizona, and Rhode Island, and all of the states who have worked on, or are in the process of working on a system that is not “fairly hard to regulate.”
    Yet, the Justice Department continues to circumvent state laws by threatening to prosecute state emplyees who implement these regulations, which you stated was your original concern against growing your own and having mom and pop shops. Here is a newsflash asshole…..someone has to grow the cannabis for the patients, whom you say you are not targeting, to use safely. Otherwise you have thrown the sick and suffering to the wolves and have forced them into the black market for their cannabis medicines. What a dick…
    Obama: I never made a commitment that somehow we were going to give carte blanche to large-scale producers and operators of marijuana – and the reason is, because it’s against federal law.
    This is where your statements become muddled, bro. The now infamous Ogden Memo, issued by your Justice Department stated the Justice Department should not focus resources on “individuals whose actions are in clear and unambiguous compliance with existing state laws providing for the medical use of marijuana.” So, in essence, what you stated was that if “large-scale producers and operators” were in clear and unambiguous compliance with state law that they would not have to worry about being a target. This statement allowed for states, like Colorado, and local communities, such as Oakland and Mendocino, to pass “clear and unambiguous” regulations and to allow for large-scale producers of cannabis to exist. The memo issue by YOUR Justice Department is what set the stage for the massive expansion we have seen across the Country. So it is a bit disingenuous to act as if you never saw this coming. Can we agree that Chris Christie, the Governor
    of New Jersey and staunch opponent of your entire administration would not be considered some misinformed pot grower? Yet he signed into law a regulatory model that allowed for, you guessed it, “large-scale producers and operators.”
    So quit being a pussy already. Just say that the political blowback has caused my donor base to take notice and I had to do something if I wanted to be re-elected. That is the fucking truth. Acting as if you had no idea where this whole industry came from is just stupid and shallow. And what is worse is that if jackass does not think it should be “mom and pops” distributing it, but yet there should also not be large-scale producers and operators growing and distributing it, then just who the fuck IS supposed to be growing and distributing it to patients in need? The cartels? People with NO regulations in place? Is there a happy medium in there between “mom and pop” and “large-scale?” Is there a medium scale, semi-regulated model we should be exploring or some shit?
    Obama: I can’t nullify congressional law.
    Wrong again asshole. You may not be able to “nullify congressional law” but you can issue a Presidential Determination that would declare that enforcement of medical cannabis must stop. 
    A Presidential Determination is a document issued by the White House stating a determination resulting in an official policy or position of the executive branch of the United States government. Presidential determinations may involve any number of actions, including setting or changing foreign policy,[1] setting drug enforcement policy,[2] or any number of other exercises of executive power. (Wikipedia)
    You could also issue this order as a National Security Directive, as obviously our wasted enforcement on this cause is wasting resources that could be used fighting illegal gun trafficking, or fighting terrorism. The more time, energy, and resources wasted kicking in doors of people like Oaksterdam, the less secure our Nation is. That is the bottom line. So spare me the bullshit about how you cannot nullify congressional law. Just like you have ordered the Justice Department to no longer prosecute the Defense of Marriage Act, you can direct them to no longer enforce the Controlled Substances Act where medical cannabis is concerned in states with laws allowing for it. You are just full of shit, player….
    Obama: I can’t ask the Justice Department to say, “Ignore completely a federal law that’s on the books.”
    Yes You Can, asshole. That is an outright lie. What the fuck do you think “Commander In Chief” means? Just like the Justice Department stated that it would no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court because it was unconstitutional, you could also refuse to enforce and prosecute licensed and regulated providers of cannabis medicines in states that allow for it. You have the power to instruct YOUR DOJ to do what YOU want. That is one of the perks of the job.
    Furthermore, US Attorney General Eric Holder, either on his own or in conjunction with you, could also instruct his DOJ staff to not enforce the laws against cannabis where medical cannabis laws are in place. The Controlled Substances Act also provides for a rulemaking process by which the United States Attorney General can reschedule cannabis administratively. So you actually CAN instruct your Justice Department to not only ignore the law, but to reschedule, or as I would hope, de-schedule cannabis because it is safe and helpful…and enjoyable.
    So spare us the “I can’t” bullshit…YES YOU CAN, motherfucker…and you should.
    Obama: What I can say is, “Use your prosecutorial discretion and properly prioritize your resources to go after things that are really doing folks damage.”
    So is that what you “can say,” or is that what you ARE saying. Because if that IS what you are saying then I would say your Justice Department has just told you to go fuck yourself. There is no one in America who thinks that medical marijuana is “really doing folks damage.” Nobody thinks that using resources to kick in the doors of those who provide medical cannabis to people and are regulated by their local or state governments are a “priority.” With all of the shit we face as a Nation, from gun violence, to rape, to murder, to border issues, to our food not being properly inspected, to our ports not being properly inspected, to hard drugs like crank, crack and heroin running rampant in the street THERE IS NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT FUCKING MIND WHO THINKS MEDICAL CANNABIS ENFORCEMENT SHOULD BE A PRIORITY AT ALL EVER.
    So if you are clearly stating to the Justice Department to “Use your prosecutorial discretion and properly prioritize your resources to go after things that are really doing folks damage,” then let us just agree that they do not think very highly of your instruction over there, because they are using a gang of resources on low priority bullshit every day around this bitch…
    Obama: As a consequence, there haven’t been prosecutions of users of marijuana for medical purposes.
    Ummm… excuse me?…Look here gigantic asshole, I am sure the Feds never made a big priority of going after pot smokers. What they have made a priority of, to feed our ever-growing prison industrial complex, is busting growers and people who sell weed for huge mandatory minimum sentencing mostly targeted at poor communities. The fact that you ARE going after legitimate growers and providers of cannabis medicines is a direct attack on the “users,” or as we call them, “patients.” By attacking the folks who work hard to run above board and legitimate tax paying businesses so that these patients, who most cannot grow their own, have a safe, clean, and convenient place to get their medicine you directly attack those patients. No getting around that. By shutting down good providers you expand the market for illegal and immoral street dealers to sell weed to whoever, whenever, with zero oversight and you force patients to access their cannabis from
    often unsafe sources. So spare me the bullshit about how patients have not been targeted.
    Obama: The only tension that’s come up – and this gets hyped up a lot – is a murky area where you have large-scale, commercial operations that may supply medical marijuana users, but in some cases may also be supplying recreational users.
    You live in a bubble, jackass. The only tension that has come up is brought on by your army of paid thugs who have chosen to ignore your directives and have decided to enforce the shit out of your “murky area.” Ands it does not get “hyped up a lot.” I would say when sitting congressmen from your own party challenge your Attorney General to defend their enforcement actions of the House floor, it is a bit more than just some “tension.” If you have evidence of “recreational users” being supplied why is that never brought forth in any of your court proceedings or actions? And where does your DOJ get its medical degree from to decide who is a legitimate patient and who is just a recreational user?
    To further that, when are we going to start raiding Walgreen’s, as they also supply medical patients but sometimes their products end up in the hands of recreational users…the difference is that often those situations end with some poor kid dead. Yet, we continue to pump billions of pills into our community with very little real oversight. So if where y0u draw the line is whether or not people are getting drugs under false pretenses, I would expect to see Bristol, Meyers, and Squibb raided any minute now, right? You are so full of shit….
    Obama: In that situation, we put the Justice Department in a very difficult place if we’re telling them, “This is supposed to be against the law, but we want you to turn the other way.” That’s not something we’re going to do.
    Just as you told prosecutors to turn the other way where the Defense of Marriage Act is concerned, you could easily do the same here. You just do not have the


    "andrew garret" <> Apr 26 08:25AM -0700  

    Lot’s of new stuff on the Medical Cannabis censorship webpage:
    It includes our findings on:
    —- The KOCI (Radio Station) incident
    —- That infamous UCLA Head and Neck Cancer Study (the one showing that
    Medical Cannabis causes Cancer).
    —- Something about a 1947 Epilepsy Study that was published before Harry
    Anslinger even know what was going on.
    —- The AARP censors an article on the subject of Medical Cannabis.
    For those of you with some extra time, these cases do make for fun reading
    — but again, the website is meant mostly for active News Media, looking
    for a fast source of information on the subject of Censorship as it
    relates to Medical Cannabis.
    Antique Andy
    Museum Curator
    Sent via Catholic Online Webmail!
    Use Catholic Online Webmail to proclaim your faith to the world.


    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <> Apr 26 12:21AM -0700  

    Good article . Tnite sf democratic party passed a resolution
    spearheaded by gabriel haaland to hold Obama and eric holder and all
    democraticsin elected office to stand against crackdown. Members of
    comunity spoke .cathy smith brian webster cora glen denise dorey
    terrrie frye and steph tucker. all spoke well . What was interesting
    to note? who abstained from voting no member cast a vote against but
    … Fiona ma .boxer . Feinstein. And a few other high ranking elects
    wouldnt vote in favor . Will upload youtube of vote and comments.


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    mary meds <> Apr 25 07:36AM -0700  

    My buddy just became the youngest person to survive open heart surgery in
    California at age 32. He started having chest problems so they cut him open
    and scraped a half ounce of oil resin from his lungs.


    Dave Hodges <> Apr 25 12:10PM -0700  

    Wow. What are the details? What area of the country? What was he
    smoking, just bho, or combo flowers or tobacco with it? How did open
    heart surgery lead to the doctors scraping his lungs?
    Best Regards,
    Dave Hodges


    Hal Muskat <> Apr 25 12:21PM -0700  

    Did they give it back to him?
    On 4/25/12 12:10 PM, Dave Hodges wrote:





    Mickey Martin <> Apr 25 06:40AM -0700  

    Please come to Oakland today to support our brother Jose who was unjustly subdued by the Feds for protesting the Oaksterdam raids. We must support those willing to stand on the front lines and support us:
    Wednesday April 25th at 9:30am
    Jose Gutierrez*
    Case number: 4:12-mj-70377-MAG – USA v. Jose Guiterrez
    Arraignment & Bond Hearing at the Oakland Federal Courthouse,
    1301 Clay Street in front of Judge Donna Ryu (3rd floor).
    If you have or need information on Jose’s case, please email: or call