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    Terry Colorado <> May 30 04:21PM -0700  

    AB2312 is bad news for medical cannabis patients; and here is why:
    This bill would establish the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Control Act
    for the purposes of regulating and controlling medical marijuana activities.
    This legislation is a desperate response to a "Red Herring." According
    to Wikipedia:
    A *red herring* is a clue which is intended to be misleading, or
    distracting from the actual issue. A false
    protagonist<> is
    another example of a red herring.
    The federal crackdown is a false protagonist and our leadership
    is ostensibly fighting the good fight. the protagonist in the name of a
    chosen few. Be honest with yourself; do you really believe, that if AB2312
    becomes law that, somehow our cannabis movement is somehow safer from the
    big bad wolf (Fed's). Why does our movement cling to this failed notion;
    false hope? Anyone have a brick house to hide in because i'm feeling like
    the little pig, being led to slaughter?
    Case in point: Oakland challenged the feds with the grand scheme to allow
    "… warehouses of cultivated medical marijuana." The feds responded with a
    big "slap" you very much, please make our day. What did Oakland do? Bless
    their lil hearts. Where are those big ole' warehouses now? They don't exist
    because Oakland said ".. uhh fuggetaboutit " If you receive nothing
    else; *receive
    this*; the DOJ does not respect ANY legislation in California; and as such
    do not feel compelled to follow it outside their discretion.
    Why should the Feds respect local law? There is nothing compelling in these
    criminal self-serving regulations; Its clear; restrictive permitting is the
    strategy we are up against. Restrictive permitting under the guise of
    "wanted regulation." Wanted regulation? Who wants regulation? Who "wants"
    to be taxed? Do you feel more validated if you can be regulated and taxed?
    The Great Jack Herer said "… not a fucking dollar!" Some of the best
    words ever spoken. Its Gospel; amen.
    The Pack decision makes in clear; Decriminalization is fine … permission
    to break the law is not. Our local governments do not support
    decriminalizing; NO MONEY THERE. local regulation establishes significant
    "permit fees" … in the ten's of thousands of dollars is most common, and
    when you count the money earned from this BS cannabis tax ~ typically four
    to ten percent ~ depending upon the City. Don't forget … BOE gets 7 – 10
    percent as well for the State.
    Furthermore the city with the help of local opposition possible groups in
    our own movement; destroys local competition, thus keeping the cost of
    medicine high. Local opposition approaches the city with promises of tax
    and permitting money; offering … nay … gifting and begging for
    restrictive permitting and going so far a to provide the language for
    the severe regulation to be placed in the ordinance.
    Once the regulation is passed; the city deceptively uses its new found
    gifted authority (where none existed before; gifted regulation) to limit
    patient access and practice precision "restrictive permitting," which is
    basically passing and enforcing zoning regulation so restrictive that if a
    collective loses an a location exemption for whatever reason or has to move
    (fed letter) it is impossible for a collective storefront to re-open and
    operate in the city because there is nothing available in the proper zones.
    they might be too near a "cigarette shop" or "theater" …etc,.
    Let's face it; the fed's know they CAN'T shutdown medical marijuana; its in
    16 states now; more this year. So the fed's may have said fuck it; can't
    beat em … join em. So what if this Fed Crackdown is some is some grand
    Red Herring to get our movement … like little pigs being lead to the
    slaughter to accept AB2312; "restrictive permitting?"
    Local regulation unnecessarily establishes federal battlegrounds;
    challenges; excuses … IN YOUR FACE challenges pushing the Fed's to target
    patients and caregivers. This is all Predatory Government Action (PGA):
    Predatory Government is government that feeds on the resources of its
    citizens to the point of malicious greed; like vultures or cannibal's.
    Regulation(tax) is clearly defined to benefit predatory governments; that's
    all well and fine … i guess … but if you pay the mafia for protection
    … don't you get protection? Don Coreleone … i ask on this day of your
    daughter's wedding day … etc,. … you get my point? Okay … the City is
    tickled purple to take your permit money and look the other, while the
    Fed's hunt you down. But that's not all; that's right … this hits just
    keep on coming!
    The City Gang absolutely will not be held responsible if the Fed's shut you
    down and takes you to jail. The City Gang does'nt even have the decency to
    feel bad about it. Oh, What's that; you're landlord received a letter from
    the DOJ and city zoning and regulation is so restrictive you can't find a
    place to move too? Hmmm … well be sure to pay the measure b tax, BOE, and
    give to the police fund. Thank you; come again. Hmmm … just one minute.
    Oh what's that … oh hhaha … right .. patient access; hmm what's …
    that … isn't that ASA, or something? Did you pay your measure b and BOE?
    Regulation is not about patient and caregiver access; its about dilution of
    rights; dilution of Prop 215; its alot about limiting competition to keep
    prices artificially high. The pro-tax, pro-regulation cannabis crowd would
    have you believe you "want" to be taxed and regulated; is that right ….
    do you really feel a need to be taxed and regulated? I DON"T … and i
    don't get those people who do .. does being taxed and regulated somehow
    validate these people? I am taxed; therefore i exist? lol, suckers!
    Local ordinances are intentionally ill defined and contain time bombs with
    dangerous agenda. I believe AB2312 is the same such regulation. Regulation
    does not exist for the goodwill of our citizens; regulation does not
    promote Safe Access; instead local regulation has failed miserably to
    promote safe access; and our so called leadership has failed us by not
    holding these predatory bodies accountable; instead allowing the opposition
    to feed on our collective carcass; to what purpose? To limit competition.
    We have all heard the rumors; it hard to believe? But what if its true? The
    damage could be happening right under our collective noses.
    Do this people really believe we need to buy legitimacy … buy local
    government support (regulation) … we already have legitimacy … the
    American people are behind us 74% … local government and regulation is
    not our friend; as the State Supreme Court will soon declare; local
    regulation is powerless to do anything other then take your money. City
    government is only concerned with the dollar and the corruption it buys;
    empowering these Narco Warriors to further dilute the rights of patients
    and put them in jail.
    AB2312 or any state regulation will not save us folks. We must be our own
    hero, to save the day. City government is not our savior; Kamala Harris and
    "their heads in up their ass state legislature" is also not going to save
    us; example: People v Kolvin Congress … nope … not gong to save us;
    De-scheduling or rescheduling … is just not going to happen … hello,
    pipe dream … nope not even defunding. The President is chicken-shit;
    he's not going to save us either; and finally apparently our own movment
    doen't have the balls to save ourselves.
    Mired down by infighting; and fixated on regulation our leadership can't
    even save themselves much less our movement. If you want to truly save
    cannabis … we must put aside this notion of regulation and taxation …
    we must unite under a new flag … we must engage the nation … the
    majority of American's favor legalization; they … WE want a national
    debate … and yes, i believe WE are big enough to MAKE IT HAPPEN despite
    We can save ourselves … we are big enough … we have much more
    legitimacy with the people then we have been led to believe; mostly because
    we listen to the pro-tax, pro-reg crowd tells us we must not assert
    ourselves … else we piss off our friends like Kamala Harris who recently
    argued against us in "People vrs, Kolvin); or we must continue to support
    President "Backstab"Obama because despite him selling out; he's the only
    friend we got. Yeah well my mamma always told me with friends like that …
    you don't need enemies. I listen to my mamma; i suggest you listen to my
    mamma too.
    AB2312, really only serves one purpose; providing the pro-tax, pro-reg
    crowd a restrictive statewide monopoly. The Fed's doesn't respect
    California Law and won't respect AB2312. Our movment will waste our
    "fighting chance" on this lame ass ineffective bullshit law … IT IS
    Our best fighting chance is to take legalization straight to the American
    people and force the Presidential candidates to debate the issue
    nationally. Force the discussion! Hold Obama accountable for false hope and
    broken promises.
    We need to focus on public awareness; staying friends with Mr Joe P.
    Public. Instead of relying on ineffective or bad regulations let's rely on
    the wisdom of the State Supreme court to decide the law; and not let
    politicians decide our fate.



    Heidi <> May 30 06:11PM -0700  

    Okay now whats the next step? We need to be out in our society going door
    to door daily educating people on cannabis…. Getting a group together…
    grassroots activism. Persuasion conversations are motivating, and ground
    the daily marijuana smoker who is wrapped in the bubble of marijuana
    culture, where mj is as common as the air we breath. I fall into that
    bubble daily.
    Cannabis is a 'soft issue' compared to say, 'gay marriage' in the
    political realm of public support. Most people in our society have a firm
    grasp on there stance on gay marriage. However, public opinion shows that
    the percent of people who support marijuana varies GREATLY from poll to
    poll & day to day because of current issues in our media, news & society.
    If every person on this list went out & educated people on the benefits of
    cannabis, rather then re-stating & spreading false promises, failed
    missions etc, we would see more change of consciousness in our society .
    This community is educated, now we need to spread education to the rest of
    the millions that this list does not touch. Based on my own experiences
    going door to door, there are a lot more people in our society who
    have absolutely no idea of the benefits of marijuana then we really
    Anyway, lets all stop hiding behind our computer screens & go into the real
    world & truly help free cannabis. I'm in San Diego if anyone wants to meet
    up & get a group together to spread educational awareness on cannabis.
    "walk it like you talk it"
    – Heidi Cady Whitman


    Andrew Merkel <> May 30 09:41AM -0700  

    Just a heads up RABO bank has just canceled our accounts based on the fact that we support the medical/legalization of cannabis.
    Please be informed they are trying on every level to stop us!
    Make sure you are prepared, if necessary contact Robert Mackineze Land Law at(phone#-removed).
    Use Trust accounts.
    Keep up the pressure….
    Butte County No On Measure A
    Andrew Merkel
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    "andrew garret" <> May 30 07:23PM -0700  

    Do you have any proof? Something like a letter from the bank or at least
    a contact number.
    We are almost ready with our website on the matter of bank censorship.
    antique andy
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    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <> May 29 07:00PM -0700  

    FYi starchild is a dude. And a very sweet person who in the past has
    acknowlegde some of the short comings of libertrian policy and social
    justice for lowincome people when in convo with me. He means well. But
    yep im with the only two thing i agree w RP on is medicine and peace
    everything else is ugly . Come on!

    Shona Gochenaur
    Executive Director
    Axis of Love SF


    "Dr. David Bearman" <> May 29 10:03PM -0400  

    Did you not get the memo. Ron Paul is a Repub;ican. It will be way too latew for him to get on the basllot in most states. Johnson is a two term governor. Both he and Gray have very strong positions on marijuana. The point is to support them and vote for them so that both the Demsa and Republicans will see that they are missing out on millions of votes and a winning issue.
    david bearmasn,M.D.
    —- "Axis of Love SF wrote:


    "" <> May 30 03:12PM -0700  

    That's one scenario. The other goes back to 2000 when Ralph Nader's candidacy cost Al Gore the White House. Is your protest vote worth the risk of a GOP win this fall?
    Put simply, the answer is no. We may not like Obama much, but we'll hate Romney in ways we haven't even imagined yet. We need 4 more years to get a Supreme Court pick, maybe two, to help balance the Bush appointees. The only people who really salivate at a split Dem vote are the folks drinking caffeine-free soft drinks at Romney Central.
    —–Original Message—–
    Cc: "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <>
    Did you not get the memo. Ron Paul is a Repub;ican. It will be way too latew for him to get on the basllot in most states. Johnson is a two term governor. Both he and Gray have very strong positions on marijuana. The point is to support them and vote for them so that both the Demsa and Republicans will see that they are missing out on millions of votes and a winning issue.
    david bearmasn,M.D.
    —- "Axis of Love SF wrote:



    Starchild <> May 30 06:14PM -0700  

    Thanks, Shona. However you may have somewhat misunderstood me. The shortcomings with regard to low income folks and social justice are not with libertarian ideas themselves — I believe there is ample evidence that freedom does indeed improve the lives of the poor and the socially marginalized.
    Rather the shortcomings I was referring to occur in how libertarian organizations and individuals who identify as libertarians sometimes *go about* advocating for freedom — the emphasis and priorities we choose, the language we use, the assumptions we make, etc.
    For instance, you may have heard conservatives or conservative-influenced libertarians complaining that 47% of Americans (generally those with lower incomes) don't pay any taxes. This claim is false on the face of it — the 47% statistic is only about *federal income tax*, and there are tons of other taxes that poor people pay in this country, both directly and indirectly, including Social Security taxes, sales taxes, property taxes (often passed along in the form of higher rents and less availability of affordable housing), the hidden tax of inflation, parking and other vehicle taxes (aka parking tickets, registration fees, moving violation taxes, etc.), and many others. But libertarians who accept arguments like the 47% claim at face value may be misled into thinking that government in this country unfairly favors poorer people over wealthier people, and this may lead them to adopt misplaced priorities such as putting greater emphasis on getting rid of taxes and regulations that burden the wealthy than on getting rid of taxes and regulations that burden the poor, such as laws against people sleeping in their own vehicles, permit fees for people wanting to start small businesses, laws against people feeding the homeless without a permit, etc.
    Sometimes libertarians have been too reactionary on issues like criminal justice, corporations, and the environment. For instance when we see self-identified environmentalists attacking property rights and proposing big-government solutions to environmental problems both real and exaggerated, it is easy for less thoughtful and perceptive libertarians to assume that environmentalists are the enemy and assume that *all* environmental problems are being exaggerated as part of an anti-freedom agenda. While I believe that some environmental issues have been falsified and pushed in this manner, I also know that there are many real environmental problems which are critically serious — loss of wilderness habitat leading to extinction of species, depletion and pollution of groundwater, overfishing, etc. Global warming, not so much.
    But the more that people on the left respond to these shortcomings of the libertarian movement with reactionary reflexes of their own by attacking libertarianism and libertarians as racist, uncaring, or what-not, the more it tends to drive libertarian-oriented people and groups into the conservative camp. Libertarianism is *not* conservatism any more than libertarianism is leftism, but the polarization of politics in this country makes it easy for independents (including libertarians) to get swept up into one of the two opposing mainstream factions if we are not careful to maintain their ideological independence and stay true to our ideas.
    Libertarians today are perhaps the main group of proverbial "swing voters" in this country, allying with the right on some issues and with the left on others. How much we gravitate toward one side or the other in terms of which freedom issues we emphasize most, spend most of our time working on, etc., will be determined to a large extent in the aggregate by which of the two mainstream sides is more willing to work with us, and which side treats us like the enemy. So even people on the left who dislike many libertarian ideas would be wise to focus their attacks on conservatism and not on libertarianism. If you support and encourage folks like Ron Paul, they will be more likely to give more emphasis to the parts of the freedom agenda that mesh with the leftist agenda, including of course ending the war on cannabis and other drugs, whereas if you attack and criticize them and call them conservatives, etc., they're more likely to focus on supporting aspects of the freedom agenda where they have allies on the right who are willing to work with them.
    Love & Liberty,
    ((( starchild )))

    On May 29, 2012, at 7:00 PM, Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur wrote:


    <> May 30 01:45PM -0700  

    Hello all, I've stayed out of the fray and spend my time focusing on measure
    D up here in Lake County.

    One of the arguments that have been used against us here in Lake County is
    the right to farm. I think that this is a very easy argument to make for
    cannabis/hemp. Here in California the legislature has repeatedly tried to
    make hemp a farm crop. These laws have passed the legislature and been
    vetoed by the governor only because of federal policies.

    I buy and eat hemp seed at nine dollars a pound that is stamped "USDA"
    approved. Very few crops in the world retail at nine dollars a pound let
    alone single seeds at $1-$50 each (look up Soma seeds, DNA seeds or some of
    Mr. Nice seeds). The right to farm laws original intent was to protect and
    allow Americans to grow and market their own food; we have allowed this food
    to be excluded. If we were to focus on just the dietary benefits of
    hemp/cannabis we might be able to draw in all the 'back to basic living'
    people. The mom-and-pop farmers no longer have a voice, all the Farm Bureaus
    have been taken over by agribusiness. Look at all the back to nature people
    and literature. You won't have far to look, in most cases you can look in
    the mirror.

    As Dan Rush has tried to indicate, we need to organize! I too came from the
    labor movement and it saddens me to see organized labor falling for the
    exact same thing that's going on here. The labor movement is not failing, it
    is fighting against itself. Union workers against nonunion workers; one
    union trying to take the work of another union; labor fighting against
    itself and not being unified on the basic issues that protect them all. It
    is exactly the same thing here! Dispensary folks against collectives; indoor
    growers against outdoor growers; little groups against big groups; cannabis
    against hemp; we are fighting against ourselves and we are excluding a lot
    of potential allies or fragmenting ourselves.

    If we really want to make this a national issue we have to give up
    exclusively owning this plant. We have to allow the Monsanto's in this world
    to grow thousands of acres of hemp. We have to be willing to allow dollar a
    gram bud. We have to allow Kmart to sell six-pack cannabis seedlings. We
    have to allow the full spectrum, not pick and choose like some smorgasbord.
    Only then will this movement takeoff worldwide! Both your and my bullshit
    meters (along with the rest of the world's) have become sensitive to hidden
    agendas. The people of the world are ready for leadership that tells the
    truth; we should stop the bullshit and simply do that!

    Well that's my rant thanks for reading. Nobull56


    William West <> May 30 07:08AM -0700  

    Today should tell you what they won't. If A.S.A. is for the gentile ban, my
    money is on Don Duncan's made another back-door deal and will be given a
    free ticket to keep his shops open. How? He isn't a grower/ user/ like prop
    215 and SB-420 allow for, To me A.S.A. is a cover for Teflon Don Duncan's
    drug cartel. Why are Teflon Don Duncan's shops never raided? Noriega use to
    have a similar deal.
    On Tue, May 29, 2012 at 10:53 AM, Patient Advocacy Network <

    *William W. West*
    *William W. West Productions*



    William West <> May 30 07:01AM -0700  

    A.S.A. has been and will continue to deceive, sideline, and blanket what
    they are really about. For 2 years we have shown and proven that A.S.A.=
    Teflon Don Duncan is only setting up *his own Pot Monopoly.* Look at what
    they haven't done to help anyone in this movement move forward, Thinning of
    The Herds/ Restrictive Permitting/ Stricter Guidelines. (*A*merican *S*heriff
    *A*ssociation). Everyone seems to find legal problems once associated with
    them, Take your heads out of the sand and question them, our enemy is among
    us, let their records show. What they say and what they do it totally
    different and not to help patients, but to control them.

    *William W. West*
    *William W. West Productions*


    Deedee Kirkwood <> May 30 10:45AM -0700  

    My cannabis themed stage play TOKE is opening May 31, running Thursday, Friday, Saturday 8 pm at the Ooley Theater, 2007 28th Street, Sacramento, through June 30. $10. Hope to see you there. Deedee Kirkwood


    Mickey Martin <> May 30 11:53AM -0700  

    Weed for the WIN!
    Posted by Mickey Martin on May 30th, 2012
    To continue my weed zeitgeist theory, I shift gears to the political impact we have seen lately from PRO-WEED candidates. Last night an unknown candidate for the House of Representatives, Beto O’Rourke, defeated an 8-term sitting Congressman, Silvestre Reyes, on a pro-legalization platform in El Paso, TX. Let us just say that El Paso, Texas is not the most liberal minded place in America for argument’s sake. But here is a young man who had the sack of nuts to call a spade a spade and confront the madness of our failed drug war in a very public race for the US House of Representatives. In years past, most would have told you being pro-cannabis is a suicide mission if you are running for public office, but not this year…and likely not in the years to come. Weed is in, and this is the second race in the past few weeks that has centered around cannabis reform issues, and where the weed supporting candidate came out on top.
    Earlier this month in Oregon retired Judge Ellen Rosenblum defeated an interim US Attorney, Dwight Holton, for the seat of Oregon Attorney General, and the major issue that drove her to victory was weed. Holton made the huge mistake of declaring his desire to continue the crackdown on medical marijuana and called the medical marijuana law a “trainwreck” (and not the sativa). His opponent, and the Drug Policy Alliance, seized upon the moment and made the campaign a referendum on this issue. DPA donated heavily to the pro-cannabis Rosenblum, who stated her desire to make marijuana enforcement a low priority. She ended up trouncing Holton, getting 64% to Holton’s 36% of votes.
    These are just two races where we have seen weed make an impact on victory. What is interesting is the different natures of these races, and the support that communities have had for this issue. In Texas, Beto O’Rourke’s platform was more based on the incredible violence that we have seen happening on the Mexican border, and the need to end cannabis prohibition to stop it. Here was his statement in a recent interview:
    The drug war is “a failure,” O’Rourke told HuffPost in April, adding that marijuana is “the cornerstone of the cartel economy” and thus fuels the violence in El Paso’s sister city.
    And even after his opponent tried to smear him for “encouraging drug use among children,” O’Rourke still withstood the false accusations and handed this loser his ass.
    In the Oregon race, the “low enforcement priority” was a big deal, especially when juxtaposed next to a candidate who, as a US Attorney, was actively participating in heavy handed enforcement tactics and creating a major stir in the cannabis community. Oregon is a much more liberal-minded area than El Paso, Texas. It was almost as if the Oregon race was framed in the pro-cannabis theory, whereas the El Paso race was more about anti-drug war and violence argument. Yet, both candidates used weed to help propel them to victory at the ballot box.
    Hopefully these races, and more like them, will begin to wake up candidates for public office that weed is no longer taboo. Maybe, just maybe, in the coming months and years, we will see more candidates with the balls to state they are pro-weed without the fear of being labeled soft on crime or as a child molester of sorts who wants to drug our nation’s youth. Those arguments are tired and have been used for decades to keep a stranglehold on any reform of our failed drug laws. The big business lobbying groups have used these threats effectively to subdue support for weed, but hopefully we are seeing those days come to an end.
    It is time we have an adult conversation and quit wasting billions of dollars enforcing made-up crimes involving safe, enjoyable, and helpful plants. We can no longer afford to base our politics and policies on this issues on a rash of fear aimed at scaring the bejeezus out of people by invoking fears of their kid using drugs. Here is a newsflash for parents out there…your kid will likely smoke weed at least once. The question they need to ask themselves is, “Do I want my kid to go to jail for weed?” No…you do not. Your baby will become a much worse person from prison than pot. That is just a fact. So quit voting for assholes who want to take our kids to jail. We live in a country where we have made it profitable to lock up poor people for weed. It is not okay any more. Not only can we not afford it, but it is just plain EVIL.
    What these races have shown is that pro-cannabis candidates can win. As cannabis users and providers WE MUST VOTE. If you are not registered, get registered. Not having jury duty is no reason to let our nation go to shit. Get registered and continue to let our voice be heard at the ballot box. We have the support of the public and we need to do our part to make sure that weed continues to be an important issue in selecting those who run our government.
    Mickey Martin
    T-Comp Consulting Director
    Author of Medical Marijuana 101
    ***The views expressed in this communication are not necessarily the views of T-Comp Consulting, Tainted Compassion, Cannabis Warrior any other group I am affiliated with.***


    William West <> May 30 06:35AM -0700  

    interesting to watch unfold, getting harder and harder to keep the truth
    On Mon, May 28, 2012 at 10:39 PM, Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur <

    *William W. West*
    *William W. West Productions*


    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <> May 29 08:15PM -0700  

    If you can donate pls do ! The motown performances are super! And
    supervisor Olaque is indeed a star for us….


    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <> May 29 06:53PM -0700  

    here is what I was fliping out about late last nite. Dege says
    whatever PLUM does will probably cause more law suites. She is funny
    she says thats basic inner skinny of last couple of years from this
    land use comittee…ligition.
    Greetings –
    PLUM is hearing the gentle ban today along with Huizar's motion for an all
    out ban. There will also be closed session to discuss ongoing litigation.
    I'm going to attend the hearing and will report more later.
    The agenda is attached for your information.
    Degé Coutee
    Executive & Program Director
    Patient Advocacy Network
    (323) 334-5282
    PAN is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization

    Shona Gochenaur
    Executive Director
    Axis of Love SF


May 30, 2012 – Digest for – 13 Messages in 8 Topics

    Terry Vail <> May 28 08:37PM -0700  

    If my town did not have a fire department .. or even if they did for that
    matter … i would volunteer proudly. I wouldn't need to be paid for the
    time to train either i would consider it my civic duty; i'll back you on
    that StarChild; and some other good points too.
    I'm glad we are all talking about who to support; but I believe the topic i
    introduced on this thread was how to make and keep the issue of medical
    marijuana as a major campaign issue and therefore on the forefront of
    america's mind; isn't there any support for this idea? It really doesn't
    matter who ultimately becomes president (unless its Ron Paul); because
    unless it becomes a matter of national debate; and real concern. The matter
    will be swept away after this fall, and the raids won't stop. Do you really
    think AB2312 will protect you; if so say hello to my friend Mickey Mouse,
    cuz you be living in DL.
    The movement needs this presidential election … not the president … to
    advance our cause; get national attention like 2008; We need to get Romney
    saying Obama is chickenshit for flipping on the issue … even though he
    believes all marijuana should be illegal forever and that it truly has no
    relevance as a medicine because there are prescription drugs that work more
    effectively … that's paraphrasing but all true; Romney said it.
    Our community needs the support of every average american … and we need
    national attention … just like same sex marriage … just like every
    other movement has done in the past; to include … Alcohol Prohibition.
    The people are already overwhelmingly on our side by 58-75 percent
    depending upon your poll; we just need to reach out and engage them. Its
    simple for a focused cause, like ours … we have some very talented people
    like Mickey and Dave and Chris and .. hell the list is endless when you
    look at all of the activist in this state. Dude … we should be kicking
    the president's ass with the talent we have on our side.


    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <> May 29 05:41AM -0700  

    agree with jeff here . Second term IF . Obama got caught with mic on
    telling a diplomat regarding forgein policy ? Much more abilty to make
    moves second term . We need to make polticans do anything! theyre
    quite content to wave and smile inside trade and get paid… We need
    to be ready with a plan to remove cannabis from CSA just in case for
    second term . Knowing that any civil rights battle is a chipping away
    process and focus on civil rights and science not so much"industry "
    my two cents and i am in it for the long haul .

    Shona Gochenaur
    Executive Director
    Axis of Love SF



    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <> May 28 06:23PM -0700  

    I AGREE! sf taskforce veterans comitte meets tomorrow . One pm rm 370
    city hall. Its a big one after the attack by ASA and industry folks on
    taskforce. I re watchd our dvd a moment to savor raymond gambly of
    divinty tree you can hear him lean over and tell ASA rep as a mdc
    permit that he suportd the vets comitte letter and what ASA was
    stating wasnt true . That club can afford to help veterans and happy
    to . WTF?

    Shona Gochenaur
    Executive Director
    Axis of Love SF



    Matthew Meyer <> May 29 08:23AM -0700  

    Thanks, Susan. Now that we've heard from Judge Gray, perhaps the OP on this
    point would like to provide a link?
    On Mon, May 28, 2012 at 2:05 PM, Susan Soares <

    Matthew Meyer
    PhD Candidate
    Anthropology Department
    University of Virginia


    Mickey Martin <> May 29 09:59AM -0700  

    The Summer of Buds
    Posted by Mickey Martin on May 29th, 2012
    In case you have not noticed, their is a zeitgeist happening with cannabis right now. It is a cultural phenomena that I believe is bigger than we can imagine and we must latch on to this destiny and ride the lightning to cannabis freedom. The universe is aligning for an incredible social undertaking , as ethical, intelectual, political, cultural, and spiritual forces are coming together in the call for an end to cannabis prohibition.
    Oddly enough, one of my first clues that this zeitgeist was happening was a Superbowl commercial by none other than Budweiser, that showed the celebration of the end of alcohol prohibition. This commercial shows a town of people in 1933 celebrating the end of alcohol prohibition. I remember watching it in real time during the game, and thinking “That is what it will be like soon for us weedheads.” I will be the guy running from place to place screaming “It’s OVER! Prohibition is over!” Here is that commercial:
    This commercial is of course about booze, and likely not meant to be a huge inspiration to cannabis enthusiasts like myself. But to me, I think it was a bold statement for our cause. It shows the absurdity of prohibition, and reminds our culture that we CELEBRATED the end of alcohol prohibition. We rejoiced, and still celebrate, the culture and community of those who enjoy booze. Even though booze is a huge killer, heavily abused, and likely responsible for more stupid human behavior than anything on the planet, we still cherish it and use it to get our good times on. For most, as shown in the commercial above, ending prohibition was the right thing to do.
    But this commercial is far from the cultural phenomena we see happening across the nation. It seems that cannabis legalization is THE hot button topic right now, with even the likes of the 700 Club’s Pat Robertson even publicly stating in March…
    “I really believe we should treat marijuana the way we treat beverage alcohol,” Robertson told the newspaper. “If people can go into a liquor store and buy a bottle of alcohol and drink it at home legally, then why do we say that the use of this other substance is somehow criminal?”
    Powerful stuff from a guy who said Hurricane Katrina was God’s punishment for America’s sin.
    I also believe that the Feds unwise decision to raid Oaksterdam on April 2nd helped propel the conversation about cannabis. As I watched the news unfold on the raids I was astonished that almos EVERY story ran on the subject was PRO-CANNABIS, usually questioning the Feds for their choice to waste time, energy, and resources on busting weedheads. The argument has shifted. The conversation being had is about the wisdom (or lack there of) of continuing to crackdown on cannabis. Here are some good clips from The Young Turks that I think show just how absurd the Feds policy on cannabis is right now and the conversation being had nationally about it:

    There is also the questioning of Obama point blank by Jimmy Kimmel at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner:
    Marijuana IS something real people care about. That is a powerful statement, and even though Kimmel’s statements were meant to be funny, they were very pointed and very direct in their approach. It was enlightening to see a man stand just feet away from the President and take him to task on cannabis. Obama laughed it off and tried to move on, but the conversation was far from over.
    The reality of cannabis in our society is becoming more prevalent than ever. More and more people are standing up and asking “What the fuck are we doing?” We continue to lock up an alarming amount of people in this country, many of them for weed. People are beginning to connect the dots and understand that the War on Drugs is a HUGE failure that has resulted in a bloated prison industrial complex, militarized police forces in our communities storming houses in our neighborhoods for plants, and billions in wasted resources with nothing to show for it. Weed is more ubiquitous then ever. After four decades of failed policies and a period that has seen us lock up 25% of the world’s prison population while only having 5% of the actual population, people are ready for a new direction in how our nation deals with drugs, especially the far less dangerous cannabis.
    Then came this week’s revelation of the CHOOM GANG. The Choom Gang is the name of President Barack Obama’s weed smoking buddies while he was in high school in Hawaii. A new biography entitles “Barack Obama: The Story” details his weedhead adventures, complete with tales about how Barry Obama would intercept the joint, and hot box the car taking “roof hits” off of the smoke gathered on the ceiling. The Choom Gang rolled in a VW bus, just like Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. After reading these details of Obama’s pot smoking days I was thinking to myself, “Obama was someone I would have likely hung out with if we went to school together.” Obama was a true to life WEEDHEAD. Not a guy who tried weed a couple of times, but a full blown WEEDHEAD.
    I think these public revelations about his pot use are likely eye-opening for many. How could such a weedhead rise to the office of the Presidency? It debunks the myth that potheads are lazy and never accomplish anything. Most would say, like him or not, that Obama has accomplished a lot. In fact, I would go as far as saying that his experiences as part of the Choom Gang gave him the ability to expand his mind and understand himself and the world a little better. I am absolutely sure that many of his experiences from this era of his life shaped who he is today.
    I almost compare it to a politician who has been outed as gay. It becomes very difficult for these people to continue their rhetoric in relation to gay rights, and they often will accept their sexuality and begin to advocate for the cause, rather than continue to march with the status quo. With the story breaking of Obama’s heavy weed use and his leadership role in the Choom Gang, it has become harder and harder for him to carry on the cannabis nightmare that is our nation’s drug laws. It is only a matter of time IMO.
    Add to all of this the recent Rasmussen polling (Rasmussen is a conservative organization) that shows 56% of Americans “favor legalizing marijuana and regulating it in the similar manner to the way alcohol and tobacco cigarettes are regulated today?” That is huge. That comes on the heels of the firstGallup tracking poll that shows 50% of Americans favor legalizing cannabis. So it is obvious that we are winning the battle for the hearts and minds of a nation and that the days of it being cool to oppose cannabis legalization are over. Those who continue to support these failed policies will be in the minority, and we must continue to expose them as out of touch with reality.
    So there is a general breakdown of just some of the zeitgeist I see happening with cannabis right now. I think our society is moving at leaps and bounds towards cannabis legalization and if we play our cards right we may see this happen long before any of us ever imagined. Which brings me to The Summer of Buds.
    Everyone remembers, or has heard of, The Summer of Love. Why? Because it was a social phenomena that happened in our country in 1967 that changed the political and social landscape drastically in favor of a more peaceful and understanding society that declared them self independent from the authoritarian order of America and rejected commercialism. What the “Love” movement did that summer was create an unmistakable public awareness that things did not have to be the way they were any longer, and it created a social zeitgeist that is still felt to this day. The hippie culture put itself of the map that summer and fueled the social resistance that helped end the Vietnam war years later. It was a powerful message of community and strength that lives on in the history of our nation. In fact, some might say that the Summer of Love was the beginning of Nixon’s diabolical War on Drugs. It was his hatred of this community, who opposed his efforts, that
    drove him to reject the Shaffer commission’s assertion that making cannabis use illegal would result in huge social costs for our nation and pass the Controlled Substances Act, outlawing cannabis in 1970. This was the beginning of the War on Drugs and the beginning of us locking up our own people at incredible rates.
    We currently have the opportunity to also tap in to the social phenomena happening and for 2012 to be The Summer of Buds. I strongly believe that if we can succeed in creating enough public awareness for weed this summer that we could experience REAL social change sooner than later. I do not believe we all need to converge on the Haight-Ashbury to make it happen, as the world has drastically changed since then. We live in a world where we can generate a great deal of awareness for our cause digitally, and where we can assemble all across this great land to declare this as THE SUMMER OF BUDS. We can come together as a community to make a powerful statement that we reject taking people to jail for weed, period. It is time for us to realize that this social change is happening and work hard to continue to grow the snowball.
    It is up to each and every one of us to go the extra mile this summer and make sure we are doing our part to tap into The Summer of Buds. It is up to us expand our horizons greatly by ensuring we are a vocal and visual presence at any and all major events and happenings. We can be a present force on-line, and in reality, with our understanding of the desperate need for change in cannabis policy. It is our duty to carry this message far and wide and ensure that our momentum continues to build. If we succeed in creating an unstoppable awareness we can succeed in forcing the hands of those authoritarian fucks that continue to lock up our friends, neighbors and family members for weed. WE have the power to demand an end to the most damaging war our country has ever been involved with…a war on its own citizens.
    The time is now, and The Summer of Buds is here. Let us make a commitment to ensure that our voices are heard loud and clear in every corner of this great land this summer. Organize a Summer of Buds event. Create Bud Children communities based in education and understanding of our culture. Form councils, approach media, and be kind to your fellow weedhead. Take care of one another and show the world that cannabis users are not criminals, and that cannabis is not evil or dangerous. The universe has set the wind at our back and it is up to us to open the sails and to head towards victory. We can do this. We CAN end cannabis prohibition through dedication and real commitment to the call to end cannabis prohibition.
    And when we succeed, I will be the guy running down the streeT screaming “IT’S OVER. CANNABIS PROHIBITION IS OVER!!!” I look forward to that day. Let’s make it happen.
    Mickey Martin
    T-Comp Consulting Director
    Author of Medical Marijuana 101
    ***The views expressed in this communication are not necessarily the views of T-Comp Consulting, Tainted Compassion, Cannabis Warrior any other group I am affiliated with.***


    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <> May 28 10:11PM -0700  

    hi.. Im reading blogs that are stating LA might vote on ban tmoro at
    their city council? Im also hearing what for gods sake I hope is
    misinformation?that ASA and Dons business alliance . Which wouldnt be
    affectd business wise becuase their in west hollywood? SUPPORTS A BAN?
    IN LA? ALL BANS ARE PUNATIVE TO PATIENTS! Someone tell me please that
    PROTECTING PATIENTS ACCESS? Speaking if this is accurate blogging
    about ban vote against any and every ban . PLEASE WAKE ME FROM THIS
    NIGHTMARE…tell me im crazy and misinformed? That we have ? Lobbyist
    and policy reform grps practiceing protective and restrictive zoning
    and bans is just my imageion. That im just jumping to conculsions ?
    Please lord make this info so wrong? Please …. Someone pinch me..

    Shona Gochenaur
    Executive Director
    Axis of Love SF


    "Patient Advocacy Network" <> May 29 10:53AM -0700  

    Greetings –
    LA City is discussing two sets of regulations today in committee. Agenda
    below. From what I've read ASA and GLACA are supporting the gentle ban,
    some deal with Councilmember Koretz….
    Will know more later today.
    Degé Coutee
    Executive & Program Director
    Patient Advocacy Network
    (323) 334-5282
    PAN is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization



    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <> May 28 10:39PM -0700  

    ok I was right the ban of LA mdcs is being heard tomorow . There are
    two proposal one by councilman Koretz which allows for very limited
    access . Another which is an all out ban . Nobody has respond if its
    true that ASA and Don duncans business alliance are rumored to be in
    support of ban . Again this is not factual its heresay which I would
    like to have an ASA offical say shona your full of crap weve organized
    300 patients, at least, to block any effort to shut down LA . Ill be
    up for another hour . Please call me or respond? All ive read today is
    don letter about getting ab2312 out of apprioations comittee .Which
    dan rush told us would happen anyway? At sf taskforce. Whose
    organizing to protect patients access in LA?? What does or would it
    say to DEA N DOJ if this meeting isnt packed with organized advocates?

    Shona Gochenaur
    Executive Director
    Axis of Love SF


    Terry Vail <> May 28 08:55PM -0700  

    Do you realize that AB2312 officially creates the Medical Marijuana
    "Enforcement" Board? There are at least 30 maybe 50 total other boards
    housed under the Department of Consumer Affairs; but although all of the
    boards deal with enforcement in some manner … NONE OF THEM HAVE
    ENFORCEMENT IN THEIR BOARD NAME; one of the more legitimate board's housed
    is the California Medical Board.
    So what gives … even when we have "legal" status we are still treated
    like criminals' … dude this board doesn't even exist with guidelines and
    rules; the board … which includes ONLY ONE MARIJUANA ADVOCATE set their
    own rules … and guidelines … WITH NO DEFINED OVERSIGHT.
    Who needs a MEDICAL MARIJUANA ENFORCEMENT BOARD … we've got the Supreme
    Court reviewing our issues:


May 29, 2012 – Digest for – 15 Messages in 6 Topics

    Chris Conrad <> May 27 05:25PM -0700  

    Judge Jim Gray DOES support personal cultivation. He was a proponent of
    Prop 19 that would have allowed adults to legally cultivate "personal"
    amounts of marijuana:
    Prop 19 excerpt (2010):
    "Section 11300: Personal Regulation and Controls
    (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of law it is lawful and shall not
    be a public offense under California law for any person 21 years of age or
    older to:
    (i) Personally possess, process, share, or transport not more than one
    ounce of cannabis, solely for that individual¹s personal consumption, and
    not for sale.
    (ii) Cultivate, on private property by the owner, lawful occupant, or
    other lawful resident or guest of the private property owner or lawful
    occupant, cannabis plants for personal consumption only Š
    (iii) Possess on the premises where grown the living and harvested plants
    and results of any harvest and processing of plants lawfully cultivated
    pursuant to section 11300(a)(ii), for personal consumption."
    "11304 (d) (iv) (c) in a criminal proceeding a person accused of violating
    a limitation in this Act shall have the right to an affirmative defense
    that the cannabis was reasonably related to his or her personal
    consumption." [Note: That includes giving it away to friends but not
    selling it to them.]
    Likewise RMLW, which Gray also co-sponsored, also allowed for personal
    cultivation and consumption. All you have to do is research the record.

    As to the Libertarian Party, what I like about them is that if elected Ron
    Paul and Judge Gray could use executive power to do the things I like
    (reschedule marijuana, stop invading other countries, issue clemency to
    non-violent prisoners of conscience, etc.) but the things I am more
    dubious about (ending social safety nets, banning abortion, etc.) would
    all require acts of congress or the courts.
    As for Obama, he sucks big time, but I am not capable of voting for
    something as evil and slimy as Mitt Romney.
    — Chris <>(phone#-removed)



    "Dr. David Bearman" <> May 27 04:02PM -0400  

    It seems to me that Henry Ford and Rudolph Diesel,both of whom arond an engine, favored plant based fuel. In the late 1030s
    Ford built a car that was largely made of hemp and ran on hemp.Here attached is Ford after hitting the hemp latex body with a sledge hammer and not leaving a dent. This stuff was 15 trime lighter than steel and a lot stronger.
    PS: Any so called drug policy reformer who doesn't make drug policy reform an issue in this campaign isn't a drug policy reformer!
    —- rose jeri <> wrote:


    Chris Conrad <> May 27 05:03PM -0700  

    You need to work on your pitch a little, Starchild;
    That's like saying it's okay to steal unlocked cars as long as you support
    the laws that make it illegal to steal cars. Or gay marriage is your
    right, as long as you vote against it. Or it's okay to work as an
    undercover narc and bust people, but only if you support legalization. I
    don't think that's were you were headed, but it kind of sounds like that.
    Maybe you can clarify your thinking for us.
    — Chris <>(phone#-removed)



    Dave Hodges <> May 28 05:35PM -0700  

    The link you wanted to post is this (yours did not work):

    I'm sure Chris has seen this video, but anyone who hasn't, it is a great
    Best Regards,
    Dave Hodges


    Mickey Martin <> May 27 05:56PM -0700  

    Unnecessary Memorials and PTSD
    Posted by Mickey Martin on May 27th, 2012
    I was up early today watching UP with Chris Hayes, and they had the mother of a veteran named Derrick Kirkland who had taken his own life after suffering from severe PTSD with little treatment from medical professionals. It was startling to hear this mother’s voice tell about her son leaving for war as one person, and coming back as another. The tale was gripping, and unfortunately all too common in this day and age. We are sending fragile young men into a confused war zone fighting battles with no real end in sight and asking them to perform inhuman acts of violence with little to no help for the mental anguish and suffering the situations pose. We are leaving our soldiers in the cold to deal with mental health issues, as the US Army fails to recognize, and furthermore, develop sound treatments and therapies for.
    It was very sad listening to this story because you just think of what must have been going through this poor kid’s mind, as he tried several times to commit suicide because he could no longer stand the circumstances of his life in the military, and what the war had done to his self-respect and personality. The kid brought back pictures of Iraqi men he had killed and was forced to take pictures of for record keeping.
    On top of suffering great mental anguish, the Army environment is also a dangerous toxin to these types of mental states. Reports state this soldier was repeatedly demeaned by his superiors and even chastised after his death. The military can be a harsh emasculated culture that can push a fragile mental state over the edge. We have heard numerous stories of soldiers in the theater of war snapping and mentally losing it, ending up in harm to themselves and others. It is unacceptable.
    I listened to this mother talk about how her son took up heavy drinking to try and numb himself from the mental issues that were plaguing him. This is commonplace in our society. We encourage people to use booze in excess, and the mentally fragile are often attracted to booze as a solution to their pain and suffering. But alcohol is often a catalyst for disaster in these situations. We have a huge population of veterans in this country who are currently homeless, often suffering from PTSD and substance abuse issues, just like Derrick Kirkland was.  Here are some facts from the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans:
    Who are homeless veterans?
    >In addition to the complex set of factors influencing all homelessness – extreme shortage of affordable housing, livable income and access to health care – a large number of displaced and at-risk veterans live with lingering effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and substance abuse, which are compounded by a lack of family and social support networks.
    >A top priority for homeless veterans is secure, safe, clean housing that offers a supportive environment free of drugs and alcohol.
    >Although “most homeless people are single, unaffiliated men… most housing money in existing federal homelessness programs, in contrast, is devoted to helping homeless families or homeless women with dependant children,” as is stated in the study “Is Homelessness a Housing Problem?” (Understanding Homelessness: New Policy and Research Perspectives, Fannie Mae Foundation, 1997).
    So what is clear is that we have a widespread issue of our veterans receiving substandard care and support after returning from war, or while in combat. We are failing our soldiers by not ensuring that they have the care and therapies they need to make a successful transition back to civilian life. Too many of these good men are falling between the cracks because our society fails to recognize the realities of PTSD and other mental afflictions associated with war.
    I know of this firsthand. My Uncle Joey returned from Vietnam in a fractured mental state. He spent the following years of his life in a shattered mental capacity that he tried to solve with heavy binge drinking. Often my family would have to pick him up from jail, sometimes in nothing more than a pair of boxer shorts and huge novelty sunglasses. Joey was a funny guy, but in the war he had schrapnel lodged in his head from an explosion and was never quite the same after that. This was long before there was ever a term PTSD, and where mental health considerations were often overlooked or dismissed. Joey drank himself to death, as have many good soldiers that our society have swept under the rug.
    Could some of these great lives be saved by cannabis? Likely. Many studies and reports show that cannabis is effective in helping soldiers deal with the mental anguish and frustrations associated with PTSD. Anger, anxiety, confusion, and pain are all major issues facing soldiers who suffer from PTSD. Cannabis is an effective and natural therapy that can help to alleviate these symptoms. Cannabis allows the brain to better process these issues and relieve some of the symptoms associated with PTSD.
    A story from the military publication Stars and Stripes tells of a former platoon sergeant named Jamie Raines, who found cannabis to be the ONLY treatment he found to be effective to treat his PTSD. Here are some excerpts from that piece:
    Jamey Raines tried marijuana once or twice in high school, but he said he had no interest in it after he joined the Army in 2000. He served in heavy combat in Iraq from 2003 to 2004 and rose through the ranks from private to platoon sergeant. Along the way he drank and smoked cigarettes like many infantrymen do, but he said he was “100 percent against” using any drug in any form.
    >Five years out of the military as of next month, however, Raines has changed his mind.
    >Using marijuana, he said, was the only way he could control his intense anger and anxiety as a result of post-traumatic stress disorder. The drug was a crutch, but a necessary one, he said, and it enabled him to go to college, earn his degree and land a decent job.
    From the same story a healthcare and mental illness expert had this to say:
    “This illness needs to be treated in a multidisciplinary way,” Dr. Sue Sisley, an assistant professor of psychiatry and internal medicine at Arizona, told The New York Times in a recent article. “Drugs like Zoloft and Paxil have proven entirely inadequate. And there’s anecdotal evidence from vets that cannabis can provide systematic relief.”
    >Sisley is part of a group of researchers hoping to get federal approval to study marijuana as a PTSD treatment.
    So a major question for me as a cannabis activist this Memorial Day weekend is, “How many soldiers are we memorializing that did not have to be? Are we losing more and more good human beings due to our Nation’s intolerance towards cannabis therapies based on lies and deceptions from big business lobbying groups? I mean, if there was a natural and safe treatment that could possibly save the lives of even one, if not thousands of soldiers suffering from PTSD why are we not researching this to it fullest extent? What gives?”
    Are we that fucked up as a nation that we will continue to turn the blind eye to the obvious and growing issues of PTSD and other mental illnesses that can be helped by smoking some weed? Are we driving large portions of our community to self-medicate with booze because cannabis remains a jail-able offense and is considered a criminal activity in our society? Why?
    Does anyone think this is a good idea? I would like to meet the person who thinks we should be promoting veterans suffering from mental issues to drink more booze instead of using pot because of some ideological and unfounded bullshit prohibition. We are better than this. As I listened to the mother of soldier Derrick Kirkland tell the story of how her son was found once with a shotgun in his mouth, and was still returned to the battlefield afterwards to serve his country, I must wonder….”Who is serving Derrick Kirkland and the tens of thousands of other good kids that we are throwing into the heat of battle with little to no direction and care for their mental state?”
    There was recently a story of a veteran who went on a killing spree in Afghanistan, killing 16 civilians including 9 children, and burning their bodies after invading their homes in the middle of the night. Reports are that the soldier was drinking and suffering mental anguish from the complexities of working thousands of miles away from his wife and three children. One has to wonder if this soldier were allowed to use cannabis as a therapeutic alternative instead of turning to the more socially acceptable, and far more dangerous, booze would those innocent civilians still be alive and would this soldier’s life not be ruined? Obviously we will never know. But this is just one clear example of thousands where soldiers who are suffering from mental illness are driven over the edge by booze and otherwise legal drugs. It is despicable.
    Our community can no longer afford to be ignorant about this. Innocent and good people are suffering unnecessarily because of our Nation’s failed policies on marijuana, and drugs in general. It is time we begin to have a real conversation about the dangers of denying soldiers a safer alternative that can possibly help them to limit the issues that come with PTSD. If we really care about humanity, and if we really support our soldiers, it is obvious that our government MUST stop inhibiting research into cannabis and its therapeutic possibilites where PTSD and other serious illnesses are involved. And the war on the drugs themselves often give PTSD to a great number of officers and victims, as well.
    The reality is that soldiers should be able to walk into a store and choose to buy some weed rather than a bottle of booze to help cope with their issues. Obviously more real mental health care is necessary for these folks, but the reality is that many choose to self-medicate, often with booze, because it is cheap and available. Booze agitates mental conditions and often makes them much, much worse. At least having the option of a safe and effective natural alternative would help to limit the issues we see from the dangerous combination of PTSD and booze.
    It is no longer okay to ignore the benefits of cannabis and its possible help to manage the symptoms of PTSD. Stand up and say NO MORE this Memorial Day.
    Mickey Martin
    T-Comp Consulting Director
    Author of Medical Marijuana 101
    ***The views expressed in this communication are not necessarily the views of T-Comp Consulting, Tainted Compassion, Cannabis Warrior any other group I am affiliated with.***


    Pebbles Trippet <> May 28 01:33PM -0700  

    It is a heartbreaking situation. They go to war to escape poverty and
    find something worse on the killing field.
    One of the many questionable protocols is that the 21 year age
    restriction for alcohol
    is relaxed on military bases, so alcohol is available at 18 for
    soldiers to numb the anguish —
    a surefire way to create massive numbers of alcoholic veterans,
    another major disease on top of their PTSD.
    Denying access to cannabis medicines to treat these problems is
    unconscionable and unconstitutional.


    Susan Soares <> May 28 02:05PM -0700  

    Would we be able to make a difference if we got all the marijuana votes behind these guys? Judge Gray was very quick to answer this question that we had last week.
    Begin forwarded message:


    Bruce Margolin <> May 27 06:23PM -0700  

    I am convinced that we activist must run for Political office and that is why I running for U S Congress. My occupation designation is Marijuana legalization attorney . Please give 10 minutes social net working and just $10 support
    Sent from my iPhone


    Michael Backes <> May 28 03:21AM  

    Actually only synthetic THC can be possessed with a prescription. Natural THC contains trace amounts of THC propyl analogs. This synthetic vs. natural thing comes up when a failed piss test is claimed to be the result of taking Marinol. All natural cannabis products will contain traces of a THCV metabolite, but the synthetic stuff doesn't. Our insane laws at work.
    Tragically, CBD (cannabidiol) is Schedule i, along with all cannabinoids and most analogs under Designer Drug provisions. CBD is not patented by the government, but its use as a neuroprotectant is patented by government.
    On May 27, 2012, at 8:48 AM, Dr. David Bearman wrote:



    CSPARC Sacramento <> May 28 08:36AM -0700  

    Hello there!
    We are very excited about the PARMCA2012
    <>campaign and can see the light at the end
    of the tunnel. Over the past
    couple of weeks we have hired on dozens of professional signature gatherers
    to get the job done. Signatures are coming in, but we still need many more.
    Can you help us make our campaign a success?
    We need more people on the streets gathering signatures. Whether you have
    the time, or maybe you know someone who could use a few bucks, let us know.
    We are paying $1 per signature and people putting in a full day of hard
    work can usually make between $100-200. Not bad money for standing at a
    Farmer's Market talking to folks. We have attached a sign for you to put up
    if you have a place to do so.
    The campaign also still needs funding. We have collected a great deal of
    the money needed to pay folks, but are still over $20k short. Can you pitch
    in some money to help get us to our goal? No donation is too small (or too
    large). Our goal is in reach and we just need the last push to get us
    there. Please donate now. We have attached our fundraising materials, or
    you can donate by pressing the donate button at or
    going directly here:
    This very exciting campaign to return patient access to Sac County. Here is
    a neat video done by one of our board members of the great Joy Cole talking
    about the importance of this commitment:
    Can you help us continue Joy and thousands of other patients' goal to
    return safe access to Sacramento County? Your commitment to this cause is
    SO important. Together we can make a real effort to use our collective
    power to make a real statement for patients and providers of cannabis
    medicines. We look forward to your commitment to this campaign, and are
    eternally grateful for all who have stepped up and made this a reality thus
    far. Please help us to keep going and get this done. It is SO important.
    We have about a month left, so time is of the essence. Help us get to work,
    to fund the project, and to complete the tasks necessary to live up to this
    commitment. Thanks.
    [image: Inline image 1] <>

    The Committee for Safe Patient Access to Regulated Cannabis
    Sacramento, CA and
    Find Us on FB Here<>
    Confidentiality Notice:
    This communication constitutes an electronic communication within the
    meaning of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. Section
    2510, and its disclosure is strictly limited to the recipient intended by
    the sender of this message. This transmission, and any attachments, may
    contain confidential information and work product. If you are not the
    intended recipient, any disclosure, copying, distribution or use of any of
    the information contained in or attached to this transmission is STRICTLY


    LANNYSWERDLOW <> May 27 07:59PM -0700  

    This Memorial Day when you are relaxing in your backyard or wherever you are, be sure and tune in for a very special broadcast/simulcast of Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense. Our featured guest is Libertarian vice-presidential candidate Judge James Gray. Judge Gray is well-known throughout California as the Libertarian candidate for the US Senate in 2010 and one of the chief sponsors of the Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Initiative.
    Teaming up with former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson running for the Presidential nomination is bringing Judge Gray to the attention of the nation. Respected jurist, author and composer, Judge Gray is committed to not just the legalization of marijuana but to the ending of our nation's disastrous War on Drugs.
    Our second guest is Russ Belville Outreach coordinator for NORML and the creator of the NORML Network which was originated to provide 24/7 streaming broadcast of marijuana news and entertainment. Hear the fascinating story of how the network came into being, what it did, why it just didn't quite work out and what will follow.
    Hear Judge Gray and Russ Belville this Monday, May 28 at 6 pm on our award winning radio show Marijuana Compassion & Common Sense broadcast in the Inland Empire at KCAA 1050AM and simulcast everywhere else at
    Get together with some friends, lounge with your significant other or just kick back on your own, light up a joint, take a puff on your vaporizer or nibble a medicated snack and network with the marijuana community this Monday and every Monday at 6 pm on Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense.


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    Matthew Meyer <> May 27 07:55AM -0700  

    As a side note, Harvard botanist Richard Evans Schultes, himself very far
    from an activist in any ordinary sense (despite being the world's authority
    on the science of hallucinogenic plants), used occasionally to defend
    students charged with cannabis offenses by testifying that there was
    another species (presumably C. indica), and that it could not be determined
    to which species the evidentiary material belonged.
    I think that loophole has been closed somehow.

    Matthew Meyer
    PhD Candidate
    Anthropology Department
    University of Virginia


    Matthew Meyer <> May 27 07:52AM -0700  

    Ace, this is from the Controlled Substances Act:
    " 16) The term ''marihuana'' means all parts of the plant Cannabis sativa
    L., whether growing or not; the seeds thereof; the resin extracted from any
    part of such plant; and every compound, manufacture, salt, derivative,
    mixture, or preparation of such plant, its seeds or resin. Such term does
    not include the mature stalks of such plant, fiber produced from such
    stalks, oil or cake made from the seeds of such plant, any other compound,
    manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of such mature
    stalks (except the resin extracted therefrom), fiber, oil, or cake, or the
    sterilized seed of such plant which is incapable of germination."

    Matthew Meyer
    PhD Candidate
    Anthropology Department
    University of Virginia



    "Dr. David Bearman" <> May 27 11:48AM -0400  

    THC (dranbinol) can be possessed with a prescription.
    CBD is patented by the federal government but I'M noit sure if it is schedule 1 or not.
    Not only is cannabis plant illegal but so too is hemp
    If you are a pharmaceutical company you can legally extract THC from the plant. If you are not a pharmaceutical company in most states it is illegal and it is illegal federally.
    cannabis is illegal duue to the 1971 Controlled Substances Act. Most conservatives believe that the CSA is unconstitutional because the 9th and 10th amendments reserve to the states the authority to regulate the practice of medicine. This was affirmed in a 1925 US Supreme Court Decision,Lindner vs. United States.
    The feds get there power to circumvent states rights under the fiction of regulating interstate commerce. The definition of interstate commerce was broadened in 1942 by the decision in Wickert v. Filburnpeace


    Susan Soares <> May 27 09:53AM -0700  

    I have a liberal 5 star Hollywood friend that wants Romney to win just to bring the Republicans down faster. OMG!
    Susan Soares
    On May 26, 2012, at 3:56 PM, Chris Conrad wrote:


    jeff j <> May 27 05:03AM -0700  

    Cannabis is a commercial crime against revenue laws the $ is what makes cannabis illegal
    On May 26, 2012, at 7:40 PM, Ace wrote:


    David Herrick <> May 27 12:15PM -0700  

    I feel that education is still the key in a lot of this, but STIGMA stills plays an important part. If we look at all of the attempts in the past sixteen years to LEGALIZE Cannabis (Marijuana), in even the States with existing Medicinal Use Law in place, the attempts have failed and even existing "Decriminalization Law" repealed as in Alaska.
    We grew up being told that even though there are fifty States with their own "Rights" to "Self-Govern," Federal Law "Supersedes" State Law. And that false notion has appeared to be imbedded in most peoples thought process. (I said MOST, not ALL).
    We involved in the "Acceptance of Cannabis Use," know only too well how for some reason the "Powers" that be, find the European Standards of Scientific Study, to be LACKING in some way. Funny, European medicine and science was brought to this Country by those who came to ESCAPE from their own persecution. Now in sixty-two remarkable years on this planet, I have heard all of the LIES, and the promises made, but broken none the less. And the attempts to justify through "FEAR," the need to kill our young, twice. (Yes, I am one of those "Vietnam Combat Veterans").
    I see Cannabis Acceptance the most logical, most rational cause to come down the "Pike," in some years.* Cannabis Use, Production, and Acceptance or more important Legitimacy!! (In my humble opinion:* preceded only by Ending the War in Vietnam, and the Civil Rights Movement before).
    Those on this list bring an array of valuable thought, and presence. But what we fail to look at is perception based upon FACT. You can not dispute FACT especially when there is "General Standard" being applied. We know this, we know the findings of Judge Francis Young, but does everyone who votes? We know the futility in "Outlawing" a "Glass of Water," we know the futility of prohibition. We also know that as long as the "Stigma" remains, we will continue to fight an uphill battle. So a hardy Thank You to all of those who have participated in educating and not preaching! For we really don't give ourselves enough credit, since it appears we are too busy attacking, and not spending much time on educating, disseminating, instilling and yes if you insist, empowering. (Sorry coining "You take a glass of water, make it against the law, see how good the water tastes when you can't have any at all").
    I have known Chris and Mikki a long time and although we do disagree at times, I know of no one I would rather have educate the "General Public,"(the misinformed about Cannabis and it's many uses), then Chris. His knowledge of the plant is of PhD caliber without a question. So on the specials that have aired on Nat. Geo., Discovery, etc. we have been able to give "Our" side of the argument, but is it enough?
    The Supreme Court of California will be making some "Interesting" if not "Radical" rulings since they must adhere to the Laws Constitutionality as well as it's Legal Standing. The States have the right to regulate the Health and Safety of it's residents, that is why there is a Health and Safety Code. Can we the State, create our own laws dealing with Health and Safety, Business and Professions, Welfare and Institutions, Penal, etc. Yes!! You know this and I know this, but does the public in general? No, I think they do not, And I fear that a "Former" user of Cannabis would be so adamant in his desire to do nothing about something to which he has first hand knowledge. (Mr. Obama). We speak of recreational use versus medicinal use, and I remind you that it was medicinal use which "Opened" the door to "Legitimacy." (A word I choose to use over Legalization, since the word legitimate makes one feel a warming sense, because of approval). Also "Legalization" never seems to work. I am not certain as to exactly what the consensus is when one hears "Legalization," but it obviously is not good considering it, (Legalization), has never flown.
    Are we (as some have claimed) nothing more than a bunch of dope dealers, looking for a legal way to sell their dope? According to some involved in this issue, we are!! I beg to differ. Not every one who got involved with this issue. were already "Dope Dealers." Quite the opposite in fact. Yes there were some who started off bringing their salesmanship to play, but I recall the days of Prop. 215, and how hard non-dealers, but recreational and medicinal users got together to educate, rally their support, and register people to vote. I remember the first "Unity" gathering where those from the South met their counterparts from the North for three days of disseminating information, and "Networking." Thank You Michelle, Dale G., Mary Pat and Monty, Jack, and all those who participated. For who with the worst voter turnout in the State and Nation, managed to pull off by 56% in the majority, a State Law, which allows for the use of Cannabis. Way to go the 300 or more Statewide who worked at getting this not only on the ballot but voted in.
    So we can't do this again? We can't forge ahead with definitive direction and understanding? I think we can, we did it before and I am certain with a little perseverance we can do it again. Yes has this flourished in to an "Industry?" Yes I am afraid so. But what did we expect? Seriously? If you look at basic supply and demand, you have to presume that at least 10% of the population of any city or town is eligible under current standards to use cannabis medicinally. Ok how do we supply that amount? the same way we have been supplying since the first "Mom and Pop" opened for business, grow, sell wholesale, and allow retail markets "Legitimacy" to operate. No I have nothing against capitalism, never have, and never will. I do have a problem with exploitation, and taking advantage, so do I condone transparancy? Yes!! Do I support regulation? Self Regulation based upon Standards, worked out and agreed upon by mutual representation. That is happening now on the local level, and needs to be bumped up to Statewide levels.
    Do I feel we need to out those whose intentions or practices are shady or illegitimate? Yes!! but only when there exists irrefutable evidence of Fact, not hearsay, or innuendo, and circumstantial is not a viable issue. Fact on such and such a day, you did knowingly do………!! Fact based upon physical evidence of wrong doing. And can we please call off the personal attacks? All this is good for, is absolutely nothing!! You evoke needless time consuming conversations that have nothing to do with advancing "Our" goal, and at times can become quite infantile. (I know of what I speak, for I have been guilty of the same thing in the past).
    I know that I am not a "Traitor, a Narc, or a Troll," and neither is Ms. Pepper, Ms. Lambert, or Mr. Martin. You have the right to voice your opinion, YOUR RIGHT!! but you still can not yell FIRE!! when there is none. So even your rights have limits. Having said this, it is a pleasure to see debate, commentary, and opinions of the newer members to our "Industry," but unfortunately it is sometimes a rehash of ideas that have already been presented and discussed. We need action and that only comes through the legislature and the courts. I expect the court to do it's job and defend existing law. I expect us to continue to utilize our talents, and bring Cannabis PROHIBITION to an end through legitimacy, and by disseminating only factual information, presenting our views based upon truth, and educating by throwing off the "Stigma" by starting off using the name it was given scientifically Cannabis and not the derogatory term Marijuana.
    We have been around longer than sixteen years, and we have the facts to support our claims, now lets use them. Force the Government, Federal and State to quit treating cannabis as criminal, and those who use it as criminals. I don't know about you, but I am tired of being treated like a third class citizen, when in fact the only crime I committed was related to cannabis and its use. And if that was in fact a CRIME, then needless to say, I am a happy criminal!!
    David Herrick
    —-Original Message—–
    Sent: May 26, 2012 3:56 PM
    That is one of the reasons why Prop 19 referred to marijuana more than cannabis, Matthew, so people couldn't say the campaign was hiding what it was 'really' trying to legalize. I also agree with Jeri about the pull of hemp as cutting across the most layers in society, by being an economic, environmental, non-drug issue. I think it typically polls in the high 70s of public support.
    As far as I can tell, only Obama and the DEA oppose it, and even Obama once voted to legalize hemp in Illinois as a state senator. Wonder how Barack will try to get around that vote — probably just say he's evolved to see that what we need are more strip mining, nuclear power, offshore oil drilling and fewer job-creating sustainable agricultural-based domestic industries. On the bright side, his total betrayal is saving me whatever money I had expected to donate to his campaign this year to spend trying to repair some of the harm he's done to Oakland and other communities.
    But I like Bill Maher, and Romney still scares me …
    — Chris <>(phone#-removed)
    On 5/25/12 1:08 PM, "Matthew Meyer" <> wrote:
    Rose, I am doubtful that it is possible for us to command the frame put on this issue. The medical experience has made it pretty clear that we must go straight through the notion of getting high to get where we want to be. In other words, you say it's really about the economy, and the public frame is still going to be "it's about getting high." You say those people "aren't helping at all," but in my mind they have the great advantage of being immune to the charge of an obfuscated agenda.
    On Fri, May 25, 2012 at 11:03 AM, rose jeri <> wrote:
    Terry, I think same sex marriage is not a national concern problem AND I think the gays have the perception of having more or less won that right. I am and have been all my life for equality for people who love others of the same sex, but even so, I can not see that problem as being on the level of the economy. AS long as marijuana remains a medical issue, it also will not be perceived as a national problem. Our real push must be to inform that legalizing hemp production is at the core of the economy and ecology because THEN it will be understood to be at the level of a national problem. That is what I keep screaming about because while all want hurting people to have their herbs to help them, as long as people do not know that hemp is big oil, rain forest paper, and no need to spray cloth stronger and more absorbent than cotton, as long as that ignorance persists, people do not know what has been stolen from them. That is the message that our community has the burden to get across. People like Bill Maher who want to get high, and medical people who grovel for compassion are not helping at all. They just piss me off even as I support their right to their stuff. Fuck em….
    On May 25, 2012, Terry Colorado <> wrote:
    Jeri … did you notice that same sex marriages wasn't even on the list? what did you think about that? Medical Marijuana didn't make it into the top 10; but we only had approximately a week to react; we didn't really have a chance to get the word out; only 33,000 people responded to the poll; and i did the poll twice in our favor … haha <wink>
    If anyone wants to see the poll's final results:
    On Sat, May 19, 2012 at 8:49 AM, rose jeri <> wrote:
    OK I voted and put marijuana first and in keeping with that concern energy and environment second, health third, economy, government reform,National debt,taxes, campaign finance, education,women's rights. The current winners with 20000 voting is economy first, health, national debt, education, taxes, help middle class, energy and environment, government reform, state of politics and national security. We did not make any part of the ten and people do not see that marijuana is at the crux of the economy and health problems so we have not done our job and as I keep saying, we have not broken through with the HEMP info as most people think marijuana is good for keeping food down with chemotherapy rather than that chemo is deadly and marijuana and other natural methods can keep us well and heal our disease.
    On May 18, 2012, Terry Colorado <> wrote:
    ANY LEGISLATION is bad legislation: truth is we need to shore up defenses; create and organize our own super Pac; and make a move in this years presidential election. BTW – Obama isn't getting the same support from Wall Street received in the 2008 run.
    Let's get Obama's and Mitt Romney's face with the this amazing fact .. %74 percent of Americans say OBAMA is chickens hit for the way he has handled medical marijuana; and frankly I don't know why this is not being discussed as an issue in the presidential election .. remember 2008 … it was a passing debate question. I may be wrong but I don't recall a debate issue from any candidates.
    Regardless; The time is NOW!! The issue needs to be debated and needs to become a significant issue between President Obama and Candidate Romney. We should do what we can to ensure it is debated. Please take this mission given to us by Anonymous: #OpCannabis
    Make marijuana legalization THE #1 issue on @CNN's online election poll –> #OpCannabis
    Our cause to rally should be a the need for clear and honest understanding of candidate's position on medical cannabis and state rights. Should we expect anything less then the same same attention same sex marriages have received? I say … Hell no! Let's make State Rights a major if not the central issue the candidate's must debate; check it folks we got approximately 5 months to get their heads out of their asses.
    I don't support bad legislation but that doesn't mean I don't support UNITY! Let's show the world what this community is capable of! Please help Anonymous, help us! Support #OpCannabis now!

    Sent: Thursday, May 17, 2012 6:46 PM
    If local governments remain in full control of zoning for dispensaries, it won't matter one fig that the AG guidelines get codified. The AG guidelines are focused on the sole issue of compliance with state criminal laws, with a token reference that cooperatives and collectives MAY be lawful. Wow.
    Since 2004, hundreds of California cities and counties have passed dispensary bans, most often using "urgency" legislation under Government Code 65858. (AB 2312 would force at least some cities and counties to loosen up.) The next wave of regulations coming down the pipeline will address where people can grow cannabis, both individually and collectively, and the early results don't look promising. Expect outdoor cultivation bans to spread like wildfire, and some fairly weird indoor cultivation rules to tag along.
    Leaving cannabis regulation in the hands of local governments ignores their miserable track record across most of California, as well as appellate court rulings that are finally showing us that SB 420 has some real teeth. Many of those rulings rely heavily on the AG guidelines, since by law they must be considered by the courts even if they don't have the force of law





    Starchild <> May 27 05:53AM -0700  

    Where are you getting the idea that Jim Gray does not want people to be able to grow their own marijuana? Just because he supported "Regulate Marijuana Like Wine" does not mean that he thinks people independently growing pot is bad, or that taxation and regulation are good. He's simply more of an incrementalist, as opposed to radicals like myself who make more of an effort to regularly emphasize the fact that it's your own damn body, money, garden, whatever, and you should be do what you want with it so long as it does not violate the rights of others.
    Yes, I'm totally serious. Roads, parks, and schools have all been independently run in many, many instances, and it works fine. Public restrooms aren't always operated by government either. Safeway at Church and Market for instance has public restrooms. Sometimes they try to restrict access to them, but sometimes governments try to restrict access to the restrooms they own and operate too. Do you think government officials had the Bay Bridge built out of the goodness of *their* hearts?
    And why do you assume that a major city would have to have just *one* volunteer fire department? San Francisco used to have multiple volunteer fire departments, before government got into the firefighting business and took over that area of life here. I like getting mail too, and I appreciate roads too (though I prefer the narrow streets of old European cities that arose organically over the typically wide government-planned thoroughfares of today).
    I want kids to have lots of affordable opportunities to learn things that interest them. Whether or not their learning choices involve them going to a "school" or not is of much less concern to me. Mark Twain wisely advised us not to let our schooling interfere with our education.
    As for abortion, I believe it is a topic on which people seeking to apply the libertarian Non-Aggression Principle may honestly reach different conclusions. My view is that human life meaningfully begins neither right at birth nor right at conception, but gradually develops between those two points (and even before/after those points), so I disagree with Ron Paul to the extent that I would like to see birth control and "morning after" pills and such widely and affordably available and encouraged, though I do believe late term abortions should face increasing penalties the further into a pregnancy they occur, with some leeway granted in cases involving the health of the mother or other extenuating circumstances (I like government for some purposes too, or at least am willing to tolerate it in some cases given present conditions). One should recall though that Dr. Paul spent a good part of his career delivering babies, so I am not surprised that this direct experience would tend to color his views of the subject.
    Love & Liberty,
    ((( starchild )))
    On May 24, 2012, at 10:27 PM, William West wrote:


    Starchild <> May 27 06:03AM -0700  

    Sure Jackie, and I'd be willing to bet that many self-styled anti-libertarians, or statists, wouldn't personally go around trying to control their friends' and neighbors' lives via the use of force, even though this is what they are advocating government do. I'll bet that many folks with statist views refuse to voluntarily send the government more money themselves even though they advocate higher taxes for people in their income bracket.
    I don't blame anyone for taking government benefits that are offered, so long as they politically oppose such benefits. Given the extent of government intervention in society, it would be very difficult to live without using *some* government service or benefit or other (or avoiding paying the direct and indirect costs associated with them, whether one receives the benefits or not).
    Love & Liberty,
    ((( starchild )))


    "Bob Swanson" <> May 27 09:56AM -0700  

    Progress is being made!

    The State Journal, Frankfort, Kentucky
    Sun May 27 2012
    They Die A Little Every Day
    Memorial Day, the day to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for
    the Liberty and continued existence of the Nation. We can not honor them
    enough or pay them enough for the gift of their lives to preserve our way of
    life. After WWII veterans who had survived their service were also included
    as deserving the respect and gratitude of the nation on this sacred day.
    While many Veterans have given their lives, many more live with wounds and
    disabilities that cause them lifelong pain and suffering. Their struggle
    goes on day after day and they bear it with dignity and without complaint.
    They deserve the best that our medical professionals can provide to make
    their lives as productive and their suffering as bearable as we can make it.
    The Veterans Administration is dedicated to doing this with all the tools it
    can muster. The VA does a remarkable job and is to be praised for it.
    The VA has even gone so far as to establish a policy regarding medical
    marijuana which relieves the patients from fear of losing their medical care
    if they test positive for medical marijuana in a VA urinalysis. Prior to
    this new policy, the VA would withhold medical care for patients testing
    positive, forcing them to choose between a medicine that works to relieve
    their suffering or VA medical care itself being withheld as some sort of
    punishment meted out only to medical marijuana users. Fortunately this
    unofficial policy has been ended and does not apply to Veteran medical
    marijuana users in States that have medical marijuana laws.
    This is some progress but it is not enough. It is time for the Veterans
    Administration to establish a program to provide medical marijuana to those
    Veterans who can benefit from what has proven to be an effective medicine
    for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and chronic neuropathic pain. These
    conditions are common among wounded warriors and are only two of the many
    conditions medical marijuana is effective in treating.
    Currently two of America's closest allies Israel and Canada provide medical
    marijuana to their Veterans who can benefit from it. Americas Veterans
    deserve no less than the best care we can offer them. The Veteran's
    Administration could very easily provide vouchers to Veteran medical
    marijuana patients in states that already have medical marijuana laws
    allowing the Veterans to get their medicine directly from Medical Marijuana
    Pharmacies. In states without medical marijuana laws the Government could
    include these Veterans with the patients that are left over from the old
    Compassionate Care Program killed by President H.W. Bush. These patients
    still receive their medical marijuana from the Governments marijuana farm in
    Mississippi on a monthly basis.
    Veterans who suffer daily from the pain of their injuries deserve nothing
    less than our full dedication to easing their suffering. Medical Marijuana
    has been fully vetted in 17 states and the District of Columbia. It's
    ability to positively affect medical outcomes for patients in a variety of
    illnesses is unquestioned. There is no logical, scientific or moral
    justification for not providing this medicine to those Veterans who can
    benefit from it.
    These Veterans have given all and those, although injured, who did not die
    from their service, suffer still and die a little every day. It is our duty
    and obligation to provide them with all the care and compassion we can
    muster. To do any less is to betray the very sacrifices they made.


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    David Malmo-Levine <> May 25 08:28PM -0700  

    You can look all week and not find it because it doesnt exist. Keep track
    of those on this list who cant back up what they say.
    On 2012-05-25 8:18 PM, "Matthew Meyer" <> wrote:
    David, thanks for asking that question. I'd like a link, too, because in a
    10-minute Google search I didn't find any source claiming Jim Gray opposes
    home grows.
    On Fri, May 25, 2012 at 2:17 PM, David Malmo-Levine <>
    > "With Judge…
    Matthew Meyer
    PhD Candidate
    Anthropology Department
    University of Virginia