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June 30, 2012 – Digest for – 3 Messages in 3 Topics


    "Bill McPike" <> Jun 28 10:42PM -0700  

    Today, I represented 2 tribal members in a revocation of gaming license
    Hearing. After about 4 hours, I was served with a "notice of debarment"
    By 3 security officers. I informed them I was in the middle of my 1st
    & couldn't leave. I was told I would be escorted off the premises. The
    Says: "Violation of this order is a criminal offense and will subject the
    To arrest." I contemplated arrest, but figured under their justice I would
    At a later hearing.

    Ironically, I was suspended from the premises for 30 days for the same
    I was defending my clients for. So much BS.

    As I left in a casino cart, w/security, got to my car, they took the license
    #, make,

    I've never heard of such conduct to, in my opinion, remove an attorney from
    client representation. Its not over yet. One of my clients suffered a panic
    & the hearing officers gave her 5 minutes to compose. She left w/paramedics.

    If anybody wants a copy of my debarment notice email me & I'll send you a

    Bill McPike