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    "Bill McPike" <> Jun 28 10:42PM -0700  

    Today, I represented 2 tribal members in a revocation of gaming license
    Hearing. After about 4 hours, I was served with a "notice of debarment"
    By 3 security officers. I informed them I was in the middle of my 1st
    & couldn't leave. I was told I would be escorted off the premises. The
    Says: "Violation of this order is a criminal offense and will subject the
    To arrest." I contemplated arrest, but figured under their justice I would
    At a later hearing.

    Ironically, I was suspended from the premises for 30 days for the same
    I was defending my clients for. So much BS.

    As I left in a casino cart, w/security, got to my car, they took the license
    #, make,

    I've never heard of such conduct to, in my opinion, remove an attorney from
    client representation. Its not over yet. One of my clients suffered a panic
    & the hearing officers gave her 5 minutes to compose. She left w/paramedics.

    If anybody wants a copy of my debarment notice email me & I'll send you a

    Bill McPike


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    Terry Colorado <> Jun 30 11:37AM -0700  

    Cool with me Mickey; i never had a beef with you.
    Alright so Batman is unmasked; i no longer care; AB2312 is dead. I won't
    apologize for anything I've said; i stand by every word; if i have
    personally offended anyone, i'll take that up with y'all on a case-to-to
    case bases.
    ALRIGHT: Let's do it; let's end prohibition.
    What i think we should do now … i think we need to join forces; and we
    need to heal; we also need to figure out who is leading the charge; and
    then we need to get back in battle on the national level. In the words of
    Areosmith; we need to come together, right now.
    The Unity conference was a good idea; but for the wrong reasons; AB2312 was
    a distraction from UNITY; that's dead now; but not the intent. I think we
    need a statewide Summer of Bud; vDebate; iParty. (Virtual Debate Internet
    You and Letitia should headline the event with the debate challenge. Open
    it up to multiple participants over a weekend event; multiple locations
    throughout the state and online; with you two headlining as the main event.
    The debates and discussions should be pro-cannabis even if opposing
    viewpoints are discussed.
    The asshole requesting; was removed from this post.
    Herald at Arms
    of the Cannabis Nation



    Terry Colorado <> Jun 30 11:51AM -0700  

    I'll intentionally leave it vague due to legal.
    Power Inn Wellness was a shake-down; I was scammed by a group of connected
    con artists, lead by a land use attorney here in Sacramento; that is buying
    and selling permits and zoned locations. I've re-gained control of my club
    but not after some tax hits etc and a few minor scrapes. Similar to what
    happened to Ms. A Speciale and her collectives … i believe.
    Under the control of this other organization, the club was "robbed" 3 times
    in as many weeks; controlling "partner" refused to hire the required
    security until i threatened to talk to the city to forcefully shut the club
    down after the 2nd robbery. The club was open for less then 3 months and
    robbed 3 times within 3 weeks. Strange coincidence?
    One of the robberies made the news last Oct but the reported address was
    wrong; the same (wrong) address was on the fed letter my
    landlord received last February. Strange coincidence?
    The entire relationship lasted less then 9 months; i sent my demand letter
    and threat to sue before month 6. These fuckers were unscrupulous. They
    left the club; hence me; with a significant tax liability.
    Herald at Arms
    of the Cannabis Nation




    "terry.colorado" <> Jun 30 12:43PM -0700  

    Call it cooperation if you like; i'm fine with that. If you want to "amass
    troops" all by yourself on "fuck ya'll" island; well i'm fine with that
    What i challenge anyone to do is come up with a meaningful strategy to end
    prohibition. I've heard a lot of talk about random shit; but no specific
    My strategy is simple; it involves no new regulation or taxes; and it
    involves discussion, awareness, and decriminalization at the national
    level, in all 50 states. I'm not ready to take my ball and go home yet;
    they are still putting people in jail for weed.
    Herald at Arms
    of the Cannabis Nation




    "terry.colorado" <> Jun 30 12:59PM -0700  

    I profess to have no idea; but i believe ending alcohol prohibition started
    by making alcohol legal to use as a medicine. Correct?
    Herald at Arms
    of the Cannabis Nation



    David Fiedler <> Jun 30 02:06PM -0700  

    I believe in our case the simplest method is to get cannabis rescheduled as
    Schedule 2. Then it can legally be prescribed, researched, and talked about
    in public by government officials as something other than "reefer madness".
    On Sat, Jun 30, 2012 at 12:59 PM, terry.colorado


    "Dr. David Bearman" <> Jun 30 06:07PM -0400  

    rescheduling, both at the state level which puts more pressure on the feds and at the federal level is a good strategy.
    David Bearman,M.D.




    "Bill McPike" <> Jun 29 10:22AM -0700  

    I represent a club that avoided audits, etc., pays no sales taxes – pays
    income taxes.

    There were meetings w/the BOE over this issue. They provide no sales, they
    Member Services.

    The culmination of all services (farming, clubhouse, etc.) equals the ($$$)
    value of the services.

    There is no such thing as a true MMJ donation. If there were, the donor
    could write off the
    Donation, basically getting the MMJ for free due to the tax deduction
    offset. Dispensaries
    Aren't legal charities for tax and other purposes.

    Bill McPike



    Mickey Martin <> Jun 29 10:28AM -0700  

    Why I laugh….
    Posted by Mickey Martin on June 29th, 2012
    Often I am confused by the world I live in, and the world of cannabis reform. Confusion can lead to frustration. Frustration can lead to anger. Anger can lead to hysterically laughing.
    There is no shortage of madmen and crazy people to distract one with their insane rhetoric and overblown hyperbole. The cast of characters runs deep. There is the “all or nothing- I will not accept anything but complete and total non-taxed legalization where Mexican kids can sell weed on the street corner in a box like any other fruit or vegetable.” Let us call them the “absolutists,” because you can absolutely go fuck yourself if your idea of an open and legal cannabis market is anything more than that of a tomato. Super. Thanks for playing. What do you want to name your unicorn when you catch it?
    Then there is the “every six-foot bong rip ever taken was a strict medical procedure” crowd. We can call them “the medicalists.” These folks swear that everyone who uses cannabis for anything ever is a medical patient seeking treatment, regardless of if the actual person believes they are a patient in need of medicine. You are fucking sick and in need of treatment, regardless of what the fuck you think. Your fat as blunt is a medical device and that is that. We are all patients. There is nothing to see here. Move a long. The problem is that they are not moving along, now are they? Your “all use is medical” is everybody else’s “damn, there is a lot of abuse in medical marijuana.” This results in most mainstream doctors and medical professionals looking at the industry as a joke and having zero interest in supporting the true patient in need of safe and clean medicine. Way to go. How is that working out?
    Add to the mix of characters the “Sky is falling” crew, and you can see how this all becomes very funny. Let’s call these folks the “surrenderists.” Here is a group of folks who honestly believe that we will win the battle by conceding ground. Folks who have lost touch with their reality in favor of their desire to hold their current position. We see people looking to negotiate away our freedoms in hopes of stopping the bleeding. We have been bleeding for a long, long time. Yet we are still making progress. Why now do we want to promote the idea that our opposition is right, that cannabis is dangerous, and that only very limited people should be able to use, grow and distribute it because it is so dangerous? Weed is safe, helpful, and enjoyable. We should embrace that, and quit acting like we have done something wrong. Big deal. People stretch the medical truth to avoid prison for plants, every once in a while. So? Why would we concede that
    things are out of control? The truth is that prohibition is the cause of the underlying issue. If people really were concerned with patients having MORE ACCESS and BETTER PRICES on weed, then adult use is the only answer. The “let’s try to salvage what we have through negotiating with terrorists” bullshit is futile.
    Mixed into these extremes are truly good people just searching for answers. People desire the truth and want to feel like they are fighting for something they believe in. People want to be a part of a real movement where the conversation is not driven by underlying motives and personal vendetta. We all have our fucking problems. We all can be wrong on occasion. We also can be right. Each and every cannabis activist has a right to their own views and vision of where cannabis should be in our society. That is healthy, and that is where we grow as a movement.
    But I laugh because we live in a world where the bizarre and unhinged often take up a lot of the focus. We live in strange times.
    I have no choice but to laugh. Otherwise I might blow a gasket and become very unhinged myself. I have to look for the humor in our current situation, amongst the fractured landscape that is cannabis reform these days. Will we ever be able to find valid middle-ground in which to continue to build upon? Maybe. It is not possible in the current environment of noise and victory laps.  We are better than where we are currently at as a group. There are a lot of good people who are simply exhausted by the constant battle. It can be tiring and overwhelming for sure. But at the end of the day, if we can begin to identify more clearly a true path to cannabis freedom, then it will all be worth it. If the whole thing continues to travel down the path of complacency. apathy, and misunderstanding and blows up in our face, chances are I will still be here laughing.
    Mickey Martin
    T-Comp Consulting Director
    Author of Medical Marijuana 101
    ***The views expressed in this communication are not necessarily the views of T-Comp Consulting, Tainted Compassion, Cannabis Warrior any other group I am affiliated with.***



    Terry Colorado <> Jun 29 12:32AM -0700  

    Letitia is right; we don't have to accept the tax; on the other hand the
    tax subject has received a lot of attention while ASA and NORML are
    plotting their next diabolical move; can we stow the debate on this item
    for a while; and work on what we are gonna do next? AB2312 is dead;
    squashed. Next.
    What about a serious national awareness campaign; Get the debate going in
    the presidential election … what can we do?
    Also what can we do absent any good legislation to make things tougher for
    the feds? Getting public opinion is key; i believe.
    Herald at Arms
    of the Cannabis Nation


  Jun 29 09:11PM -0400  

    Now with Obamacare, we HAVE to be cognizant of who the real players are in
    the grand scheme. Any medical usage legislation must address what Bill
    Moyers reports here and I believe will ultimately impact ALL users. Therefore,
    I believe that for me, the best use of my time and efforts must be focused
    on the primary goal – CANNABIS PROHIBITION REPEAL.
    Please view this very enlightening clip…






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    Terry Colorado <> Jun 29 09:27PM -0700  

    Great work Mickey; you got me? I got you bro; while exposing me … you
    exposed yourself. At first, mother fucker you were my hero … and i would
    have bought your bitch ass tickets; but you let me down brother. Now what?
    Once major exception; do not lump me in with that sorryass organization
    that ran power inn wellness. I'm true blue Sacsterdam Collective inc, a
    non-profit; mutual benefit corporation; bro. i've got the paperwork to
    prove it.
    You can catch my page at
    Herald at Arms
    of the Cannabis Nation






    jeff j <> Jun 28 10:06PM -0700  

    Cannabis and Man kind have had a symbiotic relation since creation! It always has been medicine even if you think it is just social…. The Government is about control and they protect and serve the fictional commercial money system. cannabis and all war is a war on nature and to impose synthetics … Obama care is not about health care it is about controlling the U.S. #1 resource the people that are the Equity of the Government machine… Cannabis is considered a commercial crime against revenue laws and the DEA was created under the Department of the treasury go figure … People are totally clueless what is going on and all the arguing is not fixing the real crux of the issue… we the people have to take control of the Republic again.Voting in the fictional Democracy know as The UNITED STATES is nothing more then voting for your favorite corporation that does not represent you. The republic died at the civil war and the ending of the gold standard was the final nail in the coffin….the 14th amendment and then the New deal implemented a legal fiction society and the people are considered its product this has nothing to do with the real republic aka we the people … the Democracy is the matrix that has us all blind to the true nature of existence.
    On Jun 28, 2012, at 8:03 PM, David Malmo-Levine wrote:


    "andrew garret" <> Jun 29 08:07PM -0700  

    Not that anyone really cares, but I just found out that "Dollar Tree" is
    selling MARIHUANA Home Drug Test's for only a dollar. . . . something
    call EasyScreen, and they claim that is is 97% accuracy.
    What won't they think of next.
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    Terry Colorado <> Jun 29 07:14PM -0700  

    Yeah … BUT … the initiative you are working on Mickey only allows a
    limited number of dispensaries isn't that correct; 25 instead of the 80+
    that used to distribute? Restrictive permitting.
    Herald at Arms
    of the Cannabis Nation

    On Fri, Jun 29, 2012 at 6:48 AM, Mickey Martin


    Mickey Martin <> Jun 29 08:05PM -0700  

    Actually dumbass, it allows for one for every 25,000 people. It also
    increases the number from zero, which it is now, to over 20….and it lifts
    the ban on patient and collective cultivation. It also allows for the BoS
    to allow for more. You have zero idea of what you speak, and the definition
    of "permitting" in itself implies restrictions.
    Still haven't found your real name yet, eh coward?
    >> intended recipient, any disclosure, copying, distribution or use of any of
    >> the information contained in or attached to this transmission is STRICTLY

    Mickey Martin
    T-Comp Director
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    2510, and its disclosure is strictly limited to the recipient intended by
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    "" <> Jun 28 10:11PM -0700  

    The transaction is not taxed. The income earned from it is. That is
    incorporated into the price…
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    —–Original message—–
    Sent: Fri, Jun 29, 2012 04:58:20 GMT+00:00

    Shit that is sold on the "wholesale" level is not taxed.

    Bill McPike

    Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2012 6:57 AM

    Cannabis is not food. It is also not a prescription drug. If a person is
    "growing crops" then they are not taxed, until the crop is SOLD. Shit that
    is sold is taxed. End of story.

    You say "WE are supposed to be the government." Well then WE have our head
    up our asses. But the reality is that "WE" are about 10-13% of the society
    we live in. WE are outnumbered by a long shot. So it doesn't matter what
    utopian unicorn philosophy WE come up with because WE do not have the
    numbers to back it up.

    This is a stupid argument….weed will be legal and it will be taxed and
    people will eventually quit going to jail for weed… with it.

    Mickey Martin
    T-Comp Consulting Director
    Author of Medical Marijuana 101
    ***The views expressed in this communication are not necessarily the views
    of T-Comp Consulting, Tainted Compassion, Cannabis Warrior any other group I
    am affiliated with.***




    Pebbles Trippet <> Jun 29 08:01AM -0700  

    In People v Mower, the Supremes ruled that marijuana is "no more
    illegal than" prescription drugs and should be treated the same.
    Mower's conviction was voided.
    The Mower court did not say marijuana should not be taxed; taxation
    was not at issue.
    But there is that implication.
    Since prescription medicine is not taxed in this country, except in
    if Ca decides to regulate and tax as a matter of law, it could be used
    as precedent to apply a new tax
    to other medicines based on equal protection, introducing another
    layer of hostility toward medical cannabis.
    Taxation on full legalization, but not medicine, avoids that issue…
    Home gardens not being subject to regulation avoids another level of


    Tom Davenport <> Jun 29 03:00PM -0700  

    Mickey, all that fast food must be hardening the arteries in yer head
    if you believe raw, herbal cannabis is not food 😉
    Fresh (undried) RAW cannabis is a whole 'nother ball game from
    cooked. Water leaves, or other leaves, can be incorporated into
    salads and benefit w/out buzz. Anyone experiencing the inevitable
    aches and pains of an aging body will benefit from this.
    Even immature bud, uncooked, seems to produce little, if any, buzz.
    Use an oil containing dressing – helps our humanoid digestion digest
    the cellulose.
    Both fresh leaf and immature bud work well juiced into smoothies with
    Wheat Grass and Purslane – making it taste tolerable is the main
    challenge. You can find out about wheat grass juices' nutritional
    benefits pretty easy. Purslane is less well known in this context.
    It's very high in C complex vitamins and, in combination w. wheat
    grass juice and fresh cannabis, will make your body feel a whole lot
    better than it did before drinking it.
    While it is highly possible to make these smoothies actually taste
    good, rather than just endurable, it takes additional inputs of
    apples, other fruits/berries and banana (for sweetness/body) to do
    it. Assembling the ingredients in the 'right' sequence also
    influences how well the recipe works. Acerola C powder and Modified
    Citrus Pectin are also good in the smoothies, but have to be added at
    the right stage sequentially to get them to mix well. Don't overlook
    Chocolate – in addition to its well known delights, it also has the
    ability to help disguise disagreeable flavors. Most commercial
    chocolate is loaded w. added sugar and other unhealthy crap, so
    caveat emptor on that. Carob powder would be worth experimenting
    with but I've not done it.
    It was an accidental discovery finding out that ingesting dried trim
    shake will give you a bit of buzz if it's been sitting around a while
    – I put some in a (winter) smoothie and was shocked that I got a mild
    buzz. Apparently CBD converts to THC even at mild room temps after
    sitting around a while.
    Most outdoor growers I know munch on leaves while working in the
    garden. You get used to the flavor, which is spicy; not any spicier
    than Roquette/Arugula in a salad. Of course, I'm referring to
    organic herb here.
    We're not into poisoning ourselves, others and the environment like
    the ChemDawg growers, both indoors and out, who would need a brain
    transplant if ill informed enough to eat, vaporize or smoke anything
    that's been sprayed w. Avid or any of a host of other toxic chemicals
    that flakey growers use.
    On Jun 29, 2012, at 12:44 AM, Terry Colorado wrote:




    Mickey Martin <> Jun 29 06:48AM -0700  

    The fundraising pitch…"We are not like the rest of them. Give us your
    money. I am just a poor attorney looking to donate hundreds of thousands of
    dollars of legal help to patients in need….but hoping one day to collect
    private attorneys fees from patients and providers…."
    For the record, we are finishing up an effort to qualify a ballot
    initiative in Sacramento County that *lifts a ban on a patient's right to
    cultivate*, as well as *expands access in Sacramento County*. "Crusader for
    Patients Rights" director Lanette Davies owns a dispensary in Sacramento.
    They have to date provided ZERO resources in the way of funding or manpower
    to this effort. So DO NOT BELIEVE THE HYPE. If they were really "crusading
    for patients rights" supporting an effort to lift a ban on every patients'
    right to cultivate would be a no brainer. No such luck, no such support.
    As for picketing when a person's club is taken…..I do not recall anyone
    asking for support on this effort. I do recall you shutting down in Novato,
    correct? From a landlord letter, correct? Did you guys organize a response
    that did not get responded too? I do not recall hearing about it, but would
    be happy to organize one with you any time and work on a response.
    Be Well…Mickey
    > Dan Rush said:
    > Mickey is right. You want a no-taxed prescription environment… welcome
    > to

    Mickey Martin
    T-Comp Director
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    David Fiedler <> Jun 29 02:34PM -0700  

    > arthritis who get fast pain relief by just using alcohol in which cannabis
    > leaves have been soaked — an old Mexican remedy that works, and is CHEAP
    > and doesn't hurt your liver or kidneys.
    Just as an aside to the bitter wrangling here, that there remedy is
    actually the origin of the slang term "pot" according to something that's
    been floating around the interwebz: "Pot comes from the Spanish word
    Potiguaya, which means Marijuana Leaves. It’s a Mexican-Spanish word that
    is a contraction of potación de guaya, which referred to an alcoholic drink
    made of marijuana leaves soaked in Brandy or Wine. The name became popular
    in the United States in the late 1930s."


    Letitia Pepper <> Jun 29 12:52PM -0700  

    (1)  I never said I was filing a CEQA lawsuit against Sacramento County, so don't hold your breath, and
    (2) Lanette Davies said "We don't want an unruly group opening up all across the city; we want
    safe access for patients. When they open, we want to know
    they're doing the right thing. One bad apple can make the whole group
    look bad."
         Saying you want reasonable regulations for safe access is NOT the same as saying you want to limit the NUMBER of dispensaries.



    CSPARC Sacramento <> Jun 29 01:14PM -0700  

    Unfortunately it looks like we will likely come up short for making the
    November Ballot. That is the bad news. We needed 42,300 signatures and we
    came up with about 25,000 and still counting, so far. The reality is that
    we never had enough money and the money we did have was too little too
    late. It has been a rough time for fundraising and the eight statewide
    petitions that we were competing with were overwhelming. We needed to have
    our signatures in by Monday at the latest to ensure we made the cutoff for
    the November ballot. We missed that goal.
    THE GOOD NEWS…We still have until July 23rd to get the signatures we need
    to make a future ballot. It would take a bold and unified effort from the
    activist community to make it happen. Believe we have not given up by any
    means; but WE NEED HELP. LIKE NOW!
    We need at least another 40-50,000 signatures to qualify this. It sounds
    like a lot. The reality is that it is; but it is FAR FROM IMPOSSIBLE. I am
    not sure if there is any renewed sense of urgency in the patient and
    activist community in CA and in Sacramento, but if you ever wanted to step
    up and do your part to make cannabis more accessible for patients and help
    us lift the ban on patient and collective cultivation in Sac County, YOU
    If 100 Activist and Supporters committed to gathering 500 signatures each
    over the next 3 weeks, we could pull this off. I can commit to my 500 right
    now. If any other activists want to step up to the plate to help us pull
    this thing off call(phone#-removed); or email We will
    get you all set up. We still have our offices open and Kimberly will still
    be working until we are finished.
    We unfortunately cannot afford to pay signature gatherers any longer, as
    our funding commitments decided to restock the war-chest for another run at
    this initiative in the near future; but we do have a lot of good incentives
    for activists and volunteers who want to help us keep going.
    It continues to be a great campaign. We have seen and learned a lot about
    the community and have been very grateful from the response we
    have received by most all. It has been refreshing to be a part of. Much of
    the patient and activist community has come together to find a more unified
    voice. It is inspiring. We understand the magnitude of the project we have
    taken on and hope we can finish it off with a great last push from the
    dedicated Sacramento patient community,
    THIS TO HAPPEN. That is the bottom line. We are well on our way, but we
    will need some hard work and dedication over the next weeks to qualify the
    Patients Access to Regulated Medical Cannabis Act for a future ballot. A
    miracle is not likely to happen; but a SOLID EFFORT from a passionate and
    unified community could still get us to our ultimate goal of patient access
    to personal choice cannabis medicines.

    The Committee for Safe Patient Access to Regulated Cannabis
    Sacramento, CA and
    Find Us on FB Here<>
    Confidentiality Notice:
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    meaning of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. Section
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    Mickey Martin <> Jun 29 10:49AM -0700  

    Chess with pigeons…..Lanette Davies has ALWAYS supported limiting who can

    For many years, roughly five dispensaries operated in the city of
    > safe access for patients," Davies said. "When they open, we want to know
    > they're doing the right thing. One bad apple can make the whole group look
    > bad."
    She use ASA as a platform to try and edge out the other dispensaries there.
    Let us not try to change history on the CnnaCare legacy now.
    And this in support of the ordinance:

    Lanette Davies, co-director of Canna Care dispensary, called the agreement
    > community than anyone ever has,” she said. “They set this up to look after
    > the safety of the communities and also took the time to make sure the
    > dispensaries are safe.”
    BTW, all of Sac County is waiting for you to file that lawsuit then. You
    should really get to know the groups you promote, though.
    Your hyperbole just does not hold water. Sorry.
    On Fri, Jun 29, 2012 at 10:23 AM, Letitia Pepper <>wrote:
    > intended recipient, any disclosure, copying, distribution or use of any of
    > the information contained in or attached to this transmission is STRICTLY

    Mickey Martin
    T-Comp Director
    Confidentiality Notice:
    This communication constitutes an electronic communication within the
    meaning of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. Section
    2510, and its disclosure is strictly limited to the recipient intended by
    the sender of this message. This transmission, and any attachments, may
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    intended recipient, any disclosure, copying, distribution or use of any of
    the information contained in or attached to this transmission is STRICTLY


    David Malmo-Levine <> Jun 28 10:25PM -0700  

    I agree that med pot distributors should not be making millions. But I
    think doctors and lawyers should also not make millions for the same reason
    – nobody's "services" are worth that much. The people most loudly calling
    for limits on profits in the pot industry stop at the pot industry and
    never ever discuss the industry they belong to – for obvious reasons.
    On 2012-06-28 9:55 PM, <> wrote:
    it is way more than a decent living when collective "owners" personally
    share with me some millions of $$ they are working on laundering. So,
    plenty of collective owners are making way, way more than a fair wage.
    But this issue aside, the collective model was never to be pounds in and
    pounds out. The growers are to be a part of the collective and provide
    their services and expenses to the collective. The current model in the
    stores is no where close to "compassionate". Flowers are being purchased
    for $1800 and resold in the collectives for nearly $7k/pound when you see
    the $75 eights and even more.
    I would love people to begin sharing any collectives who are following this
    model. The collective needs to be growing all their own flowers or have
    members of their collective that grow under a legal Designation Letter from
    the management of the collective. Ideally, all the growers' flowers would
    be distributed inside the collective.
    It is huge cash profits and deviance from the intention of the collective
    model that has led to the downfall of so many stores. The physicians have
    cooperated by making a mockery of the "Recommendation Letter".
    I wish I felt better about what has happened, but I just don't see a bright
    future for the current model.
    Allan I Frankel, MD
    > Date: Thu, June 28, 2012 8:52 am
    > To: savecannabis@a2…
    > "The right to make a living is what legalization is all about" FYI,
    people are allowed to make a …
    >> From: David Malmo-Levine <>
    >> Subject: [Save Cannabis] Those who argu…
    >> Shame on you "activists" that would deny the pioneers of the cannabis
    movement a decent living. Y…

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    David Malmo-Levine <> Jun 28 08:33PM -0700  

    > "I disagree, first of all Dennis was doing what everyone else wanted to
    > do. No one is saying that making money is bad."
    Oh yes … yes they are saying that exact thing.
    I can't find the exact quote … but I will point it out to you the next
    time it happens.
    > "What we are saying is for one to Capitalize the entire market is
    > wrong,…"
    Yes. I'm saying that too. There are only two initiatives that prevent that
    from happening – the Herer initiative and the wine model initiative. Prop
    19 and AB2312 would have intrenched the discriminatory licensing practices
    that limit the number of retail outlets in places like LA and Oakland.
    "Repeal" would do nothing to stop it from happening post repeal. People are
    deluded to think otherwise … self-deluded.
    > I say the man deserves a "Metal of Honor" for having more balls that most
    > to do this knowing what might of happen to him. Would you of had the balls
    > to?"
    I've done it numerous times. I'm really the only person on this list who

    I'm doing it again this Sunday with "Cannabis Day" – the only
    not-under-attack cannabis farmer's market on planet earth, and the only
    other one aside from Christiania that doesn't involve doctor's permission
    to attend:

    > "Not everyone has a "silver spoon", some of us have to do with what we
    > have or have to make it happen."
    I did what I did with zero financing. I'm just waiting for the rest of the
    world to grow a pair and do what I did. Cannabis Day should be everywhere
    … there should be pot dealers at every 420 event … but there isn't,
    it's only found in Vancouver and Christiania … because the rest of you
    are suffering from a lack of intestinal fortitude.



    Fred Gardner <> Jun 28 08:09PM -0700  

    thanks for the update. What happens next?
    On Jun 28, 2012, at 7:44 AM, Michael Levinsohn wrote:


    David Malmo-Levine <> Jun 28 08:03PM -0700  

    "4. Can you imagine Sativex landing in the US and someone holds up a rice
    krispy treat in one hand and a bottle of Sativex in the other;??? we will
    all look like morons."
    "According to Bayer Canada, the cost of Sativex per vial is $124.95 (base
    price). Each vial contains approximately 51 sprays. The average dose per
    day is five sprays at an average cost of $12.25 per day."
    It says here you can get 8-15 doses for $20 dollars from their jumbo fudge
    If price is a factor in the mind of a consumer, which I assume it is, then
    the fudge bar still looks good at around two dollars per dose when compared
    with Sativex, which is 12 dollars per dose. The maker of the fudge bar does
    not have to pay for the salaries of dozens of Bayer and GW executives, so
    it will always be cheaper.
    Furthermore, high-CBD strains are everywhere. In fact, CBD is super-cheap
    to produce, given that it's found in all industrial hemp:
    "Cannabis Sativa (Hemp/Industrial Hemp) is high in CBD and low in THC."
    It's only a matter of time before the high-CBD fudge bar is available.
    You should probably read the article that Dr. Grinspoon and I wrote on this
    subject before you start calling those who consider herbal cannabis
    superior to Sativex "morons" – Dr. Grinspoon has spent a lot more time
    thinking about this than you have, and he's certainly not a moron – he
    teaches medicine at Harvard:
    Patented Pot vs. the Herbal Gold Standard
    How patented marijuana strains and medicines may threaten the
    re-legalization movement, curb information sharing, set up a monopoly for
    certain breeders and medicine producers and limit users to a more expensive
    and inferior product. Their economic value to the pharmaceutical houses
    which produce them will be directly proportional to the severity of the
    prohibition against the use of cannabis.
    By Lester Grinspoon and David Malmo-Levine





    "Bill McPike" <> Jun 28 09:56AM -0700  

    Thank you.

    Its winning one case at a time. Madera should now leave patients alone with
    8 oz or less.


    Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2012 12:42 PM

    Great job Bill Mcpike
    We have have been watching you for a while . You have done real well
    protecting patients rights. We also have passed your name onto others in
    need of good legal protection
    Again we thank you
    Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4GLTE smartphone
    —– Reply message —–

    Judge Wieland, Madera Superior Court, dismissed: A 2 felony – I misdemeanor
    Hani Assad Patient from 2007, OCBC card, expired 2008, stopped for speeding
    30 miles
    From home, driving away from home. Had 7.8 ounces, including hashish & honey
    Charges-transporting-concentrates-possession of over 1 ounce. Prior attorney
    Prior attorney did 2 dismissal motions both denied.
    Case over 1 year old. I filed a dismissal motion-DA opposed with People v
    Wayman, and
    Expired card (4 years). With prior attorney, Judge said must go to a jury
    to find the facts.
    He started there today, must go to jury to find the facts.
    Anyway, after 15 minutes of argument, Judge dismissed everything. Client's
    Made it outside to cry. Consoling her, 4 attorneys came out side to
    congratulate us.
    Got a new case from one of the attorneys.
    Its been a great month, as 2 other cases settled.
    Bill McPike, Attorney at Law


    "Bill McPike" <> Jun 28 09:53AM -0700  

    What litigation is the UFCW funding?

    Bill McPike

    Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2012 12:49 PM

    Mickey's right-it's time to RE-TOOL-Organize… UNITY! UNITY! UNITY! Get

    It's time to join UFCW-NOW! I am TIRED of wasting time fighting for people
    that have -0- sense and even less knowledge and ability.

    At this point-you are with us-OR-you are in the way. We are not wasting
    anymore of our members resources on BS and people that could not get a
    sandwich in Deli with $100 bill tapped to your forehead.




    "Bill McPike" <> Jun 28 09:47AM -0700  

    To get around any tax, simply grow your own.
    Don't have any transactions. Business is taxed.
    Start allowing breeding to get seeds. Go plant the
    Seeds everywhere. Go visit Iowa, Missouri & other
    States where hemp grows wild along ditch banks,
    Creeks, etc. You'll get the idea. If that happened in CA,
    nobody would Need a store for transactions. It would
    be free for The picking. If you don't like the strain grow
    what you do like.
    There is no individual mandate to go to a store.
    Stores/businesses involve transactions. Picking from
    Your own garden doesn't. No business.
    I don't see any legislation or initiatives, so debating
    What should be means nothing. Get ready for the
    Next election in 2014.
    Litigation can be done anytime w/out waiting for an election
    year. So go on the attack in court to defend your own rights.
    Don't you believe in yourself? All this writing/arguing/debating
    could be used To write court briefs to see if you're on the right
    track, & Make the changes you are crowing about. Otherwise
    folks you are blowing hot air and spinning your wheels.
    Judging each others' view points would be better judged by
    Judges in court. Go out there & file your suits against the
    State, counties & cities. What are you afraid of?
    Growing bans & FED cooperation ARE the immediate issue.
    These can be litigated by any individual, anytime. The
    ORGs aren't Taking it on.
    I have my suit ongoing w/Fresno County's ban, self-funded
    with no ORG support. I'm waiting for a final trial court order
    so I can go to the 5th DCA for a writ. Either I win or lose, but
    I'm taking real action, not debating about what should be.
    Wasting time trying to criticize those on this list for mere, I'm
    right, you're wrong claims, is going no where. If it makes you
    feel good then keep it up. If you want real solutions and real
    life critics that really count, and you aren't a coward, take your
    gripes to court for a real test.
    Bill McPike, Attorney at Law
    —–Original Message—–
    Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2012 7:47 PM
    Individual Patients' Rights? No.
    I'm so tired of the taxation non-debate I tend to ignore it for what it is:
    A costly and needless distraction from more pressing issues, such as
    regulatory paralysis at the state level, panic-driven bans at the local
    level and an all-out federal assault involving everyone from Holder to the
    IRS, both criminal and civil enforcement divisions.
    This holier-than-thou don't-tax-patients crap rings pretty hollow when most
    folks buy their top-shelf eighths and ounces and pay sales tax without
    blinking an eye. Cities and counties facing layoffs, even bankruptcy, don't
    need yet another unfunded mandate to serve us with no regard of the hard
    costs or staff time involved.
    Call it a tax, registration fee, business license, use permit application or
    more likely some combination thereof, cannabis users can and should help pay
    for the costs associated with enforcement and regulation of the industry
    that serves them. There is no free lunch, not even on Free Joint Fridays.
    There are other ways to ensure patients have access to a full range of
    affordable medicines, by protecting outdoor growing rights for
    patient-growers for starters. Chances are good that 'overtaxed' pound is
    relatively overpriced to begin with, if only because it's grown indoors by
    people who need to cover their high costs of production. Outdoor growing
    bans, the next wave of California regulations, and the federal blitzkrieg on
    collectives both pose a much bigger threat to affordable access than taxes.


    Bud <> Jun 27 11:55AM -0700  

    One apparent deal-killer was the removal of the requirement that city and
    county dispensary bans be voter-approved. That's not a substantive change,
    in my book, because voters in much of California wouldn't hesitate to ban
    dispensaries if they could. Measure G in Kern County is a pretty good
    example of Central Valley sentiment, not to mention the mess up in Lake
    County. The problem is local regulation vs. state regulation, that whole
    concept of "consistent and uniform" safe access statewide as envisioned by
    SB 420. Having said that, SB 420 clearly intended for local regulations to
    be developed.
    Without dwelling on the details of today's dead dodo bird, we can focus on
    the political reality before us. The cop lobby and the League of California
    Cities want no part of statewide regulations, and they'll fight tooth and
    nail to maintain local zoning rights, including the right to ban medical
    cannabis businesses and collective cultivation sites. The California
    Supreme Court may, in fact, overturn total or per se bans like the one in
    Lake Forest, but allow ridiculously restrictive zoning like Measure G's
    that amount to a de facto voter-approved, ban. Those willing to wait on the
    sidelines for another year of dispensary drama may be disappointed with the
    AB 2312, for better or worse, acknowledges that cities and counties have
    both the ability and the need to regulate medical cannabis in accordance
    with their existing zoning laws and softer concepts such as community
    standards (liberal v. conservative, urban v. rural, snooty v. blue collar).
    What it attempts to do is limit those regulations to zoning while putting
    registration and operating requirements in the hands of a state board.
    Cities can zone for liquor stores, but they don't dictate what gets sold
    there and how. Local governments can prevent the development of "clusters"
    of dispensaries by requiring a buffer zone between them, require fencing,
    setbacks and other requirements, and can further restrict (and possibly
    ban) what happens around residences, schools and "sensitive uses."
    Welcome to the arena of land-use zoning and politics, where your patient
    status buys you exactly nothing. Neither will a favorable Supreme Court
    ruling, by the way, since even a slam-dunk will leave in place a law (SB
    420) that needs expansion and clarification, just as Prop. 215 needed
    legislative backup from SB 420. We're not finished with cannabis
    regulations; we're truly just beginning.
    11362.87. (a) It is the intent of the Legislature that each city, county,
    and city and county permit the development of sufficient numbers and types
    of medical marijuana facilities as are commensurate with local needs,
    consistent with the provisions of this article.
    (b) Except as provided in subdivision (d), (e), or (f), the provisions of
    this article shall preempt all local ordinances or regulations relating to
    the regulation and control of medical marijuana and shall apply equally to
    a charter city or county.
    (c) Except as provided in subdivision (d), (e), or (f), a city or county
    shall not prohibit the operation of persons registered pursuant to this
    article or restrict their location or operation to frustrate the provisions
    of this article, to render the application or enforcement of this article
    impractical or impossible, or to restrict the location of medical marijuana
    dispensaries so as to authorize fewer than one medical marijuana dispensary
    per 50,000 residents.
    (d) A city or county with a population of at least 50,000 may prohibit the
    establishment of medical marijuana dispensaries within its jurisdiction, or
    limit the number of allowed medical marijuana dispensaries to a number
    below one per 50,000 residents, if an ordinance or regulation authorizing
    that restriction has been approved by the voters of* lawfully enacted
    by*the city, county, or city and countyin accordance with the
    provisions of Chapter 2 (commencing with Section
    9100) or Chapter 3 (commencing with Section 9200) of Division 9 of the
    Elections Code. In no event may a city, county, or city and county enact
    legislation that impairs the rights granted to qualified patients and their
    caregivers pursuant to Section 11362.5 or Article 2.5 (commencing with
    Section 11362.7).


June 28, 2012 – Digest for – 25 Messages in 10 Topics

    "Dr. David Bearman" <> Jun 27 02:59PM -0400  

    It appears to me that this list serve has way too many Chiefs and not enough Indians.
    Trying to get an initiative that we can all agree on ,particularly in a large group setting seems more ptimistic than I am about such a modulated free for all process working.
    How about this for starters: e put together a menu of 10 or 20 items that we think should be in the bill. Every gets to vote for their top 5 choices. We count the votes and include those 5 items. Then we repreat the process with the remaining items and add the top 5 from the second round of voting. Then lets look and see what we have.
    Dr. Dave Herrick <> wrote:



    Mickey Martin <> Jun 27 07:01PM -0700  

    It is simple…..prescription drugs are not taxed. Cannabis is not a prescription drug. I believe medicine is one of the many things cannabis can be sold as. Should medicine be taxed? No. Should healthcare be for profit? No. 
    But medicine is taxed. All sorts of it. Go to Walgreen's. Check it out. But I am not shooting for a medicine only world. I live here on planet earth, where shit that is sold is taxed. Prescription drugs are not taxed, but the companies that sell them are; and believe that price is built in to the absurd costs of prescription drugs, which are not taxed but are responsible for 1/3 of the Nation's healthcare costs.
    But you want to talk regulations? Shit…prescription drugs are the MOST regulated thing on planet earth, where we live. You want to be treated like that just to avoid paying sales tax (which I remind you are simply built into absorbant costs that come out of our premiums)? Is that the model you "no tax-anti reg- medical only- folks see us moving?
    If you want to go to the weed store (dispensary) to buy your weed, chances are there will be a tax on shit. Should there be? I do not mind taxes. I like roads. I would hope an adult use cannabis market would subsidize a medical cannabis market. Why not?
    But your wild distortions of people's position reminds me why I was…..
    Mickey Martin
    T-Comp Consulting Director
    Author of Medical Marijuana 101
    ***The views expressed in this communication are not necessarily the views of T-Comp Consulting, Tainted Compassion, Cannabis Warrior any other group I am affiliated with.***








    David Malmo-Levine <> Jun 27 10:42PM -0700  

    Shame on you "activists" that would deny the pioneers of the cannabis
    movement a decent living. You not only jump on the bandwagon, you push
    others off it and claim it for yourselves.
    Who are those arguing that pot growers and dealers shouldn't make a living?
    Some doctors and lawyers. Figures … they're home free. Nobody expects
    them to work for free … and they don't work for free.
    I have included two attachments, from the "Blacklisted News" bound edition
    of the Yippie publication "Overthrow". For those who think that Dennis
    Peron wasn't a simple pot dealer before he became a "saint" – here's proof
    to the contrary. Same thing with Tom Forcade and Rosie Rowbotham and Dana
    Beal – pot activists who financed their activism through the sales of pot.
    Those who now argue that pot dealers should make no money sound just like
    the police quoted in this article … and would foist a double-standard on
    the pot community that those in the doctor and lawyer community would never
    adhere to themselves.
    The right to make a living is what legalization is all about – fuck the
    right to smoke monopoly herb and/or corporate herb and/or discriminatory
    license allocated herb … nobody but cops and sellouts would advocate such
    an injustice and call it "legalization". And nobody but cops and sellouts


    William West <> Jun 28 08:22AM -0700  

    I disagree, first of all Dennis was doing what everyone else wanted to do.
    No one is saying that making money is bad. What we are saying is for one to
    Capitalize the entire market is wrong, Dennis did not create an illusion to
    control and eliminate any other competition. He wasn't asking for donations
    under a guise to control.
    I say the man deserves a "Metal of Honor" for having more balls that most
    to do this knowing what might of happen to him. Would you of had the balls
    Not everyone has a "silver spoon", some of us have to do with what we have
    or have to make it happen.
    On Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 10:42 PM, David Malmo-Levine

    *William W. West*
    *William W. West Productions*




    Marla James <> Jun 28 07:27AM -0700  

    If my doctor recommends I take vitamin D, when I buy it, I pay sales tax.
    In California cannabis is an herb. Like any herbs, eccanashia, valerian,
    etc. * pay taxes.*



    Michael Levinsohn <> Jun 28 07:44AM -0700  

    Butte County judge has ordered DA's expert to produce medical records for patients she claims were made gravely I'll by eating raw cannabis. She has said records can't be found, and in any event won't be released. I've moved to strike her testimony.
    Ruling is August 1.
    Sent from my iPhone


    Mickey Martin <> Jun 28 07:25AM -0700  

    A note to some of the stupidest people on the planet…
    Posted by Mickey Martin on June 28th, 2012
    I do enjoy a good debate. There is nothing I like more than to have a deep discussion about the finer points of cannabis and cannabis reform. With that, unfortunately, comes the need to have discussions with some of the stupidest people on the planet. So I am going to break things down for the insane medical weed posse, so that we are fucking clear where we stand and where we are going forward.
    As musch as some people in this movement still enjoy the fact that people go to jail for weed who are not sick enough, or who do not have the money to pay the doctor’s bribe, this shit is coming to an end. Look around you. Society has had enough of the insanity that is cannabis prohibition. I know it is nice to think you are special because you are sick and find relief from weed, but the reality is you are not special…you are just sick. I feel for you. Being sick sucks. I know. I face issues every day for which cannabis provides relief. The thought of losing that privilege would concern me. It would NEVER concern me enough to think that we should still take non-sick people to jail. That is disgusting. Weed WILL be legal soon, so you might as well come off your position that only the very sick should have access to weed. That is just a fucked up position, no matter how you slice it. Look deep in your heart and ask yourself…”Do I think
    non-sick people who use weed should be punished?” If your answer is “Yes” then please go jump in front of the nearest bus for me. Thanks.
    Proposition 215, aka The Compassionate Use Act, was meant to be the beginning, not the end all of meaningful cannabis reforms. Prop. 215 opened the door to a world where cannabis is not considered an evil and dangerous substance. It allows a limited amount of people a limited affirmative defense in court. It allows for people to possess and cultivate cannabis for medical purposes. The law also encourages the government to establish a safe and affordable distribution system. So, even the people who wrote 215 understood that it was not the end all. While it is great that a person who was just diagnosed with stage 3 cancer last week CAN possess and grow weed to help them with their affliction, the fact is that MANY people in our society have NO IDEA where to find cannabis, or how to grow it. Also, most people just diagnosed with stage 3 cancer likely have more important business to attend to than gardening, like chemotherapy and radiation. But if they
    want cannabis under the confines of just Prop. 215 they are shit out of luck, unless they can somehow find a seed or a plant and wait 3-4 months for it to grow, barring any issues with bugs, or mold, or heat, or….you get the picture. If I just got diagnosed with cancer and will begin my chemo next week, I do not have 3-4 months to watch a fucking plant grow. I want relief now. And I want to have a good selection of safe medicines that I can access in a well-lit and clean facility. I want a dispensary to go to. So the folks who think that dispensaries are evil and that the entire industry should be one communal garden are simply not living in reality. Sorry. SB420 allowed for collectives and cooperatives to organize as storefront dispensaries….kind of. The reality is that we have been pretty lucky in California that the industry has been allowed to develop with little oversight. It has allowed for an environment of ingenuity and creativity. But let
    us not act like Prop. 215, or SB420 for that matter, are the only laws we need. They obviously are not. If they were, there would not be so much confusion 15+ years later, and people would still not be going to jail for their garden or their collective. The Compassionate Use Act is a great law, but I do not think anyone woke up the day after it passed and said “Good. Our job is done here.” Real cannabis reform is bigger than the limited protections offered by 215. Patients will not be truly safe and have acces to truly affordable medicine until adult use is a reality.
    So much of the wingnut bullshit argument is about taxes, and whether or not cannabis (medical in particular) should be taxed. Here is the reality, fuckers. The only medicines not taxed at the retail level in our society are prescription medication. But these medicines are heavily taxed through the manufacturer, and you can believe those taxes and fees are offset in the absorbant prices that drug companies charge. And here is the kicker…MEDICAL CANNABIS IS NOT PRESCRIBED. Nor do we want it to be. There is no stricter classification for regulations on earth than prescription drugs. Nobody in their right mind would believe that jumping through the prescription drug regulatory hoops would be a good idea for this industry. If you want to be regulated like a prescription drug so you can be afforded the same tax protections, then kiss your garden goodbye and get ready to pay whatever cost the company that had the millions of dollars to bring that drug to
    market wants to charge you. There will be no small batch production or any sharing of prescription cannabis. Counterfeiting a prescription medicine is a 10-year mandatory minimum. So just shut the fuck up about the prescriptions not being taxed bullshit. There are a lot of things that prescription drugs are not…mostly easy to bring to market. We DO NOT want that. Then there are the tomato freaks….”Tomatoes are not taxed, Mickey.” Super. Tomatoes are not cannabis. Tomatoes are a non-psychoactive substance that go well on sandwiches. Cannabis is not. Do you see the difference? Believe the farmer who takes his tomatoes to market also pays taxes on his income, and thus, your tomato costs a little more. I am not for taxes on peoples’ personal grown cannabis, but if you want to sell it in the market place then chances are in the current framework of the society you live in THERE WILL BE TAXES. Live with it.
    I am not sure why I feel the need to stop and address the incredibly stupid people that sometimes make up the cannabis industry/movement. It is almost like a duty I feel to make sure that others are not confused by the lunatic fringe, sort of like a public service deal, I suppose. The truth is ignorance is often the window of opportunity to understanding. We often have to look at the extremes of an issue to find the true middle. I realize that some people are just fucking crazy. I get that. But often it is hard for the innocent onlooker to tell the difference between the well-intentioned and the nut-jobs.
    At the end of the day, as a human being walking the face of planet earth, I would hope that you looked deep into your personal soul and asked yourself, “What can I do to make sure our society quits taking people to jail for weed?” The rest of this non-sense is just a simple distraction based in bad theory and ungrounded realities. Do not get lost in the maze of crazy talk. Think for yourself and try to find a solution that accomplishes the goal of cannabis freedom, while not being so idealistic and entrenched in a position that anything less will not suffice. It takes a lot of people to make a world, but that does not mean we have to humor all of them….sometimes stupid is just stupid.
    Mickey Martin
    T-Comp Consulting Director
    Author of Medical Marijuana 101
    ***The views expressed in this communication are not necessarily the views of T-Comp Consulting, Tainted Compassion, Cannabis Warrior any other group I am affiliated with.***





    Tom Davenport <> Jun 27 01:14PM -0700  

    Mickey, et al,
    We might find it more realistic to think of AB2312 as "the un-dead" –
    it's only gone away for the moment. "I'll be back", as they say.
    It's definitely not dead.
    Hopefully we've learned some important things about the legislative
    process while luckily dodging implementation of the lame text of AB2312.
    A good thing that happened is that some of us discovered how co-opted
    the large "patient advocacy" (ASA) and "reform" (NORML) organizations
    are. It's now well demonstrated, in one case at least, that there
    are untrustworthy persons posing as "allies" with a self-serving
    hidden agenda which runs at cross purposes to "safe affordable
    access" within the medical cannabis context. And there's an
    organizational representative that comes to mind who is a jiver and
    the organization itself is fairly irrelevant to cannabis reform.
    What's next is that AB2312 is going to get trotted out again in a
    slightly different form.
    What is needed? Repeal Cannabis Prohibition. But in the meanwhile
    (Repeal Cannabis Prohibition 2012 did not get enough signatures to
    qualify for the November ballot)…
    We'll have to write the text ourselves, or particular sections of
    it. Those of us who regard it as inevitable that AB2312, or
    something similar, will become law in California HAVE to provide
    actual TEXT which can be placed into the bill rather than just
    criticizing what the legislators do. They'll use it if the text
    seems reasonable to them or there's more pressure favoring it than
    It's really what's needed, until we can repeal cannabis prohibition –
    otherwise, something onerous WILL be passed.
    On Jun 27, 2012, at 9:45 AM, Mickey Martin wrote: