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    Mickey Martin <> Aug 30 03:01PM -0700  

    The End of the Road….
    Posted by Mickey Martin on August 30th, 2012
    I have run out of words for my fight. I can no longer continue to write this blog. This will be the final day of Cannabis Warrior.
    To all the folks who have enjoyed my blog postings, I appreciate your taking the time to read them. These pages will disappear soon. But never forget the many conversations had.
    The war for cannabis freedom will not be won or lost on the internet. It will be won in the hearts and minds of the nation. I am exhausted from the battle within. I look to find new avenues to reach those who need to hear the words “Quit Taking People To Jail For Weed.” You all have heard it before.
    So as a good friend once told me….
    Always leave them wanting more…..
    Mickey Martin
    T-Comp Consulting Director
    Author of Medical Marijuana 101
    ***The views expressed in this communication are not necessarily the views of T-Comp Consulting, Tainted Compassion, Cannabis Warrior any other group I am affiliated with.***


    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <> Aug 31 08:52AM -0700  

    Wait mickey are you ok? Oddly enough Ive gained a affection for you. And Im



    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <> Aug 30 09:07PM -0700  

    On Aug 30, 2012 9:02 PM, "Patient Advocacy Network" <


    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <> Aug 30 08:46PM -0700
    huziar the terrible! But it smells like restrictive permitting ask for
    paying clients as far as support for a select few to be spared. That
    request also played out in SF early stages of regulation. One grp represent
    of 14 clubs… I kid you not wanted to cap available permits at14 , it was
    laughed out of city hall and then it was followed by many attempts to draw
    zones limits that barred competitiors. Perhaps nature of the business as
    usual beasts, but its never supported by independent patient advocates and
    patient cultivators. Nor consumers, monopolys only benefits the players.
    Not the patients.


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    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <> Aug 30 01:07PM -0700  

    Your right in many ways,problem in my eyes with our past policy efforts and
    creating was it was non inclusive therefore unbalanced and recent history
    shows that's how momentum and more importantly trust is lost.


    Brenda Sherman <> Aug 30 09:45AM -0700  

    With Texas being a free and independent state unimpaired to all the states,having at all times the inalienable right to alter,reform or abolish their government in such manner as they think expedient..How would the rest of the states fare if we could pass a "unrestricted" compassionate act like 215 there? Could We use that to change the Federal Law?And has this path been tried before? Just curious since it should be All for one & one for All.


    Mickey Martin <> Aug 30 09:37AM -0700  

    I-502 Campaign manager Alison Holcomb Bumped Her Head
    Posted by Mickey Martin on August 30th, 2012
    In what I can only call one of the most insensitive and blatantly false statements made in the press by a supposed cannabis activist, or whatever she is, I-502 Campaign Manager Alison Holcomb managed to dismiss and demean the struggle faced by those prosecuted for medical cannabis crimes over the past 15 plus years.
    Here is what she said from an article on the Seattle Post-Intelligencer website:
    Alison Holcomb, campaign manager for I-502, argued that the initiative has been “thoughtfully crafted to foster dialogue with the federal government.”  She said there is no precedent for the feds cracking down on a state where voters have spoken.
    >“The federal government’s policy, where states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes, has been to respect voters decisions, work cooperatively with the states, and save enforcement for large-scale operations that fall outside the parameters of the law,” Holcomb said.
    Has this woman lost her fucking mind? I mean really? Is she just that out of touch with reality? Did you just say that it was the Feds policy to “respect voter’s decisions?” That is an absurd statement, Ms. Holcomb; and you owe a lot of people a fucking apology. Our brothers and sisters sit in prison today on 5- 10- 15- and up to 22 year sentences in some cases for operating WITHIN the parameters of state law.
    Your assertion that everyone that has been targeted basically had it coming makes my blood boil. It is bad enough you helped author I-502, the WORST CANNABIS INITIATIVE EVER WRITTEN; but for you to try and promote your campaign by blatantly LYING and ACCUSING good people who have made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure patients get their medicine is INFURIATING.
    I demand a fucking apology.
    I have remained relatively quiet on the debacle that is WA State’s I-502 initiative. But if their campaign director is willing to throw our entire community under the bus and make our political prisoners into some deserving group of outlaws that got what they had coming because they operated “outside the parameters of the law,” then I have no choice but to use my voice to try and sink her battleship.
    The Yes on I-502 campaign has made the political calculation that they do not need the support of the cannabis community. They wrote the law to appease to the political right, law enforcement, and the opposition in hopes of gaining the support of more soccer moms and people on the fence. The way they went about doing that is dangerous, and not very appealing to the average cannabis user.
    This statement by Holcomb in Seattle’s largest paper sums up the entire campaign strategy…..”Fuck the stoners. They are all a bunch of criminals that want to drive stoned, grow as much weed as they can, and profit off the black market.” That is literally the attacks that “activists” on the campaign, like Dominic Holden, have been making on people who do not support I-502.
    “Fuck you, drug dealer intoxicated driver asshole who wants to grow his own plants.”
    Yeah….well FUCK YOU TOO.
    If Alison Holcomb wants to use her platform to make outrageous assertions that the Federal Government’s actions over the years in investigating, prosecuting, incarcerating, and ruining the lives of good people is somehow justified then she deserves to burn in hell. Anyone who would make blanket statements that convict our cannabis brothers and sisters of crimes they did not commit is an ENEMY OF CANNABIS FREEDOM.
    We do not need people like this in our ranks, and we certainly do not need them making statements on behalf of cannabis consumers in the press. Alison Holcomb is a traitor and a BOLDFACE LIAR. 
    As a person who has been followed for two years, had their garbage rifled through, had their home and business raided by armed gunmen, and who spent 4 years- 5 weeks- and a day under the thumb of the USDOJ for making weed brownies for sick people, it is disgusting to think that this person is supposedly representing a “pro-cannabis” position and making statements like this.
    Ms. Holcomb can go climb back under whatever rock she climbed out from over there at the ACLU. Cannabis supporters and providers deserve better than to be disparaged by her. The ACLU should be ashamed of their poster girl running off at the mouth and justifying the terrorism that has been the actions of the Feds on the medical cannabis community for many years.
    The statement is unacceptable and I will be awaiting my fucking apology.
    Mickey Martin
    T-Comp Consulting Director
    Author of Medical Marijuana 101
    ***The views expressed in this communication are not necessarily the views of T-Comp Consulting, Tainted Compassion, Cannabis Warrior any other group I am affiliated with.***


    Tim Perkins <> Aug 30 06:50AM -0700  

    I am and always will be, decline to state. Party affiliations are a
    cancer that need to be snuffed out. I would sooner join a religion than
    a political party. Here, I'll pretend I'm a party affiliate.
    Political Parties are herds for the bovine.



    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <> Aug 29 12:23PM -0700  

    Sorry but no caps nor restrictive monopoly building. All for one and one
    for all. No patient wants their collective closed. Limits on how many only
    serve the few and keep price high and qaulity often suffer. Thanks asa for
    great work but let's not support only your clients let's support everyone .


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    Brenda Sherman <> Aug 29 07:16AM -0700  

    What it was suppose to read…
    Sent: Aug 28, 2012 3:12 PM
    I Used to have Faith in our Government & It's Systems until I was faced with facts.This is just 1 example of whats really going on..
    What chance do we have preserving the integrity of a plant if we can't save our own freedoms & life.Food For Thought…Free Associations a Start..
    Free Speech Threats & Government Tyranny From Coast to Coast
    Host: John B. Wells
    Guests: Alex Jones
    Filling in for George, John B. Wells welcomed radio host Alex Jones for a discussion on threats to free speech as well as gun control, and the corporate takeover of America. Jones detailed the recent arrest of a Marine veteran who posted anti-government writings on his Facebook page and warned that it is part of a larger agenda presently unfolding. He surmised that a "purge of our military veterans is taking place" because they both understand their rights and are trained as well as willing to fight for their freedom. However, he said, it is not just veterans who are facing this type of persecution. "All over the country," he lamented, "they're grabbing all sorts of people that criticize the government, even mildly."
    Jones also contended that the presence of drones in American skies is the first step in a plan which will lead to "ground robots that, at first, will just face scan and surveil people." However, the ultimate goal of integrating these machines into society will be to weaponize them against people in the event that police and the military refuse to fire on their fellow citizens. Beyond that, Jones stressed that a "mega Big Brother system" is being created via the integration of "smart meters" in a myriad of technological devices as well as data collection via websites and computers. "Evil, for the first time in history, has been given tools that it's never had before," he declared.
    In light of this emerging tyrannical state, Jones offered a number of solutions to combat the globalist agenda. He advocated for more participation in local elections, where the outcomes are far less likely to be controlled by corporate interests, as well as spreading the news about nefarious government plans via blogs and social media. That said, Jones observed that there needs to be an attitudinal change in people where they embrace learning about politics and history so that they are better intellectually armed to combat attempts to take away freedom. To that end, he decried violence against the government, noting the globalists want America to fall into a civil war, and, instead, called for a "revolution of intellectual understanding."

    —–Original Message—–


    Starchild <> Aug 28 10:25PM -0700  

    Yes, Starchild is my real name. Libertarianism is essentially the opposite of statism, and since the status quo is heavily based on statism (government control), this means that anyone sincerely favoring libertarianism is a political dissident, and certainly not part of the "good old boys" or whatever quaint term you want to give to those in power (a group that includes people like Barack Obama, Diane Feinstein, etc.)
    Just because someone like Grover Norquist borrows some libertarian ideas does not make him a full-fledged libertarian, nor does it mean that the Libertarian Party supports him. Both he and Karl Rove are Republicans and conservatives, not supporters of freedom across the board. Who's in your tent? Do you admit to having an ideology, or find it easier to keep quiet about that while just attacking others? Are you "compromised by money"? Maybe for you it's all about branding and marketing, but for me it's about ideas and spreading freedom! A rose by any other name…
    Love & Liberty,
    ((( starchild )))
    On Aug 28, 2012, at 5:28 PM, Tim Perkins wrote:
    > Furthermore, Grover Norquist, gets his ideology from libertarianism. That's where his "Taxpayer Protection Pledge" came from, for one… I suggest you look around and see who's really in the tent before you go espousing what you think is the purpose of the tent. Libertarians are just another cheesy generic branding for the same good ol boy BS.
    > Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
    On Aug 28, 2012, at 8:30 AM, Tim Perkins wrote:


    David Herrick <> Aug 29 05:40AM -0700  

    Or just Republicans who want to use cannabis.
    —–Original Message—–


    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <> Aug 28 08:58PM -0700  

    Wow….. Thanks for the insight. Who'd known.yeeks…..


    Starchild <> Aug 28 10:31PM -0700  

    Actually I think Yoda would phrase it more like, "A f*cking break, you must give!"
    But thanks for giving us the scoop on this Thomas Leto. Sounds like folks at the Huffington Post may be doing a bit of face-egg-removal work.
    Love & Liberty,
    ((( starchild )))
    On Aug 28, 2012, at 1:34 AM, Michael Backes wrote:


    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <> Aug 28 09:01PM -0700  

    More insights from huffington post .


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    Tim Perkins <> Aug 28 08:30AM -0700  

    Starchild, if that is your real name, I know what Libertarian is. So
    does Carl Rove, he is one, regardless of what he's registered. Parties
    are not what they espouse to be, ever. These days it's about branding,
    not philosophy. No person or party becomes viable until compromised by
    money. I stand by my statement and in good company.


    Tim Perkins <> Aug 28 05:28PM -0700  

    Furthermore, Grover Norquist, gets his ideology from libertarianism.
    That's where his "Taxpayer Protection Pledge" came from, for one… I
    suggest you look around and see who's really in the tent before you go
    espousing what you think is the purpose of the tent. Libertarians are
    just another cheesy generic branding for the same good ol boy BS.
    Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.


    Brenda Sherman <> Aug 28 02:53PM -0700  

    I Used to have Faith in our Government & It's systems until I was faced with facts…This is just 1 example of what's really going on…What chance do we have preserving the integrity of a plant if we can't save our own freedoms & life.Food For Thought…Free Associations a Start
    —–Original Message—–


    Tim Perkins <> Aug 28 08:53AM -0700  

    Start here, then ask yourself, why would anyone request to study
    substandard University of Mississippi/NIDA schwag?

    "Lyle Craker, a UMass professor of plant, soil and insect sciences in
    Amherst, has been trying to obtain a license since 2001 to further
    potentially life-saving research. "
    There is no money for funding research to put the drug war out of
    business. There are boatloads for bad pseudo-science to prop up profits.



    Steve Kubby <> Aug 28 12:53AM -0700  

    Hi Friends,
    Sadly, a lot of cannabis people are being arrested these days and I wanted to give them a suggestion and hope. Each defendant will find that their prosectors and judges will employ fear and intimidation to compel you to do what they want. Always it is the use of threats, rather than actual physical force that is the method of choice with our tyrannical justice system. My suggestion to follow the advice of Mahatma Mohandas K. Gandhi who said, "Non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty as is cooperation with good."
    Enclosed below is my 2001 letter to the Chief Probation Officer for Placer County, refusing to accept any form of probation or pay any fines. Refusing probation may sound nuts, but it actually worked. Placer County was all too happy to transfer me to Mendocino, where I agreed to probation long enough to get my conviction dismissed in court and my record expunged.
    Special thanks to Bill McPike and Edie Lerman for their expert legal assistance.
    Let freedom grow,
    March 21, 2001
    Norma Suzuki
    Chief Probation Officer
    11564 C Avenue, DeWitt Center
    Auburn, CA 95603
    Probation Email (
    RE: Refusal to agree to terms of probation
    Dear Ms. Suzuki,
    After several weeks of attempting to qualify for alternative sentencing, I find that I am unable to physically, financially, or morally complete electronic monitoring, probation, or payment of any fines assessed against me. At the time I was offered probation, I believed I could comply. However, as I found out the extent of the restrictions and the cost, my wife and I came to the decision that our family could not survive and I would be under even more threat than before, if I were to accept the terms of probation.
    This letter is to inform you that if I do not find judicial relief, I intend to show up for my jail date April 10th, 2001. Below are the details of the reasons for my decision:
    I refuse to pay the fine or probation fines that have been ordered, because the police and prosecutors bankrupted my family by falsely arresting me for growing medical marijuana. Because I cannot grow marijuana, I am forced to spend thousands of dollars each month on the black market, just to stay alive.
    I refuse to agree to house arrest, because I cannot find a house in which to serve my arrest. My wife and I were forced into bankruptcy by this raid, after a lifetime of excellent credit. Now, nobody wants to rent to us since we are unemployed and have bad credit. This leaves us no alternative but to send my wife and the two small children, back to British Columbia, where we have a home, business and friends. Thus, I would be forced to serve out my home detention on my own, without my family or caretaker/wife.
    Under the terms of electronic monitoring, I would only be allowed 2 hours a week to go out and shop. Without a caregiver and car, I can't do that, because I need such a specialized diet. Also, I would be unable to exercise each day, as required by my illness in order to avoid dangerous or lethal buildups of adrenaline. (My doctors have testified under oath that I could drop dead at any time from a stroke or heart attack, so these heath concerns are no small matter.)
    I refuse to serve three years of formal probation, because I've learned that a person on probation has no rights, and it would only be a matter of time before a medical pot patient like me would be visited by police exercising their "right" to a warrantless probation search.
    Despite proving myself innocent of all marijuana charges, I believe that my wife and I have never received justice or protection for lawfully asserting rights we helped to win in an open democratic election. Instead, probation would place a suffocating layer of hoops and threats upon us, which further endangers me and my family.
    I believe that sentencing me, when I am medically disabled and suffering from terminal cancer, two conditions that threaten my life, for misdemeanor possession of a mushroom stem and some tiny cactus buttons, not only needlessly endangers me and burdens my family, such a sentence is a violation of my Eighth Amendment protection against cruel and unusual punishment.
    As a result of my decision, I am hereby notifying the Placer County Probation Department that I refuse to agree to any of the terms for my probation electronic monitoring, or the payment of any fines.
    I have spoken to Terry Franchimone, your Probation Manager regarding these issues. Mr. Franchimone was actually very understanding and helpful. After some discussion of the matter, I told Mr. Franchimone that I intend to bring a motion in front of Judge John L. Cosgrove to spell out these issues. Because we are broke, I will have to write and present the motion myself. However, I am optimistic.
    In fairness to Judge Cosgrove, the prosecutors in our case withheld their decision to request a full dismissal of all marijuana charges until after the judge gave his sentence. If the Placer County District Attorney is now saying that the marijuana charges cannot be prosecuted, I'm going to ask the judge to throw out my convictions, because the police had no business being in my house to begin with.
    It seems to me that if we were lawfully asserting rights, for a law we helped to pass, and the District Attorney has failed to show any marijuana crime ever took place, accepting any form of probation would be a violation of everything we and this country stands for.
    Finally, I refuse to comply with the terms of probation, because of my profound belief that the threat of jail is being held over my head to
    coerce me into "voluntary compliance" with a criminal justice system that is broken.
    The law that my wife and I helped pass was easy enough for the voters of California and the jurors of Placer County to understand. Only narcotics officers, prosecutors, and others who benefit from the drug war have difficulty understanding a law that grants new rights. I find it amazing how difficult it is for people to understand something when their careers depend upon them NOT understanding it.
    I understand that I have until April 10th to comply with sentencing instructions and that after that, I will be "subject to immediate arrest, imprisonment and denial of any medical marijuana."
    Naturally my wife and I find such prospects distressing, especially since my life is on the line, but we will continue to stand on our principles and Constitutional rights. I wrote a book called 'The Politics of Consciousness,' that salutes the courageous people who helped fight tyranny during the early days of the American Revolution. My final statement about refusing probation is best summed up by words uttered centuries ago by one of those early Americans who gave their life to defeat tyrants:
    "Give me liberty, or give me death."
    Let freedom grow,
    Steve Kubby
    Cc: Sheriff Ed Bonner
    Frank Wolff, KCRA Sacramento
    Matt Robinson, FOX News
    Eric Baily, Los Angeles Times
    Alan Bock, Orange County Register
    Wayne Wilson, Sacramento Bee
    Henri Lee, San Francisco Chronicle
    Tom Elias, Washington Times
    Deric Roth, Auburn Journal
    Joel Miller, WorldNetDaily
    And other distinguished members of the media.


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    Tim Perkins <> Aug 27 08:24AM -0700  

    Only the woefully uninformed, or deliberately ignorant could argue the
    2000 election. NOBODY WON! Bush was selected, not elected, and ALL
    research and evidence shows Gore won regardless of the Nader votes!
    Libertarians are Republicans who want to smoke pot and get laid, that's
    all so, drop the holier than though B.S. with the third party crap. If
    you have more than two parties you lock out representation for the
    majority of the people, and minority rules. Go back to elementary school
    with this fantasy.


    Starchild <> Aug 27 06:57PM -0700  

    I agree with you that Al Gore got more popular votes than George W. Bush in 2000, and that Bush was essentially selected — I was simply referring to the outcome. Your statement about Libertarians is rather simplistic and judgmental — I don't think you really understand what libertarianism is about (not necessarily your fault — there's a lot of misinformation out there, and some Libertarians themselves can give wrong impressions).
    However if you are interested in learning more without taking a heavy investment of time [e.g. reading a book like "Healing Our World" by Mary Ruwart ( ) or "For A New Liberty" by Murray Rothbard ( )], I can recommend the following as two quick takes on the philosophy:
    (1) The Nolan Chart quiz —
    (2) The International Society for Individual Liberty's 8-minute "Philosophy of Liberty" animated video —
    Love & Liberty,
    ((( starchild )))
    On Aug 27, 2012, at 8:24 AM, Tim Perkins wrote:
    > Only the woefully uninformed, or deliberately ignorant could argue the 2000 election. NOBODY WON! Bush was selected, not elected, and ALL research and evidence shows Gore won regardless of the Nader votes! Libertarians are Republicans who want to smoke pot and get laid, that's all so, drop the holier than though B.S. with the third party crap. If you have more than two parties you lock out representation for the majority of the people, and minority rules. Go back to elementary school with this fantasy.
    > —
    On Aug 26, 2012, at 2:16 AM, Starchild wrote:


    Steve Kubby <> Aug 26 08:20PM -0700  

    Advice to Defendants
    by Steve Kubby
    I receive requests several times a month from defendants who suddenly find themselves forced to defend their lives, their right to use medical cannabis and even the Bill of Rights. Like you, each defendant is suddenly forced to cope with a predatory criminal justice system that judges them guilty, until proved innocent. This advice is intended to help provide you with the necessary tactics to succeed against the terrifying challenge you now face.
    Here are the key concepts you must master to win:
    1. NON-COOPERATION WITH TYRANNY IS A DUTY. America was founded on the premise that we have inalienable rights that cannot be separated from us by any law or government. The Drug War is unconstitutional, immoral, and no longer supported by voters or juries. Your non-cooperation with this corrupt war on American citizens is the surest way our Constitution and Bill of Rights can be restored.
    2. NONVIOLENCE – We don’t want to kill our enemies, only expose their lies and their greed for power over others. Any form of anger on your part must be left at the door, or it will make you no better than your adversaries and bring failure to your efforts. Only when others sense your commitment to the high road, will the justice you seek become possible. Those who attended my trial saw that I always wore a suit and showed respect. I even held doors open for my prosecutors, so they could push in their huge cart filled with 4,000 pages of lies against me. My polite behavior only made their accusations look more wild and ridiculous.
    3. REFUSE TO WAIVE TIME – You have the Constitutional right to a speedy trial and yet virtually every defendant is told by their attorneys to waive their right. What attorneys never tell their clients is that if they refuse to waive time, they must be tried within 60 days or the case must be dismissed. In the real world, few prosecutors can prepare a case in 60 days and even fewer courts can organize a jury trial in that time.
    4. NEVER PLEA BARGAIN – This is a slippery slope. It might look like a great idea to begin with, but in the end, you lose, everyday for the rest of your life. You won’t get what you were promised and you’ll only endanger others by cooperating with government terrorists.
    5. GO ALL OUT ON THE PRELIMINARY HEARING – Winning your Preliminary Hearing means the judge will dismiss the case and your troubles are over. Most defense attorneys will advise you to do little in your Preliminary Hearing, so they can see what the prosecution’s case is about and then prepare a defense. That is definitely the wrong tactic in a bona fide medical marijuana case. You want an attorney who will fight with everything you have to win your case in the Prelim, regardless of the costs or time involved. Top medical marijuana attorney J. David Nick once took a Prelim on for 18 months, until the prosecutor gave up in desperation.
    6. INSIST ON A JURY TRIAL – Less than 3% of defendants exercise their right to a jury trial and yet the court system is in near gridlock. Refusing to cooperate and demanding a trial places a significant load on the criminal justice system and is the surest way to end this phony drug war. Many medical marijuana trials end in acquittals or hung juries, so take your case directly to your fellow citizens and trust them to see through the prosecutor’s lies.
    7. USE THE MEDIA – Most courts will not allow you to tell your story and you must depend upon the media to get the truth out. Focus on winning in the court of public opinion and your victory with the jury will be assured.
    8. TARGET POLICY MAKERS – ignore the police and prosecutors and target their superiors. It is Sheriffs and D.A.s who are the generals in the Drug War and they are the ones who are responsible for your current grief. Organize a recall election against your D.A. Your recall will probably fail miserably, but your D.A. will back off prosecuting other medical cannabis patients, once you put a little heat to their feet.
    9. SEEK CIVIL AND CRIMINAL PENALTIES – Use the courts and your local grand jury to obtain indictments and convictions against rogue officials, since this is the ONLY thing sheriffs, police chiefs and district attorneys understand or respect. Never forget what was done to you until EVERY rogue sheriff, district attorney, police chief, and judge has been brought to justice. We owe it to all who have died and suffered horribly in this war to dedicate the rest of our lives to bringing these drug war criminals to justice.
    10. REFUSE PROBATION – Probation is no different than plea bargaining, because you are trading away your rights for a deal that will never work in your favor. You are better off to take jail over probation, because probation nearly always leads to further violations and trouble with the law.
    11. DOCUMENT ABUSES – It’s your job to document and prove abuse. Sooner or later, a reform-minded administration will be elected and they will want to investigate your charges and seek justice.
    You are now a professional defendant. Your life will be your trial. Do what you can to survive and remain true to the belief that YOU ARE INNOCENT. The Compassionate Use Act of 1996 gives you the RIGHT to use, grow and possess this medicine. Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe.
    Good luck and remember to focus on the positive.


    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <> Aug 27 06:27PM -0700  

    My advice to Steve,loveingly .. pls answer my request for transperant
    planning for 2014 draft


    "andrew garret" <> Aug 26 04:51PM -0700  

    Antique Cannabis Museum Update: Aug 26, 2012
    Below is a list of what’s going on with the Antique Cannabis Museum.
    Please if you can help out, please do so.
    Does anyone out there live in either Tampa Florida or Madison Wisconsin?
    We need some boots on the ground over there.
    Putting together a book trying to clear the name of Victor Licata for a
    crime he did not commit —this crime in effect created the anti-Medical
    Cannabis Laws. So far about 7 chapters of a book have been written.
    It has been more than a year now since we put in that grandfather FDA
    approval petition with the FDA. The petition can be seen at — just go down and click on a sign that says
    FDA grandfather clause approval.
    At this point, it has now been almost a year since we put it in and so far
    we only have gotten one letter back (about 6 months ago) saying that it
    was still in the pipeline.
    The U.S.P. is a semi-governmental, private organization that lists WHAT
    IS/IS NOT, official medicine in the United States. As many of you may
    know, Cannabis was listed as an official medicine from 1851 until 1942,
    when at the height of the Reefer Madness campaign it was de-listed.
    It is our hope to petition them for official re-listing of Cannabis in the
    near future. As part of that effort, we have communicated with them and
    have asked them to look over their old records as to the reasons why it
    had been de-listed back in 1942 in the first place. The idea is to obtain
    evidence that it was de-listed for political and not medical reasons, and
    that that info will give our petition a better chance at success.
    HOWEVER, we have been told that ALL U.S.P. archival records have been
    turned over to a historical society located in Madison Wisconsin.
    ————- After contacting this society, we were told that due to the
    amount of work required, we would have to simply find someone over there
    that could walk in and look over the material.
    At the present time, we are still looking for an active volunteer in
    Madison Wisconsin.
    As per our last e-mail [see below], not much has taken place. So far,
    (through the UN website) I’ve been able to obtain copies of the three drug
    treaties in section [B]. I need some help finding an actual treat (not
    something written about the treaties, but the actual wording of the treaty
    itself), that states that people have a right to medical treatment. I
    know the wording of the treaty creating the UN itself has written in it,
    but we have not yet been able to locate it and they (the UN) are not
    interested in helping us.
    The below website (part of what we are doing) shows what they are
    interested in:
    For those of you who want to help, please look over the internet and see
    if you can find the wording of such a treaty. Again, we need the exact
    working of the treaty, not just some write up about it.
    Below is the museum’s last Oklahoma email sent-out:
    Does anyone out there want to take part in a lawsuit against the Federal
    Government to legalize Medical Cannabis. The basic facts of the lawsuit
    are as follows:
    [A] According to the US constitution: Article VI, Clause 2 :
    This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be
    made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be
    made, under the Authority of the United States, SHALL BE THE SUPREME
    LAW OF THE LAND; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby,
    any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary
    Note the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND wording.
    [B] – NEXT, ALL drug control treaties that the US has signed including:
    — Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961
    — Convention on Psychotropic Substances of 1971
    — United Nations Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and
    Psychotropic Substances of 1988
    ALL of them make exceptions for Medical Use
    [C] The U.S. has signed numerous treaties that guaranty the right of
    people to be allowed to seek out medical treatment etc.
    Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women
    Date adopted: December 18, 1979
    Date entered into force: September 3, 1981
    Action by the US: signed July 17, 1980
    Although applying only to women, is suppose to cover . . . “access to
    health care” . . etc
    THEREFORE the Federal Governments anti-Medical Marihuana laws are illegal
    etc., etc.
    Andrew Garret
    Museum Curator
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    "andrew garret" <> Aug 26 04:45PM -0700  

    The Museum NEED HELP
    As everyone knows, it is against the law to do medical research on
    Cannabis without the proper permits AND AS WE ALL KNOW. The government
    never gives them out so it is EFFECTIVELY against the law to DO ANY
    medical research in this country (other than safety studies) on the
    subject. Thus the reason we don’t have FDA approval of medical Cannabis,
    We are now putting together a website on this subject and need some help.
    Does anyone out there know of any documentation (a rejected request for
    medical Cannabis research) etc. We need actual documentation NOT just
    Also about 7 years ago, some high level narc go caught lying about the
    matter. He made the claim that no federal permits were issued was because
    no one had ever asked for any.
    Does anyone remember who he was? Anything about the story?
    Antique Andy
    Museum Curator
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    LANNYSWERDLOW <> Aug 26 09:59PM -0700  

    Dangerous and perverse are two words that come to mind when one talks about collectives. Our radio show, Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense, takes a look at both the dangers and perversities of collectives on the Monday, August 27 show when we interview Aaron Sandusky, persecuted operator of three collectives in the Inland Empire and Kandice Hawes of OCNORML.
    Aaron Sandusky, his brother and four employees were arrested by federal agents at their G3 collective in Upland on June 14. All except Aaron were released shortly after their arrest but Aaron remained in jail for almost a month while trying to raise $200,000 bail. Aaron’s mother was on the show about a month ago talking about their efforts to raise the bail.
    Their efforts were successful and Aaron is now out of jail and is on house arrest awaiting trial on charges that could put him in prison for up to 20 years. On the show he will be discussing what happened, what is happening and what he expects to be happening as his prosecution moves through the federal judicial system.
    Perversity is also the fate of collectives as cops goad local elected officials into passing bans and doing everything under the sun to close them. Perversity leads to perseverance and patients are fighting back. One of the most successful, if challenging ways, is to circulate an initiative petition to overturn bans and restore the rights of patients to safe, reliable and local access.
    Kandice Hawes of OC NORML will be discussing the initiative now being circulated in Santa Ana. The Initiative would amend the current City ban on medical marijuana collectives and set up a registration process for qualified collectives. In addition to discussing the particulars of their initiative, Kandice will discuss the nuts and bolts of the initiative process and explain how they will gather the necessary signatures to get it on the ballot.
    Hear Aaron and Kandice this Monday, August 27 at 6 p.m. on IE Talk Radio station KCAA 1050AM and simulcast on You can also access past shows on the podcast at the website. Listen in every Monday at 6 p.m. to Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense, the show that tells the truth about marijuana.