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    Mickey Martin <> Aug 30 03:01PM -0700  

    The End of the Road….
    Posted by Mickey Martin on August 30th, 2012
    I have run out of words for my fight. I can no longer continue to write this blog. This will be the final day of Cannabis Warrior.
    To all the folks who have enjoyed my blog postings, I appreciate your taking the time to read them. These pages will disappear soon. But never forget the many conversations had.
    The war for cannabis freedom will not be won or lost on the internet. It will be won in the hearts and minds of the nation. I am exhausted from the battle within. I look to find new avenues to reach those who need to hear the words “Quit Taking People To Jail For Weed.” You all have heard it before.
    So as a good friend once told me….
    Always leave them wanting more…..
    Mickey Martin
    T-Comp Consulting Director
    Author of Medical Marijuana 101
    ***The views expressed in this communication are not necessarily the views of T-Comp Consulting, Tainted Compassion, Cannabis Warrior any other group I am affiliated with.***


    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <> Aug 31 08:52AM -0700  

    Wait mickey are you ok? Oddly enough Ive gained a affection for you. And Im



    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <> Aug 30 09:07PM -0700  

    On Aug 30, 2012 9:02 PM, "Patient Advocacy Network" <


    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <> Aug 30 08:46PM -0700
    huziar the terrible! But it smells like restrictive permitting ask for
    paying clients as far as support for a select few to be spared. That
    request also played out in SF early stages of regulation. One grp represent
    of 14 clubs… I kid you not wanted to cap available permits at14 , it was
    laughed out of city hall and then it was followed by many attempts to draw
    zones limits that barred competitiors. Perhaps nature of the business as
    usual beasts, but its never supported by independent patient advocates and
    patient cultivators. Nor consumers, monopolys only benefits the players.
    Not the patients.