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    Bruce Margolin <> Sep 30 02:48PM -0700  

    Brenda , Richard and others ,
    Love the Pacassa ! See you at the Hemp Musium exhibition.
    Peace and cannabis , Bruce
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    Weed Activist <> Sep 30 11:09AM -0700  

    Being better today than we were
    September 30, 2012 *in I Like
    , Mass Incarceration <>
    , Messaging <>, Weed
    , Weed Freedom <>*
    The epic battle for cannabis freedom was waged many years ago. Over the
    decades of cannabis prohibition, those charged with defending the honor of
    the cannabis plant have failed to win the war, and to return cannabis to
    its rightful place as a safe, enjoyable, and helpful resource. We have
    failed to stop the militarization of our police forces and the mass
    incarceration of our fellow man. We have allowed the propaganda of those
    who profit off of the drug war to overcome the sensibility of a nation and
    the world. To this point, *we have ultimately failed*.
    That can be a tough pill to swallow. For those of us that have been
    standing around the cannabis reform water-cooler for many many years, it is
    difficult to understand that we have FAILED to make a real difference, and
    that we continue to see record number of arrests and people losing their
    standing in the community for weed. It is a terrible injustice that we have
    failed to put an end to before hundreds of thousands of lives have been
    Let that sit with you a minute. Let that resonate in that big brain of
    yours. Even the latest tracking polls that show 50% or more of Americans
    now support cannabis freedom still means we have failed to reach half of
    the people with a message that is really a no-brainer.
    *Cannabis prohibition is not working. There is more cannabis available than
    ever. We lock up 5x more people than the rest of the world, many for weed.
    We have wasted a trillion dollars. We have ruined the lives of innumerable
    good people. We have created a very dangerous black market for weed. We
    have enslaved mostly poor people in prison work camps with draconian
    mandatory minimum sentencing laws for weed. Cannabis prohibition is EVIL.*
    That is a pretty easy argument to make that should convince MOST (like
    80-90%) sensible-minded people that it is time to take a new direction. But
    we have failed to deliver that message apparently, as we can barely scrape
    the 50% mark.
    So what has gone wrong? Why can our message get no traction? Where have WE
    gone wrong in making our case to the masses? Why can’t we figure out how to
    end this madness by making a clear and concise case for reform? How do we
    continue to let evil policies undercut the fabric of our society and
    bankrupt our communities?
    If we can begin to understand where we have failed in the past, chances are
    we can right the ship and make REAL and MEANINGFUL progress in the future.
    We have the opportunity to make things right. We CAN do this. But it will
    take a good dose of truth and self-examination for us to understand where
    we have failed, so that we can not fail in the future. We could use a
    moment of self-purification in the cannabis movement. We need to take a
    moment to step back and acknowledge that we have messed some things up, and
    to develop sound strategies for not making those same mistakes going
    We CAN be better today than we were yesterday. It is possible; but if we
    continue to do the same shit for another few decades we should not wonder
    why it is not working. It will not work because we did not take the time to
    make it work. It will be us who are to blame for allowing ego and bravado
    to overcome justice and morality. It will be us who did not give enough, or
    dedicate ourselves enough, to make the difference.
    We are better than this. The cannabis plant deserves better than the
    current situation will allow. If we are truly committed to making cannabis
    legal for adults to use as they please, then we have a lot of hard work to
    do. The task is far from impossible, but it will take great sacrifice
    and compromise within the community.
    Yesterday is gone and there is no bringing that back. But today is here and
    we owe it to ourselves to take a closer look at what we MUST do to finally
    end this thing once and for all. I am open for that
    discussion, hopefully sooner than later. There is no “I” in freedom…..


    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <> Sep 29 10:14PM -0700  

    On Sep 29, 2012 12:22 PM, "Patient Advocacy Network" <


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    Bruce Margolin <> Sep 29 08:04AM -0700  

    Interesting point Lenny , I will do some legal research on the Issue. Thanks , Bruce Margolin
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    "William G. Panzer" <> Sep 29 09:28AM -0700  

    > the federal drug law making marijuana illegal is legally invalid
    > according to the laws that say that the law must be the same in all
    > places – 14th Amendment.
    This is an overly simplistic view of the 14th Amendment. It does not
    require all laws everywhere to be the same. Rather, the 14th
    essentially contains three critical provisions:
    1. The Citizenship Clause which overruled the Supreme Court's Dread
    Scott decision and established that blacks were citizens;
    2. The Due Process Clause which essentially established that the Bill
    of Rights was applicable to the States; and
    3. The Equal Protection Clause required States to provide equal
    protection under the law to all citizens.
    Furthermore, in DC it was not Congress who passed the mmj law – it was
    by initiative. Congress initially attempted to thwart the mmj by
    refusing to authorize the spending of a very few dollars (I recall
    something like $10 or $20) to push the button and count the votes. I
    believe this was successfully challenged in the courts over a period of
    years. Washington DC is a very unique situation as opposed to the
    states. They even have a license plate that states: "Taxation Without
    Representation". Offhand I don't really see any magic bullet based on
    DC allowing mmj, but perhaps a creative and new argument might include
    the DC disparity. Certainly as each day passes it gets more and more
    difficult for the feds to support the CSA Schedule 1 definition of "no
    accepted medical use" in regards to cannabis.
    Bill Panzer
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    brenda kershenbaum <> Sep 29 12:06PM -0700  

    I went to a norml la meeting at mid city dispensary, the owner, vision, who is blind and operates two dispensaries, asked me about jack, who he said is now talked about as a god or king, to which I replied that jack would have been most surprised by this of anyone.   He asked why, and I sent him this poem I wrote, from the early days, and hoped it would explain it.  As someone said to me, when I asked "why," and was told "jack has the light." 
    Also, every speaker there claimed some close association with jack herer…That was his gift.
    Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2012 12:01 PM


    Joey Tranchina <> Sep 29 11:07PM +0200  

    Thanks Brenda, that's quite lovely and quite Jack…
    Here's one of my photographs of Jack shot here in France,
    at the 1er Jour de Cannabis — Paris • 1993
    On Sep 29, 2012, at 9:06 PM, brenda kershenbaum wrote:
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    > For more options, visit
    > <weedworld.pdf>
    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< @ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    The first human right is the right to be human.
    Joey Tranchina, Photographer
    email =
    Joey Tranchina
    10 rue Rapidé
    34200 Sète FRANCE
    Phone + 33 (0)6 60 49 86 19


    brenda kershenbaum <> Sep 29 12:47PM -0700  

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    Cc: Dale Gieringer <>; Chris Conrad <>; Dennis Peron <>
    Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2012 11:38 AM

    Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2012 11:35 AM

    Please spread the word.  The poster below is yours to print and share.  Please join  NORML in Los Angeles 0ct. 3 through 6,  culminating at a gathering put on by the women of Orange
    County NORML who are good at doing most everything.
          In addition, I am very sad to report that the building now housing the hemp museum at 1358 S. Flower, owned by Brian Roberts, who put on the first and most spectacular Thc event, has been sold.   So, we are in need of a new location, or the Museum must be put into moth balls..lots of them, to cover about 3000 sq. feet. 
    As the museum can operate under our 501c3, a combination of a business opportunity and a tax write off is possible.   If not, we will be looking for a warehouse and would appreciate any help in this direction.
       Contact Richard Davis at(phone#-removed).  Also, if you want to see the museum for the next few weeks it is open, contact Richard. 
       It anyone wants to video tape Richard and/or the Museum, this is the time to do it.
       We are looking for a video person who we can remunerate for a professional rendition of Richard at the Museum which can be put on the internet. 
       Contact me or Richard.  
    Thanks, Brenda Kershenbaum
    Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2012 11:21 AM

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    hemp painting.jpg
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    brenda kershenbaum <> Sep 29 01:52PM -0700  

    what is says is
    Celebrating OC NORML Women's Alliance October 6, 2012 6 pm
    1358 Flower Street Los Angeles, CA 90015 Donation $35
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    hemp painting.jpg
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    brenda kershenbaum <> Sep 29 12:47PM -0700  

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    Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2012 11:59 AM

    While I am sharing…art,,now music …brenda
    Check out this video on YouTube:

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    Marla James <> Sep 28 06:18AM -0700  

    My ADA case which looks like it will be going to the Supreme Court in about
    a year or so covers this issue. The Congress did legalize medical marijuana
    in DC and California had to decriminalize it.
    Also all the cities, including Los Angeles, did not follow the chain of
    command when it came to calling in the DEA. We will be filing suit against
    Anaheim either today or Monday on this. Municipalities are suppose to
    contact the State Attorney prior to calling in the DEA, and the state and
    only the state should contact the Feds.
    On Thu, Sep 27, 2012 at 11:44 AM, LANNYSWERDLOW <


    Bud <> Sep 28 11:51AM -0700  

    This doesn't answer your question, but it's an authoritative approach to
    framing the legal issues:

    On Thu, Sep 27, 2012 at 11:44 AM, LANNYSWERDLOW <




    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <> Sep 28 07:48PM -0700  

    I think pappas law group tried to adress this?
    On Sep 27, 2012 8:30 PM, "LANNYSWERDLOW" <>


    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <> Sep 28 07:36PM -0700  

    So a few advocates Called to see if it was our CENTER that paddy wagons and
    cops ect were arresting folks, no, we were all.back home and relaxing
    exhausted, from our event. Then we heard SPARC had been broken into?? Our
    neighbor told us that they arrested guys that looked like football players,
    as many as ten police cars, gets crazier, last one was the
    robbers tripped their silent alarms. All I can say is were all fine, we
    live pretty simple , next door /Sparc is a well gaurded fortress, they
    might have been able to be clever enough to get in,almost certian they
    wouldnt be able to get out,with any of Erich money, and I hope none of his
    secret service guards were harmed by the bandits, they all.seem nice. But
    truly I have no idea whats occured or anything. Funny one was someone said
    didnt you catch it on your cameras, come on people, the cameras arent ours.
    We dont have anything to steal.


    Weed Activist <> Sep 27 11:13PM -0700  

    Why I am a weed activist…<>
    September 28, 2012 *in I Like
    , Mass Incarceration <>
    , Weed Activism <>,
    Weed Love<>
    It is not like I woke up one day and decided I wanted to spend the rest of
    my life fighting for cannabis freedom (I hope not). My involvement with
    cannabis goes back decades. it was love at first puff. I remember the
    overwhelming sensation and the way it put my busy mind at ease. It was like
    I was finally home.
    I was a ripe age of twelve standing by the creek behind my house with my
    best friend. We scored some weed from an older kid, and rolled our first
    poorly crafted joint, with two papers for good measure. I remember
    instantly the change of hemisphere for me. I was a Ritalin baby, so for me,
    cannabis helped me to slow down and appreciate life a little more. But I
    knew at that instance that weed was a good thing for me, and that I would
    seek it out for the rest of my life.
    I also was a terrible drinker. I spent many years trying to find a way to
    make the devil’s kool-aid work for me, but alas, it was not meant to be.
    After innumerable issues and arrests for drinking too much, or doing
    some dumb stuff while I was drinking too much, I decided that booze just
    was not for me.
    Weed has never created those types of issues for me. Weed has always been a
    positive in my life and has helped me to become a better person. It has
    allowed me to explore parts of my imagination and existence that I would
    likely have not even noticed. Weed can help me find my center, or it can
    help me to find a separation between myself and the hectic world.
    The reality is that I did not choose to be a weed activist….weed chose me
    to be an activist for justice and morality.
    You see, I love weed. I love it as an enjoyable resource. i love it as a
    medicine. I love it as a spiritual and meditative force. But more than all
    of that, I hate injustice and immorality. The fact that we continue to take
    people to jail in an act of mass incarceration in this country is
    deplorable. It sickens me. We have used one of the greatest plants that the
    good lord ever created as a whipping post for mostly poor and mostly
    minority people who are victims of our nation’s disastrous war on drugs.
    Maybe you have never been in a jail. I have. It is depressing. The fact is
    that there are A LOT of people there for weed and other drugs. We have
    created a lucrative black market and have created an unprecedented level of
    income inequality, and we wonder why poor people turn to selling drugs to
    get by. They then become easy prey for the industrial prison complex to
    suck into their system with draconian mandatory minimum sentences, often
    for decades…for crimes that have no real victims. We have created an
    environment that harvests crimes and takes advantage of our society’s most
    vulnerable people. We should all be ashamed that we allow this to go one
    right under our noses and do nothing about it.
    I am a weed activist because I have been a victim of overzealous
    enforcement of weed laws. I have had my car searched and my home raided
    because of my love for weed. It is ugly. It is unacceptable It has to stop.
    We are better than this. We can no longer allow militarized police forces
    to imprison our family, friends, neighbors and fellow man for weed. it is
    not working and it is insane policy. So until we can right this terrible
    injustice in our communities and find a path to a more moral and right
    solution, I am a weed activist and I will do whatever it takes to make it
    so not another person has to experience pain, suffering, loss of standing,
    or shame for their right to use a safe, enjoyable and helpful plant. It is
    our duty to our fellow man to work hard to ensure cannabis prohibition, and
    the failed war on drugs, ends sooner than later.



    Donna Lambert <> Sep 27 10:18PM -0700  

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2012 1:54 PM

    Authorities target illegal pot grows in southwest Santa Rosa sweep

    Federal and local law enforcement officers swept house to house Wednesday in search of illegal marijuana gardens in a southwest Santa Rosa neighborhood.BETH SCHLANKER/ PD
    Published: Wednesday, September 26, 2012 at 9:53 a.m.
    Last Modified: Wednesday, September 26, 2012 at 1:24 p.m.
    Dozens of combat-clad police officers, deputies and federal agents swarmed a southwest Santa Rosa neighborhood Wednesday morning in the region’s largest-ever operation against residential marijuana gardens.
    A team of 150 law enforcement officers raided 32 homes on Moorland Avenue, Eddy Drive, Barbara Drive and Neville Way, immediately south of the Corby Auto Mall.
    Following the initial raid, officers carrying search warrants went into yards and confiscated a large amount of marijuana plants. Residents, many of them handcuffed, sat in front yards and watched as the pot was piled in great heaps.
    The raids began about 9 a.m. when FBI agents in full military gear ordered residents to leave their homes, then rushed into the residences, most of them modest multi-plex units. The neighborhood was punctuated by the sounds of exploding flash grenades at several homes.
    The agents ushered adults and children outside, where many of the adults were handcuffed and watched over by officers with a variety of agencies. Participants included personnel from the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office, Probation Department and District Attorney’s Office, Santa Rosa Police Department, California Highway Patrol and federal departments of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
    Sheriff’s Lt. Dennis O’Leary said the operation was planned after authorities discovered that suspected pot cultivation in the neighborhood had become rampant.
    “We just looked into this neighborhood and, literally, probably every backyard but two or three have a (marijuana) grow,” O’Leary said. “Our goal is to go in there to rid the neighborhood of these, what we think are probably illegal grows.”
    The FBI assault team, its large military-type truck and a big-wheeled SWAT vehicle had left the neighborhood, but people still sat handcuffed in their front yards, as a woman who asked not to be identified surveyed the scene from the hood of a parked car.
    She said she was awakened by officers outside a neighbor’s unit screaming, “Open the door!” She arose and looked out to see “the street was full of FBI, SWAT, everything.”
    “They made me go back in the house,” she said. She added that she was not surprised that it was pot cultivation that drew the huge raiding party to her neighborhood.
    “The whole street smells like weed,” she said.
    Another resident, identifying herself only as Anna, said “It was going to happen sooner or later.”
    As pot piles grew in the street, groups of neighbors gathered to watch. Several called the officers’ tactics “overkill” and questioned the value of ripping out the gardens.
    “It’s a big bunch of crap,” said one neighbor Lora Wilson. “How much taxpayer money did we just waste doing this?”
    O’Leary, the sheriff’s lieutenant, said there is a heavy gang presence in the area and that was part of the reason for the strong police presence.
    “It’s absolutely not overkill, with the history in this neighborhood of violence and gang violence,” he said.
    The staging ground for the operation was the parking lot of the Santa Rosa’s Veterans Memorial Building. At about 9 a.m., a long line of FBI and sheriff’s SUVs, trucks, patrol cars and large assault vehicles snaked out of the parking lot and onto Highway 12, then southbound 101.
    At the Corby Avenue exit, a patrol car stopped cross traffic to allow the motorcade to stream through red signals.
    Onlookers said an FBI team dressed in fatigues and helmets and carrying an assortment of battering rams, shields, ladders and weapons first entered a residence on Moorland Avenue at Barbara Drive.
    That team then moved to several homes on Barbara Drive. Soon, handcuffed and guarded residents sat in front yards up and down Barbara Drive and the adjoining streets.
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    Dave Hodges <> Sep 28 04:58PM -0700  

    He has asked for help, but the response regarding enforcement actions
    was "[San Jose's] pretty much on our own".
    Here's the quote:
    >> Mayor Reed: I have talked to both the U.S. attorney Melinda Haag and District Attorney Jeff Rosen about their enforcement actions, and they do continue to bring enforcement actions, although they are not just doing it on nuisance basis, they usually have other factors, other things that are going on around them which they bring their enforcement actions. But I know that there is several underway. I talked to Jeff Rosen this morning, as a matter of fact, and some of those in which they are bringing the enforcement actions have closed down, but the enforcement action continues on. So we do have some prospects of getting help from other agencies but I think we're pretty much on our own.


September 27, 2012 – Digest for – 3 Messages in 3 Topics

    LANNYSWERDLOW <> Sep 27 11:44AM -0700  

    Can anyone clarify this for me?
    Washington DC now allows medical marijuana – even provides for city permitted dispensaries. The fact that Congress has allowed DC to allow medical marijuana means that the federal drug law making marijuana illegal is legally invalid according to the laws that say that the law must be the same in all places – 14th Amendment. That also means that the DEA’s claim that there is no federal medical marijuana is a lie.
    If so does this mean that anyone who pleads this in a federal court will win a dismissal? If so, does this allow anyone pleading this whose case is not dismissed can appeal all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.


    Lynne Wilson <> Sep 27 01:18PM -0400  

    Today 4-6 pm Est on Cincy's 95.7 FM and


    Thanx & have a Hempy Day!
    Lynne Wilson, Founder/Dir.
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    Cincinnati/Northern KY Chapter
    Gatewood Galbraith R. I. P.
    "Happy is he who dares courageously to defend what he loves."
    Roman Poet Publius Ovidius Naso (43 BC – 17 or 18 AD), AKA Ovid.


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    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <> Sep 25 09:44PM -0700
    true story, my stepfather is israelí, about ten yrs ago the doctor told my
    mother he would die very soon with stomach cancer, he is several yrs older
    than my mother, he told my mom he was ready to try my medicine, the rabbi
    had no issue and even blessed it, Yehuda is still alive today! And makes no
    bones its due to flowers.


    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <> Sep 25 09:25PM -0700  

    I highly recomend following PAN on twitter and support as one of our most
    informed, profesional and caring policy organización.
    On Sep 25, 2012 5:55 PM, "Patient Advocacy Network" <


    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <> Sep 24 11:28PM -0700  

    Funny as hell