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From: – Should Physicians Who Need Cannabis Medicinally Be Prohibited From Practicing? – October 31, 2012

Here are my thoughts on the Colorado MD Issue:
To me personally and to all physicians, this is horrible news. The Colorado mavins have decided that cannabis use in Physicians precludes them from practicing medicine. As many of you know, this was my own personal battle with the California Medical Board. They said I was not fit for practice due to my cannabis use; they lost.
The real tipoff that this is political is the part in the middle of the article where they discuss the “viral disease” of cannabis clinics. They are spreading like viruses!! Who could possibly take the physician part seriously when this political and irrelevant portion is right in the middle? What does one have to do with the other? Do physicians start smoking more if they practice cannabis medicine? The real deal is “if we get rid of a few physicians, the rest will stop practicing cannabis and medical cannabis clinics will go away”.
Their suggestion of “monitoring” and perhaps allowing use of cannabis “in between” work sessions, just like alcohol, is truly a joke. We all know that alcohol tests negative in the AM and a few puffs can make you test positive for a long time. They then begin discussions of checking blood levels of THC. Are we totally losing it?
Don’t these people know that many prescription medications mess up ones mental ability for a way longer period of time than cannabis – other than edibles.
BTW, any Colorado physicians, get prescriptions from your physician for Dronabinol and take them or not take them. There are tests to distinguish the two, but I believe they are not yet even being used. Perhaps someone out there knows the answer to this.
This policy is a disaster for Colorado – if they elect to move forward on it. Also, what happens IF the Colorado initiative passes and cannabis is virtually “legal”. How can they do this?
So, what is this all about? The board is NOT going to go after physicians outside of the Medical Cannabis World in Colorado. There is just no way. However, they can easily start drug testing physicians who practice cannabis medicine and close Colorado Cannabis down. This will give all the other states, whose medical boards are all run by Police. In my years on probation, I never met one physician. Every other physician whom I know well in the same situation has also never seen nor spoken with a physician.
All so sad.

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Medicinally Be Prohibited From Practicing?