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Taking the Offense – Reconstructing Collectives at meeting

From: lanny – January 1, 1970

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Many of these false hoods have been prompted by government reports with some as old as the 1940’s. MAPP is dedicated to help educate and inform the pubic so they can Educate to Activatefor the cause. Non Profit group and all of our efforts are funded by private contributions and donations. Visit Lanny’s MAPP Newsletter June 30 2013 ———————————————————— ———————————————————— In California with the legal formation of collectives and coops a large scale marijuana distribution system was created. It certainly was not perfect but it worked. It was able to supply hundreds of thousands of patients with all the marijuana they could afford. Police and other law enforcement types which have always opposed Prop. 215 from the very beginning began an ultimately successful campaign to undermine this successful distribution system. With the collective system of distribution created by the state legislature in tatters and the legislature apparently not serious about reconstructing it it is up to us to reconstruct the collective system as it remains the only legal method for large scale distribution of marijuana to patients in California. Delivery services are springing up all over the place with many storefronts switching to deliveries and many new ones coming into operation. Although some cities are passing bans on delivery services they will be hard to enforce with most cities limited law enforcement capabilities. Many lawyers say cities cant ban delivery services anyway. Of course many of these lawyers are the same ones that told us that cities couldnt ban storefront collectives but the dynamics of delivery services are different than store fronts. Delivery services by their very nature tend to be way smaller than storefronts. Whereas a storefront might have five thousand or more members (Harborside the largest has over 100000) delivery services usually dont have more than a couple hundred members. As a consequence they dont have the selection a storefront has and prices can be higher but it makes detection by the cops much more difficult. Not only is it more difficult but the rewards to the cops would be considerably less as they could only bust them for violating a zoning law and not for selling marijuana illegally. Although delivery services will provide access patients need and deserve better. Although the Supreme Court dealt a severe blow to the collective system it did not outlaw it so it is still a viable method. How to reconstruct it is another question a question that will be the center topic of discussion at the Wednesday July 3 MAPP meeting in Riverside. Bring your ideas and join in the discussion on how to protect your rights and restore access. We have been contacted by patients from a neighboring city in the Inland Empire about doing just that in their city. Although several collectives have been shut down others continue to operate. They would like us to participate in their efforts to get their city to follow the lead of Palm Springs and allow collectives to operate under their citys zoning laws. They will be at the Wednesday meeting to discuss what is happening in their city and to develop a plan of action for them. What is developed and what is carried out could help develop methods that can be effective in convincing other cities to enact zoning ordinances allowing for collectives. If we just sit and lick our wounds then the cops will be victorious and will continue their program to totally undo Prop. 215. The advent of numerous bans on outdoor growing is but one example of their most recent attempts to subvert Prop. 215 by making it all but impossible for patients to access their medicine. With the Supreme Court ruling saying essentially that cities can do whatever they want as long as the state legislature specifically doesnt say they cant the next step after banning outdoor grows will be banning any grows in residential areas claiming that marijuana cultivation attracts crime and endangers children in the neighborhood. If we dont take the offensive then we will be playing defensive and we will lose. This meeting will be about taking the offensive to regain the access we have lost. We have the opportunity to work with patients in a nearby city lets hear them out and see what we can do. http:marijuananews.us2.list-manage1.comtrackclicku3ad9c34c3647fc7c1f237dc8f&id8dcfe5d4fd&e662791d62d Pepper was arrested on Wednesday while testifying at the Riverside City Council meeting (http:marijuananews.us2.list-manage.comtrackclicku3ad9c34c3647fc7c1f237dc8f&id30a3fd0ade&e662791d62d) . She will be at the meeting to inspire us to action with her harrowing tale of what can happen when you venture into the belly of the beast. If Letitia wasnt enough we have another added bonus – the folks from VAPORNATION will make a presentation on the latest innovations in vaporization. They have some amazing products and you can see them all. Check them out http:marijuananews.us2.list-manage1.comtrackclicku3ad9c34c3647fc7c1f237dc8f&id41b996a963&e662791d62d ———————————————————— http:marijuananews.us2.list-manage1.comtrackclicku3ad9c34c3647fc7c1f237dc8f&id681c70c9b6&e662791d62d The Wednesday July 3 MAPP meeting (http:marijuananews.us2.list-manage.comtrackclicku3ad9c34c3647fc7c1f237dc8f&id0a4ad47513&e662791d62d) begins at 7:30 p.m. and is held at the offices of Presto Quality Care 647 Main St. Riverside 92501. There will also be MAPP meetings (http:marijuananews.us2.list-manage1.comtrackclicku3ad9c34c3647fc7c1f237dc8f&id50fe3f60f1&e662791d62d) in Palm Springs and Joshua Tree on Saturday July 6. Palm Springs MAPP meeting (http:marijuananews.us2.list-manage.comtrackclicku3ad9c34c3647fc7c1f237dc8f&id841d9c5c28&e662791d62d) begins at 11:30 a.m. and is held at Crystal Fantasy 268 N. Palm Canyon Dr. in downtown Palm Springs 92262. The Joshua TreeYucca Valley MAPP meeting (http:marijuananews.us2.list-manage.comtrackclicku3ad9c34c3647fc7c1f237dc8f&id4a9e852850&e662791d62d) begins at 2:30 p.m. JTOPIA has closed down and we are looking for another meeting location. Several have been located and the location and address of the meeting will be in the next email newsletter. Milk and cookies will be served at all three meetings. ———————————————————— http:marijuananews.us2.list-manage.comtrackclicku3ad9c34c3647fc7c1f237dc8f&id3a77179ffd&e662791d62d M (http:marijuananews.us2.list-manage1.comtrackclicku3ad9c34c3647fc7c1f237dc8f&id149ddf53f1&e662791d62d) arijuana Compassion & Common Sense (http:marijuananews.us2.list-manage2.comtrackclicku3ad9c34c3647fc7c1f237dc8f&idc14dccff37&e662791d62d) Ever wanted to jump on a bus and take a cannabis tour of the United States Then tune in to the 6 p.m. Monday July 1st broadcast and simulcast of Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense where you will meet Stacey and Jacob and their great big green Cannabus. From the west coast to the east coast and all points inbetween the Cannabus Cannasense tour brings the message of ending marijuana prohibition to the heartland of America. One of the responses to the Supreme Court decision allowing cities to ban collective is to get an initiative on the ballot that allows collectives to operate. There are a number of such initiatives underway right now and our second guest is Patricia Smith from Nevada County where they are in the process of circulating an initiative petition to allow for mmj collectives to operate. How the initiative came to be what it will do how they are collecting the signatures whats been the community response and what their plans are to get it passed if it makes the ballot will be discussed. Take the Cannabus tour and learn all about Nevada County this Monday June 24 on the 6 p.m. broadcast and simulcast of Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense on IE talk radio station KCAA 1050AM and on the Internet at On the website you cannot only hear the show but watch the mayhem in the studio on the live video feed. 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