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O.U. (Oklahoma University) Conference Report)

From: antique_andy – January 1, 1970

O.U. (Oklahoma University) Conference Report) A report from the trenches: The following is a personal ORAL report from the conference that was just held at O.U. (Oklahoma University) in Norman Ok. ————————————————- Women’s and Gender Studies Program and Center for Social Justice Presents The WAR ON DRUGS AND MASS INCARCERATION: Myths and Realities Jan 23 2014 (1:30 – 9:00pm) The conference itself was well attended approximately 100 old timers like myself and another 300 student types (going in and out) attended. And believe me by Oklahoma standards that is a lot of people. It looked pretty well organized with lot’s of big name speakers attending. The only problem with the conference (as I see it) was simply the lack of advanced notice. EXAMPLE: Although we have an open mailing list (meaning anyone can post) members of the Oklahoma Voters League were only told a couple of days before the conference that it was being held. The conference went as follows: ————————————————- 1ST PANEL DISCUSSIONS: THE WAR ON DRUGS ROUNDTABLE (1:30pm) – Ethan Nadelmann Executive Director Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) – Neil Franklin Executive Director Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) – Sen. Connie Johnson Oklahoma State Senate District 48 – Judge Kenneth Watson Oklahoma County District Judge – Dr. Susan Sharp Presidential Professor Department of Sociology – Justin Jones Former Director Department of Corrections Moderator: Gwendolyn Fields Activist-in-Residence The OU Center for Social Justice ORAL COMMENTS: Some of the speakers (Ethan Nadelmann etc.) were NOT able to attend and had to cancel out at the last minute. However they were replaced with other speakers who while not as well known still were interesting people to listen to. MAIN HIGHLIGHTS PRESENTED: Oklahoma is spending around 30-million per year enforcing the Marijuana laws. A figure that is quite high for a state (population wise) like ours. That many of the local DA’s offices were complaining that they were expected (via fines asset seizures etc.) to act like fundraisers for their counties’ entire Law Enforcement budget. Some guy named Larry E Yarbrough was now serving LIFE IN PRISON for a joint of Marihuana. It was one of these 3-strikes and your out type of things with the other crimes (if you can call them that) also being non-violent. That Oklahoma HAD NO distinction between possession of Marihuana and “The Intent To Sell”. Thus the definition is WHATEVER the arresting police the DA etc. says that it is. And as they are interested in having their victims plea bargain — the more the charges the . . . And there were other (to me) shocking disclosures which would require a great deal of time to expand upon but of great interest to all members of the Oklahoma Voters league. ————————————————- 2ST PANEL DISCUSSIONS: MOMS FIGHT BACK: (3:30pm) – Diane Goldstein Moms and Cops Initiative Leader LEAP – Gretchen Burns Bergman Executive Director and Co-Founder A New PATHLead Organizer of Moms United to End the War on Drugs – Sen. Connie Johnson Oklahoma State Senate District 48 – And others. ORAL COMMENTS: The first conference panel made me mad but this one made me want to cry. To explain I’ll provide a personal example (not one that was used at the conference) —– While doing research on the number of prisoners doing time for Cannabis I ran into an ALL TOO UGLY case. A young girl is going to spend the next 20 years of her life in prison ESSENTIALLY for marihuana law induced crimes. True I believe there was a real crime in there I think she was robbing a house or something like that. But looking over the case. At a young age she was caught with marihuana and while she did not get prison time she now had a FELONY conviction on her record. Forget about college for her many scholarships are simply not going to be there for convicted Drug Offender etc. Also forget about being able to find a job like any other teen (after all she is a convicted FELON isn’t she). Thus her life was ruined right at the get go. Some time after that she was once again convicted (marihuana) and then after that for (marihuana sales) a few years later. Gee as if she had another job she could work at . . . Anyway she was caught yet again and this time the judge threw the book at her etc. Nice system we have here really helping people out but again this is my example but the ones given were just like this one. MAIN HIGHLIGHTS PRESENTED: The private prison system over here in Oklahoma is a main part of the problem. Through campaign contributions (in the thousands of dollars) to selected politicians and the situation goes down hill from there. —- These private prisons are always built in communities where there are no jobs etc. And they make sure that the local community that pays just for the privilege of having them there; free land low taxes free utility hookups etc. That because private prisons are (economically) so vital to some communities that they were corrupting the way local politicians were voting on such issues as Drugs victimless crimes etc. Simply put for them more is better. That the prison system was broken . . . ————————————————- Art Exhibition – Collection of Photographs by Sarah Warmker Heritage Room (1:30 – 5:00pm) ORAL COMMENTS: Damn I didn’t get a chance to go. The way they rigged the conference up one could either go to the panel discussions or one could go to the Art Exhibit but not both. ————————————————- FREE FOOD CASH BAR Meet and Greet: – Light Appetizers and cash bar The University Club (5:00pm) ORAL COMMENTS: Believe it or not it seems that O.U. has an alcohol bar in the middle of its student union; Something that I find a bit odd. Alcohol (with is dangerous as hell) is served yet Medical Cannabis is forbidden. Oh well this is Oklahoma after all. In any case I was told that they were ONLY serving punch during the event. I guess that was good news. ————————————————- FILM SCREENING & DISCUSSION: The Film — “The House I live In” Gaylord Auditorium (6:30 PM) Discussion to follow featuring: – Ethan Nadelmann Executive Director DPA – Senator Constance Johnson Oklahoma State Senate District 48 – Dr. Susan Sharp Presidential Professor Department of Sociology – Gwendolyn Fields Activist-in-Residence The O.U. Center for Social Justice AN ORAL REPORT: I’m just going to come out and say it due to other obligations I had to leave around 5:15 and as such could not see the film. Thus my report has to end at this point. In general it was a conference well received by just about everyone. And while there were some technical problems still I feel that most people found the event useful and very very educational. OKLAHOMA VOTERS LEAGUE CONTACT INFO: http:reefermadnessmuseum.orgchap04OklahomaOKMainPage.htm OKLAHOMA VOTERS LEAGUE OUR MOTTO: We’re Pro-Medical Cannabis and we Vote. —————————————– Sent via Catholic Online Webmail Use Catholic Online Webmail to proclaim your faith to the world. — You received this message because you are part of the SaveCannabis group. To post to this group send email to To Unsubscribe from this group send email to savecannabis View Archives at — You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups “Save Cannabis” group. 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PAN Update

From: patientadvocates – January 1, 1970

PAN Update Late January 2014 In This Update Patient Advocacy Network Joins Effort To Legalize Cannabis In California In 2014 http:panorg.blogspot.com201401patient-advocacy-network-joins-effort.html Follow PANs blog through Google Friend Connect or click link at: Watch the Compassion Flower Report at: Follow us on Facebook at: https:www.facebook.comxoFreeMaryJaneox Follow us on twitter for breaking news at: https:twitter.comPAN4Compassion In the news Around California Appeals Court Says State Law Does Not Protect Calif. Medical Marijuana Dispensaries http:www.californiahealthline.orgarticles2014121appeals-court-says-state-law-does-not-protect-calif-medical-marijuana-dispensaries Federal Circuit Court Won’t Halt Crackdown on Calif. Medical Marijuana Clinics http:reason.com24-720140117federal-circuit-court-wont-halt-crackdow Circuit Won’t Get in the Way of CA Medical Pot Crackdown Marijuana Advocates Continue to Challenge Feds’ Authority http:www.laweekly.cominformer20140117marijuana-advocates-continue-to-challenge-feds-authority Tom Ammiano: ‘This Is The Time To Strike’ On Marijuana Reform http:www.huffingtonpost.com20140122california-marijuana-legalizationn4645241.htmlutmhprefpolitics Ammiano: No marijuana legalization bill in 2014 http:www.ibabuzz.compolitics20140121ammiano-2014-not-the-year-to-legalize-marijuana Stockton entrepreneur saw future in pot now eyes prison California police have no interest in setting pot rules Jerry Brown doesnt want nation of stoners http:blog.seattlepi.comseattlepolitics20140113jerry-brown-doesnt-want-nation-of-stoners Fresno County cannabis referendum Frustration Mounts in Los Angeles as Illegal Dispensaries Defy Prop D http:mmjbusinessdaily.comfrustration-mounts-in-los-angeles-as-illegal-dispensaries-flaunt-prop-d San Jose medical marijuana voter initiative filed to block pot shop ban http:www.mercurynews.combreaking-newsci24903317san-jose-medical-marijuana-voter-initiative-filed-block Fake city letters sent to San Jose medical marijuana dispensaries http:www.kliv.comFake-city-letters-sent-to-San-Jose-medical-marijua18280697 Shasta County Board of Supervisors votes to ban all outdoor pot grows http:www.redding.comnews2014jan28live-tweets-shasta-county-board-supervisors-meetin Urgency Ordinance Prohibits Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Diamond Bar http:diamondbar-walnut.patch.comgroupspolitics-and-electionspurgency-ordinance-prohibits-medical-marijuana-dispensaries-in-diamond-bar Advocates push to repeal Lake County marijuana ordinance http:www.pressdemocrat.comarticle20140115articles140119758 Advocates deliver 5000 pot petitions to City Hall http:napavalleyregister.comnewslocaladvocates-deliver-pot-petitions-to-city-hallarticle4440b632-7e52-11e3-bee6-0019bb2963f4.html Butte supervisors move to tighten pot garden rules http:www.orovillemr.combreakingnewsci24912270county-supervisors-ok-clampdown-medical-marijuana-grows Long Beach Cannabis Taxes may Remain Dormant Without Council Regulation Or Statewide legalization http:lbbusinessjournal.comlong-beach-business-journal-newswatch2036-long-beach-cannabis-taxes-may-remain-dormant-without-council-regulation-or-statewide-legalization.html Cultivation clash: Planners backpedal on growing ordinance after public outcry http:www.uniondemocrat.comNewsLocal-NewsCultivation-clash-Planners-backpedal-on-growing-ordinance-after-public-outcry California Pot Farms Could Put Salmon at Risk http:news.discovery.comanimalsendangered-speciescalifornia-pot-farms-could-put-salmon-at-risk-140115.htm Proposal calls for marijuana cultivation regulations http:www.appeal-democrat.comnewsproposal-calls-for-marijuana-cultivation-regulationsarticle5e6c971e-819b-11e3-9a3b-001a4bcf6878.html Around The U.S. US marijuana policy edges toward acceptance http:www.csmonitor.comUSADC-Decoder20140125US-marijuana-policy-edges-toward-acceptance-video U.S. to adjust rules to let banks handle marijuana money http:www.wellandtribune.ca20140124us-to-adjust-rules-to-let-banks-handle-marijuana-money Obama: Marijuana not “more dangerous” than alcohol http:www.cbsnews.comnewsobama-marijuana-not-more-dangerous-than-alcohol Where Will Marijuana Be Legal Next This Map Points to 5 Specific States http:www.policymic.comarticles80099where-will-marijuana-be-legal-next-this-map-points-to-5-specific-states Sen. Harry Reid supports marijuana for medical use http:www.usatoday.comstoryonpolitics20140116harry-reid-medical-marijuana4536485 Majority of Americans now support legal pot poll says http:www.cbsnews.comnewsmajority-of-americans-now-support-legal-pot-poll-says WSJNBC Poll: Solid Support for Legal Marijuana http:blogs.wsj.comwashwire20140128wsjnbc-poll-broad-support-for-legal-marijuana Illinois Medical Marijuana Proposal Asks Residents to Choose Between Guns and Weed http:www.bustle.comarticles13414-illinois-medical-marijuana-proposal-asks-residents-to-choose-between-guns-and-weed Medical marijuana: Will Ohio be next to legalize http:www.timesreporter.comarticle20140111NEW(phone#-removed)4NEWSrefreshtrue Medical marijuana discussed by Kentucky House panel http:www.courier-journal.comarticle20140109NEW(phone#-removed)1Medical-marijuana-discussed-by-Kentucky-House-panel New York Medical Marijuana Legalization Gets Widespread Support: Poll http:www.huffingtonpost.com20140120new-york-medical-marijuana-legalizationn4631063.html Governor takes careful step with medical marijuana plan http:www.stargazette.comviewart20140111NEW(phone#-removed)Governor-takes-careful-step-medical-marijuana-plan Vermont – Medical Marijuana Bill Would Ease Limits on Dispensaries http:www.mychamplainvalley.comstorymedical-marijuana-bill-would-ease-limits-on-dispendstory1s29Sxi-QUeRzTJIbM2E9A Republican helps medical marijuana advance in Pennsylvania New Hampshire House Votes for Legal Weed But the governor promises to veto the measure http:nation.time.com20140115new-hampshire-house-votes-for-legal-weed Minneapolis Legislator Pushing Medical Marijuana Bill http:minnetonka.patch.comgroupspolitics-and-electionspminneapolis-legislator-wants-to-legalize-medical-marijuana Jindal: Medical marijuana OK if tightly controlled http:www.sfgate.comnewsarticleJindal-Medical-marijuana-OK-if-tightly-controlled-5167507.php Legislators asked to review medical marijuana law http:theadvocate.comhome8160297-125legislators-asked-to-review-medical Efforts Underway To Legalize Medical Marijuana In Georgia http:www.420magazine.comforumsinternational-cannabis-news209446-efforts-underway-legalize-medical-marijuana-georgia.html The push for medical marijuana in Georgia http:www.11alive.comnewsarticle31931340Hoping-for-a-change-in-Georgias-medical-marijuana-law Medical Marijuana in Alabama http:www.waaytv.comnewsmedical-marijuana-in-alabamaarticlea213a1ba-822c-11e3-a206-001a4bcf6878.html Lawmakers introduce measure to legalize tax marijuana in Maryland http:www.myeasternshoremd.comnewsarticlef67723a7-60fa-51d7-a5cf-1e567e52010c.html Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced in West Virginia http:www.wsaz.comnewshuntingtonnewsheadlinesMedical-Marijuana-Bill-Introduced-in-West-Virginia-241692411.html Medical Marijuana Dispensary Licenses Set To Be Awarded In Massachusetts http:boston.cbslocal.com20140126medical-marijuana-dispensary-licenses-set-to-be-awarded-in-massachusetts Mass. puts the medical in marijuana Children with epilepsy waiting for medical marijuana Could be an answer for affliction but its not here yet http:www.bostonglobe.comlifestylehealth-wellness20140126children-with-epilepsy-forced-wait-for-medical-marijuanarslCgjrrId8mJ3SkZJUWKIstory.html NJs Medicinal Marijuana Program Finally Moving Forward http:www.njspotlight.comstories140120nj-s-medicinal-marijuana-program-finally-moving-forward Bill filed to legalize marijuana in Oklahoma http:newsok.combill-filed-to-legalize-marijuana-in-oklahomaarticle3927283 Florida Bill Would Allow Medical Marijuana For Child Seizures http:www.npr.orgblogshealt(phone#-removed)81852florida-bill-would-allow-marijuana-extract-for-child-seizures FL voters to decide on medical marijuana http:www.wflx.comstory24563605fl-voters-to-decide-on-medical-marijuana Medical marijuana advocates meet Florida ballot goal http:www.tampabay.comnewscourtsmedical-marijuana-advocates-meet-florida-ballot-goal2162592 Florida governors race may hinge on medical marijuana vote http:www.dfmpolitics.comthirdpartyflorida-governors-race-may-hinge-on-medical-marijuana-vote New Mexico Senator Introduces Legal Cannabis Initiative For Adult-Use http:www.medicaljane.com20140118new-mexico-senator-introduces-legal-cannabis-initiative-for-adult-use Hawaii Shows Signs Of Legalizing Medical Marijuana Dispensaries http:www.shroomery.orgforumsshowflat.phpNumber19450716 Nashville Family Moves To Colorado To Give Toddler Medical Marijuana Treatment http:www.fox17.comnewsfeaturestop-storiesstoriesnashville-family-moves-colorado-give-toddler-medical-marijuana-treatment-eric-alvarez-19186.shtml Families flock to Colorado for medical marijuana http:www.ksdk.comstorynews20140125colorado-medical-marijuana-families4904751 Ooltewah Family Moves To Colorado For Legalized Marijuana http:www.newschannel9.comnewstop-storiesstoriesooltewah-family-moves-colorado-legalized-marijuana-8859.shtml VOTE – Do you think the state of North Carolina should legalize medical marijuana use http:www.technicianonline.compoll1d0dd762-7c6c-11e3-8409-001a4bcf6878.html Medical marijuana revenues in Colorado in 2013: 328 million-plus http:blogs.westword.comlatestword201401medicalmarijuanarevenuescolorado2013.php DHS report: Arizona patients bought 3 tons of medical marijuana in 2013 from dispensaries http:www.therepublic.comviewstory12763cbe1b654a39a353f65d3704bc3dAZ–Medical-Marijuana-Arizona Michigan medical marijuana participation dropped in 2013 http:www.dailytribune.comspecial-news-reports20140120michigan-medical-marijuana-participation-dropped-in-2013 AZ – PTSD Denied As Medicinal Cannabis Condition http:www.moderntimesmagazine.compage16ArizonaMMJ140118ArizonaMMJ140118.php New Insurance Coverage Options Address Cannabis Business Gray Areas http:www.digitaljournal.compr1689359 Businesses are banking on pot http:www.newstimes.comlocalarticleBusinesses-are-banking-on-pot-5175027.php Commissioner Says NFL May Be Open To Medical Marijuana For Players http:thinkprogress.orgsport(phone#-removed)221marijuana-nfls-head-injury-remedy Around The World Medicinal Marijuana On the Rise in Israel http:ca.shalomlife.comhealth21612medicinal-marijuana-on-the-rise-in-israel How Israel Became A Medical Marijuana Powerhouse http:nocamels.com201401how-israel-became-a-medical-marijuana-powerhouse Pot prices to rise but privacy won’t be violated Health Canada says http:www.chathamdailynews.ca20140118pot-prices-to-rise-but-privacy-wont-be-violated-health-canada-says Guam wants to legalize medical marijuana but Federal law is preventing the US territory from deciding the issue for themselves http:www.reddit.comrnewscomments1w394xguamwantstolegalizemedicalmarijuanabut Uruguay: Foreign firms want to study the therapeutic potential of cannabis in the country http:www.cannabis-med.orgenglishbulletinwwendbcannabisartikel.phpid416 – 1 Dutch clampdown drives cannabis farms east http:www.thelocal.de20140102north-east-germany-fertile-ground-for-cannabis-farms Cannabis tourism has another destination: Turin Italy http:www.eturbonews.com41741cannabis-tourism-has-another-destination-turin-italy Medical Science Association between a Genetic Variant of Type-1 Cannabinoid Receptor and Inflammatory Neurodegeneration in Multiple Sclerosis. http:www.ncbi.nlm.nih.govpubmed24391723 Endocannabinoid and Cannabinoid-Like Fatty Acid Amide Levels Correlate with Pain-Related Symptoms in Patients with IBS-D and IBS-C: A Pilot Study. http:www.ncbi.nlm.nih.govpubmed24386448 ScienceHuman: Sativex effective in peripheral neuropathic pain in large clinical study; THC changes brain waves in patients with obstructive sleep apnea http:www.cannabis-med.orgenglishbulletinwwendbcannabisartikel.phpid417 – 2 Association of cannabinoid type 1 receptor and fatty acid amide hydrolase genetic polymorphisms in Chinese patients with irritable bowel syndrome. http:www.ncbi.nlm.nih.govpubmed24444427 Modulation of Gut-Specific Mechanisms by Chronic 9-THC Administration in Male Rhesus Macaques Infected with Simian Immunodeficiency Virus: A Systems Biology Analysis. http:www.ncbi.nlm.nih.govpubmed24400995 Using cannabis to help you sleep: Heightened frequency of medical cannabis use among those with PTSD. http:www.ncbi.nlm.nih.govpubmed24412475 Medical Marijuana Laws and Suicides by Gender and Age. http:www.ncbi.nlm.nih.govpubmed24432945 Sincerely Deg Coutee Executive & Program Director Patient Advocacy Network PAN4Compassion (323) 334-5282 PAN is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization — You received this message because you are part of the SaveCannabis group. 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Petition to President Obama to reschedule Cannabis by

From: midimind – January 1, 1970

I did not see this petition posted already. In light of his recent speech I’d really like to see get get a alot of signatures. http:control.mpp.orgsiteRiTo96ZXZ9J8Mfc7WFT9eAQ — You received this message because you are part of the SaveCannabis group. To post to this group send email to To Unsubscribe from this group send email to savecannabis View Archives at — You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups “Save Cannabis” group. For more options visit To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it send an email to savecannabis

Patients Helping Patients Typhoon Releaf Dinner

From: axisoflovesf – January 1, 1970

Dear Donors Axis of Love SF patient advocacy team is preparing for our end-of- month dinner club. Our dinner club is a private event attended by low- income disabledelders and veterans. Your generous donations provide a free meal live music and medical cannabis speakers a nd policy updates. We always have a “gift bag” for guests which includes harm reduction supplies like soap coffee easy to make without a kitchen pantry items and warm socks. Many of our attendees are homeless all are living in poverty and all are living each month on a budget with less than a dollar to spend each dayat the end of month Living on hope and kindness be a part of the kindness if you can donate. Please respond to this email or call us direct at(phone#-removed) This month we are having a silent fundraiser for our cannabis elder Mr. Daniel Manillo who has volunteered each month setting up this event over the past five years. The typhoon in the Philippines took the lives of nine of his family members. The Axis team is overwhelmed by our fellow advocate’ s plight and alarmed by his tales of government corruptionupon his return from his homeland. We have decided that we want to help his family directly. Advocate Manillo is returning to the Philippines to search for more family members and for the burials of those that have died directly after our dinner. We would like to send him back to the Philipp ines with relief from the compassionate community. Patients helping patients In solidarity Shona Dinner date & flyer attchd — Shona Gochenaur Executive Director Axis of Love SF http:www.facebook.comaxisoflove http:www.twitter.comaxisoflove image: Inline image 1 — You received this message because you are part of the SaveCannabis group. To post to this group send email to To Unsubscribe from this group send email to savecannabis View Archives at — You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups “Save Cannabis” group. For more options visit To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it send an email to savecannabis

ASA National Weekly Shout Out #2

From: asa – January 1, 1970

ASA National January 23 2014 New Announcements: Battlefield 2014. California is at a crossroads as an increasing number of local jurisdictions move to ban medical cannabis cultivation and dispensation throughout the state. This new patchwork of bans has been well orchestrated by certain law enforcement Associations and by the League of California Cities and due to recent court rulings it looks like they’re here to stay These bans are in impedance to State Commerce and are an affront to California’s voters and our democratic process. These same forces have repeatedly attempted to pass State legislation that would put the final nail in the coffin on safe access making such bans permanent and granting exclusive regulatory oversight to law enforcement agencies through so called “legalization” schemes. But thanks to the hard work of dedicated activists and concerned citizens we have one opportunity to get legalization right in California and it all happens in 2014. We have discovered that anti-cannabis forces are preparing to launch a false-flag operation in 2016 under the guise of legalization. They may also sponsor or endorse bad initiative language in 2014 now that 2 good Initiatives have been filed. Americans for Safe Access is stepping up to the plate and locking our sights on the next election cycle in California and we’re proud to bring you all the graphic details about every pending Initiative option in a section on our website ( http:r20.rs6.nettn.jspf001UWEyoeJmyjsPHTPaHT2AYYIzIdWSsguS5TclBJiJ8R3gUqCVPp5zS32NTOa1YelbpOUIbQZBo7UQMhtiy6o3tp7-Ebc1y9ZgyaX1gNE2JNSAEcXsudUddmYITJFdX1r8W5Z1CsAqwtqCVLFPFv7-hqkGiGTvejLCYqczxVAL2cCfm0FgTYQxSucjGT1N1xRSXBxlC8bq3pR7su4RsS9cUagoF0lx5ID-nHt6t2AmX0lZ2DjihDokfeuARXpjRKqonUjplbOoNBYIVTMUFpfmOyys5xl4QFwP8CGjawqyF0nESOD0bN1A7ODJ90ZbUJ6xsuxMg5Vd1jwWGIdXzaaVweBaKnqY1glGY0DxGRqwv0Zd3FRph53dbHUHEady6mtfCvVEz8&cKvTgMlsZFRYvjm6wN5pez-myLtEwukszZ7WJJitwMPxyfaeJsGvPA&chyf-58MfkHXXrjXFhd62YxNskCYzaEloRxil4fBJ1F29ryUryWk4fQ) called “Battlefield 2014”. Americans for Safe Access will disclose all the ugly truths about the sources sponsors and affects (if passed) of every pending Initiative in California so that activists potential donors and voters will have enough up-front information to support the right Initiative(s). If we fail in 2014 California is likely to fall into a darkness that will undue everything we’ve accomplished for the past 17 years Chapter Activities Update California. Americans for Safe Access is pleased to announce the formation of a new Chapter in the golden state located in the Northern Sacramento River Valley (representing a membership domiciled within the Counties of Shasta Tehama Butte and beyond). ASA is adding their initial contact information to our website for anyone interested in joining this Chapter and supporting safe access in California. We look forward to the day that our members are represented by Chapters throughout the State. Other States. ASA is also very happy to announce the initial formation of a new Chapter in the State of Georgia. For more information regarding all Chapter formations and available territories please visit our website at http:r20.rs6.nettn.jspf001UWEyoeJmyjsPHTPaHT2AYYIzIdWSsguS5TclBJiJ8R3gUqCVPp5zS32NTOa1YelbpOUIbQZBo7UQMhtiy6o3tp7-Ebc1y9ZgyaX1gNE2JNSAEcXsudUddmYITJFdX1r8W5Z1CsAqwtqCVLFPFv7-hqkGiGTvejLCYqczxVAL2cCfm0FgTYQxSucjGT1N1xRSXBxlC8bq3pR7su4RsS9cUagoF0lx5ID-nHt6t2AmX0lZ2DjihDokfeuARXpjRKqonUjplbOoNBYIVTMUFpfmOyys5xl4QFwP8CGjawqyF0nESOD0bN1A7ODJ90ZbUJ6xsuxMg5Vd1jwWGIdXzaaVweBaKnqY1glGY0DxGRqwv0Zd3FRph53dbHUHEady6mtfCvVEz8&cKvTgMlsZFRYvjm6wN5pez-myLtEwukszZ7WJJitwMPxyfaeJsGvPA&chyf-58MfkHXXrjXFhd62YxNskCYzaEloRxil4fBJ1F29ryUryWk4fQ All Donations Welcomed: ASA would be remise if we failed to remind you all that the hard work and dedication of our Chapters and our Membership would not be possible without the continued support of individuals businesses and organizations that share in our goals and show their support in the form of donations. Every donation is important whether large or small. ASA welcomes first-time donors who would like to support the cause and we encourage sustaining (reoccurring) donations from everyone who would like to join the fight. You’ll find 3 convenient options to donate on our website so you can even direct the purpose of your donations (Chapter-Building Educational or Political purposes). ASA’s Educational Programs also offer the benefit of tax deductions for donors. So check out our website http:r20.rs6.nettn.jspf001UWEyoeJmyjsPHTPaHT2AYYIzIdWSsguS5TclBJiJ8R3gUqCVPp5zS32NTOa1YelbpOUIbQZBo7UQMhtiy6o3tp7-Ebc1y9ZgyaX1gNE2JNSAEcXsudUddmYITJFdX1r8W5Z1CsAqwtqCVLFPFv7-hqkGiGTvejLCYqczxVAL2cCfm0FgTYQxSucjGT1N1xRSXBxlC8bq3pR7su4RsS9cUagoF0lx5ID-nHt6t2AmX0lZ2DjihDokfeuARXpjRKqonUjplbOoNBYIVTMUFpfmOyys5xl4QFwP8CGjawqyF0nESOD0bN1A7ODJ90ZbUJ6xsuxMg5Vd1jwWGIdXzaaVweBaKnqY1glGY0DxGRqwv0Zd3FRph53dbHUHEady6mtfCvVEz8&cKvTgMlsZFRYvjm6wN5pez-myLtEwukszZ7WJJitwMPxyfaeJsGvPA&chyf-58MfkHXXrjXFhd62YxNskCYzaEloRxil4fBJ1F29ryUryWk4fQ and please donate today. We thank you for your continued consideration and support and we look forward to providing Californians with a reliable alternative to organizations that have failed to achieve their stated purposes for far too many years. California deserves better. National News: New Hampshire House Votes for Legal Weed… But the governor promises to veto the measure New Hampshire symbolically became the next state to legalize cannabis. While the bill passed the house the governor has vowed to veto it – a move that may see him lose his seat in the future. New Hampshire House Votes for Legal Weed http:r20.rs6.nettn.jspf001UWEyoeJmyjsPHTPaHT2AYYIzIdWSsguS5TclBJiJ8R3gUqCVPp5zS32NTOa1YelbbJE90y-by0fFCPlvm8R4ROjjY9O8m1Z-s2XVCIi4ruF3Vbn5fXEzME5un3zSOjI9N-hRgEJYkBF8wsguB5l1q3q6nf69Ke1pPWmgav5Mqmb8d5r8cctwW4iEBl-EGx7ZX2hsRqFsOTEldjfnT7F-i3n5v5oaN04RwBn5t6h3JpzmQSTDHwF1jFL5NjzLJei5xQAEQCNdSvRvFPuflTQkErKst33KU27pPsa0ft0PN7NR5loEyo6KxS3vxJoMIiEc9rAO6m2XDh2x9ygAWtZEkmYuk-p5TyUtE1Eafy4oPqQGnHkgyEYbNx9IGmzxdNuWp4vgrFAhtB1TJs1aY2RoJK0PrDLv5dELYCahKyf4ZJwvjyS9bxKY-lhp84G8A1jdZ-tIf9tCCi9pPFdQ&cKvTgMlsZFRYvjm6wN5pez-myLtEwukszZ7WJJitwMPxyfaeJsGvPA&chyf-58MfkHXXrjXFhd62YxNskCYzaEloRxil4fBJ1F29ryUryWk4fQ Sincerely Americans for Safe Access Inc. 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