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PAC patients for compassionate use policies , position on sb1262

From: axisoflovesf – January 1, 1970

Allies below is the government relations policy peice from my PAC patients for compassionate use policies. We will be and have been in Sacramento several times last and this coming week . We’ve had some great conversation with correa office and several other committee members office our position is first to correct if corrections amendments are not made Our position switches to kill the bill Should you have any questions about our concerns or want more information regarding our independent lobby day next week Always feel free to call..(phone#-removed) IN SOlIDARITY Shona Dear Stakeholders Below are a set of concerns and proposed solutions to SB 1262 as it left amended from the Assembly public safety committee. The majority of the amendments block patients safe access and create unfair and corrupt processes. One piece missing entirely is a set of protections for compliance. As it left the committee it dismantled SB 420 our right to communal gardens this violates the Kelly decision and instead limits to five patients: this will impact low income patients The definition is painted with too-broad strokes. It should embrace what is and what’s to come with a fair public process. Not pricing out systems currently in place that patients depend on It should be to scale with the scope of the project including variances hardships waivers and appeals. Classes of commercial licenses need to be inserted including statewide networks historical preservation large scale Costco size public memberships medium and small (not over 1000) memberships. The price of provisional licenses should be sliding scale and the above categories should be applied with the right to bundle all associated licenses kitchengarden etc. Otherwise the state is assisting in supporting a monopoly of the largest profit driven network pricing everyone else off the map which is punitive to patients as it limits our choices affordability and services. The bureau proposed lends itself easily to cronyism and corruption. It should be balanced with a consumer panel vetting it’s suggested policy as it benefits the patientsconsumers before any policies are adopted. Do not force non profit status but add structures to support groups with authentic non profit missions (please review the MCLR for some suggestions). Mandatory compassionate care for our state’s low-income patients similar to Washington D.C. and the city of Berkeley. Thank you for your consideration. Low-income patients in the future would like to be at the stakeholders meetings as this directly impacts our healthcare. We have caring and diplomatic representatives across the state. — Shona Gochenaur Executive Director Axis of Love SF http:www.facebook.comaxisoflove http:www.twitter.comaxisoflove — You received this message because you are part of the SaveCannabis group. To post to this group send email to To Unsubscribe from this group send email to savecannabis View Archives at — You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups “Save Cannabis” group. For more options visit To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it send an email to savecannabis