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Medical Cannabis – Democracy Derailed Is Democracy Denied

From: axisoflovesf – January 1, 1970

Greetings Good morning I agree with Ms.Coutee on several issuesstated bellow . Here is what all to often is left off the table as in this started with ab2312 patients access to affordable medical cannabis free if need be. As I stated in my opposition to ab266 before the senate health comittee the most impactful ban statewide is on patients who due to failing health cannot afford market rate cannabis. The state does not have to reinvent the wheel Washington D.C. has a law provides for the patients who are living in poverty as do bay area cities. When we spoke with Assembly member Bonta office we clarified that the verbiage “primary caregiver” needed to be amended to patient provider. When we reveiwed the first draft from Governor Brown it read “caregiver” or primary caregiver that was good middle ground. I am saddened by the cloak of secrecy of the newest draft. The entire community is in a state of uproar. If we are indeed faced with a cut off date for compliance that has come and gone This will help the greedy among us corner the market and push numerous now law abiding collectives to the illicit market to benefit the few with no benefit for our states medical cannabis patients but fewer choices and higher prices. I sincerely hope that in the 11th hour this did not all go south for the very people these laws were written for us the patients. Hoping for the best Shona (phone#-removed) On Sep 11 2015 6:29 AM “Patient Advocacy Network” < patientadvocatesriseup.net> wrote: > Greetings Governor Brown Senator McGuire and Assemblymember Bonta – > > I am extremely concerned about the process by which the Legislature is > moving bills AB 243 AB 266 and SB 643. Since the first news and press > releases were issued over 8 hours ago my board and colleagues have been up > all night waiting to read the bills. Refresh. The same. Refresh. The same. > > It’s now two hours before the Legislature will meet to finish the session > and the public still cannot see what is clearly going to get shoved through. > > > This what cannot be in this bill(s): > No carve out for LA’s Measure D. Dan Rush corrupted the process. Don > Duncan brags about the “envelopes of cash.” LA is being sued. It’s a > Limited Immunity BAN. Willie Brown has been demanding 25000 a month to > “represent” dispensaries in LA. He’s Dan Rush without the Union. Shame on > you if you include this Participating in this corruption will be your > legacy. > > No new criminal penalties > > No excessive fees or taxes – This is medical cannabis. You can wait to > fill the state coffers when we legalize adult use. > > No arbitrary dates – another form of carve out or exemption for the > pay-to-play operators – violates equal protection > > No over-restrictive permitting that prevents smaller collectives from > participating. Only a handful of operators are earning 150000 personally > per year per dispensary they own consult serve on or off paper. > > Don’t violate Prop. 215. > > I thank you for your time and consideration. > > Sincerely > > Deg Coutee > President Executive & Program Director > Patient Advocacy Network > > (323) 334-5282 > P.O. Box 93845 Los Angeles CA 90093 > > PAN4Compassion > www.CannabisSavesLives.org > https:www.facebook.comxoFreeMaryJaneox > > PAN is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization > — You received this message because you are part of the SaveCannabis group. To post to this group send email to savecannabisa2c2.us To Unsubscribe from this group send email to savecannabis unsubscribea2c2.us View Archives at http:SaveCannabis.org — You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups “Save Cannabis” group. For more options visit https:groups.google.comaa2c2.usdoptout. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it send an email to savecannabis unsubscribea2c2.us.