The Save Cannabis email group is intended to be an open forum for the medical cannabis industry. Please follow these posting guidelines to help our community progress with the best interests of all in mind.

Please refrain from the following:

Disrespect – Please conduct yourself in a cordial and professional manner at all times. Please treat all members and your community with dignity and respect at all times.

Personal disputes – Please keep personal disputes off the list. This is a very large email list, using it to create drama will not be tolerated.

Instigating uninvited arguments – Please use common courtesy on our group, if no one asks for your opinion, refrain from giving it bluntly or rudely anyway. If you’re only here to fight, please find another message group to post in, you are not welcomed here. Posting or “trolling” specifically to cause tension with another member will result in permanent banning.

Posting in languages other than English – We don’t have the ability to moderate posts in any languages other than English. Any non-English posts can be deleted without notice at moderator discretion.

Spamming for your own personal gain – In the Save Cannabis group, spamming is considered the continued posting of a particular subject only for personal gain, or posting only for the clear intent of selling a service or a scam. Neither will be tolerated, and will result in a permanent banning.

Swearing – Using inappropriate language will not be tolerated. Similarly, the use of creative spelling (@ = a) or breaking up wo_rds to ensure they pass language filters (where in place) is considered swearing in SaveCannabis.

Using abnormal grammar and punctuation – 1t’5 +rU3 vv3 h4+3 r34d1Ng +H15 @5 mUcH a5 y0U. The use of caps lock and other unorthodox ways of speaking will likely result in other members asking you to quit. Do not be surprised if this occurs.