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    Letitia Pepper <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 30 10:14PM -0700  

        Here's how this works.  A state may decide to allow cannabis to be legal as medicine under state law. 
        If it is legal under state law, legally the federal government cannot prosecute people using cannabis as medicine in the ways that a state law allows.  That is because the federal CSA is intended to allow the feds to prosecute acts involving the recreational use of controlled substances.  Even if cannabis is federally scheduled as 1, which, under federal law, means it has no medicinal value, that has no effect on it having been recognized as medicine under state law, and whether the person's actual use is recreational.
        So, once cannabis is legal as medicine udner state law, patients in that state should be safe from state and federal laws.
         So, rescheduling cananbis as level 2 adds nothing to this, except it would allow doctors to write a federal-law-based, traditional prescription.  But you can't really "prescribe" cannabis because it doesn't come in uniform doses.  So rescheduling to level 2 is simply something that will benefit the pharmaceutical industry and people who prefer pills to herbs.
       Rescheduling cannabis to a level 2 will not help recreational users.  No matter the schedule level, recreational use is illegal under the federal CSA.
        The only thing that will help recreational users is the total liberation of cannabis — treating it like a plant with whom you as a human being have a right to have whatever relationship you like, as long as you aren't hurting anyone else.






    Starchild <s..s@a2c2.us> Jul 01 05:11PM -0700  

    Do you have a link to the two studies you mention? If their methodology was good, this sounds like great info to turn people on to.
    Love & Liberty,
    ((( starchild )))
    On Jun 30, 2012, at 10:26 PM, Letitia Pepper wrote:


    "Vincette Wilson" <s..s@a2c2.us> Jul 01 01:16PM -0700  

    From: "Laura Thomas, DPA" <s..s@a2c2.us>
    Sent: Sunday, July 01, 2012 12:47 AM
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    Dear Vincette,
    Thank you for working with us to end harsh penalties for drug possession in
    California. It's due to supporters like you that this important
    legislation is moving forward. Want to do more?
    Forward the message below to at least two friends!
    Thanks again, Laura Thomas
    Interim State Director, California
    Drug Policy Alliance
    Right now, we have an opportunity to end harsh penalties for
    drug possession in California. Your senator is about to vote on a bill that
    would lower the penalty for possession of drugs for personal use from a
    felony to a misdemeanor and needs to hear from you today.
    Without this bill, nonviolent offenders will continue to be
    punished every year for felony possession of small amounts of drugs.
    California has the largest incarcerated population in the U.S., and the
    U.S. has the largest in the world — and this groundbreaking bill could go
    a long way toward reversing those trends. This
    vote is going to be close. But with law enforcement lobbyists doing
    everything they can to block this legislation, it's crucial that your
    senator hears from you. I just took a stand to
    end this over-punishment, and I hope you'll join me. I just sent a letter
    to my senator, and I'm trying to get as many people to do the same.
    Take action today! Sincerely,

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    LANNYSWERDLOW <s..s@a2c2.us> Jul 01 01:08PM -0700  

    This Monday, July 2 at 6 p.m., we will feature another galvanizing installment of our radio show – Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense.
    Our first featured guest is Steele Smith bringing us information on Idrasil. Their website (www.c3oc.com) states “Idrasil provides all of the medicinal benefits of Marijuana without the risks of smoking or the unpredictable dosages of edible confections.”
    A little more provocatively, the site goes on to say that “Idrasil eliminates the negative social stigmas associated with Medical Marijuana and replaces them with an ALL NATURAL PAIN RELIEVING NUTRACEUTICAL which looks like any other pill on the market.”
    For some them’s fighting words, others might relate to them totally. We’ll find out just what is meant by that and also ask the intriguing question on how they are going to distribute Idrasil within California’s permitted collective distribution system.
    Our second guest is Lynn Wilson, aka The Happy Hemptress and Voice of the Resistance, who founded HempRock Productions in 1991. Along with Drug War Reform work, HempRock produces HempRock Radio which ran from 1992-2000 in Cincinnati and continues on their web site at www.hemprock.com.
    News, interviews, commentary and humor are the watchwords for every segment of the award winning radio show Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense. Hear it this Monday, July 2 at 6 p.m. and every Monday at 6 p.m. on Inland Empire talk radio KCAA 1050AM and everywhere else on the Internet at kcaaradio.com. Past shows are podcast at the website and can be heard by clicking on Monday in the left hand column on the home page and then scrolling down to and clicking on Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense.





    Michelle Aldrich <s..s@a2c2.us> Jul 01 07:53AM -0700  


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    "Dr. David Bearman" <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 27 02:59PM -0400  

    It appears to me that this list serve has way too many Chiefs and not enough Indians.
    Trying to get an initiative that we can all agree on ,particularly in a large group setting seems more ptimistic than I am about such a modulated free for all process working.
    How about this for starters: e put together a menu of 10 or 20 items that we think should be in the bill. Every gets to vote for their top 5 choices. We count the votes and include those 5 items. Then we repreat the process with the remaining items and add the top 5 from the second round of voting. Then lets look and see what we have.
    Dr. Dave Herrick <s..s@a2c2.us> wrote:



    Mickey Martin <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 27 07:01PM -0700  

    It is simple…..prescription drugs are not taxed. Cannabis is not a prescription drug. I believe medicine is one of the many things cannabis can be sold as. Should medicine be taxed? No. Should healthcare be for profit? No. 
    But medicine is taxed. All sorts of it. Go to Walgreen's. Check it out. But I am not shooting for a medicine only world. I live here on planet earth, where shit that is sold is taxed. Prescription drugs are not taxed, but the companies that sell them are; and believe that price is built in to the absurd costs of prescription drugs, which are not taxed but are responsible for 1/3 of the Nation's healthcare costs.
    But you want to talk regulations? Shit…prescription drugs are the MOST regulated thing on planet earth, where we live. You want to be treated like that just to avoid paying sales tax (which I remind you are simply built into absorbant costs that come out of our premiums)? Is that the model you "no tax-anti reg- medical only- folks see us moving?
    If you want to go to the weed store (dispensary) to buy your weed, chances are there will be a tax on shit. Should there be? I do not mind taxes. I like roads. I would hope an adult use cannabis market would subsidize a medical cannabis market. Why not?
    But your wild distortions of people's position reminds me why I was…..
    Mickey Martin
    T-Comp Consulting Director
    Author of Medical Marijuana 101
    ***The views expressed in this communication are not necessarily the views of T-Comp Consulting, Tainted Compassion, Cannabis Warrior any other group I am affiliated with.***








    David Malmo-Levine <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 27 10:42PM -0700  

    Shame on you "activists" that would deny the pioneers of the cannabis
    movement a decent living. You not only jump on the bandwagon, you push
    others off it and claim it for yourselves.
    Who are those arguing that pot growers and dealers shouldn't make a living?
    Some doctors and lawyers. Figures … they're home free. Nobody expects
    them to work for free … and they don't work for free.
    I have included two attachments, from the "Blacklisted News" bound edition
    of the Yippie publication "Overthrow". For those who think that Dennis
    Peron wasn't a simple pot dealer before he became a "saint" – here's proof
    to the contrary. Same thing with Tom Forcade and Rosie Rowbotham and Dana
    Beal – pot activists who financed their activism through the sales of pot.
    Those who now argue that pot dealers should make no money sound just like
    the police quoted in this article … and would foist a double-standard on
    the pot community that those in the doctor and lawyer community would never
    adhere to themselves.
    The right to make a living is what legalization is all about – fuck the
    right to smoke monopoly herb and/or corporate herb and/or discriminatory
    license allocated herb … nobody but cops and sellouts would advocate such
    an injustice and call it "legalization". And nobody but cops and sellouts


    William West <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 28 08:22AM -0700  

    I disagree, first of all Dennis was doing what everyone else wanted to do.
    No one is saying that making money is bad. What we are saying is for one to
    Capitalize the entire market is wrong, Dennis did not create an illusion to
    control and eliminate any other competition. He wasn't asking for donations
    under a guise to control.
    I say the man deserves a "Metal of Honor" for having more balls that most
    to do this knowing what might of happen to him. Would you of had the balls
    Not everyone has a "silver spoon", some of us have to do with what we have
    or have to make it happen.
    On Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 10:42 PM, David Malmo-Levine

    *William W. West*
    *William W. West Productions*




    Marla James <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 28 07:27AM -0700  

    If my doctor recommends I take vitamin D, when I buy it, I pay sales tax.
    In California cannabis is an herb. Like any herbs, eccanashia, valerian,
    etc. * pay taxes.*



    Michael Levinsohn <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 28 07:44AM -0700  

    Butte County judge has ordered DA's expert to produce medical records for patients she claims were made gravely I'll by eating raw cannabis. She has said records can't be found, and in any event won't be released. I've moved to strike her testimony.
    Ruling is August 1.
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    Mickey Martin <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 28 07:25AM -0700  

    A note to some of the stupidest people on the planet…
    Posted by Mickey Martin on June 28th, 2012
    I do enjoy a good debate. There is nothing I like more than to have a deep discussion about the finer points of cannabis and cannabis reform. With that, unfortunately, comes the need to have discussions with some of the stupidest people on the planet. So I am going to break things down for the insane medical weed posse, so that we are fucking clear where we stand and where we are going forward.
    As musch as some people in this movement still enjoy the fact that people go to jail for weed who are not sick enough, or who do not have the money to pay the doctor’s bribe, this shit is coming to an end. Look around you. Society has had enough of the insanity that is cannabis prohibition. I know it is nice to think you are special because you are sick and find relief from weed, but the reality is you are not special…you are just sick. I feel for you. Being sick sucks. I know. I face issues every day for which cannabis provides relief. The thought of losing that privilege would concern me. It would NEVER concern me enough to think that we should still take non-sick people to jail. That is disgusting. Weed WILL be legal soon, so you might as well come off your position that only the very sick should have access to weed. That is just a fucked up position, no matter how you slice it. Look deep in your heart and ask yourself…”Do I think
    non-sick people who use weed should be punished?” If your answer is “Yes” then please go jump in front of the nearest bus for me. Thanks.
    Proposition 215, aka The Compassionate Use Act, was meant to be the beginning, not the end all of meaningful cannabis reforms. Prop. 215 opened the door to a world where cannabis is not considered an evil and dangerous substance. It allows a limited amount of people a limited affirmative defense in court. It allows for people to possess and cultivate cannabis for medical purposes. The law also encourages the government to establish a safe and affordable distribution system. So, even the people who wrote 215 understood that it was not the end all. While it is great that a person who was just diagnosed with stage 3 cancer last week CAN possess and grow weed to help them with their affliction, the fact is that MANY people in our society have NO IDEA where to find cannabis, or how to grow it. Also, most people just diagnosed with stage 3 cancer likely have more important business to attend to than gardening, like chemotherapy and radiation. But if they
    want cannabis under the confines of just Prop. 215 they are shit out of luck, unless they can somehow find a seed or a plant and wait 3-4 months for it to grow, barring any issues with bugs, or mold, or heat, or….you get the picture. If I just got diagnosed with cancer and will begin my chemo next week, I do not have 3-4 months to watch a fucking plant grow. I want relief now. And I want to have a good selection of safe medicines that I can access in a well-lit and clean facility. I want a dispensary to go to. So the folks who think that dispensaries are evil and that the entire industry should be one communal garden are simply not living in reality. Sorry. SB420 allowed for collectives and cooperatives to organize as storefront dispensaries….kind of. The reality is that we have been pretty lucky in California that the industry has been allowed to develop with little oversight. It has allowed for an environment of ingenuity and creativity. But let
    us not act like Prop. 215, or SB420 for that matter, are the only laws we need. They obviously are not. If they were, there would not be so much confusion 15+ years later, and people would still not be going to jail for their garden or their collective. The Compassionate Use Act is a great law, but I do not think anyone woke up the day after it passed and said “Good. Our job is done here.” Real cannabis reform is bigger than the limited protections offered by 215. Patients will not be truly safe and have acces to truly affordable medicine until adult use is a reality.
    So much of the wingnut bullshit argument is about taxes, and whether or not cannabis (medical in particular) should be taxed. Here is the reality, fuckers. The only medicines not taxed at the retail level in our society are prescription medication. But these medicines are heavily taxed through the manufacturer, and you can believe those taxes and fees are offset in the absorbant prices that drug companies charge. And here is the kicker…MEDICAL CANNABIS IS NOT PRESCRIBED. Nor do we want it to be. There is no stricter classification for regulations on earth than prescription drugs. Nobody in their right mind would believe that jumping through the prescription drug regulatory hoops would be a good idea for this industry. If you want to be regulated like a prescription drug so you can be afforded the same tax protections, then kiss your garden goodbye and get ready to pay whatever cost the company that had the millions of dollars to bring that drug to
    market wants to charge you. There will be no small batch production or any sharing of prescription cannabis. Counterfeiting a prescription medicine is a 10-year mandatory minimum. So just shut the fuck up about the prescriptions not being taxed bullshit. There are a lot of things that prescription drugs are not…mostly easy to bring to market. We DO NOT want that. Then there are the tomato freaks….”Tomatoes are not taxed, Mickey.” Super. Tomatoes are not cannabis. Tomatoes are a non-psychoactive substance that go well on sandwiches. Cannabis is not. Do you see the difference? Believe the farmer who takes his tomatoes to market also pays taxes on his income, and thus, your tomato costs a little more. I am not for taxes on peoples’ personal grown cannabis, but if you want to sell it in the market place then chances are in the current framework of the society you live in THERE WILL BE TAXES. Live with it.
    I am not sure why I feel the need to stop and address the incredibly stupid people that sometimes make up the cannabis industry/movement. It is almost like a duty I feel to make sure that others are not confused by the lunatic fringe, sort of like a public service deal, I suppose. The truth is ignorance is often the window of opportunity to understanding. We often have to look at the extremes of an issue to find the true middle. I realize that some people are just fucking crazy. I get that. But often it is hard for the innocent onlooker to tell the difference between the well-intentioned and the nut-jobs.
    At the end of the day, as a human being walking the face of planet earth, I would hope that you looked deep into your personal soul and asked yourself, “What can I do to make sure our society quits taking people to jail for weed?” The rest of this non-sense is just a simple distraction based in bad theory and ungrounded realities. Do not get lost in the maze of crazy talk. Think for yourself and try to find a solution that accomplishes the goal of cannabis freedom, while not being so idealistic and entrenched in a position that anything less will not suffice. It takes a lot of people to make a world, but that does not mean we have to humor all of them….sometimes stupid is just stupid.
    Mickey Martin
    T-Comp Consulting Director
    Author of Medical Marijuana 101
    ***The views expressed in this communication are not necessarily the views of T-Comp Consulting, Tainted Compassion, Cannabis Warrior any other group I am affiliated with.***





    Tom Davenport <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 27 01:14PM -0700  

    Mickey, et al,
    We might find it more realistic to think of AB2312 as "the un-dead" –
    it's only gone away for the moment. "I'll be back", as they say.
    It's definitely not dead.
    Hopefully we've learned some important things about the legislative
    process while luckily dodging implementation of the lame text of AB2312.
    A good thing that happened is that some of us discovered how co-opted
    the large "patient advocacy" (ASA) and "reform" (NORML) organizations
    are. It's now well demonstrated, in one case at least, that there
    are untrustworthy persons posing as "allies" with a self-serving
    hidden agenda which runs at cross purposes to "safe affordable
    access" within the medical cannabis context. And there's an
    organizational representative that comes to mind who is a jiver and
    the organization itself is fairly irrelevant to cannabis reform.
    What's next is that AB2312 is going to get trotted out again in a
    slightly different form.
    What is needed? Repeal Cannabis Prohibition. But in the meanwhile
    (Repeal Cannabis Prohibition 2012 did not get enough signatures to
    qualify for the November ballot)…
    We'll have to write the text ourselves, or particular sections of
    it. Those of us who regard it as inevitable that AB2312, or
    something similar, will become law in California HAVE to provide
    actual TEXT which can be placed into the bill rather than just
    criticizing what the legislators do. They'll use it if the text
    seems reasonable to them or there's more pressure favoring it than
    It's really what's needed, until we can repeal cannabis prohibition –
    otherwise, something onerous WILL be passed.
    On Jun 27, 2012, at 9:45 AM, Mickey Martin wrote:




June 27, 2012 – Digest for s..s@a2c2.us – 8 Messages in 5 Topics



    Jacob Secret <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 27 09:26AM -0700  

    With all due respect Dale..
    Justifying a tax on medicine because big business, our government and bigots collaborated to surpress it is  illogical and unethical, I would expect a higher level of thinking and integrity from a reputable organization like NORML.
    Ive personally walked into oriental medical facilities and their raw forms of herbs are not taxed. Botanical herbs and teas are not taxed as well. Produce is not taxed. Annual plants are not taxed.
    Society should not attempt to capitalize off of others suffering, to do so is barbaric and shameful.
    Jonathan Lustig
    Social Crusader
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    "Dr. David Bearman" <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 27 02:52PM -0400  

    I know amongst my patient population and the physicians in AACM I just don't hear the nonsense that many of those who participate in this list serve are saying
    what I hear are more practical ideas with how to deal effectively with the real world.As the song says "You can't always get what you want" But we have a good shot at getting what we need.
    David Bearman,M.D.



    Van Hovey <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 27 08:53AM -0700  

    In my humble view, there should be one overreaching goal that all other
    agendas fall into, the end of cannabis prohibition! This should be the
    measuring stick against which all other actions are measured. Let's make
    this our rallying cry! END CANNABIS PROHIBITION!!!
    Van Hovey


    Mickey Martin <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 27 09:45AM -0700  

    So what now? Next steps for cannabis freedom…..
    Posted by Mickey Martin on June 27th, 2012
    We have come to the spork in the road again…..super.
    So now that AB 2312 has died and the wingnut crazies are all over the internet and email lists claiming some weird victory, and the policy groups, unions and brown-nosers are regrouping for the next big thing, where do we go from here? That is a tough question. I can tell you where not to go from here….with either of the warring factions that are happening right now in Cali and beyond.
    On one side there is the assertion that we must do something drastic to conform before the US Government beats us out of existence.
    On the other side there are folks who believe that cannabis should have zero oversight, zero taxes, and that dispensaries are evil. These folks honestly believe that the hundreds of thousands of patients in California should all be a part of one big, non-profit, communal garden with zero rules or regulations. Others let their hatred for one person or group decide their position…it will automatically be in opposition regardless.
    The bottom line fact is that both sides of the debate are FUCKING CRAZY.
    If UFCW, ASA, CANORML, MPP, DPA, and whoever else is on board over there bring forward another ballot initiative to expand prohibition, I may just kill myself. In the wake of AB 2312 I have heard some rumblings saying, “See…with a ballot initiative we would not have these amendments..blah blah blah.” Yeah. Instead you would have an outright rejection of voters that would solidify the opposition’s position that California does not want dispensaries. You think you would have a better time convincing millions of California voters that they MUST have dispensaries in their communities? Good luck with that.
    Bottom line…if we are still talking passing a dispensary regulation initiative two years from now I am going to find a new movement to be a part of.
    The obvious next step is to retool the movement and begin fighting for simple and pure unadulterated cannabis freedom. I have said it many times, but I will say it again. We do not have the time, energy, or resources to continue to fight these little “help keep my dispensary open” projects any more. For one, they are not working. 280e reform is not gonna happen any time soon. The Feds do not give a shit about your best practices model (see BPG), and expanding prohibition has never solved anything. We MUST begin to fight the bigger battle on the front line. We must begin making real noise about the injustices of taking people to jail for weed.
    Our society is passing our movement by in this respect. Every day a new public conversation is being had about why we need to quit taking people to jail for weed, but our movement continues to squabble over this dispensary and that grow. We are missing the boat. Real reform is happening in our society, and for the most part, we are failing to seize the moment and push the issue further. We can no longer afford to splinter our strategy and hope for small victories. It is time to end this thing once and for all.
    But if you want to solve the issue of their being no statewide regulations, then here is a simple answer- SELF-REGULATE. We began working on a project not too long ago (2009) to develop a self-regulatory council for the industry. It was a project called the Medical Cannabis Safety Council. The project got all fucked up by some serious ego heads and a lack of real funding; but the goal was to establish a professional and accountable self-regulatory model to oversee the industry BEFORE State bureaucrats had a chance to run roughshod over the industry. We warned then that this day was coming, and that if we did not self-regulate we would be subjected to much more strict regulations passed by some government agency sooner or later. We knew that a crackdown would eventually come with no regulations, as it was obvious that there was a backlash brewing.
    But the big players in the industry could not get on the same page and could not decide on proper restrictions for the industry that would not interfere with this group or that group’s ability to make their coin. But here we are again….what better time to have a real and open honest discussion about self-regulation than right now? Is there a reason we could not establish a well-thought and workable regulatory model that may one day be adopted by the State Department of Health? A lot of industries self-regulate. This is not a new concept. Is there a chance that given the enormous backlash and panic that the industry is experiencing that we could find some common ground and establish a fair and measured regulatory model that shows we are responsible and willing, while at the same time preserving the essence of the current medical cannabis landscape? Sure we can…
    Will we? That is a much different conversation.
    What is obvious is that we have a hell of a lot of work to do, regardless. We are better than our current situation. The noise and drama that we currently see are nothing more than ideological distractions reminiscent of the failure we see in our government. We are better than this. If people are so entrenched in their position that they are unwilling to even compromise in any way, then those people suck and should not be allowed to be a valid part of the conversation. Lord knows I have very vocal and open opinions, but I am also willing to explore middle ground and look for real and meaningful solutions. I am not such a gigantic asshole that I will allow my disappointment with this person or that group get in the way of the ultimate goal of cannabis freedom.
    So as we stand at the spork in the road and look for our ultimate direction, it is important that we self-examine our motives and principles and  try to understand that our own personal views, aspirations, and positions are not the end all in this movement, or on this planet. Progress is made when we hear one another. Too often the only voices being heard are some snarky attorney from So-Cal who hates this person, or some washed up wannabe activist from San Diego who has a gigantic axe to grind with this group…..and the only noise they make is about how to demean and belittle their enemies, with zero real solutions and strategies on how to move forward.
    I am not with that. I will speak my piece, make my comments, and continue to explore my own positions for validity and areas of compromise. I want weed to be legal for anyone to use for anything whenever and wherever they please. Whatever steps we have to take to get to that point, I am open to. I am willing to find mutual understanding and worthy goals to work on, even with those I do not care for or am currently disappointed with. We all should. If we are not even willing to hear one another, then we have already lost. In many ways, I think we already are very, very lost. I think we have simply failed to find a way to galvanize the movement and work towards our goals. Too many hurt feelings and mistrust to have a koom-by-ah moment any time soon…but I hope I am wrong.
    Regardless…the world is moving quickly towards a more rational approach to cannabis, and it would serve our community well to hook our wagon to this zeitgeist of cannabis freedom and hang on for what is bound to be a very exciting journey over the next few months….
    Mickey Martin
    T-Comp Consulting Director
    Author of Medical Marijuana 101
    ***The views expressed in this communication are not necessarily the views of T-Comp Consulting, Tainted Compassion, Cannabis Warrior any other group I am affiliated with.***


    "Bill McPike" <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 26 10:04PM -0700  

    Judge Wieland, Madera Superior Court, dismissed: A 2 felony – I misdemeanor
    Hani Assad Patient from 2007, OCBC card, expired 2008, stopped for speeding
    30 miles
    From home, driving away from home. Had 7.8 ounces, including hashish & honey
    Charges-transporting-concentrates-possession of over 1 ounce. Prior attorney
    Prior attorney did 2 dismissal motions both denied.
    Case over 1 year old. I filed a dismissal motion-DA opposed with People v
    Wayman, and
    Expired card (4 years). With prior attorney, Judge said must go to a jury
    to find the facts.
    He started there today, must go to jury to find the facts.
    Anyway, after 15 minutes of argument, Judge dismissed everything. Client's
    Made it outside to cry. Consoling her, 4 attorneys came out side to
    congratulate us.
    Got a new case from one of the attorneys.
    Its been a great month, as 2 other cases settled.
    Bill McPike, Attorney at Law


June 21, 2012 – Digest for s..s@a2c2.us – 12 Messages in 9 Topics



    Bill Dake <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 20 05:27PM -0700  

    Hi Save Cannabis and
    Wednesday, July 4, Run & Walk
    2012 Freedom Road 5K & Jefferson Mile, in SF’s Golden Gate Park. Video
    Finish & Finish Photos, Black T-S and posted results are featured. Both
    courses are USATF certified and benefit Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
    (LEAP) and the Ohana Education Fund.  You
    can pledge for LEAP, a 501c3 Ed Charity teaching the Truth about the War on
    Drugs or the Ohana Education Fund.  Ohana
    invites Schools to participate and collect pledges for themselves and keep 100%
    of what they raise.
    When you print schools on the bottom of the Entry the amount we guarantee LEAP
    goes to the Ohana Education Fund, where schools can go for funding.
    For Online Entry, Downloadable Freedom Road Entry Forms and Pledge Sheets (LEAP
    & Ed Fund) Go to www.ohanarrca.org/Freedom_Road_2012.htmlSend Entries & Pledges to Ohana, 528 Larch Ave,
    South San Francisco, CA 94080 Hotline:(phone#-removed)
    ~ Price increases after 6/20 ~  If
    painful, go to the web site and print out an entry and make a check out for the
    pre-price and send it in with the entry.
    You can also use Freedom Road to
    Fund Raise for your own group. Simply put NORML, ASA or whatever 501c3 cannabis
    Charity on the line where it says TEAM and the Amount that we guarantee to LEAP
    will go to your non-profit group.  I am happy
    to fund raise for LEAP, because they are good people who are all about supporting
    all of you whenever they can be of assistance, as they want to Regulate all
    Drugs.  Please spread the word and let
    people know about Freedom Road.  The mile
    is flat and wheel chair friendly as well as being one of the Fastest and Flattest
    in the country.
    Volunteers are needed; please contact s..s@a2c2.us
    Volunteers are definitely needed.
    Pease forgive me for this late request, as deeply appreciate your volunteerism.
    If you can volunteer on the 4th at Freedom Road, please let me know
    as I need a show of hands.
    Volunteers should show up by 7am,
    at Middle and JFK Drives, across the street from the Conservatory of Flowers.
    Bill Dake
    LEAP & NORML Member
    Ohana Road Runners President
    Ps,  We came up short for all of those Initiatives
    in California recently and I heard people wishing for a “Sugar Daddy or Mommy” who
    would give their Initiative a couple of $ Million to pay petitioners to collect  signatures.  Well, why not have some fund raisers and put
    the money in a fund to help pay for future initiatives.  Each group can have some representation in the
    Fund and when there is agreement, use the funds for a promising Initiative.    



    "andrew garret" <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 21 08:59AM -0700  

    The museum has just obtained this story [from a Reefer Madness era] pulp
    fiction mag that we have been looking for for quite a while. Part of
    which reads as follows:
    Marijuana is a weed that has been cultivated in the heart of New York City
    and in other communities. It takes no smuggling. It takes no expensively
    protected narcotic rings to produce it. It is cheap and it is wrecking
    boys and girls throughout the land. To its use have been traced many
    fiendish murders committed by victims of its ravages.
    This amazing story, while fiction, is authentic in every respect as it
    deals with the ravages and effects of muggles —the marijuana cigarets
    — as it truly describes muggles-prompted orgies.
    The story was written by an investigator who served in many special
    capacities with various vice squads in American cities. He is telling in
    this shocking story of the way in which hundreds of young girls are being
    despoiled innumerous cities throughout the country every day—today,
    perhaps, in your own community. “
    If anyone want’s to read more, feel free to ask for a [computer scan] copy
    of the story – makes for fun reading.
    Antique Andy
    Museum Curator
    To add-remove yourself from the museum’s own mailing list:
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    Use Catholic Online Webmail to proclaim your faith to the world.


    Pebbles Trippet <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 20 09:00PM -0700  

    Can you please supply us with the changed wording compared to the old
    wording on the banning of collectives?
    We need to see the language ourselves in order to get behind something.
    There's also the problem of regulatory exemptions for "individual
    patients and caregivers" not covering collective associations.
    They are related issues, i.e., collectives are not incorporated into
    the exemptions section and now the bans of collectives being allowed.


    Tom Davenport <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 20 09:54PM -0700  

    The May 25th version, which I sent you and others two days ago, is
    the most current, according to http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/cgi-bin/
    postquery – you do have to do a search query for AB2312
    It can be DL'd either as PDF or viewed as HTML at that address.
    On Jun 20, 2012, at 9:00 PM, Pebbles Trippet wrote:


    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 20 08:31PM -0700  

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    s..s@a2c2.us wanted to share this with you:
    original article was in LA Times.
    Dispensing profit
    In the first raid, Orange County sheriff's detectives hit a Dana Point
    marijuana storefront, the San Clemente home of its director and a
    "stash house" he allegedly maintained nearby.In the two…
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    Shona Gochenaur
    Executive Director
    Axis of Love SF


    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 20 06:35PM -0700  

    your welcome. Jon. I support your efforts n union even if we cant see
    eye to eye on the impact of ab2312 , id didnt mean to offend by my
    honesty and always welcome further dialouge n debate .

    Shona Gochenaur
    Executive Director
    Axis of Love SF



June 19, 2012 – Digest for s..s@a2c2.us – 25 Messages in 10 Topics

    Jacob Secret <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 18 09:43PM -0700  

    In the mid 1800's cannabis was in 30 different medications here in the U.S..
    The medications stated "cannabis".
    "Marihuana" was used to disguise the 'cannabis' tax, even the AMA representative did not know what "marihuana" was so he did not object to the taxation.
    The following day the AMA was up in arms that they were deceived.
    Its Cannabis.
    I would like my previous email sent to this list to thoroughly explain my position.
    Thanks ahead of time.
    Jonathan Lustig
    Social Crusader
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    Matthew Meyer <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 19 07:49AM -0700  

    We are caught between our grounding in American culture as knowers, in an
    intimate and personal sense, of this plant, and our advocacy before the
    public (actually perhaps mostly amongst ourselves, but OK), in which we
    seek to use discourses that derive legitimacy from other sources, chiefly
    science. How much each of us bases our advocacy vocabulary on each of these
    sources is bound to vary, and code-switching is completely normal. Around
    here we just puff some herb, or maybe take some tincture.
    Some people probably think that words are just labels that we attach to
    things in the world. I'm an anthropologist, though, and I know that
    language makes our worlds in profound ways. Words and themes ("tropes")
    link to others, presume others, take certain stances for granted. Watch
    out! You'll get caught in a trap. (The care Rastas take with Iyaric can
    provide neat clues to trying to take Babylon out of the language, and never
    to put the speaking subject in a subordinate position, e.g., "overstand,"
    the avoidance of the objective case pronoun "me" in favor of the active
    subject "I," etc.)
    I would never enter a conversation with a prohibitionist, at least in
    anything approaching a formal setting, and allow a term like "pot," "dope,"
    or "weed" to become a touchstone in the dialogue. It just gives too much
    framing power away. People already think they know what it means.
    On the other end, I think Mickey's overly strong reaction to this
    discussion bears a relationship to criticism of the DeAngelos' and others'
    attempts to "swap out" commonsense perceptions of pot for a whole new set
    of understandings based on "wellness." To go too far in that direction is
    to generate the sense that "we all know" that it's just X, but we're going
    to call it Y. People tend to think that's puffery, not honest engagement.

    Matthew Meyer
    PhD Candidate
    Anthropology Department
    University of Virginia


    Matthew Meyer <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 19 07:55AM -0700  

    John / Jacob, I'd like a cite on that AMA bit.
    Here's what Charles Whitebread wrote on the tax act hearings:
    > go home?"
    > That's an exact quote. The next Congressman said, "Doctor, if you haven't
    > got something better to say than that, we are sick of hearing you."
    So it would appear that the AMA knew what substance was under discussion.
    (This is not to contest your claim that Anslinger purposely used
    "marihuana," although I think it was more to evoke Mexican criminality than
    to confuse the AMA.)
    On Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 9:43 PM, Jacob Secret <s..s@a2c2.us>wrote:

    Matthew Meyer
    PhD Candidate
    Anthropology Department
    University of Virginia




    PeaceLove <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 19 09:56AM -0700  

    My understanding of the AMA's role in the Congressional hearings is that
    they only showed up on the last day because they didn't know until then
    that the "marihuana" being considered for a ban was in fact the safe and
    effective medicine commonly known as "cannabis." So the AMA was very late
    to the game in denouncing the ban and was unable to mount an effective
    Can any historians out there confirm or clarify?
    Regardless, I agree with Jonathan and Matthew. Terminology is important.
    Among non-users — our critical target demographic — "cannabis" does not
    have all the negative associations of "pot," "weed" and other terms
    (including "drug"). As far as "marijuana" goes, I think that term once had
    negative, possibly racist connotations but it seems pretty neutral now.
    Nevertheless, all the common terms other than "cannabis" have been smeared
    by a century of steady propaganda so I think it behooves us to adopt the
    one that's still relatively fresh and clean.
    *Pot is a safe and effective tonic for the mind, body and spirit. Legal weed
    threatens several multi-billion-dollar industries. Drug laws
    disproportionately target blacks and Hispanics, and mainly the poor.*
    *Cannabis is a safe and effective tonic for the mind, body and spirit.
    Legal cannabis threatens several multi-billion-dollar industries. Anti-cannabis
    laws disproportionately target blacks and Hispanics, and mainly the poor.*
    Which version sounds more authoritative?
    PeaceLove, Jonathan
    *There is nothing more agreeable in life than to make peace with the
    Establishment – and nothing more corrupting. *
    *-A.J.P. Taylor, historian (1906-1990)*


    Jacob Secret <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 19 01:18PM -0700  

    Wow even after years of countless hours of research there is still much to learn.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Jonathan Lustig
    Social Crusader
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    KC <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 19 04:49PM -0700  



    "Patient Advocacy Network" <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 19 03:52PM -0700  

    And so it is…
    Los Angeles City Council Agenda
    Friday, June 22, 2012
    John Ferraro Council Chamber, Room 340, City Hall – 10 am
    Items for Which Public Hearings Have Been Held – Items 1-6
    ITEM NO. (2)
    the Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) in response to recent appellate
    court decisions concerning medical marijuana.
    Recommendations for Council action, as initiated by Motions (Huizar –
    Englander) and (Parks – Perry), SUBJECT TO THE APPROVAL OF THE MAYOR:
    1. FIND that this action is categorically exempt from California
    Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) under State CEQA Guidelines sections
    15301, 15305, 15308, 15321, 15060(c)(2) and (3), and the corresponding
    City CEQA Guidelines, because it will not result in a direct, or
    foreseeable indirect physical change in the environment, for the reasons
    set forth in the CEQA Narrative prepared by the Planning Department.
    (Exhibit Two of the City Attorney report dated May 25, 2012, attached to
    the Council file). [ENV-2012-1273-CE]
    2. ADOPT the May 24, 2012 FINDINGS of the Los Angeles City Planning
    Commission (LACPC) as the Findings of the Council.
    3. PRESENT and ADOPT the accompanying ORDINANCE, approved by the Director
    of Planning on behalf of the LACPC, repealing and replacing Article 5.1 of
    Chapter IV of the LAMC in response to recent appellate court decisions, by
    prohibiting medical marijuana businesses, while preserving the limited
    state law medical marijuana criminal immunities, until such time as the
    California Supreme Court rules regarding what cities can and cannot
    regulate and the City enacts new medical marijuana legislation consistent
    with that judicial guidance, transmitted by the Office of the City
    Attorney on May 25, 2012.
    4. NOT PRESENT and ORDER FILED the Ordinances transmitted by the Office of
    the City Attorney on January 6, 2012 and by the LACPC on May 15, 2012.
    5. DIRECT the Department of City Planning to file a “Notice of Exemption”
    with the County Clerk immediately after the proposed Ordinance is approved
    and passed in final by the City Council.
    Fiscal Impact Statement: None submitted by the City Attorney and the
    Planning Department. Neither the City Administrative Officer nor the
    Chief Legislative Analyst has completed a financial analysis of this
    Community Impact Statement: Yes
    For proposal: Sunland Tujunga Neighborhood Council
    East Hollywood Neighborhood Council
    Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council
    Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council
    Degé Coutee
    Executive & Program Director
    Patient Advocacy Network
    (323) 334-5282
    PAN is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization


    Gary <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 18 10:07PM -0700  

    What was the outcome?
    Change the world for the better!




    Denise <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 19 10:48AM -0700  

    It was a set up from the Police Department from the beginning with their distorted facts about guns, money, stealing electricity, and how the dots all connect to medical cannabis. The staff was well prepared and instilled fear in council members who considerered holding their vote waiting disposition of AB2312 or the Pack decision.
    Council Member Jim Prola was passionate about cannabis patients access in San Leandro. He stood his ground to encourage a vote for his motion. We need to keep him in politics representing our rights. His wife, Diana, a member of the school board also spoke about the difficulties for patients safe access in San Leandro and recognizing children can get cannabis anywhere.
    I wrote all council members a letter prior asking them to not fall victims to the refer madness mentality The Patch news reported they were relying on for their decision. It was another modern day refer madness scenario being played out in cities that try to place fear in their citizens over distribution. The only ones buying it are the officials and cops!
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    Jacob Secret <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 19 10:56AM -0700  

    Lets all remember that they need a second reading to impliment the ban.
    I've been down in LA all week and I will make an appearance at their next city council meeting.
    I hope some of you are with me.
    Jonathan Lustig
    Social Crusader
    Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android


    Bud <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 19 03:28PM -0700  

    This may not be especially legal, should any locals wish to consult an
    For starters, this wasn't listed as an action item on the agenda, rather a
    recommendation for a council motion to direct staff to prepare a permanent
    ban in the form of a city ordinance. Had they done that, the permanent ban
    would have appeared on a later agenda as an action item, with a staff
    report that included the text of the proposed permanent ban along with a
    required environmental finding of no significant impact. The "action" part
    of the action item would be to vote on the proposed ordinance and the
    required Gov. Code 65858 findings.
    What happened instead, apparently, is that the council voted to extend the
    temporary ban another year. That's not kosher for two reasons: a) it wasn't
    agendized properly as an ordinance passing a moratorium extension, nor did
    the council vote pertain to a draft ordinance and required findings, and b)
    you can't keep passing "temporary" bans forever. The city has already used
    up its allotment of time permitted for so-called urgency ordinances: The
    45-day kickoff, the 10-month, 15-day extension, and a one-year extension
    after that.
    As background, Gov. Code Sec. 65858 authorizes cities and counties to pass
    urgency ordinances pertaining to new development threats, so it was used a
    lot to enact instant dispensary bans, sometimes before anyone even had a
    permit application in the pipeline. (The dreaded "Planning staff have
    received inquiries pertaining to medical marijuana.") If cities jumped the
    gun a lot, at least they were in the ballpark because dispensaries
    generally constitute a new or uncategorized land use in a particular city's
    zoning ordinance.
    That's quite different from growing bans, which try to erase an existing
    land use, i.e., personal cultivation on private property. Because personal
    cultivation does not involve new development or zoning approvals, I would
    argue that Gov. Code 65858 cannot be used to pass an urgency zoning
    ordinance that bans all outdoor growing, for example, nor can such
    permanent growing bans escape at least an initial environmental review
    under CEQA. Not that my opinion counts, so look for urgency growing bans to
    become the new rage.


    David Goldman <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 19 01:01PM -0700  

    The SF MCD The Green Cross has produced an FAQ sheet
    about San Francisco's medical cannabis dispensaries.  It is written in
    English, Spanish and Chinese.   I think this contains an excellent set
    of talking points when people need to educate others on issues
    concerning MCDs. The corrected link is below.
    David Goldman
    Core member:  SF ASA
    m: (phone#-removed)


    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 18 10:16PM -0700  

    YES . On respecting labor and workers and their inclusion to
    regulation. However lets think this thru a minute here Dan there are
    workers at every level who could be impacted if not downright
    unemployed if ab2312 squashes our family run collectives and small to
    mid size MDCs . Yes i agree planation like realitys exist but even the
    huge brand name big box MDCs that are footing the bill for ab2312 ?
    Are not union members? Why? They must have more than twenty employees
    and if you include all their grows? Wow. Many more and thoose employee
    probably could use a union break ! But the pay play scheme here in
    ab2313 will leave only a few on the map and push most underground? How
    does that truly benefit our workers if only a few huge commerical
    shops exist? Small business and family business and farms must remain.
    And I doubt they will with this bill as it stands and the price for
    your averarge consumer goes up and the qaulity goes down without our
    cottage growers . Ab2312 -simply will not protect from feds.


    "Jonathan Hughes" <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 19 06:20PM  

    Here is one reason…
    Unions do not organize, people do. I think you are asking the wrong person the question. The union can't answer the question because we are also asking that same question. Local 5, at this time, is not going force a union contract on any operator. It has been collabortive but we (the union) can't understand why all of you and your workers are not signing up with Local 5. Belonging to a union will allow the worker to participate in a fair and democratic process to collectively gain better wages, benefits and retirement. A negotiated and voter approved (by the workers) contract. Jon
    Jonathan Hughes
    UFCW Local 5
    240 South Market St
    San Jose, CA
    1(phone#-removed) ex.5629
    Direct Line

    Jonathan Hughes
    UFCW Local 5
    240 South Market St
    San Jose, CA
    1(phone#-removed) ex.5629
    Direct Line


    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 19 11:55AM -0700  

    pls post widely. No need for blind faith . Lets open our hearts and
    minds and take a look and hopefuly re assemble this into a fair and
    balanced law. support comunity based cooperatives and protections for
    our growers . Last but not least accountablity from a board with

    Shona Gochenaur
    Executive Director
    Axis of Love SF


    Jacob Secret <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 18 09:50PM -0700  

    The LA police chief stated that there was no correlation between an increase in crime and dispensaries.
    Our violent crime rate here in California increased until 1996 and since then it has plummeted to a 40 year low.
    Los Angeles reported a 50 year low in 2010 while having the most dispensaries in the state.
    In 2006 the attorney general reported that the government survey shows youth usage was at its lowest level since they begun giving out the anonymous test to 7th, 9th and 11th graders.
    What is going on??!!
    Jonathan Lustig
    Social Crusader
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    Mendocino Medical Marijuana Advisory Board <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 18 10:28PM -0700  

    I'm not getting any google results at all for the search terms "CA
    State Senator Ayers" What's up with that? Nor for the search string
    "CA State Senate business and economic development committee". That
    being the case, I must say I can't regard the email address you
    kindly sent as being reliably associated with CA state senate
    hearings on AB2312.
    I will research it myself and let you know the results.
    On Jun 18, 2012, at 9:27 PM, Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur wrote: