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    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <s..s@a2c2.us> Aug 20 08:49PM -0700  

    Thx david for answers. Answer and caring about bringing everyone on board
    is what didnt happen with monopoly crew. I'm on board if anyone can tell
    me where the ship is. Draft?mtg times ? Happy to help build a fair and
    equal coalition to do something good for EVERYONE
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    Donna Lambert <s..s@a2c2.us> Aug 21 11:33AM -0700  

    It is important when drafting legislation to be clear.  I think considering the obvious exclusion of maintaining the medical marijuana patients right to grow, it would be good to have a statement in writing on exactly where Judge Gray stands on prop 215 and the patients right to grow marijuana AS NEEDED.  Prop 215 does not have plant limits.  Prop 19 excluded the patients right to grow but allowed a general 5 plants for everybody.
    Let us have in writing Judge Grays intent and opinion regarding a medical marijuana patients right to grow the amount of plants they feel is needed for their medical condition. 
    Neither you are I speak for him.  As he is instrumental in crafting Kubby's iniatives I think these issues should be on the table
    Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2012 10:38 AM
    So have I. Many times. His deeds speak louder than your impressions. 
    On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 9:55 PM, Donna Lambert <s..s@a2c2.us> wrote:
    Ask him yourself, I have talked with him personally on this issue.




    David Jack <s..s@a2c2.us> Aug 21 03:06PM -0700  

    Hi Donna,
    Judge Gray was the Chief Proponent of RMLW and as such has signed his
    name to that initative. That should give you a good idea of where he
    stands. I do not know where the "no plant limits" comes from that you
    wrote of. Even /Kelly /had guidelines/limitations.
    David Jack
    On 8/21/2012 12:06 PM, Donna Lambert wrote:


    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <s..s@a2c2.us> Aug 21 07:16PM -0700  

    How about just share the draft and be inclusive.


    s..s@a2c2.us Aug 21 09:56PM -0400  

    I am a woman stoner coming out green. I've had a love affair with pot for 45 years because cannabis hemp makes my mind, body, spirit feel better, always. I love pot also because it's a real and immediate solution to saving the planet as I learned in Jack's Emperor. In support, I have written and self-produced a stageplay, TOKE, a socially conscious comedy/drama about Weedee, a big hearted soccer mom who crashes through the suburban tupperware wall with the courage to admit she inhales.

    As the play opens, Weedee sneaks a toke hiding behind the clothesline so her children won't see her. By the end she witnesses a dispensary bust and is empowered to discover her higher calling as a committed cannabis hemp activist by way of a high energy protest at the White House, with the Pot Fairy by her side.
    TOKE review from Cannabis Culture:

    TOKE just finished a successful 5 week run in Sacramento, resulting in a nomination for an Elly Award in the category of Original Works, as judged by the Sacramento Area Regional Theater Alliance, winners to be announced Sept. 23. I am in the process of putting this TOKE performance on dvd. If anyone is interested in seeing my play I can send a copy when it is ready. Thank you. Deedee Kirkwood www.toketheplay.com.


    KC <s..s@a2c2.us> Aug 21 04:05PM -0700  

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    Hello Everyone,
    I have a 30-minute meeting with Tom McClintock in September. He is wiling
    to promote HR 6335. His staff has instructed us to draw up a public
    statement that the Congressman can make condemning the letters issued by
    the US Attorney's threatening asset forfeiture on collectives and patients.
    He is willing to stand up for this based on 10th Amendment Rights.
    We are claiming that the Feds have seized personal property from patients
    who were in compliance with State law – sometimes without charges or a
    trial. We need 3 or 4 good examples of this to show the Congressman.
    It will backfire on us if McClintock makes a statement and we don't have
    examples to back up our claims. If anyone is aware of anyone who would be
    willing to come forward, please send me the details ASAP. This is too good
    of an opportunity to pass up!
    We hope to build our relationship with Tom so that he will introduce bills
    to protect our rights rather than just co-sponsoring them. Politics does
    indeed make strange bedfellows!
    Patricia Smith
    ASA-Nevada County


    brenda kershenbaum <s..s@a2c2.us> Aug 21 02:51PM -0700  

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2012 12:06 PM


    women who are protecting their Right to engage in trade.
    Jan Irvin
    asked me to follow up here.                    
    It is my intention and desire to assist
    you all into becoming a powerful force of many without becoming a single targetable
    group or organization. By working individually, but together as a unit maintaining all your Rights while keeping away from Attorneys, we can protect
    the valuable service each of you provide for your community.
    Disclosure: For
    the Record, I nor any of the folks working with me give any form of Legal
    Advice, as only an Attorney can legally do such a thing. We do not practice
    Legal Law, we simply protect our own Rights. For the Record I am not an Attorney,
    nor are any of the Folks working with me. One does not need to be an Attorney
    in order to be able to see and fight injustice. One does not need to be an
    Attorney to be learned in the law (non-legal law) in order to access a Lawful
    Tribunal where a man’s natural Rights must be upheld.
    Facts to be considered:
    Dispensaries operate legally under a license. Those Legal Licenses have not
    been voided or cancelled (as far as I can tell) by the City's ordinance no.
    182190.  A "license" is
    defined by Bouviers Law Dictionary as:  LICENSE, contracts. A
    right given by some competent authority to do an act, which without such
    authority would be illegal.The
    instrument or writing which secures this right, is also called a license.
    Any attempts by the City or State Employees to violate the terms of the License
    without cause related directly to the current contract/license will be
    considered an illegal breach of contract giving cause to each individual Licensee
    to bring suit separately for damages against such employee or elected employee.
    2) The
    creation of this corporate ordinance specifically interferes with Prop 215
    which states:
    To encourage the federal and state
    governments to implement a plan for the safe and affordable distribution of
    marijuana to all patients in medical need of marijuana.
    The city is
    inhibiting the people’s will, and is going directly against this law of the
    people requiring government to provide "safe and affordable distribution of marijuana". Instead, it is
    taking away that ability, without the benefit of law, and with no cause of
    action for charging a fine. The City municipal corporation is claiming harm by
    you, without citing a specific victim. If there is no victim or injury there
    is no crime?
    To ensure
    that qualified Californians have access to marijuana for the medical purposes
    recommended by a physician who has determined that the person’s health would
    benefit from the use of marijuana in the treatment of cancer, anorexia, AIDS,
    chronic pain, spasticity, glaucoma, arthritis, migraine or any other illness,
    each provider must uniteindependently with all others.
    These City Officials
    are obstructing the ability of "Californians
    to obtain… marijuana" – a direct violation of the people's will and
    State law. The State law created by the voters (people) will not be superseded
    by the municipal corporation’s council claiming under color of law to be acting
    on behalf of the people. As licensed providers, this opinion of the council
    through its prima facie ordinance does not in any way effect your license to do
    Sec. 2. If any provision of this new
    measure or the application thereof to any person or circumstance is held
    invalid, that invalidity shall not affect other provisions or applications of
    the measure which can be given effect without the invalid provision or
    application, and to this end the provisions of this measure are severable.
    The City has
    not provide a legal basis for invalidation of the people's will, as it has not
    shown invalidation of the people's law, Prop 215, or any section thereof. In
    fact, the City has stated clearly that it is waiting for the State Supreme
    Court to rule on this subject. Therefore, the City is not within its legal
    jurisdiction to pass this ordinance until such time as the courts have ruled.
    In short, the City's bark has no bite.
    3) Finally,
    these letters of coercion, which threaten to fine legal licensed dispensaries
    $2,500 per day after a certain date in September have no legal power. They are threats, backed
    up by brutal force but not law. The way to fight coercive color of law is by demanding the proof of their authority to enforce anything upon you; be that as
    a citizen or Licensee or as a free man. Any enforceable fine must be part of
    the original agreement (license) or it is fraud. Trespassers can only perpetrate fraud
    upon you with impunity if you consent to it.
    It is my intention
    and desire to get all currently licensed dispensaries in good standing who are willing to protect
    their own Rights to work together. The worst thing we can do is to place all of our
    power into one class action case under an "Attorney". To
    "attorn" is to give up your rights; an Attorney will make you into
    one who is incompetent and a ward of the court subject to its will/decisions. This is exactly where the City corporation wants you – in an easily managed, uninformed group led by an officer of the court.
    One of the results which
    come from working independently but together is that the City Municipal
    Corporation’s efforts become un-profitable. A hundred or one thousand or more of you standing
    up for your Rights in Court individually will cause these Officials to rethink
    their assault on your Rights.
    going into more detail, I will leave you with this.
    The stance
    to take with these Municipal and State Corporations is to make your Demands and
    make them prove theirs.
    You are the authority, but you
    have to express it – you must answer the City's "request" for compliance of its opinion by saying NO, I do not consent. You must respond to all requests, lest they become contract.
    You have a limited time to respond, as the letters gave a September date as required by law to respond. If you do not respond and demand cause of action, you will be bound by the opinion presented. Non-response is considered consent to these organized criminals.
    can be forwarded to this email.
    Richardson and company-


    YouTube Service <s..s@a2c2.us> Aug 21 02:44PM -0700  

    asandusky78 has shared a video with you on YouTube:

    10 Years to Life for Medical Marijuana: The Trial of Aaron Sandusky

    "This is a Constitutional battle, and we're going to defend our rights," says Aaron Sandusky, the owner of a medical marijuana dispensary in Upland, California who now faces federal drug trafficking charges even though he was operating within California state law.
    Reason.tv first profiled Sandusky in late 2011 in the midst of a federal crackdown on marijuana dispensaries across California, which occurred despite repeated promises from the Obama administration to lay off operators compliant with state law (Incidentally, the city of Upland, which initiated the legal action against G3, admitted in court that Sandusky was operating within state law). During the production of that video, Sandusky's storefront and grow house were raided, his assets seized and his product destroyed. But Sandusky was undeterred and joined a lawsuit with several other dispensary owners, challenging the right of city governments to outright ban dispensaries. After a favorable ruling from an appellate court, …


    Tim Perkins <s..s@a2c2.us> Aug 21 08:22AM -0700  

    Stumping for donations is all failed magazine, failed candidate, and
    failed self appointed "pot gurus" do. All of which are deadly
    liabilities to cannabis. The "back of the wagon, medicine show, sleazy
    slick salesman crap just oozes off the page and serves as a cred
    killer.The source of the message is the problem that needs to be removed
    from the process. Glory Whores are the reason there is no progress.



    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <s..s@a2c2.us> Aug 20 10:00PM -0700  

    Ok Bruce happy to work on. Let's comunicate directly.




    Steve Kubby <s..s@a2c2.us> Aug 21 02:58AM -0700  

    Judge Jim Gray Speaks to Enthusiastic Crowds at Hempfest in Seattle
    Posted by C. Michael Pickens on Monday, August 20th, 2012 in Blog
    Libertarian Vice-Presidential Candidate, Judge Jim Gray spoke twice at this year’s Seattle Hempfest. First time at the, “Legalize it! Movie Premier Preview & Panel: Behind the Scenes of Prop. 19” and the second time on the Main Stage.

    “Honestly, I never in my life thought I would be in a place like this and I am among friends. It’s amazing, some of the very best people I have met in my life, I have met as a result of drug policy reform, and that means you” Followed by loud shouts and a roaring applause.

    Judge Gray continued to talk of his experience as a former prosecutor, drug warrior, and Judge.

    “Back in 1992, I did something very unusual for a sitting trial court judge, I held a press conference announcing to the world…what we are doing with regards to drug policy is simply not working, it’s failing, we must repeal drug prohibition.”

    The leadership that Judge Jim Gray has shown from 1992 until today brings many people hope. People who have family and friends locked in cages for non-violent victimless crimes, those who are locked in cages for victimless crimes, and the tax payers who are tired of paying for and supporting a failed social policy.

    Judge Jim Gray does not use marijuana, but he respects and defends the natural rights of someone else to use marijuana. Judge Jim Gray does not have a dog in this fight, yet he still fights for the rights of others. This is the leadership that exudes from the Libertarian Presidential ticket right now.

    Judge Jim Gray went on to say, “If we are going to get our country back, if we are going to bring back prosperity, equal opportunity, and freedom to the United States of America, your only choice for President this November is Governor Gary Johnson”

    Needless to say, Judge Jim Gray and the Gary Johnson Campaign, with support from the Libertarian Party of Washington’s booth, was a hit at this year’s Hempfest.

    The Johnson/Gray Presidential ticket was verbally endorsed on stage by many other speakers at Hempfest including but not limited to:

    Julia Rose, The Curator of the Peter McWilliams Online Museum
    Steve Kubby, RegualteMarijuana 2014 Chief Officer and Campaign Manager
    Jodie Emery, Wife of “Prince of Pot” Marc Emery; Cannabis Culture Headquarters & Magazine, Director
    Stephen Collett, California Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Initiative, Treasurer
    Dr. David Bearman, M.D. American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine, Vice President & Board Member; ASA, Board; Patients Out of Time, Advisory Board Member; Author ‘Demons, Discrimination and Dollars: A Brief History of the Origins of American Drug Laws’
    Dan Katzir, “Legalize It!” the movie, Director
    Dan Rush, United Food and Commercial Workers International Union- Director, National Medical Cannabis and Hemp Division
    Ravit Marcus, “Legalize It!” the movie, Producer

    C. Michael Pickens is the Author of the book, “Libertarian Leadership: Planting the Seed for a Libertarian Future” and the Washington State Campaign Director for the Gary Johnson Campaign.


    Catherine Cusic <s..s@a2c2.us> Aug 21 02:43AM -0700  

    Why LGBT and HIV against this? Because honey we have ARRIVED. We have HRC representing the 1% oh LGB (sorry no T's). We have queers who want to be Republicans (Log Cabin outdated-these are for real).
    In short we now have enough smug right wing gays to make Alice Club look like your local Trotskyist chapter.
    Catherine Cusic (who lives in Mission BTW).
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    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <s..s@a2c2.us> Aug 20 09:14PM -0700  

    Ok mickey I like the punch to throat for mention of govt agent b.s. if you
    question. How about a concrete plan to not allow hijacked of efforts by
    lobby? What happened to moneys raise by failed 2312,curious. As far as us
    crips and sicky people the vote from our patient advocate committee was not
    to support anything that cross sb420. As long as we can strengthen truly
    affordable safe access and not create cannbe monopolys or create New crimes
    and play to pay schemes and broaden cannabis freedom and keep poor family's
    together and dads out of jail,what reasonable patient advocate wouldn't


July 20, 2012 – Digest for s..s@a2c2.us – 14 Messages in 9 Topics

    Mickey Martin <s..s@a2c2.us> Jul 20 11:57AM -0700  

    The QUIT TAKING PEOPLE TO JAIL FOR WEED Rally on Monday in Oakland
    Posted by Mickey Martin on July 20th, 2012
    On Monday at 3:00 pm activists groups from all over will converge on downtown Oakland to protest during President Obama’s 4:30 pm fundraiser. Groups from #Occupy to Tea Partiers are sure to show out to attempt to deliver their message to the President on his visit to the Fox Theater.
    My message is simple…QUIT TAKING PEOPLE TO JAIL FOR WEED.
    Some are organizing under different banners for the event, including the “Rally to Save Harborside” and “Former Obama Supporters Rally” (thank you Tom Angell of LEAP). We strand in solidarity with any and all messages to President Obama that reflect the values of fairness, equality, and social justice. We understand that our message is crafted from many voices and viewpoints and we embrace all groups working for a better world.
    But I will be there with one clear message…QUIT TAKING PEOPLE TO JAIL FOR WEED. I think that cuts right to the point. It might just be me, a cool sign, and probably a bullhorn….but believe the message will be clear before the day is done. We can no longer keep taking (mostly poor) people to jail for weed. It is not working.
    WHEN: MONDAY, JULY 23RD AT 3:00 PMish….
    I hope people can make it out and join in the festivities. It is sure to be a great time and a wonderful opportunity for real activism in the streets of Oakland….one of my favorite activities. Bring a sign, some comfortable shoes, some water, and the willingness to create real social change through direct action.
    Mickey Martin
    T-Comp Consulting Director
    Author of Medical Marijuana 101
    ***The views expressed in this communication are not necessarily the views of T-Comp Consulting, Tainted Compassion, Cannabis Warrior any other group I am affiliated with.***


    Richard Muller <s..s@a2c2.us> Jul 20 11:38AM -0700  

    Hi all,
    Just thought I would pass this along. I hope to see many activist friends there to remind our President that we are patients not criminals.  Harborside is a model for high quality medical cannabis distribution, not the only model, but a good one, that has acted in good faith with respect to taxes, hiring, testing, and quality assurance. If they can single out one facility….they can single out anyone and no provider is safe.  We may not agree with Harborside, some actions they have taken in the past with regard to limiting permitting and establishing standards, testing, for medicine, They deserve our community's support, they have supported us by sponsoring events, educating the public on our issues, and other worthy causes they have funded. They provide employment for over 100 people. How does closing 2 model facilities and forcing over 100,000 patients back into doing business with cocaine, crack and heroine dealers going to help public safety? I
    guess I am missing it.
    See you there,
    — On Fri, 7/20/12, NORML <s..s@a2c2.us> wrote:
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    From NORML.org:
    July 23rd Oakland Rally To Protest Federal Medical Cannabis Raids Recent Action Alerts:
    Support the Truth in Trials Act
    Support the States' Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act
    Support Federal Legislation To End Marijuana Prohibition
    July 23rd Oakland Rally To Protest Federal Medical Cannabis Raids
    Tell The President: Fight Crime, Not Medical Cannabis
    NORML invites you to join us in a peaceful protest demonstrating your support for California's medical marijuana laws when President Obama comes to visit Oakland this Monday, July 23rd.
    Where: Oakland City Hall Plaza, Broadway & 14th St.
    When: July 23rd, Noon – 5 PM
    12 – 1 PM Street Theater
    (1:45 PM – Press Conference at Oaksterdam University, 1600 Broadway)
    3 PM – Gather for President's Visit
    4:30 PM – Obama visits Fox Theater (in the heart of Oaksterdam, target of recent federal actions against medical marijuana)
    Bring sunscreen and water, weather forecast is in the 80s
    *** Join us in a peaceful protest of the federal government's assault on state-approved medical cannabis providers in California and elsewhere. In violation of Attorney General Holder's sworn policy to respect state medical marijuana laws, N. Cal. U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag has threatened local officials and landlords for allowing medical cannabis distribution, invented arbitrary and capricious new rules contrary to established local policy, and targeted many of the Bay Area's leading dispensaries for closure despite their adherence to state and local laws. Most recently, Haag has moved to close the Bay Area's largest dispensary, Harborside, on the grounds that it is too big (and successful) by filing to forfeit its landlord's property.
    The DOJ's assault on medical cannabis has cost California hundreds of tax-paying businesses, thousands of jobs, and millions of dollars in tax revenues, to the sole benefit of black-market criminals. In other federal actions, the Department of Treasury has blocked banks and credit-card companies from doing business with medical cannabis providers; NIDA has blocked medical marijuana research; the BATF has denied medical marijuana patients the right to buy firearms, even while funneling weapons to Mexican narco-trafficantes; and the DEA has declared that marijuana has no medical use despite scientific evidence to the contrary.
    Remind the President of his campaign pledge on medical marijuana: "I'm not going to be using Justice Department resources to try to circumvent state laws on this issue"
    For more information see: http://canorml.org/obama
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    Congressional Lawmakers Reintroduce Truth In Trials Act Details
    07/19/12 12:18pm EDT
    NORML Women Spring Wrap-Up Details
    07/16/12 10:47am EDT
    And Then There Were Three: Oregon to Vote on Marijuana Legalization in November Details
    07/13/12 10:48pm EDT
    What the End of Prohibition May Look Like: Preemption and the Legalization of Marijuana Details
    07/13/12 1:07pm EDT
    Feds Target Harborside Health Center — California’s Largest, Most Prominent Medical Cannabis Dispensary Details
    07/12/12 1:03pm EDT
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    Jonathan Lustig <s..s@a2c2.us> Jul 20 10:23AM -0700  

    Id like to know what other entities, which exist, survive and expand by accepting donations, are taxed on their goods.
    If a citys constituency voted to tax Goodwill, while being deplorable, would it though be legal?
    There are some things in life which are blatently wrong to me, taxing a suffering individuals medication to maintain city sidewalks is as disgusting as supporting sweatshops and torture.
    Jonathan Lustig
    Social Crusader
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    Thc <s..s@a2c2.us> Jul 20 11:31AM -0700  

    We need to get together about SJ Politics Very Soon on this subject. Much has happened since we last talked…..
    Much love,
    Momma D
    (408) 410-4564
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    Dave Hodges <s..s@a2c2.us> Jul 20 06:30PM -0700  

    http://bit.ly/A2C2-vs-HS <goog_346069817> U.S. Attorney May Not be Out of
    Line <http://bit.ly/A2C2-vs-HS> Posted by Guest Columnist on Friday, July
    20, 2012 Comments (1)
    *Dave Hodges operates A2C2 medical marijuana collective in San Jose. He
    wrote this column for San Jose Inside.—Editor*
    Harborside collectives in San Jose and Oakland were recently ordered to
    shut down by U.S. Attorney Melinda
    Many have called Harborside a model for other medical marijuana collectives.
    To help everyone better understand what the complex California law states,
    I want to provide some direct quotes and key information:
    Let’s start with what defines a “collective” under California law? The only
    definition comes from Health and Safety Code 11362.775, where it states:
    “[California Medical Cannabis patients are allowed] Collectively or
    Cooperatively to Cultivate Marijuana for Medical Purposes.” In simple
    terms, the entire definition of what a collective is and how it operates is
    defined only by the word “collectively.”
    The “guidelines” most collectives operate under are the 2008 Attorney
    General (AG) “Guidelines for the Security and Non-Diversion of Marijuana
    Grown for Medical Use.” One thing that must be understood is that the AG
    Guidelines are NOT the law. They are AG Jerry Brown’s legal opinion of the
    law. Although they are not the law, they do reference it. In the AG
    Guidelines Section IV. A. 2.“Collectives:” it states “California law does
    not define collectives… As such, a collective is not a statutory entity.”
    So what is a “non-statutory entity”? It is any “entity” not defined under
    statutory law. A “non-statutory entity” is governed by “non-statutory law,”
    and includes structures such as churches, private associations, book clubs,
    etc. In the case of a “Collective”, the “non-statutory law” is defined in
    the “collective agreement” or “membership contract”. Thus a collective is a
    “non-statutory entity” who in effect defines it’s own “non-statutory law”
    in its “collective agreement.”
    Next, let’s discuss what defines a “Sale.” California’s Sales And Use Tax
    Law RTC section 6006, defines a “Sale” to mean and include: “Any transfer
    of Title or Possession”. Also known as a change in ownership. If a
    collective is structured properly, every member “collectively” owns the
    “collective.” As such, no change of ownership takes place when a member of
    the collective contributes to and receives cannabis produced “collectively”.
    The Board of Equalization’s legal opinion of a true collective is that
    within the collective no ownership changes and as such no “sale” of
    cannabis takes place, thus no sales tax liability is incurred. Thus a true
    collective does not pay “sales” tax. Over the past year, I have been
    undergoing an audit process with the BOE. The determination of the BOE
    auditor is that A2C2 is NOT a collective and, as such, I owe them $130k.
    The catch is, once the administrative remedies are exhausted, the court of
    appeals will have to decide if the Collective Agreement created by my
    attorney J David Nick defines a true collective. If it does, the BOE will
    owe me $12k for the sales tax I mistakenly paid them.
    When it comes to the city of San Jose’s tax, Measure U, the fact that the
    city attorney is aware of Measure U’s violations of law is evidenced by the
    drafted Title 6 Ordinance, Section 6.88.440. “Collective Operations”,
    subsections C & D:
    “C) No sale of any products, including medical marijuana… D) In-kind
    contributions, monetary contributions and property contributions provided
    by members towards the collective’s overhead expenses shall be in strict
    compliance with State law…” and is further supported by Measure U: 4.66.220
    “Payment of tax does not authorize unlawful business.”
    Although a “sale” inside a “collective” is protected in the state of
    California, Federally “sales” of cannabis are clearly illegal. In the case
    of Harborside, operators clearly state they “sell” marijuana and pay “sales
    tax” on it. Combine this with the fact that Harborside accepts medical
    cannabis patients who live outside the state of California, one might
    understand how a charge such as Federal Drug Sales/Trafficking might be
    There is no one in the medical cannabis industry who is “safe” from federal
    enforcement. All one can do is limit one’s exposure to activities that are
    clearly illegal and work within the exact letter of the law. I do not agree
    with the apparently indiscriminate crackdown on cannabis clubs, but in my
    opinion, “the worlds largest seller of marijuana” has made a mockery of the
    “collective” model. And based on the interstate “drug sales,” Harborside
    may have clearly overstepped California’s Medical Cannabis laws.
    *Dave Hodges is the operator of A2C2 collective in San Jose.*
    TAGGED: politics <http://www.sanjoseinside.com/categories/politics>,
    business <http://www.sanjoseinside.com/categories/business>,
    , a2c2 <http://www.sanjoseinside.com/tag/A2C2/>, dave
    , harborside health center of san
    , jerry brown <http://www.sanjoseinside.com/tag/Jerry+Brown/>, medical
    marijuana <http://www.sanjoseinside.com/tag/medical+marijuana/>, melinda
    haag <http://www.sanjoseinside.com/tag/Melinda+Haag/>




    "Dr. Brazil" <s..s@a2c2.us> Jul 20 10:19AM -0700  

    theQueen of Dragons  non-profit Collective & Club
    5044 Shasta Dam Blvd, Shasta Lake City, CA. 96019        [530] 276-9771
     From the Congressman
    Sent: Friday, July 20, 2012 6:41 AM


    July 20, 2012
    Dear Dr Tammy,
    you for contacting me to express your support for H.R. 2306, the  Ending
    Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011 . I value your point of view
    and appreciate the opportunity to respond.
    I agree that efforts to limit illicit drug use have not been fully successful, I believe that the negatives
    of drug legalization, including marijuana, would be much worse. Studies indicate that the marijuana used
    today is more potent than ever, causes serious mental health problems, can cause structure abnormalities
    in the brain, contains significantly greater cancer-causing properties than tobacco, is addictive and
    creates harmful dependencies, is a frequent precursor to the use of more dangerous drugs such as cocaine
    and heroin, and can lead users to commit violent or otherwise irresponsible actions that harm innocent
    decriminalizing or legalizing drugs may lead to the creation of a permanent class of drug users who will
    find it increasingly impossible to support themselves, and thus will rely on the state for welfare, disability
    payments, or unemployment insurance. Their medical problems will increase, draining our already strained
    county hospitals and the health care programs. Thus, innocent taxpayers will be forced to subsidize the
    dazed and lethargic lifestyle of substance abusers. Preventing drug users from operating motor vehicles
    will also become an increasing problem as drug use becomes more tolerated and acceptable.
    these and other reasons, I oppose decriminalizing or legalizing the use of marijuana.  I believe the
    better approach is discouraging its use through a clear and honest discussion of the damage that the
    drug can cause.  I believe parents, schools, churches, and community organizations are best positioned
    to encourage personal responsibility and convince younger Americans especially that marijuana use contributes
    to an unhealthy lifestyle.  Additionally, I believe existing drug laws should be enforced to further
    discourage illicit drug use.
    Although we may not
    see eye-to-eye, I will be sure to keep your perspective in mind should Congress consider H.R. 2306 or
    other legislation that would change laws governing marijuana use. 
    As always, please do not hesitate
    to contact me in the future regarding this or any other federal issue important to you. In addition,
    I would like to invite you to visit my website at herger.house.gov where you can find additional information on my position on a variety of issues and sign up for occasional
    e-mail updates on them.
    Member of Congress  


    "Martin A. Lee" <s..s@a2c2.us> Jul 20 10:40AM +0200  

    Hi Don,
    That's a very cool bit if info. If you come up with more on this, please
    let me know. See you in Freiburg.
    Best, Martin
    On Thursday, July 19, 2012, Don E Wirtshafter wrote:


    Michael Backes <s..s@a2c2.us> Jul 20 04:00PM  

    Love to see this documentation.
    Ohio University wasn't founded until the early 1800's, though.
    Of course that doesn't mean they didn't accept hemp for tuition at that
    time, though.


    David Jack <s..s@a2c2.us> Jul 20 08:11AM -0700  

    *Federal Ruling May Change Probable Cause In Marijuana Cases
    By Steve Elliott ~alapoet~
    Thursday, June 28, 2012 at 12:20 pm
    */Federal Court Judge Acknowledges Authority of a State Medical
    Marijuana Law/*
    *By Philip Dawdy*
    /Cannabis Activist/
    *A recent federal district court ruling in Spokane, Washington is
    something of which every medical cannabis attorney, patient, provider
    and advocate needs to be aware — not only in Washington State but
    throughout the entire Ninth Circuit.*
    The ruling is also something of a victory for Washington's recently
    changed medical cannabis law, because for the first time a judge has
    ruled in a way that gives quasi /arrest protection/ under the state
    medical cannabis law and has likely set an interesting precedent on
    probable cause and cannabis. And the ruling came from a /federal/ court
    judge. It was also a bit of a slap to the U.S. Attorney's Office in
    Eastern Washington.
    Last November, Spokane County Sheriff's deputies thought they had
    sniffed out a large cannabis grow in Spokane based upon a deputy's
    observation of odor of growing cannabis and so they did what narcotics
    cops often do: They ran the plates on a car at the home and determined
    that it was someone who'd been convicted of growing in the past. They
    examined power bills. They visited the home, smelled cannabis odors and
    made entry and busted several people and, eventually, seized evidence
    from both that home and a separate storage facility.
    Then they turned the case over to federal officials in Spokane who
    indicted the alleged cannabis growers for manufacturing more than 100
    plants. If convicted, the alleged growers would each be staring at /five
    years minimum/ in federal prison.
    But, in a filing in May
    <https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B_yJ1GjtR3BjdDljR2dHcVhPM0k>, their
    attorney Richard Wall argued that all of the evidence seized were the
    fruits of an illegal search and seizure, a violation of the 4th
    Amendment. He argued this based upon the fact that, in his view, that
    Washington's medical cannabis law had changed in 2011 from affirmative
    defense-only to something more akin to complete decriminalization of
    medical cannabis, even for growing, provided that people stayed within
    certain limits of possession.
    Here's the relevant language at RCW 69.51A.040
    The medical use of cannabis in accordance with the terms and conditions
    of this chapter does not constitute a crime and a qualifying patient or
    designated provider in compliance with the terms and conditions of this
    chapter may not be arrested, prosecuted, or subject to other criminal
    sanctions or civil consequences, for possession, manufacture, or
    delivery of, or for possession with intent to manufacture or deliver,
    cannabis under state law, or have real or personal property seized or
    forfeited for possession, manufacture, or delivery of, or for possession
    with intent to manufacture or deliver, cannabis under state law.
    In his filing, Wall argued that since there was no evidence in the
    search warrant affidavit that the deputies had attempted to determine
    how many plants were present at the location and had made no attempt to
    determine if anyone at the residence was actually in compliance with the
    state medical cannabis law, then there was no legitimate probable cause
    for the search and that any evidence seized should be quashed.
    What's more, since these were local police and they had not been
    operating as federal officers or claiming violations of federal law in
    their search warrant affidavit, then again the evidence seized needed to
    be tossed out of court.
    Wall argued:
    In order to establish probable cause to believe that a person has
    committed or is committing the crime of unlawful use, possession, or
    manufacturing of marijuana under Washington law, it is not enough to
    merely show that the person used, possessed, or manufactured marijuana.
    Instead, probable cause can be established only by showing that such
    use, possession or manufacturing failed to comply with the terms and
    conditions of RCW 69.51A.
    On May 31, a Senior US District Judge named William Nielsen issued an
    order <https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B_yJ1GjtR3BjYUVQWk5zU2hSTlU>
    accepting Wall's argument and quashing the evidence in the case. Judge
    Nielsen wrote:
    Contrary to the Government's assertion, a state crime has not been
    committed simply by possessing or manufacturing marijuana in Washington.
    If the person complies with the medical marijuana statute, they have not
    committed a state crime….The Court find that the statute is clear on
    its face and that the medical marijuana exception and the general
    controlled substance statute must be read together in a manner that
    gives both effect….It is uncontested that while the affidavit
    supporting the warrant included evidence of a marijuana grow, there was
    no mention of them edical marijuana statute or an assertion that the
    grow violated the medical marijuana statute. This omission is fatal to
    the warrant as the warrant then does not show probable cause of a crime.
    The judge invited the feds to file a reconsideration of its evidence,
    which the US Attorneys Office for Eastern Washington did, but without
    *Judge Nielsen's ruling is remarkable on a number of fronts.*
    It's literally *the first time I've ever seen a federal court judge
    allow and acknowledge the authority of a state medical cannabis
    statute*, especially in pre-trial maneuvers; it's the first time I can
    remember a federal court judge saying he was bound to give a state
    medical cannabis law "effect;" it would appear that the common use of
    odor of cannabis as probable cause is now out the window in states with
    medical cannabis law, at least up until an officer has determined if
    someone is a medical cannabis patient in compliance with their state's
    medical cannabis law. Power bills, another common probable cause tool,
    would be similarly effected.
    In late June, the U.S. Attorney's Office for Eastern Washington filed an
    appeal of Judge Nielsen's order with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
    and asked for that a stay be placed on the order. While the Court of
    Appeals has not ruled yet on the case or the stay, the judge's order is
    on hold. It is quite likely that whatever appeal the feds file will be
    met with several opposing amicus briefs.
    Unless Judge Nielsen's order is overturned by the Ninth Circuit Court of
    Appeals, *it is a ruling that can be employed by medical cannabis
    patients and defense attorneys most especially in Washington State, but
    also in other Ninth Circuit states with medical cannabis laws
    (California, Hawaii, Oregon, Alaska, Nevada, Michigan, Montana and
    /Editor's note: This article originally appeared on Seattle-based
    attorney Kurt E. Boehl's blog
    and was written by activist Philip Dawdy. The Law Office of Kurt E.
    Boehl, PLLC, can be reached at (206) 728-0200./



July 9, 2012 – Digest for s..s@a2c2.us – 22 Messages in 8 Topics

    David Malmo-Levine <s..s@a2c2.us> Jul 08 06:05PM -0700  

    I think you have my anti-GMO opinion confused with Letitia's.
    Where I and Letitia disagree:
    I do not believe that GMO canabis exists. Letitia does, but is unable to
    offer anything other than conjecture as her "proof".
    I believe you can get low-THC high CBD from normal non-GM breeding methods
    – or from most industrial hemp as-is.
    I do not feel that cannabis bred to be low-THC is "not medicine" or in any
    way a threat or a conspiracy or ineffective medicinally.
    I do not have a problem with what is going on in Israel.
    I believe that RMLW would have effectively banned GM cannabis.
    Where I and Letitia agree:
    A ban on GM cannabis is a good thing.
    There are projects ongoing to genetically modify all useful drug plants
    … including, eventually if not now, cannabis – for proprietary reasons.
    I believe the evidence for cannabis being one of the drug plants that we
    can expect GM from can be found here:
    The first mention of the possibility of cannabis being genetically modified
    I could find was cited in a document leaked to Cannabis
    Culture<http://www.cannabisculture.com/articles/1322.html>back in
    2000, which read in part: "Cannabis seeds from Monsanto are almost
    definitely genetically engineered. Genetically engineered plants can be
    patented, and it is in Monsanto's best interest to hold a patent on any
    seed they sell. Seed patents ensure that companies like Monsanto can
    continue to profit from seeds from year to year, as farmers are legally
    bound to buy patented seeds from the patent holder rather than simply store
    them from the last year's crop.”
    MINNEAPOLIS / ST. PAUL (09/14/2009) —In a first step toward engineering a
    drug-free Cannabis plant for hemp fiber and oil, University of Minnesota
    researchers have identified genes producing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the
    psychoactive substance in marijuana. Studying the genes could also lead to
    new and better drugs for pain, nausea and other conditions.
    National Grange wants only GMO hemp — with strong-arm enforcement
    By Adam Eidinger VoteHemp.com – March 18th, 2010
    SOURCE: http://www.westcoastleaf.com/?p=854
    One of the nation’s leading farming organizations passed a bizarre new
    policy statement in support of industrial hemp farming, but only if it is
    genetically modified (GMO) and retains cannabis prohibition with very heavy
    law enforcement.
    The National Grange of the Order of Patron of Husbandry, known simply as
    “The G r a n g e , ” made the statement in November at its annual m e e t i
    n g , against the urging of advocacy groups such as Vote Hemp that GMO hemp
    is offensive and unnecessary because varieties of the cannabis with low THC
    are widely available in Canada and elsewhere.
    So while none of this is proof that GM cannabis exists, you must admit it's
    all proof that GM cannabis is likely in the future. The FACT that other
    drug plants are routinely subjected to GM, and the FACT that cannabis is a
    major – if not THE major cash crop on planet earth, and the FACT that GM
    cannabis is being discussed repeatedly are facts pertaining to this
    discussion that you argue contains no facts.
    I can't meet you in your office because I'm not allowed into your country
    due to my long record of flower crimes and excesses of democracy.
    How about we continue the important discussion here instead, with you
    responding to the above facts, rather than
    1) lumping me and Letitia together as if we share the same opinion, or
    2) pretending there are no facts regarding GM cannabis to discuss.


    Michael Backes <s..s@a2c2.us> Jul 09 04:05PM  

    Miller: A lot o' people don't realize what's really going on. They view life as a bunch o' unconnected incidents 'n things. They don't realize that there's this, like, lattice o' coincidence that lays on top o' everything. Give you an example; show you what I mean: suppose you're thinkin' about a plate o' shrimp. Suddenly someone'll say, like, plate, or shrimp, or plate o' shrimp out of the blue, no explanation. No point in lookin' for one, either. It's all part of a cosmic unconsciousness.
    Otto: You eat a lot of acid, Miller, back in the hippie days?
    –Repo Man
    To counter this sort of lysergic thinking is tough, because the afflicted just twist the evidence against their position to be support for their conjectures.
    So, cognizant of that, for those whom are actually interested in evidence, rather than uninformed expressions of rage. And for the wingnuts, I think I just saw your name written in that cloud over there, along with the date of your death… Back to reality…
    Most of the transgenic work is focused on taking genes from cannabis and installing them in other plant organisms. Japanese researchers have had some success with this approach with tobacco. Not because they are try to make tobacco that is psychoactive, but to understand how cannabinoid biosynthesis works as part of secondary metabolism in plants.
    There have been rumors about GMO cannabis being developed by cartels for some time. These rumors seem to be a variation on claims for genetically-modified coca in Colombia. An Italian research team in Rome looked at some samples that were thought to be modified. They weren't. Here's the abstract of their paper.
    Investigations into the hypothesis of transgenic cannabis.
    Cascini F<http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed?term=Cascini%20F%5BAuthor%5D&cauthor=true&cauthor_uid=22211569>.
    Istituto di Medicina Legale, Università Cattolica del S. Cuore, largo F. Vito 1, 00168 Roma, Italy. s..s@a2c2.us
    The unusual concentration of cannabinoids recently found in marijuana samples submitted to the forensic laboratory for chemical analysis prompted an investigation into whether genetic modifications have been made to the DNA of Cannabis sativa L. to increase its potency. Traditional methods for the detection of genetically modified organisms (GMO) were used to analyze herbal cannabis preparations. Our analyses support the hypothesis that marijuana samples submitted to forensic laboratories and characterized by an abnormal level of Δ(9)-THC are the product of breeding selection rather than of transgenic modifications. Further, this research has shown a risk of false positive results associated with the poor quality of the seized samples and probably due to the contamination by other transgenic vegetable products. On the other hand, based on these data, a conclusive distinction between the hypothesis of GMO plant contamination and the other of genetic modification of cannabis cannot be made requiring further studies on comparative chemical and genetic analyses to find out an explanation for the recently detected increased potency of cannabis.
    (C) 2011 American Academy of Forensic Sciences.
    GW Pharma has found that cannabinoid-free "knockout" cannabis can be bred without resorting to any genetic manipulation beyond conventional plant breeding techniques. The use of such cannabinoid-free plants is to produce a true placebo variety of cannabis for research studies.
    Of course, GMO cannabis could be developed. But to say that there are huge interests waiting to develop it is stretching it. Monsanto has exhibited little interest in hemp. There are 249 varieties of cannabis sativa L. that are or have been covered by international plant breeders rights going back to 1949 right up through February of this year, and none of them appear to be have been developed or owned by Monsanto.


    David Malmo-Levine <s..s@a2c2.us> Jul 09 01:40PM -0700  

    So let me get this straight … you're saying that the incentive to grow GM
    cannabis isn't there?
    They're growing GM periwinkle right now:
    "This newly developed process creates plants that can literally grow
    synthetic pharmaceutical compounds, which pharmaceutical companies can then
    What do you figure the pharma market for periwinkle is compared to that of
    Periwinkle is used in cancer therapy:
    Cannabis is also used in cancer therapy … plus 100s of other therapies.
    Pharmaceutical companies will go to great lengths to create monopolies for
    themselves … it allows them to sell Sativex in a market with no
    competition – creating millions in profits for them. I really can't see how
    you can argue that they want to do this with periwinkle but not cannabis.




    Mickey Martin <s..s@a2c2.us> Jul 08 02:03PM -0700  

    Greetings all….
    I am in the midst of dealing with the death of my mother and do not have time to respond to the lunatic fringe bullshit that seems to be the norm these days on this list. I already unsubscribed 3 times from the other OppCannabis list because I am just over discussing Letitia, Bruce, William, and Sacsterdam Terry Vail (Colorado)'s ignorant and unfounded rhetoric. It is sickening to believe there are people who actually buy into this bullshit, as nearly all of it is based in fear-mongering and attention-seeking. None of the hyperbolic madness coming from this group is even based in reality.
    George Soros is going to outsource all cannabis growing to Mexico? GMO and Monsanto? Tomatoes? Twinkies? "We have won the tax issue and now will never have taxes on cannabis," "We defeated AB2312. Hooray for us!," and all of this other loathsome and outright FALSE crap that these folks continue to put out.
    I am not one to run from a fight, but sometimes crazy is just crazy. I can no longer sit here and watch this email list spiral into a forum where these hairbrained crazies suck up all the space with overblown crap about some huge conspiracy, and baseless accusations that go unchecked because these folks have simply exhausted anyone with some sense.
    So if this is where the conversation is going, and this is what the SaveCannabis list is becoming, then I will be glad to just move on. I am over it. There is a place in this community for good and rational conversation and debate. Unfortunately this forum has been hijacked by the thrill seeking few who believe they have all of the answers, but none of the real solutions. I just cannot stomach the intense level of serious bullshit.
    I know I have written more than one tangent that some may not have agreed with, but I would like to think I at least try to keep my rhetoric based here on planet earth and discuss real issues that we face as a community, and not this cannabis terrorist- scare the shit out of everyone bullshit we see being put forth now. 
    I am not saying to remove anyone. God knows I am not for censorship, but I will remove myself because honestly, if this is where the conversation is going, I got better shit to do with my day. It is no longer okay for me to sit back and allow this madness to overcome the dialogue of the movement. If y'all want to speak crazy talk then feel free. But if shit does not come back to earth soon, I will no longer be a part of this discussion group. That is just a fact.
    Sorry to be the one to break it to you. I do not think the Peppers, Cains, Sacsterdam Vail-Colorados, and others are evil, or as others have suggested, cointelpro. I just think they are ignorant and unwilling to listen. They enjoy the attention their outlandish bullshit brings to them. I, for one, am no longer buying into this crap. I have children. I know a "pay attention to me" statement when I hear one. But I do not need a pack of adult children that need attention so badly that they are willing to say anything to get it. Fuck that shit.
    I known you crazies are gearing up your attack on me as you read this. Good…..I am your huckleberry. The reality is the more shitty things you say about me, or anyone else for that matter, the better off I am. So fire away, kids. Daddy might give you some more attention if you scream and yell loud enough.
    For the rest of y'all, whose discussion I do enjoy….any bright ideas where we can take this conversation that is not so overrun by nonsense, distractions, lies and bullshit conspiracies?
    Mickey Martin
    T-Comp Consulting Director
    Author of Medical Marijuana 101
    ***The views expressed in this communication are not necessarily the views of T-Comp Consulting, Tainted Compassion, Cannabis Warrior any other group I am affiliated with.***




    s..s@a2c2.us Jul 09 03:48PM -0400  

    I also am not one to run from a fight and although newer to this forum, I
    accept the challenge of contributing positively to solution based ideas
    without resorting to personal accusations, or questioning someone's honesty or
    commitment. EVERY person posting has had something worth contributing, but
    I also strongly support a moderated forum taking charge of keeping the
    discussions on point and constructive while maintaining the right to not post
    destructive comments that distract from our mutual goals. That gives us the
    best chance for successful actions taking form and for expansion of the
    most useful communication tool we have as a group. Mickey, I am sorry to say
    there will always be a naive, selfish element within some of the
    contributors postings, but I say that those types only make this forum even more
    representative of reality because that is what we all experience in most other
    areas of our daily lives. If we accept it and allow ourselves to stay
    focused on solutions and actions, that element will be exposed, fade away and
    eventually become irrelevant. Everyone please continue to be patient and
    take this opportunity to recharge, revitalize and recommit to making a bigger
    impact than ever before with the maturity and wisdom necessary to take
    everything we do to another level. I suggest the first priority is to simply
    stage some format of a new, properly defined and moderated unity discussion
    to create a framework for action items and assignment of responsibilities.
    It may sound a little like work but I say instead of us all getting mad,
    let's get busy!


    lavonne victor <s..s@a2c2.us> Jul 09 12:54PM -0700  

    Hello All on this List:
    Some people just don't have the time to deal with debates or read what others may have to say… what ever their reasons are, it is their choice.. but i do not feel that they have a right to think that they are better than the rest on this list because they put some inititaves up and AB2312 is just on hold until things are worked out… and that is the reality behind that issue….
    I thought about something that may be far schetched but imagine this for a moment and keep an open mind..
    Imagine a large piece of land outside of city limits… with a large fencing that surrounds that piece of property.. with camera's and security that surrounds it… a large building , in front that will have inside a verification window for new members as well as old members that will be checked in, a waiting room area and called by number or name.. the same setting that we have in our county hospitals… for check in purpses… then once their names are called they will go into a different room and speack with a cannabis representative, which will talk with the patient and then gather this information on his cananbis use and what ever else it may be that this patient perfer to utalize… and once his order is put in,, then the person will be sent to another room , where he /she will receive what the oroder was put forth.. and then he/she will go to a different room to reinvest what is due for the reinbursement for them growing for that patient…  Also
    this place will provide a delivery services as well to those whom wish to have their product delievered to them .. in the area that they reside in..  This place will also allow patients to come and work in the garden if they choose on a volentary basic or learn to be on full time to help grow and cultivate.. and receive compensation for doing so.. but not by hourly rate unless agreed upon.. and the volentary patients will come in and sign in before they work the garden… on when they want to come and how much time that they are able to put in, by the growing and cultivation or by working in the office area… or the indoor growing area as well…
    In the back of the building , would be a large wharehouse, with security surrounding it.. for the indoor growing of the plants.. which will not be over 99 plants inside in each room… Large room for cultivation time, an other room for trimming, and anther room for babies and clones that will also be available for patients that would like to grow for themselves…. and then on the outside there will be a space as well with a larege fencing, closed fencing around the open space with the security fencing surrounding the full area of the garden area, and surrounded by security as well inside as well as sensors surrounding the area… this will be the organic outdoor growing area which will be tended by patients as well.. and there will be a seperate place for harvesting as well as preparing the plants for the garden area… no plants will leave the property until the patients sign out and go to the check out office where they will have a record of how much
    time was put into the garden area… and they will receive cannabis in exchange and a agreedable payment also in return for the services that they had provided… but there should be a allotment for those whom would like to participate volentarly and those whom wish to work the garden will be picked by a office person which each week will pull a name from the box that would be in the waiting room so that patients whom wish to participate in the garden area could put their name into this box… and whom ever was picked by this will work the garden area or indoor area… no experience neccesary, if they want to learn.. or those whom have experience will be guided by the full time caregivers of the garden area as well as the indoor area..
    This place would have allot of delivery drivers whom will delever to one area that each of them are assigned to.. and the patients whom they service and administer to will only have to deal with one person , not different ones, so that they can feel safe within their own being… each delivery service person will be bonded and insured by the company that will be working for.. and each delivery person whom are replaced with another driver , will bring that perosn with them and interduce them to the patient that they will be delivering to… or training for another delivery area…
    When it comes to eatables and others a special service will be provided by a certified kitchen provided for members whom are licenced by the health department code to cook for the patients and provide variety of eatables for the patient… whom only want to medicate with food instead of the plant itself… that kitchen will be placed in a facility on the side of the office area.. where people would be able to go and order from if they choose and take it home… after they have met their qualificeation first with the front office before they go into the eatable kitchen cannabis area…
    As far as permits for the running of this place.. this county facility would be inspected by code enfocement to make sure all buildings are under the proper code for running as well as the kitchen area.. to make sure that it is incompliance with the codes of the county.. and the county should give them a letter of approval.. nothing other than that.. not an ordinace.. but a letter of permission to be there… and also the county should be reinbursed for the land use rental of the property provided for safe access to the patients in this area of the county… Each county city should have one large place which will have delivery drivers to provide for that city.. and this place will be run by the patient onsite as well as offsite…
    Each member of the place will be on a pay scale of thier financial statuse.. For example… a montly amount towrd the dues.. as well as rinbursement for the services provided… if a person is on disability and only make 500.00 a month..should only pay 5.00 for dues and 50 dollars for an ouce..and records should be kept of how much this person will receve or have been given on that date.. as well as a copy of his medi-medi- and proof of income received by the social security office which will be kept in a separate locked up filing cabnet each night.. separate cabinets for each… if the peson is making minium wages, should be paying what pecentage that they are able to put forth from what over the expence of living… like for example.. he only makes 300 a week.. then he will be paying 20.00 dues each month and pay only 100.00 an ounce… as well as what is received… by this person a record is kept.. when it comes to patients whom work on a daily basic
    and make more than min.. wages and can afford the prices whom will be paying a higher price no more than 200.00 an ounce.. and the place should also provide our retired military pesons with a 5.00 monly due and a special discount on what they choose to receive…
    No taxes should be put upon this place at all.. only a permissionable reasonal amounty to be paid the county in order to be there and given by them a letter of approval with a licence that will be put upon the wall as well as given a county health card for providing service to this place to provide to their patients …
    when it come to outdoor patient growers outside of this place.. the patient should be able to grow for this place as well on a smaller level.. or grow for themselves .  the law enfocement will be able to put a tag on the window.. for appoval for excellent running of the place that provides a service to the patients whom receives safe access… like they do when they check the running of resturants… A for excellent , number one.. B for good, C for fair..
    based on the cleanliness and so forth… and then leave when they are done and give the report to the county… as well as the health department…if not the police than appoint another enity. that will be provided by the cannabis association and report to the county as well as the health department…
    this place should as well provide a counseling center for patients whom have issues to be able to talk openly about their cannabis use without the fear of being put into rehab for their use.. and if they need more health care involved that should also be provided… for the members.. at another place or in another building close by… in case they need over night care…
    Also a book store should be available on the issue of cannabis for educational purposes as well as meetings.. and a booklet should be provided by this place in order for the patients to learn more about the cannabis that they use… and also be avilable to provide meetings in other areas on the issue of cananbis in the educational tools…
    Also provided with a booklet of services provided by other members in case they need housekeeping, a caregiver, or a painter, or another service that that patient provides and the information is for patients only.. not for non patients.. this way.. the patient whom needs this kind of service to be done are not in fear or have anxiety because either they are growing and utalizing,, or not.. this way they know that the person comming to their home to do the services that are needed are supportive of the use of cannabis.. and it would stay in the patient to patient networking…
    When it comes to children, if underage and recomended cannabis.. then the parent will be given a special card in order to provide to their child.. i suggest only eatable form only.. no smoke of the plant itself… and the cannabis should be kept locked up in a refrigerator other than the main refrigerator or cabnent… out of sight from the other children.. that way when their friends come in.. it will not be in the open.. and if your a parent of underage children,, and utalize cannabis , it should be locked up when not in use…as other medications that yu may have..
    When it comes to granparents and thier grandchildren come by.. then the medication should be put away when they come.. or out of sight.. and if your children are educated and aware of your use of cannabis,, still if they are old enough pass 15 years of age.. then it should still be locked up when not in use.. or not home… so that no underage child will be able to obtain from you without your knowlege… no fines will be given.. but each parent of cannabis should be educated on what to do and not to do around their children… and if a parent provide cannabs to a underage adult without a oral or recomendation for that child .. then their recomendation and grow will be shut down for one year.. and they would have to pay a fine… of 500.00 to the county .. after that year .. and receive their recomendation back and they will be able to grow again…children should be allowed around the plants if they are locked in a security fencing with a lock on it..
    to play in the back yard or in the pool or having parties … if the patients whom utalize have a gathering with the children.. then utalizing will be in a separate pace away from the children.. whom will be else where in the surrounding.. like for example.. your having a party and a barbecu.. the children should be playing elsewhere or be a distance when your utalizing your cannabis..
    No smoking cannabis will be allowed in public areas unless there is permission sign that states you can smoke in that area.. either tobacco or cannabis..
    but only in cannabis sticks.. no pipes ect.. incase their are children around… for cannabis sticks look the same as tobacco sticks…
    NO taxes, NO regulations, NO ordiance… just a letter of approval to be in that area and provide a service to those in need of cannabis..
    We should be free to grow our own and have a safe place also to obtain if we choose … and the statue of law provides the laws that allows us to do what we do… this is my solution to the issue… all patients whom provide the services to other patients should be allowed to be compensated for theri services… there are no sales .. everyone works together in order to network with other patients.. and compensate the place that provides these services in their county… only… each county should provide the same.. and allow those whom are able to provide a place ,, in each city of the county or three within the county… we do have  county servies for those in need of mecical at a low out of pocket expence… or free.. and these places should be able to provide the same services.. to those whom utlize cannabis…
    NO Taxes, NO regulations, NO ordinace.. just a letter of approval and to be in that area and provide a service to those in need of cannabis..
    When it comes to outside events,, each place that provides a service should be in one area only ,, and only those whom utalize will be able to in that section of that area.. separate from the other area that provides entertainment, information booth, retail products, shirts, ect… and so forth.. eating booth.. but no booze or ligure will be permitted on site… only cannabis.. and each patient will provide thier recomendation in order to receive…along with  showing of their drivers licence or health card…
    anyway.. that is my view .. lol
    Lavonne Victor

    From: Mickey Martin <s..s@a2c2.us>
    Sent: Sunday, July 8, 2012 2:03 PM

    Greetings all….
    I am in the midst of dealing with the death of my mother and do not have time to respond to the lunatic fringe bullshit that seems to be the norm these days on this list. I already unsubscribed 3 times from the other OppCannabis list because I am just over discussing Letitia, Bruce, William, and Sacsterdam Terry Vail (Colorado)'s ignorant and unfounded rhetoric. It is sickening to believe there are people who actually buy into this bullshit, as nearly all of it is based in fear-mongering and attention-seeking. None of the hyperbolic madness coming from this group is even based in reality.
    George Soros is going to outsource all cannabis growing to Mexico? GMO and Monsanto? Tomatoes? Twinkies? "We have won the tax issue and now will never have taxes on cannabis," "We defeated AB2312. Hooray for us!," and all of this other loathsome and outright FALSE crap that these folks continue to put out.
    I am not one to run from a fight, but sometimes crazy is just crazy. I can no longer sit here and watch this email list spiral into a forum where these hairbrained crazies suck up all the space with overblown crap about some huge conspiracy, and baseless accusations that go unchecked because these folks have simply exhausted anyone with some sense.
    So if this is where the conversation is going, and this is what the SaveCannabis list is becoming, then I will be glad to just move on. I am over it. There is a place in this community for good and rational conversation and debate. Unfortunately this forum has been hijacked by the thrill seeking few who believe they have all of the answers, but none of the real solutions. I just cannot stomach the intense level of serious bullshit.
    I know I have written more than one tangent that some may not have agreed with, but I would like to think I at least try to keep my rhetoric based here on planet earth and discuss real issues that we face as a community, and not this cannabis terrorist- scare the shit out of everyone bullshit we see being put forth now. 
    I am not saying to remove anyone. God knows I am not for censorship, but I will remove myself because honestly, if this is where the conversation is going, I got better shit to do with my day. It is no longer okay for me to sit back and allow this madness to overcome the




    Chris Kenoyer/OLP <s..s@a2c2.us> Jul 09 03:51PM -0700  

    Everyone  7-9-2012
    saw on channel 6 evening news of a Maine Legal MMJ Patient in a rent subsidized
    mobile home, has been told "Officially He Can Not Grow His Needed Medical
    Marijuana" In A Rent Subsidized Section 8, Or any Other “Federally Funded
    Housing Programs in the State Of Maine”
    This is
    going to be the case in ANY State Of Maine Subsidized Rent Controlled Housing.
    I had a
    un-official chat via an intermediary with the Head Of Portland Housing about 6
    weeks ago on this very topic & concerns. They have “No Options” but to have
    to follow “US Federal Law & Policy”
    And we
    all know very well what the US Federal Policy About Medical Marijuana is. L
    I was
    told to just “Don’t Tell Them” If You Are A Legal Medical Marijuana Patient? If
    you tell them? Then they have No Option But To Deny You Your Subsidized
    again the Low-Income Sick or Terminal Maine Medical Marijuana Patients are
    getting a “Raw Deal” The Low Income Patients Whom Need The Maine State Run
    Medical Marijuana Program The Most! Are Once Again Being Denied Safe Legal
    Access To Their Maine State Legal Medical Marijuana. "Simply Becuase They Are The Truely Sick & Low Income Maine State Medical Marijauna Patients!
    It Only
    Costs Roughly $35 Dollars For a Legal Patient To Grow 1 Oz of Medical Marijuana
    For Themselves, VS a 1000% Mark-up To Buy Their Medical Marijuana Via One Of
    The States 8 Legal Maine Medical Marijuana Dispensary’s, Cost for the patients
    to “Legal Buy Their Medical Marijuana” from a Dispensary runs from $340 To $400+
    Per Oz + Sales Tax. How Is a 1000% Mark-up At Any Of The 8 Maine State DHHS Controlled
    Medical Marijuana Dispensary’s, For Legal Sick Maine State Medical Marijuana
    Patients? Considered “Non-Profit..?
    Maine Patients Coalition
    Follow Us Now On Twitter @ MedicalMMJMan
    NEW 100% Encrypted Email Server
    God Made Medical Marijuana!
    & God Doesn't Make Mistakes!
    CONFIDENTIALITY WARNING! This electronic message contains information which may be privileged and/or confidential. This information is intended for the exclusive use of the individual(s), entity, or persons named or indicated above. Any unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, distribution, or use of any parts of the contents of this message/information is strictly prohibited by federal law. Any attempts to intercept this message are in violation of Title 18 U.S.C. 2511(1) of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA).All violators are subject to fines, imprisonment, civil damages, or both.               


    s..s@a2c2.us Jul 09 03:16PM  

    Great article. But at the end of the day the only acceptable solution is to DESCHEDULE not RESCHEDULE Cannabis. Beer is on the CSA schedule and neither should Cannabis.
    Bruce W. Cain
    —– Original Message —–
    Cc: s..s@a2c2.us, "Letitia Pepper" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "abtin16" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "Ace" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "Shona GochenaurAxis of Love SF" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "Bill Dake" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "Bob Swanson" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "brent saupe" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "Brett Stone" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "Bud" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "carmel garcia" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "David Fiedler" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "David Goldman" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "Patient Advocacy NetworkDege Coutee" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "Denise" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "Dennis Hinze" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "Donna Lambert" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "Dr. David Bearman" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "Fred Gardner" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "Gary" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "GOCCA" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "Heidi Whitman" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "Info at Mendocino Medical Marijuana Advisory Board" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "Lanette Davies" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "LANNYSWERDLOW" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "Larry Kessler" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "Letitia Pepper" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "Marla James" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "martinvictor" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "Matt Elrod" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "Maureen Burns" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "PATTI GORDON" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "Pebbles Trippet" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "R Givens" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "Raymond Gamley" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "Robert Capecchi" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "Sacsterdam University Non-Profit Collective" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "Steele Smith" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "Steve Elliott" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "Terrie Best" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "William Dolphin" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "William West" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "Terry Colorado" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "David Malmo-Levine" <s..s@a2c2.us>, "Allan Frankel" <s..s@a2c2.us>
    Sent: Monday, July 9, 2012 10:59:09 AM
    Study Published at:
    San Diego, CA:
    The classification of cannabis and its organic compounds as Schedule I prohibited substances under federal law is scientifically indefensible , according to a review published online in The Open Neurology Journal .
    Investigators at the University of California at San Diego and the University of California, Davis reviewed the results of several recent clinical trials assessing the safety and efficacy of inhaled or vaporized cannabis. They conclude: "Based on evidence currently available the Schedule I classification is not tenable; it is not accurate that cannabis has no medical value, or that information on safety is lacking."
    Researchers added, "It is true cannabis has some abuse potential, but its profile more closely resembles drugs in Schedule III (where codeine and dronabinol are listed)."
    Under federal law, Schedule I controlled substances are defined as possessing "a high potential for abuse, … no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States, and there is a lack of accepted safety for use of the drug or other substance under medical supervision." Heroin and Methaqualone (Quaaludes) are examples of other Schedule I substances. Cocaine and methamphetamine are classified as schedule II controlled substances.
    In 2011, the Obama administration – via the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) – formally denied a nine-year-old administrative petition filed by NORML and a coalition of public interest organizations calling on the agency to initiate hearings to reassess the present classification of marijuana as a Schedule I controlled substance without any 'accepted medical use in treatment.' In her denial of the petition, DEA administrator Michele Leonhart alleged : "[T]here are no adequate and well-controlled studies proving (marijuana's) efficacy; the drug is not accepted by qualified experts. … At this time, the known risks of marijuana use have not been shown to be outweighed by specific benefits in well-controlled clinical trials that scientifically evaluate safety and efficacy."
    Last month, Ms. Leonhart testified before Congress that she believed that heroin and marijuana posed similar threats to the public's health because , in her opinion, "all illegal drugs are bad."
    For more information, please contact Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director, at: s..s@a2c2.us . Full text of the study, "Medical Marijuana: Clearing Away the Smoke," is available online at: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3358713/ .


    s..s@a2c2.us Jul 06 01:42PM  

    I just wanted to share this post by another Re-Legalization group that is seeing through the stupidity of the "tax and regulators." They feel scammed. We feel scammed. And the writing is on the wall:
    The future for the Legalization is "untaxed, unregulated" self cultivation. As I said yesterday the fat lady is not merely singing, she is doing sommersaults.
    Bruce W. Cain
    I want to write here without presuming that others are not aware of what I'm framing in my own words and way…and I'm sure many are aware of what I'm going to write (in their own way(s)). I'm hoping that the way I frame and write of it will make it very clear to those who may not understand the real way gov't works and lives o ff the people like the parasite it is…and this is no different in the case of medical marijuana.
    There is a philosopher by the name of Hegel who postulated or formed the Hegelian Dialectic…or "PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION"… and this is how the current media coverage of the "need" for larger growers is being manipulated…CLEARLY so, in fact.
    The gov't is creating the problem by insisting that the individual grower is corrupt, incompetent, ignorant and in danger if left to produce for himself…then, 'coincidentally', the gov't leaks this, or makes it available to the corporate presstitutes (who have a vested interest in controlling MM for profit or keeping it illegal for profit). The press runs to the public to report the illegal activities of a few…who HELLTh Canada itself made legal. The gov't and press know full-well in advance that the public at large will demand (i.e., "REACT") an immediate "solution" (much like the inside job of 9/11)….then the gov't will, again, coincidentally, have the "solution" already waiting: their new rules and regulations, which, by-the-way, will put the full production into a few hands to control…Perhaps friends, colleagues, associates??? SOUND FAMILIAR?? FEEL USED AND SCAMMED folks??
    And remember, like with a move to world gov't, the sociopaths running this ages-old scam thrive off of centralization of power….The ONLY WAY to control billions from central locations….through fear, war, poverty, mind-control, media, etc. AGAIN….feel scammed?? Does what I write sound familiar and plausible?? Well, if it does you'd now be in agreement that this is the game that gov't uses to control and enslave this prison-planet….FOR MILLENNIA!!
    Let's STOP this enslavement now! -Stephen Godfrey
    Before I take any of you "tax and regulators" off the list please explain to me how Stephan Godfrey and the rest of us are wrong. Why? Because during our campaign against Prop19 I, Letitia and others were described as Narcs etc. But really if anyone was a NARC in the runup to Prop19 was it not the "tax and regulators?"
    I specifically insist a reply from Mikki and Chris Conrad. Can't wait to hear what they have to say. How about you?
    Bruce W. Cain


    LANNYSWERDLOW <s..s@a2c2.us> Jul 08 07:14PM -0700  

    Attorney J. David Nick is the featured guest on our radio show Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense (MCCS) this Monday, July 9. He will explain how the 2nd District Court opinion ruling that cities cannot ban collective came about and reveal just how it will affect your ability to obtain medicinal marijuana. This is a rare opportunity to hear the attorney who represents the Inland Empire Patients Health and Wellness Center whose case now before the California Supreme Court will decide once and for all if cities and counties can ban collectives and essentially overturn a state law by banning its implementation under their zoning ordinances.
    Our 2nd guest is investigative author and anti-drug war activists Jeffrey Dhywood who will be providing us with information on Uruguay’s proposal to allow for the legalization of marijuana including sales. More information on this is provided below including a link where you can add your support to this country’s bold, brave and brazen plan.
    Hear Attorney Nick this Monday, July 9 at 6 p.m. on Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense on IE Talk Radio station KCAA 1050 AM and simulcast at www.kcaaradio.com. Tune in every Monday at 6 p.m. for news, views, humor and insightful interviews of informative guests on the subject dear to your existence – marijuana.
    OK – here’s my take on the 2nd District Court ruling, the plans by the city of Palm Springs to fine collectives if they do not have a city permit to distribute marijuana (three do) and the Uruguay legalization brouhaha.
    A major court victory for patients this week was seen in the published opinion of the 2nd District Court of Appeals which firmly and unequivocally ruled that cities cannot ban collectives. Systematically demolishing all the arguments of our opponents, the court recognized that patients have a right under Prop. 215 to safe, reliable and local access to medicinal marijuana and SB420 created collectives as the only legal way patients can exercise that right other than growing their own.
    In the 2nd District Court, J. David Nick is representing the Alternative Medicinal Cannabis Collective, a collective hauled into court in violation of the ban enacted by Los Angeles County. The arguments made by Mr. Nick at the 2nd District Court of Appeal in opposition to L.A. County’s ban are essentially the same arguments he is making before the California Supreme Court in the landmark lawsuit filed by the city of Riverside against the Inland Empire Patients Health & Wellness Center.
    It certainly bodes well for the Health & Wellness Center case that the 2nd District Court correctly interpreted state law allowing for collectives instead of the inane ruling by the 4th District Court which banned collectives by creating a marijuana exception to the rights and legal framework found in the laws of California and its constitution.
    This 2nd Court’s ruling has thrown another monkey wrench into the machinery of local cops working feverishly with their sycophant elected officials to close down as many collectives as they can before the California Supreme Court tells them they can’t.
    Of course the feds are free to do whatever they want and continue to be schoolyard bullies with their attacks on legally complaint collectives. The feds however can only do so much and the biggest threats most collectives face is still from local cops and not federal cops.
    In many localities, court cases to ban and lawsuits are being put on hold awaiting the California Supreme Court’s ruling in the Riverside HWC case, but a new tactic is to fine them for operating in violation of their zoning codes and/or operating without a business license, which of course, they cannot get.
    The city of Palm Springs, the only city in the Inland Empire that allows collectives to operate under their zoning ordinances, will be discussing at their 6 p.m. City Council meeting on Wednesday, July 11 the implementation of fines against the collectives that operate in their city without the required permit. Palm Springs has licensed three collectives to operate, but there are about a half dozen others that operate illegally.
    Palm Springs has been trying to get these collectives closed by civil court actions, but is not getting anywhere. With proposed fines of $5,000 per week, the city is hoping to make it financially unviable for these collectives to operate. If these collectives can afford the fines, it will at least give the city some significant sums of money for city programs.
    I have always been aghast at this insidious fine system forcing collectives to close down. However, this has always been in cities or counties that did not allow any to operate. Palm Springs allows three to operate. Palm Springs is not the problem. It is that everyone else doesn’t allow any that’s the problem.
    I do not believe that Palm Springs should be condemned or criticized for what they are doing. We waste our time and destroy our credibility when we do not support the one city in the Inland Empire that stands up to the threats and intimidation by cops and money grubbing drug warriors and says patients have the right to safe, reliable and local access and actually does something about it.
    Here’s the scoop on Uruguay.
    The government of Uruguay has under consideration a proposal to allow for the legal sales of marijuana. It is receiving widespread popular support and appears likely to be implemented. It should come as no surprise that this small, impoverished land locked country is under intense pressure to abandon its proposal to allow for the legalization of marijuana.
    Raymond Yans, President of the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), is requesting an urgent meeting with the country’s leaders to discuss the issue and remind the country of its obligations under the international treaties. The treaties, having been designed to leave no space for any form of dissidence, ramp up the pressure in an attempt to force Uruguay to buckle under.
    Uruguay needs your support. If you haven’t done so yet, I urge you to sign the petition in support of the marijuana legalization project in Uruguay. The petition can be found and signed at: http://www.world-war-d.com/2012/06/22/petition-in-support-of-the-controlled-legalization-of-marijuana-in-uruguay/
    After signing the petition, share it on your social networks and email lists.


    "andrew garret" <s..s@a2c2.us> Jul 08 01:57PM -0700  

    We now have two pages of “Abbie And Stats” a 1948 comic book (actually it
    reprints older newspaper comic strip comics) that is a must read for
    anyone. Story seems to have something to do with a Japanese girl spy who
    gives Abbie a special Kamikaze cigarette etc.
    If anyone wants, feel free to ask for copies, we can email them out to
    you. At this time we only have two pages but we should have the whole
    comic book within the next three weeks or so.
    Abbie an Slats With Becky
    #3 June 1948 [Story has no title]
    Antique Andy
    Museum Curator
    To add-remove yourself from the museum’s mailing list:
    Sent via Catholic Online Webmail!
    Use Catholic Online Webmail to proclaim your faith to the world.


June 11, 2012 – Digest for s..s@a2c2.us – 25 Messages in 13 Topics

    Terry Colorado <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 09 04:34PM -0700  

    I must be doing something right … getting alot of angry emails from some
    of y'all .. keep it coming; i'm in the mood to respond. It would help if
    you pro-reg folks could say something other then how long you been fighting
    the good fight; and that i'm full of shit. Frankly that just encourages me!
    Why don't you ask yourself Hero … how effective can your really claim to
    be, if after 40 years of fighting for the cause … WEED IS STILL ILLEGAL!
    After you have humbled yourself; then approach me with a true debate on the
    merits of AB2312;
    I'm getting emails from some of y'all … you want to know who am I? I am
    Herald at Arms
    of the Cannabis Nation


    David Jack <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 09 05:39PM -0700  

    You are doing it exactly right because you are working for the narcs.
    You remind me of Gary Stevens, a Calaveras Co. sheriff narcotics officer
    that got on the nearly 2000 member Kubby list, AMMA, in 2001. Your posts
    are remarkably similar in almost every way. We even got his (Steven's)
    copy of the 3 volume CNOA manual that Judge Martin ordered he turn over
    to defense attorney, Randy Moore, trying a case in the county. As per
    those manuals, you follow instructions very, very well. This group has
    seen several like you over the years. It's your job to disrupt and bring
    into disrepute…..attack and divide.
    Usually you folks don't last that long on these lists because list
    managers/admins often just unsubscribe narc disruptors like you. On the
    other hand, we all get to see what you drug war supporters are up to, so
    maybe they will keep you around for awhile……either way, you have
    exposed yourself. Good luck with that.
    David Jack
    On 6/9/2012 4:34 PM, Terry Colorado wrote:


    Terry Colorado <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 09 06:35PM -0700  

    Dear Jack,
    Again; we have a messenger from the pro-reg crowd calling me a narc; no
    substance about AB2312; just blind rhetoric and name calling.
    Hmmm okay … i'll play "who's a narc" … isn't that like a pot calling a
    kettle black; David? Alright; alright folks I admit it … me and Jack
    David are narc's. We have been for years … right Jack? Tell em bout that
    time last year when we stupidly thought we had competent and responsive
    leadership that supported TRUE ACCESS and we supported the bad legislation
    they pushed at us? Remember the good ole days Mr. Jack … david … david
    jack david … bro your are so lucky you have two first names! So what's up
    Jack … david .. wanna debate AB2312?
    Or are you just gonna tell me some more war stories about how you been
    supporting the pro-reg crowd for 40+ years? Since we are reminiscing; you
    remind me of a history teacher i never paid much attention too. Is that a
    double "o" … i can never remember.
    Hold your threats: there is power in Anonymity; the name col0rado may come
    and go; but the message will be the same; DO NOT SUPPORT RESTRICTIVE
    REGULATION. We are legion and where there are Narco Warriors to battle;
    Cannabis Nation will always have a Herald at Arms; for the liberation of
    cannabis. amen.
    Herald at Arms
    for the Cannabis Nation
    ASAbook.org ~ lol



    William West <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 11 10:59AM -0700  

    so true, you are getting a voice out here and it is being heard!!! We tried
    for 2 years and they have done everything in their power to quite me. I
    have the video proof and it's undeniable. They have the money backing their
    moves, I just have The 1st Amendment. When you look at the "who's in" with
    A.S.A. it soon becomes clear the game they play is "All 4 Keeps" Only room
    for one king per thrown.

    *William W. West*
    *William W. West Productions*



    David Malmo-Levine <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 09 10:17PM -0700  

    > "It's a matter of whether you sell it as a business or not."
    RMLW wasn't "a business" – it was "justice within the economic realm". RMLW
    and the Herer initiative were both level playing fields … Prop 19 and
    this fucked up AB2312 represent privilege and injustice.
    > "It seems odd to me that certain people seem to be against pot becoming
    > commercially regulated, considering that a lot of people seem to be making
    > money on it like it is and opposing change."
    It's true there are those who are categorically against any regulation
    whatsoever. And then there are those of us who just don't wish to see a
    cartel form. You have reasonable arguments for the former, and you pretend
    you are talking with the former when talking with the latter.
    > Kind of like the dealers are in the same league as the big corporations,
    > against any rules that might reduce their immediate profits.
    No. The dealers just want to still be dealers – as should be their right
    according to these pot activists, all of whom I respect:
    *Michael Aldrich* argued that cannabis "should be controlled as alcohol is
    controlled". [7]
    In a 1971 issue of *The Marijuana Review*, a more detailed vision of
    legalization emerged out of San Francisco, one with a strong inclusivity
    "Opposing government monopoly of sale because it "presupposes that the
    traffic is evil and therefore not to be left in private industry," and
    government licensing of only a few vendors because "any system of licensing
    that is more selective or restrictive than our present system of alcoholic
    beverages control is fruitful for bribery and corruption," the Committee
    simply urges: "The sale of Marijuana to adults can be regulated by laws on
    the general order of those regulating alcoholic beverages." [10]
    There was a 1972 version of Prop 19. It was far more progressive than the
    2010 version of Prop 19 in that it refused to throw anyone under the bus. A
    "yes" vote on the 1972 Proposition 19 would have revised California's laws
    about to marijuana to "provide that no person in the State of California 18
    years of age or older shall be punished in any way for growing, processing,
    transporting, or possessing marijuana for personal use, or for using it.
    The next example I came across of a vision of a post legalization world was
    in an early issue of *High Times* magazine – the 1975 "Alaska Goes Legal"
    issue. *The High Times editors* stated:
    "The only reasonable solution seems to be to bring the present underground
    distribution system aboveground – legally. *Each dealer would have his
    small store, like a tobacco shop.* … Competition would keep quality high."
    *Dr. Mikuriya *used the pages of *High Times* to come out in favor of
    "complete legalization": a monopoly-busting 100 plant limit on home
    cultivation. As well, Dr. Mikuriya provided a very interesting insight into
    just how liberal the repeal of alcohol prohibition in the United States
    actually was – a 250 gallon limit per person! [14]
    At this time NORML – a cannabis consumer advocacy group – was beginning to
    feel the pressure from the rank and file to expand their advocacy to
    include "full legalization" – one which will protect "the Third World
    growers and the neighbourhood dealers". [15]
    The next year *Keith Richard* of the Rolling Stones threw his two cents
    into the debate:
    "If they can figure out a way of taking it over and making bread out of it,
    it’ll be legal. The only reason methadone’s such a big deal in America is
    because a lot of people are making millions on it. … I think they realize
    that even if they sell 20 filtered Acapulco golds, real grass heads will
    still be buying their stash from the man who comes over the border with it
    under the floorboards of his truck. If you want good tobacco, you don’t buy
    Newports or Marlboros. You go to some little tobacco stall and choose your
    tobacco." [17]
    Down in Kentucky, *Gatewood Galbraith* became the voice for the Kentucky
    pot grower:
    "I would seek to implement this plan whereby we allot our farmers a certain
    poundage to grow each year. The farmer cannot sell to anyone else. He can
    only sell it to the state. The state would be the middleman. The state has
    a legitimate interest in taxing and controlling this substance. The state
    would then package it, grade it for potency, and turn around and sell it
    wholesale to licensed retail dealers around the state – the people who are
    dealing now for a living.* The object is to spread the wealth as much as
    possible. We don’t want the oil, tobacco, and liquor companies, or the
    pharmaceutical industry gaining control of this market. It’s extremely
    important that it be kept in the hands of the people who have put it
    together over these last twenty years."* [23]
    The 1990s brought with it pro-legalization groups other than NORML, and
    they too spoke of inclusive models for the post-legalization economy. For
    example, the hemp movement brought with it quotes such as this one from
    Prop 19 supporter *Chris Conrad*, answering the question "who benefits from
    "For current cannabis consumers and *suppliers*, it removes the risks and
    problems of operating in a black market economy and the fear and stigma of
    prosecution. It allows them to be honest about their life styles and
    pastimes with their friends, families, employers, doctors, elected
    officials, etc." [25]
    Damn … where did THAT Chris Conrad go? The one who was concerned with all
    the suppliers? When was he replaced with a guy who would accuse the
    suppliers who were opposed to initiatives that did not get rid of
    discriminatory licensing of being against all forms of legalization?
    Guys like Richard Lee who seek to ENTRENCH the old,
    currently-existing-in-LA-and-Oakland discriminatory licensing practices, or
    the ASA who seek to create a whole new set of discriminatory licensing
    practices. Fuck them. They are the enemy. They stand for the opposite of
    what the above people stand for. They are seeking to create an oligopoly.
    > "When did the growers become "the man" fighting to keep everyone else
    > under their thumb?"
    They didn't. They just don't share your enthusiasm for oligopoly – they
    know the difference between that and real legalization – legalization for
    > "Tokers, on the other hand, just want to be able to grow a little, share a
    > little, and buy some whenever they want without risk of arrest."
    Actually, they don't want to see a few lucky people sell all the pot.
    That's why Prop 19 failed. That's why any oligopolistic initiative is
    doomed to fail. Many people can see through the scam – enough to vote
    against it and doom it to failure.
    > "Most of the people I talk to like the idea of going to a local shop to
    > buy it over the county and pay taxes like they do for their beer or wine."
    Exactly. Like beer and wine. No oligopoly. And how many beer and wine
    licenses do cities have?
    Upon careful examination of the many documents available at the website of
    the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control is one entitled “2005 Moratorium
    Counties/Cities”. In it, we learn that:
    *“*On January 1, 1998, Section 23817.5 was amended to permanently
    establish a moratorium on the issuance of off-sale beer and wine licenses
    (Type 20) in cities and counties where the ratio of Type 20 licenses
    exceeds one for each 2,500 inhabitants. In the city and county of San
    Francisco, the ratio has been established as one for each 1,250
    inhabitants. The San Francisco computation combines off-sale beer and wine
    license with off-sale general licenses for the purpose of establishing the
    ratio.” (164)
    In other words, there are “caps” on the number of retail outlets, but they
    are in the thousands – even tens of thousands – for big cities, and in the
    hundreds for smaller jurisdictions. For example, if Los Angeles, with a
    population of 14.8 million, is allowed to have as many places to buy
    off-sale Cannabis as off-sale beer and wine (one retailer for every 1,250)
    then Los Angeles will have 11,840 Cannabis retail outlets. At the same
    rate, San Francisco will permit 5,936 cafes, and Oakland, at the “town
    rate” of one retailer per 2,500 residents, will permit 160 pot cafes.
    So if you support cannabis to be sold "like beer and wine", why do you
    favor the consolidation of the market to upwards of 1 retailer for every
    50,000 people, when the market for beer and wine is somewhere around one
    retailer for every 1,250-2,500 people? Why are you in favor of a market
    place 20 to 40 times more consolidated than the beer and wine market?
    > "It's the narcs and dealers who like the status quo."
    It's the people lucky enough to have a license, or those who wish to be in
    control of handing out the licenses.
    > "That's okay, but people can be a little more up front about it."
    I'm upfront about "legalization for all". I'm up front about "regulating
    like wine". It's you who is playing the "I don't see any pot oligopoly",
    "all those who are saying they are opposed to an oligopoly are actually
    opposed to all legalization" games. You're the one being deceptive, not me.


    Mickey Martin <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 08 09:30PM -0700  

    Kubby to sue me for libel over Headbook remarks….
    Posted by Mickey Martin on June 9th, 2012
    In what I can only describe as hillarious, Bill McPike, Steve Kubby’s attorney and fellow “Like Wino,” sent me an email threatening legal action if I did not remove my posts about Headbook and issue a public apology. Now I am laughing incredibly hard. The thought of Steve Kubby suing me for my commentary on his very public press release for his “weapons grade” weed trading and social networking site makes me giggle. 
    Look here, Steve. If you wanted to talk about it you could have reached out to me. Sending McPike to threaten to sue me is just stupid. I suppose you will see me in court after I get served papers. But here is a little word of advice before you travel down that road…..think long and hard how far you want to take this. For better or worse, we may still have to work together some day. The choice is yours though, brother. 
    Like I told Bill….
    Sue me. I double dog dare you.
    Here is the email I received from Bill McPike….
    Hi Micky,
    I represent Steve Kubby, who has directed me to your Libelous post on the www. As a favor to you, at this Time, I am merely asking that you remove your post, From all sites which post was made by you on June 1, 2012 In cannabis warrior and at least to Todd McCormick’s site, Save Cannabis readers, etc. Issue a public apology which I approve.
     Libel per se is where a (writing) (1) publication is made (2)    Which is false (3)  defamatory (4) Unprivileged (5) and accuses a person of a crime, harms reputation,
    Or causes special damage.
    Also: exposes a person to hatred, contempt, ridicule, or Obloquy, or which causes him to be shunned, or avoided, or Which has a tendency to harm reputation or occupation. No damages need be proven, it the publication itself which Proves the damages.
     In case you can’t figure this out, look at how you labeled Mr. Kubby’s photo, and all the stupid things you say.
    See: Yow v Nat’l Enquirer
    Anybody in the world can Find this on Google & wherever else you placed this. 
    Innuendo is enough.
    The damage is done.
    If I don’t hear from you, Mr. Kubby Will pursue all legal options available to him.
    This isn’t for publicity, I do not expect to make draw any attention To this. This is between you & Kubby for now.
    Bill McPike
    Mickey Martin
    T-Comp Consulting Director
    Author of Medical Marijuana 101
    ***The views expressed in this communication are not necessarily the views of T-Comp Consulting, Tainted Compassion, Cannabis Warrior any other group I am affiliated with.***



    Terry Colorado <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 10 02:23PM -0700  

    Right on the mark Mickey; 100 percent ACCOUNTABILITY. Sounds like some shit
    bout ready to bust out in some Narco Warrior faces.

    Herald at Arms
    of the Cannabis Nation


    Joe Grumbine <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 08 05:23PM -0700  

    Lavonne, my property isn't worth what I owe on it and all the money I have
    raised has gone to attorneys, i have spent more than 60 days in court in
    the past year, that's one of the ways they get you is to keep you in the
    court. (hint, you can't work and make money no matter where you work if
    you're in court)
    to take statements out of context rather than facts is as destructive and
    ignorant if not downright libelous. Several of the statements posted hear
    have no basis in truth. I am nearly finished writing an article regarding
    the destructive nature of accusations. From unfounded charges by
    prosecutors to "well meaning " advocates.
    What if I published in a forum that I heard that Lavonne did something
    really awful, and stole money from good people or anything for that
    these things are sucked up by onlookers as fact and leave a shock wave of
    unfortunately most people caught in the justice system end up taking a
    deal and few are willing to fight.
    To put any patient as more deserving of justice than another is a disgrace
    to put down a defendant doing everything in his power to get justice in a
    time where it's not easily had. is also abhorrent. this is one of our
    "movement's" greatest issues. Who needs law enforcement, all you have to do
    is stand up for your rights and someone inside will take a swing at you
    sooner than later.
    I have stood up for many and continue to do so. In fact Liz (my wife ) was
    one of the few supporters at your prelim. ( I was in another court at the
    time or would have been there as well) but instead of my wife being by my
    side, I sent her to yours.
    as a result of these accusations, I have had to defend my integrity to
    those that are supposedly my allies while our enemies sit back and gloat.
    As always I welcome anyone to visit, interview, or view anything in my life
    as it has become an open book as a result of the "War on Drugs"
    Again, I usually keep my mouth shut on this forum but when false
    information is posted about me or my family I am compelled to respond. My
    apologies in advance to anyone that is confused or harmed in any way. I
    will not be engaging any needless pissing contest. nor will I respond to
    this further on this forum. Anyone that wants to hear the truth from the
    "horses mouth" please give a call(phone#-removed), send an email (
    s..s@a2c2.us) or come by for a visit 26521 Hammack Ave
    Perris, Ca 92570
    that's what transparent looks like.
    oh yes!
    NO one should go to jail for a plant
    just sayin'
    Joe Grumbine



    Terry Colorado <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 09 11:29PM -0700  

    Are you advocating a "Victim's of War" fund? I like the idea; a rich
    industry can afford to think in this regard; it would also help nationally
    as we can say that we take care of our own; i would prefer to replace 5
    percent of the AB2312 tax with a tax that help the patients who need it the
    Thank you!

    Herald at Arms
    of the Cannabis Nation


    LANNYSWERDLOW <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 10 02:15PM -0700  

    Everyone has been outraged by San Bernardino County’s ban on outdoor cultivation. It is not only another malicious attempt by the SB Co. Board of Supervisors to undermine Prop. 215 and SB 420, it is another example of what freedoms and scientific research our elected officials are willing to sacrifice at the altar of the War on Drugs.

    Although San Bernardino County is not the first county to ban outdoor cannabis cultivation, it is the first municipality being hauled into court to defend their petty and mean spirited ordinance. Local attorney and medical marijuana activist Letitia Pepper has been doggedly pursuing her lawsuit to end this cultivation prohibition and this Friday, June 15, the day of reckoning comes due as San Bernardino will have to publicly defend their outdoor cultivation ban ordinance in a court of law!
    Letitia is challenging the legality of the ordinance under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Under CEQA Letitia needs to show that adoption of the ordinance would have a significant impact in the physical environment, meaning that something significant to the senses — perceivable — would happen to the physical environment, not to people.
    Letitia argues in her lawsuit that the increase in traffic of patients having to drive out of the county to get medicine would be such an impact and that the increased use of electricity by forcing outdoor growers indoors would have many negative physical impacts. The use of electricity by indoor marijuana grows reportedly accounts for 1% of the total electrical power consumption in the United States so it most likely accounts for the same in San Bernardino – so it is not inconsequential.
    To learn more, this Monday, June 11 at 6p.m. listen in to our radio show Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense. Letitia will be one of our featured guests and will provide you with more details about the lawsuit.
    The Monday show will also feature Tom Cook who is embroiled in a custody battle over adopting a toddler who was orphaned when the child’s 20-year-old mother and her unborn child were fatally stabbed by her boyfriend. Marijuana and Children’s Services Division play into this unfortunate situation which Tom will explain.
    We will also be speaking with Joe Grumbine who will bring us an update on his and Joe Bryon’s retrial in Long Beach.
    Join us this Monday, June 11 at 6 p.m. and every Monday at 6 p.m. for Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense on IE Talk Radio KCAA 1050AM and simulcast at kcaaradio.com.


    Terry Colorado <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 10 04:24PM -0700  

    Anonymity removes the power of organizations that use identity to
    maliciously, slander; libel; alienate, and threaten; its never too late to
    debate. Your group shaped the legislation to fit your agenda. When did
    anyone have a chance to shape the legislation? Do you mean after your
    organization stole 1 million dollars from the patients you pretend to
    protect; and then shifted it over to lobby for AB2312; so your group can
    control the cannabis market in California?
    Is that your idea of participation Courtney Sheats? Do you support a
    rewrite of AB2312 to remove all restrictive regulation; support Prop 215?
    On Sun, Jun 10, 2012 at 4:13 PM, Courtney Sheats <s..s@a2c2.us

    Herald at Arms
    of the Cannabis Nation


    Courtney Sheats <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 10 04:42PM -0700  

    "Anonymity removes the power of organizations that use identity to
    maliciously, slander; libel; alienate, and threaten;"
    You mean, when you called me chickenshit on Facebook, unprovoked?
    ASA stole nothing. I firmly stand behind ASA's work – my work, and the
    integrity of our staff.
    I refuse to give your words any additional weight when you haven't
    participated in any of the discussions related to AB2312, which you have
    had plenty of time to do. It was widely discussed that discussions and
    questions relating to AB2312 would be given time during the Unity
    conference and there were patients on both sides of the argument that
    brought their ideas and concerns to that discussion.
    Interestingly enough, you deleted my original comment from this
    On June 10, 2012, Terry Colorado wrote:
    > [9] http://npomail.electricembers.net/tel:%28510%29%20251.1856%20×322
    > [10] mailto:s..s@a2c2.us
    > [11] http://marijuanahomepage.com/

    Courtney Sheats, Regional Coordinator
    C: (916) 588.8672 O: (510) 251.1856 x322
    Americans for Safe Access is the largest national member-based
    of patients, medical professionals, scientists and concerned citizens
    promoting safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and
    research. ASA is dedicated to meeting the immediate needs of medical
    cannabis patients and their providers while creating a movement to
    safe and legal access. ASA works to overcome political and legal
    by creating policies that improve access to medical cannabis for
    and researchers by engaging a multifaceted strategy that incorporates
    public education, impact litigation, grassroots development and
    media campaigns, and direct support services.


    CSPARC Sacramento <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 11 09:37AM -0700  

    RCP is false report. The Sheriff was staging for El Camino. All activists
    report to El Camino @ 2511 Connie Dr, Suite 200 in Sacramento.

    The Committee for Safe Patient Access to Regulated Cannabis
    Sacramento, CA
    www.RegulateSac.org and www.CSPARC.org
    Find Us on FB Here<http://www.facebook.com/pages/Csparc-Sacramento(phone#-removed)741>
    Email: s..s@a2c2.us
    Confidentiality Notice:
    This communication constitutes an electronic communication within the
    meaning of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. Section
    2510, and its disclosure is strictly limited to the recipient intended by
    the sender of this message. This transmission, and any attachments, may
    contain confidential information and work product. If you are not the
    intended recipient, any disclosure, copying, distribution or use of any of
    the information contained in or attached to this transmission is STRICTLY


    David Fiedler <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 11 12:04PM -0700  

    Contact: David Fiedler(phone#-removed) / s..s@a2c2.us
    * *
    * *
    *Laurel Dewey's Tender, Romantic, Funny Novel of a Conservative
    Middle-Aged Widow’s Awakening to Love and Cannabis*
    * *
    *“Betty’s (Little Basement) Garden”
    Raises Awareness Of Medical Marijuana*
    * *
    New York, June 12, 2012—Laurel Dewey, the Colorado author best known for
    her Jane Perry mystery series, has written the first mainstream novel to
    take a serious look at medical marijuana. *Betty’s (Little Basement)
    Garden*(The Story Plant; June 2012; $16.95 Paperback; ISBN-13:
    introduces a dynamic heroine—58-year-old Betty Craven, elegant former
    beauty queen and recent widow—who finds herself getting involved with
    medical marijuana as well as with an intriguing and independent man.
    Driven by memorable, colorful characters and packed with intrigue, humor,
    romantic tension, and enlightening facts about the healing properties of
    cannabis, Dewey’s novel gently raises awareness of this timely subject
    matter while drawing readers into the story. Betty gradually comes to
    question her long-held beliefs and principles, let down her facade, and
    rediscover her true and amazing self.
    * *
    *Betty’s (Little Basement) Garden *keeps readers riveted and rooting for
    Betty through every startling twist. In Betty, Laurel Dewey has created a
    captivating activist for not only medical marijuana, but also for women’s
    liberation, especially in midlife and after crises. *Betty’s (Little
    Basement) Garden* is partly drama, partly romance, and thoroughly
    Laurel Dewey writes this powerful and compelling novel partly based on her
    own experiences living in rural Colorado, and partly on her own extensive
    research and knowledge. While Jane Perry fans may not realize it, Laurel
    Dewey (http://www.laureldewey.com) has written two books on plant medicine (
    *Plant Power* and *The Humorous Herbalist*), along with ten booklets and
    hundreds of articles on alternative health. She is also the author of a
    Silver Spur nominated Western novella and three novels in her Jane Perry
    suspense series—*Protector*, *Redemption*, and *Revelations*—along with the
    Jane Perry novelettes *An Unfinished Death* and *Promissory Payback* and
    the story collection *Unrevealed*.
    “Quite pleasing and unique…interestingly done.” – Viviane Crystal, Crystal
    Book Reviews<http://crystalbookreviews.blogspot.com/2012/05/bettys-little-basement-garden-by-laurel.html>
    “Does not disappoint…characters maintain their charisma and charm and
    draw you in…interesting and unique.” – Leslie Wright,
    “Compelling, emotional, at times humorous, controversial, heart wrenching,
    inspirational…Highly recommend!” – Cheryl Mash,


    CSPARC Sacramento <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 11 09:44AM -0700  

    Word is Directors Suneet and Nick are IN CUSTODY…..
    > —————————————————————————
    > > Attachment: http://drugsense.org/temp/fBQ9diPfbF16573.html

    The Committee for Safe Patient Access to Regulated Cannabis
    Sacramento, CA
    www.RegulateSac.org and www.CSPARC.org
    Find Us on FB Here<http://www.facebook.com/pages/Csparc-Sacramento(phone#-removed)741>
    Email: s..s@a2c2.us
    Confidentiality Notice:
    This communication constitutes an electronic communication within the
    meaning of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. Section
    2510, and its disclosure is strictly limited to the recipient intended by
    the sender of this message. This transmission, and any attachments, may
    contain confidential information and work product. If you are not the
    intended recipient, any disclosure, copying, distribution or use of any of
    the information contained in or attached to this transmission is STRICTLY


    michael jolson <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 08 11:48AM -0700  

    Greetings everyone!
    The CCHHI 2012 is now over and we can proudly report we have over 50,000 signatures "in house" with an estimated 100,000 plus in total !
    We submitted the signatures on 6/6/12 to San Fran,Santa Clara,Solano,Santa Cruz,and Monerey Counties!
    We were two days late in our submission thinking the turn in was on 6/6/12 when it was on 6/4/12!
    The signature turn in was an act of symbolism to show the world that over 50,000-more like up to 100,000 support 100% Relegalization of Cannabis Hemp and freeing ALL NON-VIOLENT Cannabis Prisoners!
    We attained over 50,000 signatures -more in the mail and more never sent in-with only roughly $25,000 spent!
    We will circulate the wording to the Cannabis Community-ONCE AGAIN-and will begin the next signature drive roughly around May 15,2013!
    We did this without the help of: NORML,CANORML,ASA,Jeannie Herer,Debby Goldsberry,Stephen D Angelou,High Times,West Coast Leaf,Skunk Magazine,and zero support from Save Cannabis as well!
    We have a solid 50,000 signatures to prove and show that there is massive support for 100% Legalization and the release of ALL non-violent Cannabis prisoners!
    We have built up a network of grassroots activist and professional petitioners!
    We have gone against the tide of this elitist Cannabis movement and allowed 50-100,000 to show there is support out there for 100% Relegalziation!
    This is bigger news than anything you all talk about in this group ! We are actually attempting to end the war on Cannabis!
    You all should tell everyone that the CCHHI 2012 got up to 100,000 signatures without the support of the Cannabis Reform movement!
    There will be at least 3 Cannabis initiatives in 2014 and we r starting the CCHHI 2014 next May 2013!
    Please look in the mirror when u want to change the laws! See that reflection in the mirror ? That reflection is the source for change ! U are the catalyst for Legalization!
    Wow,could u imagine how well we could have done with your support ? You,the leaders of the Cannabis reform movement!
    We got over 50,000 solid signatures with the number probably closer to 100,000 an we did this without YOUR help!
    Instead ,SOME of U criticized us and ridiculed us saying Jack Herer's CCHHI 2012 would never fly ! People like Pebbles who bad mouthed out petition because it releases non-violent prisoners!
    Guess what-Pebbles and crew are 100% wrong!
    So,next time quit bad mouthing Jack Herer's CCHHI 2014 and don't send messages Saying Jack's petition asks for too much !
    Michael Jolson
    CCHHI 2012

    Sent from my iPhone



    lynnette shaw <s..s@a2c2.us> Jun 09 09:06AM -0700  

    SUNDAY JUNE 24TH, 2012 FROM 1 PM – 4 PM
    with keynote speaker –
    LP Vice-Presidential Candidate Judge Jim Gray
    ADMISSION – whatever you can donate to help avert the crisis.
    Lynnette Shaw misses everyone very much, and would love to see the MAMM family that was ripped away from her by the unfair Federal action that closed the Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana forever.
    She is having to declare bankruptcy due to the crushing of her beloved charity organization. The house she bought with her late father's money may be seized due to the staggering bills she is stuck with.
    PLEASE HELP. Write a check for any amount and send it to :
    Lynnette Shaw, POB 426, Fairfax, CA 94978
    Volunteer some time. There is an overwhelming pile of boxes, souvenirs, awards, records, paintings and furniture in four storage lockers that are at risk of being lost due to no money.
    If you have a suitable job for Lynnette, please let her know ASAP.
    For more information, call(phone#-removed) ( CBC Marin Delivers) or(phone#-removed)




April 19, 2012 – Digest for s..s@a2c2.us – 10 Messages in 7 Topics

    "martinvictor" <s..s@a2c2.us> Apr 18 02:51PM -0700  

    by Electropig Von Fokkengruuven
    Want it overwith? Then start using the right words, or shut the hell up,
    bend over and keep taking it like you DESERVE to.
    It seems that those who keep saying "decriminalize" and "legalize" and
    "re-legalize" and "tax and regulate" and "regulate like [whatever]" simply
    don't believe me when I say that the only way we're going to end prohibition
    is through its REPEAL.
    They also don't much care for using words properly, or looking up what they
    actually mean, since that would take more than a mouseclick and a few hours
    of complaining about how much work it is and how they don't have time…so
    here it is, the definition of REPEAL at nothing more than a single "too much
    work for most" mouseclick away.
    Since I know how much time and effort it takes for so many people to go to
    all of the incredible heights of difficulty as to click on a link…I've
    saved you the time of even that by posting the definition right here, right
    now…so you don't need to "waste all that time waiting for the window to
    open and the page to load."
    verb (used with object)
    1. to revoke or withdraw formally or officially: to repeal a grant.
    2. to revoke or annul (a law, tax, duty, etc.) by express legislative
    enactment; abrogate.
    3. the act of repealing; revocation; abrogation.
    2. nullify, abolish, rescind, invalidate.
    Still, people won't believe me. They'll think that I just made it up.
    They'll refuse to listen…so here's the link for the people who want to try
    to prove me wrong. Those will be the ONLY people who will actually click the
    link. The rest will live on in their wilfully ignorant bliss, and keep
    saying "decriminalize" when they mean "repeal." They'll continue to say
    "legalize" when they mean "repeal." They'll say "re-legalize" because they
    THINK that adding "re" means "repeal." The "tax and regulate" people and the
    "regulate like [whatever]" people are NEVER going to say "REPEAL", because
    REPEAL does not permanently lock in their (publicly hidden) plans for
    personal profits at the expense of others, nor does it lock in control in
    the hands of a few corporations.
    There are literally MILLIONS of "corporate statutes" that don't apply to
    "flesh and blood people" which are said to be "laws" when they are actually
    "contractual statutes".
    As such, those "contractual, corporate statutes" require that you are either
    in the employment of the corporation (government), and/or actively engaged
    in performing work for the corporation. In addition to this, ALL "statutory,
    corporate law" requires that both parties be fully informed of all aspects
    of the agreement beforehand, otherwise any contract can be rendered invalid
    due to either party not being fully aware of the contract's contents or
    Since well over 99% of all "laws" today are "contractual statutes" which
    nobody has actually signed, and if they have signed anythign which
    deliberately removes their rights, they have NOT done so with a complete and
    fully detailed explaination and understanding of the TRUE EFFECTS of signing
    such documents, these are also rendered invalid, legally.
    Luckily for the police and the courts and the prison investors, most people
    don't know this, and they operate as though "statutory laws" written by
    third parties and passed by third parties are contracts signed by people who
    never signed them, nor were ever fully apprised of their intent.
    This isn't going to change any time soon, either…people don't like to be
    educated. They prefer to bitch and moan about whatever they don't like, and
    to complain that "nobody else is doing anything to fix things."





    Mickey Martin <s..s@a2c2.us> Apr 18 11:49AM -0700  

    Half way to victory in Sac County
    Posted by Mickey Martin on April 18th, 2012
    Sacramento County voters will have an opportunity to get it right on medical cannabis in November. The Patients Access to Regulated Medical Cannabis Act of 2012 limits cannabis transactions, taxes them, and meets Federal location requirements as requested by CA US Attorneys.
    Sacramento, CA- A voter initiative to properly regulate the medical cannabis industry in Sacramento County is halfway to its goal of 80,000 plus signatures and is confident it will qualify for the November ballot. The Patients Access to Regulated Medical Cannabis Act of 2012 (PARMCA2012) is a voter initiative that will allow for a limited and tightly regulated medical cannabis market that will bring in an estimated $2 million dollars in revenue for Sacramento County. The Act will allow for one dispensary for every 25,000 residents in the unincorporated County that will be divided amongst Board of Supervisor districts to avoid clustering. The program will tax the businesses at a rate of 4% of gross sales on top of normal sales taxes that are paid by dispensaries.
    The Act incorporates Federal standards for location requirements in direct response to public concerns recently expressed by California US Attorneys. The Act requires medical cannabis businesses to locate 1,000 feet from schools, parks with playgrounds, and youth-oriented facilities. US Attorney Melinda Haag, in a recent interview with KQED stated, “If it’s close to children then that’s a line we’re going to draw.” The Patients Access to Regulated Medical Cannabis Act was written to comply with that line, as defined by Federal law. The definitions for these sensitive uses are modeled after the laws that the Federal government is using as their reasoning for the recent crackdown on some dispensaries. The Act also meets all CA State legal requirements for medical cannabis organizations.
    “The Act was written to allow for a safe, clean, and convenient place for patients to access cannabis medicines, while also being considerate of the evolving legal and political landscape of both State and Federal laws” said Mickey Martin, author of Medical Marijuana 101 and co-author of the Act. “Medical cannabis exists in Sacramento County. The right thing to do is to make sure these transactions happen safely, and for the County to realize much needed revenues in the process.”
    The campaign has an army of over 100 volunteers, mostly made up of local patients and supporters who are busy gathering signatures, and have raised the initial funding for paid petitioners to make up the difference. The campaign is still in the process of fundraising for the needed revenues to fill the gap and is still training volunteers to gather signatures. Hundreds of small and large donors have come forward to donate resources to ensure the Act makes the ballot.
    The campaign has until mid-July to collect the needed signatures, but hopes to be finished with the signature gathering process before the June primaries. The issue is just beginning to heat up, as more voters and local politicos take notice of local campaigns, as the state signature gathering season comes to a close this week on Friday. The Committee for Safe Patient Access to Regulated Cannabis (CSPARC), who is coordinating the initiative campaign, has seen a huge increase in interest for their effort in recent weeks. The continued wastes of resources by the Federal government to crack down on dispensaries across the state has made many in the community stand up and take notice. Most want to know what they can do to support the rights of Californians to use cannabis, while making sure that the industry has proper controls in place to ensure compliance and professionalism.
    The Patients Access to Regulated Medical Cannabis Act both protects the rights of California residents by implementing a well-regulated program, while also ensuring the program conforms to state and federal guidelines for medical marijuana. In a time of uncertainty and chaos concerning medical marijuana, the County will have a clear opportunity to stand up for the rights of Californians and to establish proper controls for medical cannabis businesses that are legal in the State. The revenue gained from taxes will go to funding public safety, healthcare, and education for residents of Sacramento County.
    Mickey Martin
    T-Comp Consulting Director
    ***The views expressed in this communication are not necessarily the views of T-Comp Consulting, Tainted Compassion, Cannabis Warrior any other group I am affiliated with.***


    Denise <s..s@a2c2.us> Apr 18 12:32PM -0400  

    Dear Folks,
    Apparently my e-mail has been hacked again after changing my e-mail password and scanning for mutant viruses! I am sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused you.
    Denise Martellacci


    Chris Conrad <s..s@a2c2.us> Apr 18 10:10AM -0700  

    Here's another way to elevate the discussion regarding Richard Lee's case. I
    stated that Richard Lee's "regular job" is that he runs a gift shop, right,
    but still takes the time to champion cannabis legalization to end one of the
    nation's major problems and trains people to behave sensibly and follow
    state medical use laws. Please Forward.
    — Chris <s..s@a2c2.us>(phone#-removed)
    On 4/18/12 8:01 AM, "The White House" <s..s@a2c2.us> wrote:
    Wednesday, April 18, 2012
    Who are your heroes?For more than 40 years, presidents have presented the
    Citizens Medal to Americans who have performed extraordinary acts of service
    for their country or their fellow citizens.Now we're looking to honor a new
    group of heroes, and we need your help.Take a moment to nominate Americans
    who have performed exemplary deeds of service outside of their regular jobs
    and who have provided inspiration for others to serve.You can view the full
    criteria and get started on a nomination here
    source=email155&utm_medium=text1&utm_campaign=citizensmedal> :
    These individuals come from different backgrounds, and they've devoted their
    lives to different causes, but they're united by a commitment to
    selflessness. They've each devoted their lives to helping others. And the
    2012 Citizens Medal is a chance to highlight these everyday heroes for all
    they do.
    Here are a few examples of Citizens Medal recipients from last year:
    * Ida Martin created an organization to help working families, disabled
    residents, and senior citizens in South Carolina who had suffered a
    financial crisis.
    * John Keaveney, who fought in Vietnam, founded New Directions — a home for
    homeless and disabled veterans with addiction and mental health problems.
    * Margaret Martin founded the Harmony Project to make quality arts education
    available to those in some of the most underserved parts of Los Angeles,
    Each of them is a testament to the impact that a single individual can have
    on his or her community and on the world.
    If you know someone like Ida, John, or Margaret, please take a moment to
    nominate them for the 2012 Citizens Medal before April 24:
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    Submit a Nomination for 2012
    Deadline: April 24, 2012
    To nominate someone for the 2012 Citizens Medal, please review the criteria
    <http://www.whitehouse.gov/citizensmedal/criteria> for this year¹s medal
    and fully answer questions to the right. Additional awardees may be selected
    outside of the public nomination process.
    In order for an individual to be considered for the Medal:
    * Nominees must be citizens of the United States, as required by the 1969
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    * The nominee¹s service must have been performed outside of their regular
    * All questions on this form must be fully answered.
    * Nominations must be received by Tuesday, April 24, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. ET.
    Learn more about the 2011 Citizen's Medal winners
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    Criteria for Nomination
    The 2012 Citizens Medal will recognize ³citizens of the United States of
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    The 2012 Citizens Medal will recognize U.S. citizens who have performed
    exemplary deeds of service outside of their regular jobs, including
    Who have a demonstrated commitment to service in their own community or in
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    Who have helped their country or their fellow citizens through one or more
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    Whose service relates to a long-term or persistent problem. Individuals who
    have made efforts to combat stubbornly persistent problems that impact
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    Whose service has had a sustained impact on others¹ lives and provided
    inspiration for others to serve. The ideal nominee for a Citizens Medal is a
    person whose work has had a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of


    David Jack <s..s@a2c2.us> Apr 18 07:54AM -0700  

    Synthetic marijuana on the rise: looks like pot, but 'far worse'
    Synthetic marijuana is marketed as a cheap way to get a legal
    marijuana-like high. But health experts say it is 'way more' than
    marijuana and is 'very dangerous.'
    Christian Science Monitor <http://www.csmonitor.com/>By Daniel B. Wood |
    Christian Science Monitor — 15 hrs ago
    Antidrug activists are concerned by the rising use of manmade drugs
    known as synthetic marijuana, which purport to be a legal way to a
    herbal high but are actually dangerous chemical concoctions that are
    banned in many states.
    The drugs, often sold in gas station and convenience stories under names
    like "K-2" and "Spice," are known to cause bouts of paranoia and
    agitation, as well as psychosis. Some teens have coined the term "couch
    lock" to describe one effect — an inability to move despite being
    "This is nasty, evil, and very scary stuff," says Nancy Knott, a drug
    counselor with Scripps Alcohol and Treatment Center in La Jolla, Calif.
    She relates a recent episode in which one teen considered himself to be
    Christ Jesus and could not be dissuaded.
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that 1 in 9 high
    school seniors has tried the drugs. Calls to poison centers about the
    drugs rose from 2,900 in 2010 to 7,000 in 2011 and hit 1,200 in the
    first two months of 2012.
    Makers produce chemicals synthetically and then spray them onto dry
    herbs and plants, hoping to mimic the appearance of marijuana. The
    chemicals are three to five times more potent than the THC found in
    marijuana, "leading to symptoms including loss of consciousness,
    paranoia, and occasionally, psychotic episodes," says Tod Burke, a
    professor of criminal justice at Radford University in Virginia.
    As of March 2011, 20 states had imposed bans and additional legislation
    is pending in 37 states, Professor Burke says.
    Synthetic marijuana makers have tried to stay ahead of law enforcement
    by constantly altering their products chemically, replacing banned
    substances with new ones that have similar properties. This has lured
    workers searching for ways to get high but also pass drug tests, as well
    as teens seeking the latest "new high."
    "It's easy for entrepreneurs in US labs or overseas to manipulate the
    molecular structure and come back with another product promising the
    same kinds of highs," says Grant Smith of Drug Policy Alliance.
    Counselor Ms. Knott says that a generation of parents who smoked pot in
    the 1960s and '70s are partly responsible for rising use. They are
    allowing their kids to smoke marijuana "because we did" — but aren't
    aware of the highly detrimental effects of the new synthetics.
    "They see this stuff around and think it's just marijuana," says Knott.
    "So their kids are using it, and their kids' friends — and then they
    find out after it's too late that it was way more than marijuana."
    Kids are emboldened by this permissiveness, she adds: "The kids figure
    their parents were experimenters back in the day, and so why shouldn't
    we be?"
    They are also looking for ways to manage rising stress levels, says
    Elizabeth Dowdell, associate professor in the college of nursing at
    Villanova University in Pennsylvania. "In today's world many teens and
    young adults have higher stress and anxiety levels than those of
    previous generations," she says. "They are looking for something that is
    cheap and easy to get to give a high that numbs them to the stress
    and/or anxiety of their world."
    Marijuana advocates are quick to say marijuana is safer.
    "The sad thing is that many people use these substances because they are
    afraid of the criminal penalties for marijuana," says Morgan Fox,
    spokesman for the Marijuana Policy Project. "If we would simply allow
    adults to use marijuana in a regulated, controlled framework, the market
    for these potentially dangerous synthetic substances would vanish
    overnight and there would be no one left to sell them to teens."
    For now, the answer to synthetic marijuana is "education, education,
    education of teens, teachers, nurses, doctors, parents," says Ms.
    Dowdell, via e-mail.
    Others agree.
    "Kids need to learn that these are very dangerous," says Christina
    Hantsch, head of toxicolcogy at the Loyola University Medical Center.
    "They tell me they would never try cocaine or heroin because they are
    too dangerous, and yet they are willing to try these, which can be far
    How much do you know about marijuana. A quiz.
    Get daily or weekly updates from CSMonitor.com delivered to your inbox.
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    David Jack <s..s@a2c2.us> Apr 18 08:01AM -0700  

    Obama Administration's War On Pot: Oaksterdam Founder Richard Lee's
    Exclusive Interview After Raid
    WASHINGTON — When federal agents raided Oaksterdam University, Richard
    Lee's downtown Oakland, Calif.-based trade school, earlier this month,
    it wasn't simply a crackdown on a local pot business, it was one of the
    highest-profile moves in the Obama administration's nationwide assault
    on medical marijuana.
    DEA and IRS agents hauled away computers, files and pot plants
    leaving behind little more than office furniture. They did not disclose
    the reason for the raid and have not charged Lee with any crime as of
    yet. In an exclusive interview with The Huffington Post, his first since
    the raid, Lee, 49, blasted the federal crackdown as a senseless act of
    intimidation. "This is one battle of a big war," said Lee, "and there's
    thousands of battles going on all over."
    "Before he was elected, [President Barack Obama] promised to support
    medical marijuana and not waste federal resources on this," Lee said.
    "About a year and a half ago, the policy seemed to change. They've been
    attacking many states, threatening governors of states to prevent them
    from signing legislation to allow medical marijuana. They've been
    attacking on many fronts."
    Lee was a vocal advocate behind California's Proposition 19, a 2010
    ballot question that sought to legalize marijuana. He put more than a
    million dollars behind the effort, which was opposed by the Obama
    and ultimately went down to defeat.
    Medical marijuana is currently legal in California and 15 other states,
    plus the District of Columbia, and during his campaign for president,
    Obama vowed to stop the raids on medical marijuana users that were
    prevalent under George W. Bush, saying raiding patients who use
    marijuana for medicinal purposes "makes no sense."
    It was in that political climate, in the fall of 2007 that Oaksterdam
    was founded by Lee, who started using medical marijuana for pain control
    more than 20 years ago, after a work accident left him paralyzed from
    the waist down. Often referred to as "the Princeton of pot," the school
    has offered classes to would-be medical cannabis caregivers and patients
    in subjects ranging from horticulture to business to the finer points of
    running a dispensary.
    About 15,000 students have graduated from Oaksterdam to date, according
    to Dale Sky Jones, the school's executive director. On October 15, 2010,
    however, Attorney General Eric Holder announced
    that federal authorities would continue to prosecute individuals for
    marijuana possession, even in states that have legalized it. That "threw
    a wet blanket" on enrollment at Oaksterdam, Jones said.
    Then, last June, the Justice Department went even further. Deputy
    Attorney General James Cole argued in a memo that "caregiver"
    protections applied only to "individuals providing care to individuals
    with cancer or other serious illnesses, not commercial operations
    cultivating, selling or distributing marijuana." That meant pot shops,
    even those operating legally under state law, were vulnerable again.
    Since then, the administration has unleashed an interagency cannabis
    crackdown that goes beyond anything seen under the Bush administration,
    with more than 100 raids, primarily on California pot dispensaries, many
    of them operating in full compliance with state laws. Since October
    2009, the Justice Department has conducted more than 170 aggressive
    SWAT-style raids in 9 medical marijuana states, resulting in at least 61
    federal indictments, according to data compiled by Americans for Safe
    Access, an advocacy group. Federal authorities have also seized property
    from landlords who rent space to growers
    threatening them with prosecution, and authorities have even considered
    taking action against newspapers selling ad space
    to dispensaries.
    "There's no question that Obama is the worst president on medical
    Rob Kampia, executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project, told
    /Rolling Stone/ in February.
    The IRS has joined in the attack, invoking an arcane tax code provision
    originally intended to stymie druglords. That law, known as IRS Code
    Section 280E, is an uncontroversial measure aimed at preventing
    criminals from deducting the costs of their illicit activities from
    their taxable income. But the IRS has interpreted it to apply to medical
    marijuana dispensaries in such a way that they can no longer deduct the
    cost of salaries, rent, inventory and other operating expenses. Few
    brick-and-mortar businesses are able to survive under those terms, as
    taxes end up being substantially larger than profits.
    Lee told HuffPost he thinks the tax issue is where the school may have
    run into trouble with the authorities.
    "It may have something to do with the 280E taxes
    <http://www.280ereform.org/> we've been forced to pay," he said. "It was
    impossible to pay them on top of the other taxes we're forced to pay:
    $60,000 to the City of Oakland for the permit fee, $130,000 for the
    Oakland Business Tax, 10 percent state sales tax, state income tax,
    federal income tax, unemployment insurance, workman's comp insurance,
    health insurance."
    "Our income tax more than doubled because payroll, rent and other tax
    deductions were disallowed," he added. "On top of this, the federal
    government has been closing our bank accounts, making it more difficult
    for us to operate as a normal business and pay our taxes."
    Jones said she's almost surprised the raid didn't come sooner. "There's
    just no way we can afford the building as it is," she said. "We always
    half expected it."
    The IRS used the same provision in late 2011 to pursue Oakland's
    Harborside Health Center, one of the largest and most respected
    dispensaries in the state, demanding $2.4 million in taxes, a full $2
    million more than the 83,000-member dispensary actually paid for the
    year. "Federal prosecutors are not trying to clean up the regulated
    medical cannabis industry, they are trying to destroy it," said
    Harborside President Steve DeAngelo
    at a press conference in San Francisco in October.
    "This is not just an attempt to tax us," he explained
    earlier this year. "It's an attempt to tax us out of existence."
    Harborside has filed a petition in tax court to protest the IRS'
    assessment, which Harborside has characterized as "a dagger pointed at
    the heart of medical cannabis."
    U.S. attorneys have repeatedly claimed that the decision to crack down
    on medical pot establishments was their own decision and not the result
    of any directive
    from Washington.
    "The actions taken by U.S. attorneys are solely in response to concerns
    expressed in their communities and by law enforcement about the
    proliferation of large-scale grow facilities and distributors that
    clearly fall outside of the definition of individual caregiver," Justice
    Department spokesperson Laura Sweeney said.
    Deputy attorney Cole has argued that the memo speaks for itself
    and has refused to say whether the crackdown in California represents a
    shift in federal policy that could lead to raids in other states.
    It wasn't the policy that shifted, according to Sweeney, but rather "the
    landscape has evolved," she said, citing "industrial-scale marijuana
    operations planned in several states."
    With the apparent disconnect between Obama's 2007 campaign promises and
    the actions of his administration over the last four years, voters may
    be skeptical of any statements out of the incumbent in the course of the
    coming election. The issue itself has growing and wide-spread support
    among the electorate. Gallup has found that a full 70 percent of
    Americans favor the legalization of prescription marijuana to reduce
    pain and suffering
    In Colorado, a key swing state, two-thirds of voters
    favor legalizing medical marijuana.
    If Lee is charged, Jones says she hopes his case goes before a jury. "If
    they bring a fight, Richard is prepared to take it all the way," she
    said. "They can come after the guy in the wheelchair, and he'll stand up
    for his rights and the rights of the rest of us."
    "It makes me irate that this is how we're spending our resources right
    now," she said of the federal raids. "And to watch them try to take down
    a school that's teaching everyone how to do it right, it just puts the
    exclamation point on it."
    Oaksterdam, which will cease operations at its current location at the
    end of the month, "will have to start from scratch," said Jones, who is
    looking for a smaller, more affordable home.
    Lee, for his part, is largely stepping away from Oaksterdam and is
    planning to focus his efforts on campaigns in Colorado and Washington
    state, where legalization initiatives are on the ballot this year.
    As for the administration's murky position
    on drug legalization, Lee takes a dim view. "They can't have their cake
    and eat it, too," he said. "They can't keep it illegal and tax it. No
    more taxation without legalization."
    /Carly Schwartz contributed reporting./