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“I support legalization plain & simple. Black market growers and dealers will have to find new jobs.”

From: Donna Lambert – December 4, 2012

Unless a person or group is specifically taking action to prevent ALL marijuana users/cultivators/distributors from going to prison, to prevent doors being kicked in, they are not part of any social “movement”. People who elicit information from current marijuana community and attempt to throw those people under the bus, to turn them in for arrest so that they can bring their fancy investors in to get a restrictive permit to do the exact same thing are nothing more than profiteer corporate representatives. Why is any activity related to marijuana worthy of prison?  Why would any group or organization be pushing laws so that only they and their investors can sell, and the rest of us go to jail? Money. It is not the so called “black market” that is the problem which needs to be solved. It is the fact that anybody, and I mean ANYBODY, is arrested for using a plant.   The corporatists are the wolves in sheep clothing.  The good and decent people who have spent dozens of years growing and supplying marijuana should not be called “shady”, “black market” or be accused of standing in the way of “legalization”.   Whose form of “legalization”?  The people who want to make BILLIONS by cornering the market with their “Restrictive permitting” lies?  The “super-rats” who gather info and make deals to trade it for their chance at the “gold ring”?  These people are the real problem.   At a time when society has finally accepted cannabis are we actually going to stand idly by and let the fat cat greedsters perpetuate the reefer madness myth that cannabis is actually a safe and non-toxic plant that nobody should be arrested for?   Donna Lambert

Sent: Tuesday, December 4, 2012 12:02 AM

There will always be home growing. We grow tomatos at home more for fun than to save $0.29. I am in favor of people growing more and more of any of the crops they need – particularly cannabis.

In fact, our group is developing a number of auto-flower plants to make it easier and easier for people to grow at home. A typical plant takes 70 days from seed to completion and yields perhaps 1/2 oz. However a few of these started every 30 days is cheap and easy.

They can be grown indoor, outdoor, in window sill, pretty much anywhere. I believe there will be a new explosion of home growing as easier and cheaper ways to grow the plants are developed in the new expanding industry.

Many, many people who grow at home for their own use, do it in part to save money, which they still will, but also for the joy of seeing this wonderful plant grow. Also, let’s not forget it cost around $1000/pound to grow cannabis indoors and much less outdoors. It will still be a while before any decent commercial price will go that low. I am personally growing at home at the cost of $250/pound and this is during the winter. I veg in my closet and before I place in flower in my bedroom which faces south, I place them in total darkness for 50 hours. My only power use is low power in veg and costs about $20/month. My sunshine from the south window is free. Nutrients and misc expenses. VERY inexpensive. So, if you have a place with southern exposure, seriously consider this method of growing at home.

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