Messin’ with Texas on radio show

From: LANNYSWERDLOW – November 25, 2012

We’re going to be messing with Texas this Monday, November 26 on our award winning radio show Marijuana Compassion & Common Sense. Our first featured guest from the Lone Star State is Shaun McAllister, Director of the Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter of NORML. With some of the most draconian marijuana laws in the country and a red state social conservatism ambiance, Texas seems like pretty hostile territory to be advocating for marijuana legalization. Or is it?

Shaun McAllister will address that issue head on by talking about what NORML is doing to change that image of Texas. We will also ask him about how Texans are reacting to Colorado and Washington’s legalization of marijuana? After all Texas Is a big booster for state’s rights.

Our 2nd guest from Texas is Pete Moreono, but what he is doing is not in Texas. He is Director of Marketing for Chronic Candy, a Pennsylvannia based company that imports Hemp based candy from Amsterdam and distributes it throughout the nation and the world. Although 100% legal and 100% THC free, Chronic Candy claims on its website to “have spent alot of time and money towards the legalization of marijuana. Each time you purchase our products you are helping us to support the efforts to legalize marijuana.”

Join Uncle Ronnie, Kali Smith and myself as we mess with Texas this Monday, Nov. 26 at 6 p.m. on Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense broadcast at KCAA 1050AM and simulcast at www.kcaradio.com.

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    LANNYSWERDLOW <s..s@a2c2.us> Oct 07 04:11PM -0700  

    I am very excited to announce that our radio show, Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense has won Best Radio Talk Show Host in the IE Weekly’s Best of the IE Reader’s Poll. This is the 3rd Year in a row that we have won this award from the readers of the IE Weekly – readers who know their marijuana.
    To celebrate receiving the award, we will be having a PARTY at the KCAA radio studios during the 6 p.m. Monday, Oct. 8 broadcast and YOU ARE INVTIED. Roberto Hernandez, editor of the IE Weekly and Culture Magazine will be joining us for a rousing celebration. Come on down and meet Robert, have some cake and ice cream and if you are up to, get your two cents on the air during the show’s broadcast.
    We will also be having a discussion on Rick Simpson Oil also known as Phoenix Tears. Many cancer patients claim that the cannabis based Rick Simpson Oil has slowed and even caused their cancer to go into remission. Dr. David Bearman will be calling in to discuss the merits of Rick Simpson Oil and the science behind the ability of marijuana to prevent and even cure cancer.
    Not only will we be discussing the merits of Rick Simpson Oil, but we will be discussing how to obtain it. Many patients find it very difficult to obtain as most collectives do not produce it and when it is available it is very expensive as it requires an enormous amount of cannabis to produce a small amount of what many consider to be a life-saving treatment. (Of course if cannabis was legal, it would be cheap and consequently it’s life-saving and life-affirming properties would be available so cheaply that you wouldn’t need health insurance to cover it.)
    Making it affordable under the current mess we live in is what it is all about. Liz McDuffee will be calling in from Medical Cannabis Caregivers in Pasadena about their new CO2 Super Critical Extractor which should be able to produce reasonably large quantities of Rick Simpson Oil for patients at a more reasonable cost.
    Please join us this Monday, October 8 at 6 p.m. at the KCAA studios located in San Bernardino’s legendary deserted Carousel Shopping Mall at 295 Carousel Mall San Bernardino, CA 92401. It is located at the corner of 2nd and G St. Take the 2nd St. exit off the I-215 and head east toward downtown San Bernardino. There is an ARCO station on the left hand side at the corner of 2nd and G St. The mall is straight ahead on the left.
    The KCAA studios are on the 2nd floor of the Mall on the west end. If you get lost, call me at(phone#-removed) or call the station at(phone#-removed).
    If you can’t make the show in person, then join in the celebration from wherever you are at 6 p.m. this Monday, October 8 by listening to the broadcast of the 3-year in a row award winning program Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense at KCAA 1050AM or the Internet simulcast at www.kcaaradio.com.
    If you are interested in advertising on Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense, please contact me at(phone#-removed) or by sending an email to s..s@a2c2.us. Rates are as low as $10 per show and are much appreciated to help offset the costs of the show’s production.


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    LANNYSWERDLOW <s..s@a2c2.us> Oct 02 05:17PM -0700  

    Seventeen states and the District of Columbia representing over a third of the U.S. population have legalized the use of marijuana when recommended by a physician. Six states have marijuana initiatives on their November ballots (three legalization and three medical marijuana). $20 billion is spent each year ensnaring over 850,000 Americans in the criminal justice system. Thousands of deaths occur on the Mexican border each year deciding who can smuggle marijuana into the United States.
    What other issue impacts so many Americans at such a staggering cost in dollars and lives and is so completely sidelined. Yet the only thing President Obama and challenger Romney seem to agree on is to NOT talk about marijuana.
    That's why I created a petition to Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr., Co-Chairman of the Commission of Presidential Debates, the Moderators of the debates, The United States House of Representatives, and a number of other political and media luminaries to see if we can convince them to get a marijuana question in the debate.
    Will you sign this petition?
    Please forward this to all your friends on Facebook, get it out on Twitter and whatever way you can to get other people to sign this petition. We want to get 25,000 signers on this petition and to do that we need your help. Wouldn’t you like to see the issue of marijuana put front and center where it belongs instead of being treated like something good and decent folk don’t discuss.






    "martinvictor" <s..s@a2c2.us> Oct 02 12:33PM -0700  

    Any buddy know how to treat for the chocolate ? he has up chucked once.




    "Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur" <s..s@a2c2.us> Oct 02 03:28PM -0700  

    Wow good news!
    On Oct 2, 2012 3:02 PM, "Patient Advocacy Network" <


    Dave Hodges <s..s@a2c2.us> Oct 02 11:20AM -0700  

    Please join us at the 2012 SaveCannabis.org Education and Planning
    Conference in San Jose on October 19th. Topics include current local
    and state taxation regulatory activities, the official legal
    definition of a “collective” as interpreted by the Board of
    Equalization, updates regarding Medical Cannabis Bans statewide from
    the Riverside Supreme Court Case, and planning for a workable
    Initiative for 2014.
    Your attendance is encouraged in order to obtain information that
    impacts your current business activities and also how your future
    activities and compliance may change.
    Please review the attached invite & agenda.
    Best Regards,
    Dave Hodges


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    LANNYSWERDLOW <s..s@a2c2.us> Sep 27 11:44AM -0700  

    Can anyone clarify this for me?
    Washington DC now allows medical marijuana – even provides for city permitted dispensaries. The fact that Congress has allowed DC to allow medical marijuana means that the federal drug law making marijuana illegal is legally invalid according to the laws that say that the law must be the same in all places – 14th Amendment. That also means that the DEA’s claim that there is no federal medical marijuana is a lie.
    If so does this mean that anyone who pleads this in a federal court will win a dismissal? If so, does this allow anyone pleading this whose case is not dismissed can appeal all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.


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    Today 4-6 pm Est on Cincy's 95.7 FM and www.mediabridges.org/hemprock-radio/

    Thanx & have a Hempy Day!
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    "Happy is he who dares courageously to defend what he loves."
    Roman Poet Publius Ovidius Naso (43 BC – 17 or 18 AD), AKA Ovid.


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    LANNYSWERDLOW <s..s@a2c2.us> Sep 23 05:16AM -0700  

    Steve Davis was a professional bodybuilder from 1968 to 2002 and won the Mr. Universe title in 1977. He is now a mmj patient and finds it immensely helpful. Steve is the featured guest on our Monday, Sept. 24 broadcast and simulcast of Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense. To learn about more the remarkable bodybuilding career of Steve Davis go to http://stevedavis.webs.com/ and then tune in this Monday to learn even more.
    Our 2nd guest is attorney Leititia Pepper. Letitia has been in court recently filing a lawsuit to overturn the SB County’s outdoor growing ban. Although she has lost the first round, she is not giving up and will discuss future lawsuits and actions to overturn the ban.
    Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense is broadcast every Monday at 6 p.m. on IE Talk Radio Station KCAA 1050AM and is simulcast at www.kcaaradio.com. Past shows are archived on the website – click on Monday in the left hand column and then scroll down and click on Marijuana Compassion and Common to bring up the list of past shows.