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American Smoke Out

From: lavonne victor – December 14, 2012

To All … Happy Holidays.. Here is a treat… i do not know whom wrote it.. but you will enjoy it!!   The Great American Smoke Off       In the laid back California town of sunny San Rafeal lives a girl named Pearly Sweetcake you probely know her well.. She’s been stoned eighteen of her twinty-one years and her story’s widely told how she can smoke faster than anyone can roll.     Her leagend finly reached new Yourk that groove street walk up flat, where dwelt the Calastoge Kid a beatnick from the past withlong browned lighting fingers he takes a cultured toke and says” Hell I can roll’em faster, Jim then any chick can smoke, So a note get’s sent to San Rafeal for the championship of the world..   The Kid demands a smoke off…   Well bringhim on says, Pearl. I ‘ll grind his fingers off his hands he’ll roll until he drops. Calastoge says, ‘ I ‘ll twist theat smoke till she blows up and pops”. So they rent out Yanhshers from Morocco, Hempsmokes from Puro, and the Shamricks from Bagon who puff the deadly Poogaroo, and those who call it light of life and those who call it boo.Yankee Stadim and the word is quickly spread, come one, come all, who walk or crawl, pricejust two lids ahead. om every town and Hamlet, over land andsea they speed, the worlds greatest dopers with the worlds greatest weed.   Hasshers from Morocco, Hemp smokes from Puro, and the Shamricks from Bagon who puff the deadly Poogaroo call it light of life and those who call it boo. See the dealers and there ladies wearing turquoise lace and leather see the narcos and the closet smokes puffing all together from the teenies who smoke legal, to the ones who done some time, to the old man who smoiked” Refer” back before it was a crime.   And the grand old house that Ruth built is filled with smoke and cries of fifty–thousand screaming heads all stoned out of there minds. And they play the National Anthem and the Crowd lets out a roar as the spot light hits the Kid and Pearl ready for there smoker war. At the table piled up high withg grass as high as a mountain peak just the tops and buds of the rarest flowers not one stern,branch, or seed.     Mowie Wowie, Panama Red, Acapulco Gold, Kif from East Afganis-stran,and the reare Alaskan Cold, Gonja from the islands, sticks from Tailand, Banqkok’s blooming best, and some of that wet imported shit that capsized off Key West, Octagon Tops, Kinja Bang, riviera Flowers, and that rare Manhattan Silver that grows down in the New Yourk sewers and there’s bubbling ice cold lemonade and sweet grapers by the bunches and the Calastoge Kid he sneers and Pearly just grins and the frums roll low and the crowd yells, ” Go” and the worlds first smoke off begins.  the Kid flickes his magic fingers once and zap that first joints rolled, Pearly takes one might hit with her mighty lungs and whoosh that roach is cold. Then the Kid rolls his super bomb that would paralize mosse andPearly takes one super hit and slup that bombs defused…..       Then he rolls three in just ten seconds and she smokes them up in nine and everybody sits back and says ” This just might take some time. ” See the blur of fling fingers, see the red coal burning bright as thenight turns into morning and the morning fades to night and Autumn turns into summer and the whole damm year is gone, but the two still sit on that roach filled stage rollen and smoken on.     With trembeling hands he rolls his jays with fingers blue and stiff, she coughs and stares with blood shot gaze and puffs through blistered lips and as she reaches out her hand for another stick of gold, the Kid he gasps, ” God Damm it Bitch There’s Nothing Left To Roll. ‘Nothing left to roll , screams Pearl is this some twisted joke I didn’t come here to funk around man!! I came here to smoke. !!. So she reaches across the table and grabs his boney sleeves and crumbles his body between her hands like dried and brittle leaves flicking out his teeth like useless stems and seeds. Then she rolls him up in a zig=zag and lights him up like a roach.   And the Fastest Man, withtheFastest Hands goes up in Puff of Smoke………..   In the laid back California town of sunny San Rafeal lives a girl named Pearly Sweetcake you probely know her well. She’s been stoned twinty-one of her twinty-four years and her story is widely told, how she can still smokem faster than anyone can roll…  While off in New Yourk city on a street that has no name, are the hands of the Calastoge Kid in the viper hall of fame and underneath his hands in a little golden scroll that says…” BEWARE OF BEING THE ROLLER WHEN THERE’S NOTHING LEFT TO ROLL.”

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“I support legalization plain & simple. Black market growers and dealers will have to find new jobs.”

From: lavonne victor – November 30, 2012

This is awful… as a home grower, this person has no right to take our rights away … its hard enough to deal with all the other bull that keeps piling up on this issue… we are not the black market dealers, and by law we are allowed to grow for ourselves.. and for others as well… and provide that service for those whom join in an associated enity… get real…   Just because we are home growers, we are not criminals and we do not need regulations , nor do we need the counties to tell us that we can not grow outdoor , for no where in this law states how we can grow, and where to grow …   as always.. control over the people.. what is next… telling us when we can leave our home and what time we need to leave and come back… get off the power trip…. leave our providers alone.. and instead find a solution to care for those in need… its bad enough that our health insurance providers dont give a rats ass about our welfare of our citizens health.. and only care about the profits..   just my humble opion.. Lavonne

Here is NORML’s Steve Bloom responding along with my reply to hiim. Please pass this on . . .

Steve Bloom: “I support legalization plain & simple. Black market growers and dealers will have to find new jobs.”

Steve Bloom has been around a long time and I believe has been involved with both NORML and High Times. How dare he simply throw all the home growers under the bus with such arrogance. I want to debate Steve Bloom and others that insist on a “tax and regulate” solution. This is simply another form of Cannabis Prohibition which will, as he agrees, put all of the million plus “home growers” that have been supplying over 30 million consumers for decades now.

We need to build a movement to push back and insist on the preservation of “home growing” through MERP2 which is described in the following discussion. See link below:

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Cannabis and our surroundings

From: lavonne victor – November 28, 2012

Cannabis, Medical Marijuana, Mary Jane.. and all the rest of the names people come up with now in this society in the present as well as the past..   The reason why i am putting forth on this issue is because i utalize cannabis and have been for over 10 years now.. and its a great issue as the gold mine issue was in that time.. everyone wants in on it, but how are they going to.. Capalization of cannabis will and has been fought over for many years and dealing with the federal government whom want control of whom is to have it and whom is not to have it.. and the reality of it is that they grow.. we all know that.. Now its about tax and regulate where before it was about the compassionate use act,and the medical use now its about the recreational use of cannabis for all adults whom choose to utalize it.. and want it legalized.. so how are the big wigs whom have all the financial backing and the power going to do this.. and this has been going on for years on what initiatives will be put out there and accepted when all the others were not.. There is a separation between the recreational use and the medical use of cannabis.. and what i have read and have heard is which one do you want?.. Counties and cities are just waiting for the feds to back off and go away, as well as the people whom reside in their area… some already have put out regulations and still having people pay 25.00 for tree tags in order to be in compliance but still we have allot of issues behind this cannabis plant… which grows freely under the sun and the elements that surounds it.. as those whom grow indoor control the elements that is needed for these plants to grow… but still its the cannabis plant that many would like to keep locked up in a cage under the rug and never allow it to be usefull to anyone for its a benificial plant that works for many… and not man made like pharmacuticles , but on the issue.. many pharmacuticles are using plants in order to make the pills and what else is needed in the medical field… Far fetch some may say of my wording, and some might agree with me, but either way we all want a piece of the pie.. especially now days when our country, our counties, our cities and all others involved are financially hurting to say the least and the reality behind the cannabis plant is that it brings in the income just like the gold back in the days…. Why shoud the federal government give up the control? Why should they go by the will of the voters on this issue? we are fighting for our rights as it is to choose how we want to live and what we want to utalize… like some enities that go by herbal medicine, and only utalize the vitiamines to take care of their bodies and mind… while others choose to go down the road of pharmacuticles while others choose to utalize other things that just put themselves in danger due to the addictive personalities and that is not just the street drugs that are pushed by the drug cartels but also from the pharmacuticle drugs as well..   Politicians only state that they are for the welfare of the improvement of our surroundings and will promise anything that they can to get our votes.. but its still the same issues that have never been solved as our rights per the constitution of the United States and the California Constitution goese out the window.. and i have seen it happen more so than ever .. in this life time… but it is what it is they say until you change the laws …   I have no use for those whom are not for the welfare of the citizens that stand before them… and the people whom take advantage of others in order to achieve their goal.. but this has been going on for centuries on end.. the rich get richer while the poor gets nothing.. and is without… there are those whom are go getters and smart and have a very high iq while others are fighting just to get the education that they need on a harder learning level then most.. and then there are those whom are just not able to comprehend things and are literally handicap .. there are all walks of life that surrounds us on a daily basic and our politicians have allot to deal with… from many whom living in a different reality and beliefs from one another. But at the same time there are many that get involve and try to change things for the better while others choose to sit back and not get involved for reasons of their own..   When it comes to the use of cannabis, there are medical factors behind this that works for many of us.. but then there are those that beleive that having a glass of wine each night helps them wine down from the day… so.. tell me… do we all not have that right to utalize something that benifits us and not harm us?   Some people whom need pharmacutical drugs to envolve in their surroundings, and need to stay on it , while others do not but no matter what we know that some phqarmacuticals are needed by many whom have issues in their personalities whom are unbalance and these pharmacuticals do help them with this issue that they face on a daily basics.. but also cannabis helps also… there are no miracal drugs out there to heal us completly and there are no amount of sessions with syc doctors to solve our issues.. we ourselves deal with many issues that come to the surface, some would work on it and find a way to work with their issues while others ignor it and are not willing and are in denial…   Many walks of life is what we deal with and when we come across another person that we meet that comes into our path of life, some are safe, and really do care about you genually while others mean harm and utalize your weakness to get what they want… we have those whom will harm children to meet their needs and are very sick within their own being, and then we have those whom rob places in order to get what they want and con their way through life off the back of others, and then we have those whom utilize the system and know how to get by and then we have those in uniforms whom are coming from the military to serve whom suffer from pst due to it.. and are train to deal with deadly dangerous people and then deal with others issues as well.. but they are trained .. as my son in law whom has to pass tests and go through what he is used to going through while he went into the military to serve his country… and he was willing to do so.. like many of our citizens…   But no matter what it is the issue of cannabis that works for many issues that people face in one way or the other and some do not go by the laws behind this issue and have been doing this way before the laws came into effect.. so what is the real truth behind this issue of cannabis that brings on many more issues with our country, our counties, our cities, as well as the feds, and the DA, and the DEA, the police and many anti groups against cannabis.. while there are more educational tools that have been coming out more so than ever before and now cannabis is accepted by many of thousands of citizens… things are changing and we know that the light is at the end of this dark path behind this issue.. and its when the time will be that either cannabis is legalized for all adult use and taken away from the growers and the power is in the hands of our government just like the pharmaceuticals companies that push these drugs to doctors for patients to try… either way… we are all drug users in this country as well as other countries.. some drugs work and some drugs cause more harm than good…   but the point is.. when are the arrest of innocent people going to stop, when is the federal government going to go by the will of the people in their state and by the Constitution of our United States as well as California Constitution… no one is above the laws that were voted in by the people… even those that serve the courts, even they have to go by the laws but even though this is said.. we all know that we have those whom are not upholding the laws whom serve behind the uniform… or whom serve as an employee of the court..   no matter what..we still have the will to change things, and we still have those whom stand up and take action in order to change things no matter how they go about it.. we all have a part to play … that is life as i see it..   right or wrong, or to disagree or agree.. we all have a voice…   peace to you all.. Lavonne Victor

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Illegal Detention and Arrest at Checkpoint

From: lavonne victor – November 23, 2012

this man is looking for an attorney to help him with this issue.. if interested please get in touch with scott at s..s@a2c2.us.. thanks..have a great toke of a day.. Lavonne

________________________________ From: “s..s@a2c2.us” Sent: Friday, November 23, 2012 1:37 PM

Please spread this to all of your groups and lists I need to find an attorney. 

Scott Bledsoe PO Box 4935 Crestline, CA 92325(phone#-removed)

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