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    Lester Grinspoon:
    I've been familiar with you work for decades now but I think you've been hanging around with the NORML folk waaaay too long. But the last thing I want to do is prejudge the following comment you made:
    Professor Grinspoon On The “Crazy Stoner” Claims About Cannabis And Cancer (06/11/2012)
    ‘I think the day will come when it or some cannabinoid derivatives will be demonstrated to have cancer curative powers, but in the meantime, we must be very cautious about what we promise these patients.”
    This quote (above) from Harvard Professor Lester Grinspoon is "code" for "let's just give Cannabis over to Big Pharma." To me this is proof that Prof. Grinspoon needs to retire. Cannabis is one of natures gift to mankind and the last thing we want to allow, is for Big Pharma to monopolize the market, especially given that Big Pharma has been funding DARE and other Anti-Marijuana groups for decades.
    In my, not so humble opinion, we need to be extremely wary of the advice of "Ivy League" elitists, such as Grinspoon and Miron, baring "gifts." Bruce Cain
    http://www.clear-uk.org/ professor-grinspoon-on-the-craz y-stoner-claims-about-cannabis -and-cancer/
    I think the "problem" with Grinspoon is that he's been hanging out with the "tax and regulate" folk at NORML for far too long. And taxing and regulating our inalienable right to grow, gift or sell our overage is neither "normal" nor will we ever accept such bullshit,.
    Marijuana Is Here to Stay – Dr Lester Grinspoon
    Dr. Grinspoon recently endorsed the Regulate Marijuana like Wine Act of 2012 to legalize marijuana in California.
    http:// patients4medicalmarijuana.w ordpress.com/2012/02/02/ marijuana-is-here-to-stay-d r-lester-grinspoon/
    Grinspoon Endorses California Ballot Initiative to Regulate Marijuana Like Wine
    By Jeremiah Vandermeer, Cannabis Culture – Wednesday, January 25 2012
    http:// www.cannabisculture.com/ content/2012/01/25/ Grinspoon-Endorses-Californ ia-Ballot-Initiative-Regul ate-Marijuana-Wine
    At any rate the commentary (above) is what I posted to my various FaceBook groups.
    At the end of this letter I will send you some links to better understand where I'm coming from, regarding Cannabis Policy, but I really do respect your work and I want to give you every opportunity to clarify your position.
    I have been involved in "drug reform" since I first smoked my first "joint" at the tender age of 14 — the same year I took my first dose of LSD. Before my "initiation" I was probably reading Huxeley's "Door of Perception" at the age of 13. That was in 1968. In 1989 I began publishing a magazine on drug policy ("New Age Patriot"). That was the same year that I met Jack Herer and I had regularly corresponded with Jack until his death at HempStalk in 2009. In 1993 I was invited to be on a panel with Tim Leary but was unable to attend. That is one of my great regrets. In 2010 I orchestrated a group of activists, attorneys to defeat Prop19. And while it would be silly to take full credit I am quite sure we had a significant effect on its defeat. And, of course, I'm always delighted when I can rob scum, like George Soros, of a couple million dollars.
    At any rate I just want you to know that I'm not some burnt out stoner. I also want to make clear that I will never accept the monopolization of Cannabis production and distribution to either Monsanto or Big Pharma.
    I am not providing this background to be boastful or smart. I'm providing this background because I want to make it crystal clear what my perspective is on Cannabis.
    So what I would like you to do is clarify your position on the "ideal" model for ending Marijuana Prohibition. To do that I will summarize my position and I would like you to respond by clarifying your position. So here we go . . . .
    If you ever read Jack Herer's "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" carefully you would understand that racism, motor skill impairment etc. were not the real reason that Marijuana become illegal in 1938. The primary reason, for the passage of the "Marijuana Tax Act" (1938) was that Cannabis was a threat to the Oil, Paper and Synthetics Industry. During the next 75 years we were lied to. But the global architects (Rockefeller, Rothchild, the UN etc.) saw a big problem: it was inevitable that public opinion would eventually shift toward Marijuana Legalization. And in fact it did. According to Gallup polling data support for Marijuana Legalization went from about 12% in 1969 to about 56% today (2012). "What to do" is what I imagine they must have been saying.
    So "what they did" was finance Prop215 in 1996. George Soros was the main backer. By doing this they restricted discussion to the "medical use" of Cannabis. Then, over the next 16 years they (e.g., George Soros, Lewis, Sperling) began financing these "Medical Marijuana Initiatives" which were specifically laden with their own "poison pills." And most recently we saw a spate of "tax and regulate" initiatives that pretended to legalize Marijuana but which were really focused on the following agenda:
    (1) First push out the "home grower" in favor of the large dispensaries
    (2) Second push out the large dispensaries in favor of Big Pharma Companies like GW Pharmeceutical (e.g. Sativex)
    And so what these architects were really engineering was the "manufacture of consent" for a new from of Neo-Prohibtion which would continue to feed the Prison Industrial Complex with home growers while restricting the production and distribution of Cannabinoid "drugs" to Big Pharma. And according to my brief Google search you are in support of some of these "tax, regulate and control" initiatives.
    So with this very brief exposition, of the last 75+ years of Marijuana Policy, I would like you to respond to a very simple question.
    Given that Cannabis is the safest therapeutic substance known to man (quote from DEA administrative law judge in 1989) why should any adult be restricted from growing it, gifting it and even selling it without any tax, regulation or government control? After all is it not a form of "moral hazard" to reward those that have been lying to us, imprisoning us, arresting us, stealing our property, restricting us from college grants etc. to now become the ones producing, distributing and profiting from Marijuana. In other words does it not make more sense to treat it like beer — which we can produce unrestricted in our homes — rather than like hard liquor that can only be produced by the alcohol monopolies.
    Your response to this question will be much appreciated. And given your stature in this movement you need to understand that blessing a "no tax, no regulate, no government control" model could very well destroy the ambitions of the Central Banks and Global Corporations that are set to "nudge" us toward a One World Corporate Fascist State.
    Yes, I'm quite sure that last sentence gave you some pause. But I knew Jack Herer very well and he was absolutely correct: Hemp Can Save the Planet. He also saw the parallels between Nazi Germany and our country well before Naomi Klien wrote "The Shock Doctrine." The first edition of "The Emperor" was published in 1985.
    I used to kid Jack about "Hemp Saving the Planet," saying it was perhaps a bit "over-puffed." But the fact of the matter is hemp biomass is capable of replacing oil, and thousands of other products currently monopolized by large Global Corporations. And as this "Petro Corporate Ponzi" Epoch, come crashing to the ground in the next few years, we are going to need to grow something locally that can provide us with the food, fiber and other products necessary for our survival. After all there is no way you can sustain a exponential growth model forever within a finite universe. At some point we have to work toward a static state of long term sustainability.
    We don't want to end up like the sheep envisions by Kissinger who once said 'If we can control the food supply we can control the people.'
    We don't want to end up in a new state of feudalism envisioned by Rockefeller when he said "Competition is a sin." [What he meant was he wanted to monopolize everything].
    What I think we both want and need is an eclectic model envisioned by Jefferson's notion of the Yeoman Farmer: smart, mindful of his place in the universe and as independent of global entanglements as possible.
    I look forward to your response to my question.
    Yours in Peace and Freedom,
    Bruce W. Cain
    Here are some links to some of my writings, lectures and videos:
    "The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theatre."
    Frank Zappa.
    Please join my FB group by clicking on the first link below. Spread the word:
    Bruce Cain for 2012 Presidency wants a "Green Economy based on Marijuana"
    Bruce Cain for 2012 Presidency wants a "Green Economy based on Marijuana"
    New Candidate for 2012 Presidency wants a "Green Economy" Based on Marijuana
    Bruce Cain for President 2012: The Great Betrayal

    Hempstalk 2009: Jack Herer – Hemp Can Save The Planet

    Because Marijuana is Safer that Beer . . .
    How About We Start Treating It That Way?
    MERP Headquarters
    The Marijuana Re-Legalization Policy Project (MRPP)= "MERP"
    YouTube Videos Covering Candidate Bruce Cain's "New Agenda for America"






    Fred Gardner <s..s@a2c2.us> Jul 27 12:41PM -0700  

    Bruce Anderson coined a great word, "chronophage," to describe people who eat up your time.


    brenda kershenbaum <s..s@a2c2.us> Jul 27 08:34AM -0700  

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    Cc: Brian Roberts <s..s@a2c2.us>; s..s@a2c2.us
    Sent: Monday, July 23, 2012 9:19 PM
    Rainbow Valley Farm Sweeps CBD Category at 1st THC Cup Downtown LA July 14th & 15th!
    Sweeping 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place in Highest CBD at the 1st THC Cup in Downtown
    LA on July 14th & 15th, raised awareness of top growers around the
    globe to growing cannabis with higher levels of CBD.  CBDs don't get you high, but have unknown health benefits.  "I think what surprised people is that the strain containing the 3rd Highest THC levels, was the also
    the 2nd Highest in CBD levels.  Strain Entries include Free Testing by
    Bud Genius, so this was the first time Rainbow Valley Farms had been lab tested in over forty years of organic growing and an Award-Winning
    Sweep is a Hemptastic Surpise for Richard Davis!" elaborated THC Cup
    emcee, Melissa "white chocolate" Balin.  Curator of the USA Hemp Museum, and Founder of Rainbow Valley Farm, Richard Davis, was on hand to answer questions and give hourly tours of the Museum.  Founder of the THC Cup, Brian Roberts explains, "The THC Cup will take place every two months in various
    regions across California in search of the highest quality, consistency, and a positive collective experience.  As part of their prize package,
    Winners will receive free testing from THC Cup Co-Branding Lab Partner
    Bud Genius, so we can look forward to more exciting patient field
    research on how THC and CBD levels affect our quality of living as a
    preventative medicine."
    1st Place:  Master Yoda at 20.95% – Kush Connection
    2nd Place:  Triple C OG at 17.19% – City Compassionate Caregivers
    3rd Place:  Purple Mango at 17.11% – Rainbow Valley Farm
    1st Place:  Deep Durban at .58% – Rainbow Valley Farm
    2nd Place:  Purple Mango at .54% – Rainbow Valley Farm
    3rd Place:  Gunk at .47% – Rainbow Valley Farm
    1st Place:  Kush Connection at 420 West Pico Blvd.
    2nd Place:  Rainbow Valley Farm at the USA Hemp Museum – 1358 S. Flower St.
    3rd Place:  DNA Genetics CA at 1358 S. Flower St.
    For the Winners of the People's Vote & the VIP Cup, and for information on how to enter your Cream of the Crops into the THC Cup Strain Hall of Fame, please log on to http://www.THCCup.com  The Next THC Cup will
    take place on September 15th & 16th in Hollywood!


    Sjss <s..s@a2c2.us> Jul 27 10:11AM -0700  

    Seems a tit bit biased……
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    brenda kershenbaum <s..s@a2c2.us> Jul 27 08:35AM -0700  

    Richard Davis's USA Hemp Museum is now open in Los Angeles on Saturday and Sunday, summer days and hours, from noon to 6 pm.  It is located at 1358 S. Flower Street near the Staples Center.  Call the curator, Richard Davis, at(phone#-removed) for special times or requests.  This museum boasts a treasure trove of collected artifacts in information.  See the online museum at http://www.hempmuseum.us.   Don't miss this!


    Donna Lambert <s..s@a2c2.us> Jul 26 11:43PM -0700  

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    Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2012 11:32 PM
    Please don't mislead people when you say the Restrictive Permitted Dispensary Mother Earth, for whom ASA was known to set up and Bob Reidel is Dion Markgraafs high school buddy as well as Bob hanging closely with Duncan and last years Harvest Cup, it was well known over there at city council and county board that Davidovich was looking for a front man for a Duncan – ASA investment.
    This was not the only option
    If it was the only option Don Duncan would not have been caught on film actively lobbying that the way to shut down all the stores was to enact "restrictive permitting"
    It is his pot monopoly SCAM and I am disappointed that you have joined that cult
    Eugene Davidovich smeared the Hope Group, spread rumors that there was child porn on Aarons computer, this is why the Hope group was disbanded.  This was to give Eugene the power to work his lies
    NORML was disbanded as they worked to get an iniative on the ballot that would allow level 2 and 3 zoning.  But Eugene – ASA with Don Duncans full backing and blessing had Larry Sweet, Tiffani Kjeldergaard, Dan Murphy – ASA Director, Terri Best, and Adela Falk harass, intimidate, smear, spread rumors and disrupt meetings intently and with purpose.  These people got together and with a few pawns wrote letters and lies to NORML and accused Craig of FINANCIAL EMBEZZLEMENT basically.  THIS WAS ALL DONE AT EUGENE'S DIRECTION AND THE WEEK NORML DISBANDED DON DUNCAN PROMOTED EUGENE.
    ASA is nothing more than a lobby for Restrictive permitting, Harborside etc.
    It is because of ASA that there is no zoning in San Diego.
    And as far as Mother Earth sharing facial recognition video and photos, transactions and amounts with the sheriffs.  I talked with the software company and they had several meetings with the sheriffs in order to make the software so that the sheriffs could easily access THE ADDRESS OF EVERY GROWER AND VENDOR THAT GOES THERE.
    As the City Beat article pointed out, one month AFTER theWeedlyNews had been running the story, the membership agreement for Mother Earth merely states, "we comply with county code xxxx".  They are purposely NOT informing patients and growers that their addresses and the amount they grow is being shared with law enforcement, and as we know law enforcement has their own agenda.
    Because of this controversy I sent a patient into mother earth.  This patient was lied to when asked.  I sent this patient back to Mother Earth with more specific information including a printout of the zoning.  THEY WERE LIED TO AGAIN BY MOTHER EARTH as to this issue.
    Bob Reidal was quoted by two verified sources as stating that the understanding was that the City Attorney in San Diego would be shutting down all the 200 stores and he did not know what was taking so long as they expected then to have all that business funneled to them.
    Don Duncan and friends stand to make millions.  I am not sure how much you are making. Probably nothing, nice guy that you are.
    I also sent you Dan Rush UFCW – and ASA's new "marriage partner" by his own admissions, email stating, "PRESERVING PROP 215 IS…RIDICULOUS"
    I watched the videos from the Sac "Unity Conference" as the real message to patients and other groups was, "SHUT UP AND LET US DO THE TALKING", By which they tried to get ab2312 passed which would grandfather in ASA'S RESTRICTIVE PERMIT stores and CREATE NEW PRISON SENTENCES FOR COLLECTIVE WHO DO NOT HOLD THIS GOLDENT PERMIT.
    ASA is as dangerous to real patient collectives as the Federal government itself.  But then of course, Steph Sherer has been trying to obtain some kind of exclusive distribution for herself and her buddies at the expense of all the patients and consumers in the State of California anyway right?
    Anybody who would support ASA after that should come out and admit that they are not about patients, they are not about small collectives, they are a lobby who wants to infiltrate, turn over, have arrested and destroy California's people's cannabis distribution networks and TAKE THEM OVER FOR PURELY FINANCIAL REASONS.
    Any patient who supports ASA should understand that pot monopolies DO NOT HELP PATIENTS.  Why should people be forced to buy cannabis from and ASA store?
    And the obvious direction bottlenecking and monopolies would head of course is to then be sold off to Monsanto or other Mega Corps and even Debbie Goldsberry admits that is where that would head.
    So, let's address the childish ASA strategy of ASA "leaders" of which you are apparently now one using blueprint tactics to
    shame activists, "you are a bad activist"
    accuse people of not doing something, "well I didn't see you there"
    taking credit for many lawsuits ASA had nothing to do with
    running their groups so people do not understand restrictive permitting
    running their groups so people do not understand outside the local level, "ie it's all Bonnies fault"
    I could go on, but I am an adult and see right through ASA manipulation and their financially motivated agenda.
    And I am not afraid to expose it.  I wasted 3 years in ASA meetings.  After ASA's Eugene Davidovich threatened to kill me and I wrote about it on Facebook I received so many letters that is was clear the same activities iniated by ASA of intimidation, harassment and smear campaigns IN ORDER TO SECURE ZONING/RESTRICTIVE PERMITTING for their investors has and was occuring in city after city.
    And far from being loved, the are not.  You would be surprised at the well known movers and shakers of this movement who believe Duncan made deals with the FEDS years ago in order to operate his stores, while exchanging information, of which ASA had collective much.
    ASA is described by one of the most well known activists in the world in a letter to me, "ASA is the darkside of this movement".
    Will, and others.
    Wake up.  Do your own research.  Put out letters to people in other cities.  ASA is not a patient advocacy group.
    ASA is a lobby created to further the financial interests of Don Duncan, Stephen DAngelo, and several others.  They do this by restrictive permitting.
    And as you saw in Mr D'Angelo's article in a public news organization last week, he is more than happy to accuse people, patients and collectives who do  not have his coveted permit of being "shady street corner dealers" and "the city attorney should just close down them".
    Will, I spent hours writing up a REAL PATIENT COLLECTIVE.  It was approved.  But guess what?  No Investors.  Why?  No Return.  I know for a fact that their are "investors" for Mother Earth and that they are contractually guaranteed a return on PROFITS.
    Doesn't really bode well for that whole "not for profit" thing doesn't it.  But like ASA new spokesperson Dan Rush recently stated, "preserving prop 215 is…ridiculous".
    So now that we have established that ASA is actually nothing to do with medical marijuana or patients and everything to do with MONEY, what are YOU going to to do about it?
    Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2012 4:15 PM
        San Bernardino County did the same thing as did S.D.'s Board of Supervisors.
         After ti lost, an S. B. resident sued teh County of S.B. to force it to issue teh ID cards.  That person, Scott Bledsoe, just e-mailed me, in response to my e-mail about ASA, to ask if I knew that Don Duncan had tried to DISCOURAGE him from suing to force the County to issue ID cards.  (I'm b-cc copying Scott with this e-mail; I'll leave it up to him if he wants tog et in touch with you.)  Why would ASA do that?
           When S.D. "crafted a County Ordinance severely restricting Dispensaries (it was a defacto ban).,"  Did ASA ever consider suing over that ban?  And don't say, "why didn't you (Letitia) do that" because I didn't know anything about medical marijuana at that time, and wasn't active on these issues but on other issues.
         Just because local governments try to impede access does not mean that ASA has not also been trying to "shape" what access there is.   I don't agree that ASA is broadly supporting of any and all safe access to MJJ.  "Strategy" to obtain SOME access is NOT a separate issue.
    >We have all been duped by ASA
    >This scam has happened in city after city
    >ASA sponsors schools and shady lawyers to encourage people to open small stores and then goes to the local government to shut you all down and they will help in exchange for a restrictive permit so they can be the only ones to sell marijuana.  ASA front stores are BPG, Harborside, LAPCG, MOTHER EARTH EL CAJON, Desert Organic Solutions store in Palm Springs, Santa Barbara and Venice Beach. Combined these stores bring in an estimate $150 million per year.  As you can see by reading pages 11-17 in the county code briefly cited by shit attorney Lance Rogers, Mother Earth El Cajon had agreed to turn in all growers and their addresses to the law enforcement without their knowledge or consent.  Lance Rogers is an asshole and does not represent this movement.  In fact, if you used him to set up your store you should file a bar complaint to soliciting clients, conflict of interest, advice to conduct illegal business.  ASA is nothing more than a lobby that
    uses people as human cannon fodder to set up RESTRICTIVE PERMITS for their wealthy investors.  Need proof?  We have it.


    Donna Lambert <s..s@a2c2.us> Jul 26 09:36AM -0700  

    To top everything off Letitia, I spent hours with both prop 215 and sb420 and wrote up a model collective.  I submitted to the San Diego County Sheriff which submitted it to their legal board and IT WAS APPROVED.  They were very happy about it. 
    One major problem.  There was no profit in it.  So there would be no "investors".  It would really be a collective for patients and by patients.  Hence, it could never afford the hurdles to go through the Restrictive permitting process.
    So there Duncan is on film actually telling the SD City Council that the way to shut down all the stores is to enact restrictive permitting so most of them would never be able to qualify.
    But what about the real collectives, the real patients and the people just growing in their homes.  Well apparently Duncan does not like them either because he has backed death threats, group stalking, theft of database from storefront by ASA, computer hacking by ASA, smear campaigns by ASA against a medical marijuana patient support group where Davidovich led a campaign informing the entire community that the leader was a pedophile.  He was not but the group was destroyed and disbanded.  Then he led a smear campaign against Craig Beresh who was working to get a level 2 zoning measure on the ballot, The NORML group was overthrown and ASA actually announced Davidovich promotion that week.  When the NORML group was allowed to start again, ASA leaders came in and disrupted the first two meetings so I dont think they are really meeting anymore.  Remember that Don Duncan is backing all this and has been updated every step of the way.
    When I put it all on facebook I received literally dozens of letters about similar ASA activity in other cities.
    Last year former ASA leader Dion Markgraff (whose high school buddy Bob Reidal is the front man OWNER of Mother Earth)  asked to visit me.  One of the first things he said was, "We don't know why your still in this we usually get rid of people before now".  Dion then proceeded to spend 4 hours at my house, telling me Don Duncan asked him to come visit me in person and ask me to stop talking about "Mother Earth".  Everybody who taked regularly at city council and county board knew Eugene was constantly soliciting for a "front man" for "one investment" for "Don Duncan-ASA".
    And they did it.  The big scam. Encourage people to rise up and offer them as collateral in exchange for their restrictive permitting.  If people finally begin to understand what is really going we can then redirect this movement before they attempt for a second time to overthrow prop 215.
    As their new marriage partner (by his words) Dan Rush of the UFCW stated, "preserving prop 215 is…ridiculous".
    The writing is on the wall.  What are we going to do about it?
    Donna Lambert
    Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2012 8:55 PM
    Dear Patients, Friends and Family Members;
        I am forwarding information from people who think that ASA is not helping patients, and is actually conspiring to hurt them.  It's at the end of my e-mail message.
        In the past, I myself have sent out some e-mails critical of ASA and Don Duncan's activities supposedly on patients' behalf. 
        For example, ASA, instead of coming out AGAINST Prop. 19, which would have destroyed individual patients' right to cultivate cannabis for themselves – a fundamental human right to grow plants for food, fiber and medicine — was supposedly "NEUTRAL."   But worse than that, ASA wasn't really neutral.  At all events where there was an ASA booth, I always saw "Yes on 19!" signs posted, even though I complained.
         Now ASA has been lobbying for LIMITED numbers of dispensaries in cities, instead of simply opposing the illegal bans of dispensaries.  ASA has been doing so in many places, including San Diego, the source of the forwarded message.
         If you are a patient, BANNING dispensaries is BAD, and so is limiting numbers of dispensaries and therefore competition!
         Competition is good for consumers, and that is what patients are: consumers.  Competition brings down prices, provides greater variety and better service, and provides broader access.  There is no advantage to patients in limiting competition!
          Furthermore, cities and counties do not limit pharmacies!  There are Walgreens and RiteAids right across the street from each other!  People who choose cannabis over prescription drugs have the right, under equal protection of the law, to the same kind of competition among dispensaries as among pharmacies.
         Do not be brainwashed into thinking that begging for limitations on your access to cannabis is a GOOD thing!  It is not!  Organizations that want to help patients should be trying to increase access, not limit it.
         Forwarded is an e-mail from some folks in San Diego, Donna Lambert and William Weedly, who fought, with Craig Berash and others, against ASA's efforts to limit dispensaries in San Diego. 
         Just because ASA has done some good things does not mean that everything it asks you to do is a good idea.  ASA is basically run by one person, Don Duncan, and he, like any person, can have his own agenda. 
           Don Duncan has told people that he is not even a patient.  So, unless you are disabled and living on a fixed, small income, maybe you can't really appreciate the cost benefits of competition.
        Be an informed consumer.  Protect yourself and your legal rights; don't give them away.  And don't give them to the government! 
          This country was founded on the idea that INDIVIDUAL rights are critical to a free society AND that fair and square competition is a GOOD thing. 
           Monopolies are bad; government-sponsored monopolies are TERRIBLE.  Remember: the definition of Fascism is Big Government hand-in-glove with Big Business.
           Continuing to fight for the legal rights of individual patients,
    Letitia E. Pepper, Director of Legal and Legislative Analysis for
               Crusaders for Patients' Rights
    P.S.    Thank you to everyone who showed up at the San Bernardino County, anti-outdoor-cultivation, anti-dispensary hearing on June 15, 2012: ti made a HUGE difference to have such a great audience!  No decision from the judge yet, but he said it would be within 60 days, so by August 15 or so. 
          The next hearing will be an August 13, 2012 8:30 a.m. case management conference in Dept. S-32.  We will just be setting the schedule to submit arguments on related issues, e.g., about how the County violated patients' free speech rights at the hearings on the anti-cultivation/dispensary ordinance.
    >View it in your browser.
    >We have all been duped by ASA
    >This scam has happened in city after cityASA sponsors schools and shady lawyers to encourage people to open small stores and then goes to the local government to shut you all down and they will help in exchange for a restrictive permit so they can be the only ones to sell marijuana.  ASA front stores are BPG, Harborside, LAPCG, MOTHER EARTH EL CAJON, Desert Organic Solutions store in Palm Springs, Santa Barbara and Venice Beach. Combined these stores bring in an estimate $150 million per year.  As you can see by reading pages 11-17 in the county code briefly cited by shit attorney Lance Rogers, Mother Earth El Cajon had agreed to turn in all growers and their addresses to the law enforcement without their knowledge or consent.  Lance Rogers is an asshole and does not represent this movement.  In fact, if you used him to set up your store you should file a bar complaint to soliciting clients, conflict of interest, advice to conduct illegal
    business.  ASA is nothing more than a lobby that uses people as human cannon fodder to set up RESTRICTIVE PERMITS for their wealthy investors.  Need proof?  We have it.